Now I’m Their Slave Ch. 02

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I finished feeding the dogs and had just thrown the cans in the trash when Liz hollered at me to come meet my other master.

I crawled out into the front room where Liz and Dale were sitting together on the sofa.

“He’s already had his first ass whipping but I think he will work out just fine.” Liz said.

Dale laughed and told me to take off his shoes and socks. As I was untying his shoes, she got up and began rubbing my ass and balls. This got me excited and my cock was hard in seconds. She reached up and stroked my hard cock a few times, “Very nice” she said.

“Come along, I need to use the potty.” I followed Liz to the bathroom and she pointed to a spot on the floor in front of the toilet and said “Sit.”

I watched as she undid her pants and pulled them down with her panties. She sat down and began to pee.

My cock was hard again at just seeing her pussy and she laughed when she noticed. “Did I tell you that you will have to lick my pussy dry after I go pee?”

“No, you never said that but I’ll do whatever you ask mistress.”

She laughed, “That’s right, you will do as you’re told or you the belt again.”

She finished pissing and scooted forward on the seat, her wet pussy nearly in my face. As I leaned forward to lick the warm pee from her crotch I could smell the sweet aroma of her shaved pussy and it excited me all that much more.

As I was lapping up droplets of piss from her Dale walked in “One of the fucking dogs pissed all over the floor, so you better go get it cleaned up before it ruins the wood floor.”

Liz patted my head and told me that I was done and had better hurry to the kitchen.

As I went down the hall I realized how bad my knees were beginning to hurt crawling on their carpet.

I crawled over to the kitchen door and called the dogs, hoping they hadn’t made any more of a mess somewhere else.

With the dogs outside, I had just finished mopping the floor when the belt hit my ass so hard I nearly fell over. After the second time Dale hit me I could feel tears running down my cheeks and wanted to run! But I didn’t have a chance to do anything before the third one hit and literally knocked me on my stomach where I laid and took the other three whacks by the belt.

My ass was on fire and I began sobbing but tried to keep quite despite the pain and tears. After a few minutes I got back on my hands and knees and cleaned out the mop and put it away.

I crawled out into the front room and asked either of them if they needed anything, tears still wet in my eyes. The two of them were sitting on the sofa again. “I think Dale could really use a blow job after such a hard day at work.”

“Yes mistress.” I crawled in front of him and unbuckled his belt. As I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants he lifted his ass up and I pulled his pants off of him. His cock was bigger than any I’d ever seen! It was as thick as a beer can, at least as long as a can is tall and it was only half hard!

I looked up at Dale and he was just smiling. Liz got up and sat down on my back. She reached over and grabbed his massive cock and rubbed it all over my face and between my lips, as I opened my mouth she lined his hardening cock up to it and pushed the back of my head down onto it. It stretched my mouth wide as she pushed my head down and I barely had room to move my tongue!

Once his cock was all in my mouth Liz kept my head pressed tight against Dales warm body. “You’d better be able to breathe through your nose.” She laughed. His cock was growing even more and I could literally feel it extending down my throat and causing my cheeks to bulge more. I tried to keep breathing through my nose but his cock was so deep in my throat I started to gag. The two of them just chuckled and Liz grabbed my ears and slowly started to pull my head away from his huge cock. About halfway out I began taking quick deep breaths so as not to gage again but she began pushing my head again, forcing me to swallow his entire length again.

She began pushing and pulling my head as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I was having a hard time breathing and trying not to gag as that thing filled my mouth and throat. Dale was moaning and said how good it felt and Liz patted me on the head. “That’s it, just keep up the rhythm and don’t stop, or else.”

After a few minutes I could hear Liz in the other room talking to someone. Dale had a hold of my head and was guiding it up and down on his huge cock. Liz came back into the room, “I just got off the phone with Tim and he is on the way over.”

Liz walked up behind me and started rubbing my asshole. “Mmmmmm, that looks pretty tight. I bet you’d love to have that big cock in it wouldn’t you?” With my mouth full of cock all I could do was nod my head yes but that wasn’t very easy with him pushing and pulling on it the way he was.

Liz yanked my head back and Dale’s massive cock popped out of my mouth. “I asked you a fucking question bitch and you didn’t answer me! Now I don’t care if you want his cock in your ass Escort Bayan or not because you going to get it period!” she nearly screamed.

Before I had a chance to say anything, Dale pressed his cock to my lips with one hand and pulled my head down with the other, filling my mouth with that monstrous thing again.

“Dale, you’d better hold on to that bitch tight!” He wrapped his hands around my head and guided it up and down on his cock as Liz cracked my ass with the belt seven times in rapid succession.

It’s a wonder I didn’t bite his cock as the belt met my ass. The tears were so bad this time I could taste them as I sucked Dales throbbing cock. I was sobbing and half gagging as Liz began rubbing my burning ass and slowly reached up and caressed my balls and cock.

Dale pushed me back, as he got up his huge cock smacked my in the face and they both laughed. I reached up and wiped the tears from my eyes as Liz pushed me forward so I was leaning on the couch.

I felt Dale’s huge hard cock rubbing and pressing on my asshole. It felt so good I moaned out loud and pushed my ass back towards him. One of them spit on my asshole as Dale pressed that cock hard into my ass. It was so fucking thick and it had been so long since I had been fucked in the ass and I tried to relax as I felt it stretch me more and began to slide in.

It started to hurt so bad. I didn’t think I would be able to take it. “Oh god, that will never fit in my ass and it’s already hurting!” Liz sat in front of me on the couch and petted my head, telling me it would be alright. I had tears in my eyes again as that huge hard cock was pushing into my ass. I could feel the head of it make it in and took a deep breath when Dale grabbed my hips and nearly shoved the whole thing up my ass!

I screamed out loud and tried to get away. It burned like fire and the pain was unbelievable and I was squirming all over the couch and crying out loud, hoping he would pull it out. Instead he picked up the pace and thrust it in further with each stroke, slamming my whole body against the sofa so hard I could feel it move on the carpet.

“Oh god! PLEASE take it out!” I screamed. Liz kept petting my head and told me that I’d get used to it in a few minutes.

“Oh no, please! I can’t take it, it’s hurting too bad!” I screamed again. “Keep whining bitch and I fuck you even harder!”

I felt him slide out of my burning ass and had a second to relax when he slammed it back up my ass again! He pulled it all the way out the next time and I could feel him rubbing it around on my burning hole and then he thrust forward again and shoved it all the way in.

I let out a scream and he began fucking me hard enough that the sofa literally moved back two or three inches with each thrust he made. My body was quivering as he pounded my ass. It felt a little better now but it was going so deep and I could feel it compress my intestines each time he buried it.

After what seemed like an hour of being fucked like this the doorbell rang.

Dale never slowed a bit fucking my ass with his huge cock as Liz jumped up and left the room. As I lay there, finally growing more accustomed to Dales thick fat cock in my ass, I could hear Liz say “Tim’s here and Sue is with him!” Dale never missed a stroke as he hollered “you guys better hurry up! I’m getting ready to explode and fill this bitches ass full of cum!”

As the others walk into the room Tim said “you ought to shove it in his mouth and make him swallow it all!”

“No” Sue said, “You ought to fill his ass full, make him shit it all out and then eat it for us!”

They all laughed at her idea and Dale grabbed my hips and started fucking me so hard his balls were slamming into mine. Dale moaned loud and I felt the first stream of his thick cum shoot in my ass. It was so hot and so deep it made my stomach burn as he pumped what seemed like a quart of his sperm into my ass.

I could feel that massive cock finally begin to deflate when he told Liz to grab a bowl from the kitchen. His cock stayed put until Liz returned; she held the bowl under my ass.

Dale pulled his cock out and instantly I could feel his cum running out my stretched ass.

“Squat over that bowl and force that cum out of your slutty ass” Sue said.

My ass hurt, my stomach hurt, my knees hurt and I felt so humiliated with everyone watching me.

I pushed like I was trying to shit and ripped a loud juicy fart and could hear his cum splash into the bowl. They all laughed their asses of at that.

Dale walked up to me and stuck his half limp cock in my face and told me to lick and suck it clean. As I did this the girls were giggling and commenting on how stretched my asshole was.

“Hey Tim, grab me a beer I’m going to go jump in the shower. We’ll let the girls have some fun with our new slave for awhile.”

I was still squatted over the bowl and farted again and could feel more cum dripping out my ass. “Oh god!” Sue said. “You need to use your hand and wipe that Bayan Escort gaping hole of yours and lick that hand clean so you don’t any more of it on the carpet.”

Without even thinking, I did as she said. His cum had a strong salty taste to it as I licked my fingers, but I actually didn’t mind it.

“Wow Liz, you have this little bitch trained pretty well! He didn’t even hesitate when I told him to do that!”

“And just think he’s only been here for a few hours! Imagine what he’ll do after a week!”

“Pick up your dinner bowl now and follow us to the kitchen so Sue and I can decide what you’ll do next.”

That’s when I looked up and saw Sue for the first time, and she was ten times better looking than Liz, and young, very young! My cock got hard as a rock when I saw her. She was about 5′ 6″ maybe 110 pounds and had a smoking hot body with perky yet smallish tits; just the way I like them!

She looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back as she turned and walked to the kitchen with Liz.

I noticed that there wasn’t nearly as much cum in the bowl as I had thought as I carefully walked to the kitchen on my knees, making sure I didn’t spill a drop.

The girls were already seated at the table and I asked my new mistress what I should do with my bowl. Sue looked at her and said, “Why don’t you set it here in front of me and lick it clean. I want to see how good you really are bitch.”

They laughed again as I set the bowl down and began to eat Dales cum.

As I was eating, I looked up and noticed I could see Sue’s flowery panties under the short little skirt she was wearing. I couldn’t help myself from looking and slid the bowl a little to one side so I had a better view.

Sue reached out and patted my head like a dog. “That’s a good boy! Liz, you ought to come watch him, he’s almost done licking the bowl!”

As Liz walked around the corner of the table she saw me looking up Sue’s little skirt. She stopped, squatted down beside me and said “are you peeking up her skirt you fucking perv!” She slapped me hard across my face. “Why you fucking bitch! Everything we have done for you and you’re sitting here peeking up someone’s skirt?”

Sue acted all shocked, got up and slapped me in the face too. “Why you fucking bastard, no wonder you moved your dinner bowl, you were trying to get a better view of my pussy weren’t you?”

I felt so ashamed and couldn’t bring myself to look her in the face so I just nodded as I finished licking the bowl clean.

“You had better answer her boy! I will NOT tolerate you disrespecting anyone in my own home!” Liz screamed. I could feel my eyes well up from the embarrassment I felt.

I looked up at Sue, “I’m sorry ma’am for looking up your skirt.”

“Did you like what you saw under there?”

“Yes, and I’m so sorry for doing that to you ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

“You’re damned straight it won’t!” Yelled Liz.

“How many is it this time you little bitch?” Liz asked me as she handed the belt to Sue.

“It’s eight, mistress. And I’m sorry for disrespecting your friends.”

“Oh we know you’re sorry, and now you’ll pay for it.”

Sue walked around me with the belt in her hand, slapping it into her palm. “Your ass looks like it’s been beaten a few too many times today already, maybe I’ll give it a little bit of a break. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes ma’am I’d really appreciate that! My ass really hurts and I know that I was bad in disrespecting you the way I did.”

I felt a little relieved in thinking this fine looking young woman was going to give me a break!

She looked at Liz and winked.

“You do know that I will have to punish you though right?”

“Yes ma’am, I know that and am prepared for whatever punishment you decide.”

“Good, I’m glad you understand that. Now why don’t you come over here and sit in this chair for me.” She said as she slid a kitchen chair into the middle of the room.

“That’s a good boy. Now I want you to sit on your hands for me, sit up nice and straight and close your eyes, okay?”

“Yes ma’am, anything you say.” I sat up in the chair, slid my hands under my ass and closed my eyes. “Like this ma’am?”

“That’s prefect. Now just keep your eyes closed and relax for me.”

I sat there for a few minutes and could hear the two of them whispering something and then Liz started laughing. Hearing that laugh my entire body tightened up and I began to feel a little panicky.

“Okay” Sue said. “You just keep your eyes shut tight and relax for me.”

I felt hands on the top of my legs. They ran up to my belly and back down to my sore knees. They gently pushed my legs far apart and began rubbing the inside of my thighs.

My whole body shuddered when they brushed up against my balls.

“Mmmmm, you like that don’t you you little bitch?” I could feel my cock start to get hard as her hands moved closer to my balls and brush up against my cock.

“Oh yes ma’am it feels very nice.”

Her hands Escort reached up and fondled my aching balls, and then one hand wrapped around my cock and slowly worked it up and down the shaft.

My cock was rock hard now and she kept stroking it and playing with my balls.

Suddenly I could feel her breath on my cock and I so badly wanted to open my eyes and see her beautiful face so close to my throbbing cock. My body jerked a few times as I felt her tongue flick across the head.

Then I felt her lips wrap around my whole head and she bobbed slowly up and down while still fondling my balls.

I moaned out loud as she sucked the head of my cock and flicked her tongue on the underside of it.

“That’s it, just relax and keep those eyes shut tight for me.” She said softly. She got up and I sat there for a minute or two, wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

The thoughts of Sue sucking my cock were racing through my mind and my whole body seemed to relax a little bit, when all of a sudden I felt the belt slap square on my raging hard on, smashing my balls into the chair at the same time!

The pain was much more intense than any I had felt so far today.

After the third one hit me like that I literally fell from the chair.

I lay there on the floor holding my balls, crying out loud when another one hit me across the ass and clipped my balls.

I yelped, writhing in pain on the kitchen floor and tears streaming from my eyes.

“Get up on your knees right now!” Sue yelled at me.

I was able to get up but still held my aching balls.

“Please ma’am, please! Please don’t hit my balls again!” I sobbed.

She chuckled and said that she promised she wouldn’t.

“Four more and your all done for now, so quit crying like a little girl and stand up.”

I used the chair to stand; my legs didn’t even feel like they would support my weight as I leaned over onto the table and pushed myself up.

“Good. Now I want you to stand right here at the end of the table and put your hands behind your back and close those teary little eyes again for my okay?”

Her voice so soft and sweet made my body shiver.

“Yes ma’am.”

I stood there with my hands behind my back and my eyes shut tight, although I could still feel the tears leaking from them.

She walked over and grabbed my surprisingly still hard cock and put it on the table and stroked the length of it a few times.



The belt came down twice on my hard cock!

I was able to stay on my feet but my whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

My balls were tensed up and I could feel my cock pulsing. All of a sudden I came all over the kitchen table!

I couldn’t believe it!

At the same time I heard Liz and Sue say “Oh my god!”

“Finish him Sue, quick!”

With that the belt cam down the final two times on my cock and even though the pain was so fucking intense, I felt my balls tighten again and more cum spurted across the table with each hit!

“You mother fucker! Open your eyes and look at what you did all over Liz and Dales table!”

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that my cum had shot almost to the other end of the table!

“Jesus, that was fucking impressive!” Liz said. “I have never seen anyone cum in a situation like that before! Have you?” She asked Sue.

“Fucking never! That was totally amazing to see!”

My body felt as though I had been hit by a fucking truck and then ran over a few times by passing cars.

I realized that I was more laying on the table than I was standing up. I tried to stand and my legs buckled as I crashed to the floor in a heap.

Both the girls knelt beside me and they both asked if I was okay. “Yes mistress, yes ma’am. I am fine; I just can’t stand on my own.” I sobbed to them as one of them rubbed my arm and the other my leg.

“Man, that was the most impressive cum shot I have ever seen in my life!” Liz said as she wiped the side of my face off with her hand.

“You lay there for a few minutes and rest, okay?”

“Yes mistress, thank you so much. And thank you ma’am for making me cum like that. I have never cum so hard in my life and for a minute I was afraid that my balls shot right through the end of my dick!”

With that they both laughed their asses off, Liz still wiping my face and Sue rubbing my back. I smiled at the two of them and closed my eyes to rest.

When I rolled over I felt my arm drop over the edge of something and it freaked me out since I thought I was still lying on the kitchen floor.

I opened my eyes and I was in a bed still naked.

I looked around and realized that I was upstairs in their spare bedroom.

My balls still ached, my cock was swollen and my ass was covered in welts. I got up and stretched and the sun was just coming out.

I was in sort of a daze, recalling all that I had been through yesterday. Half afraid of what to expect today, I crept over to the door and listened.

Not hearing any sounds I turned the handle and pulled open the door.

I got down on my knees and crawled towards the steps. Part way down I could hear voices in the kitchen. As I crawled closer I could hear Tim and Dale talking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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