Nudist Resort Weekend

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This story is a figment of my imagination. It has more sex in it than I usually put in my stories. Of course, no one in the story engaged in any sexual activities are under the age of 18. There were no animals injured in the telling of the story.

If you are looking for a clean, wholesome story, please look elsewhere.

My name is Don, I am about 40ish divorced, live alone, and bored. I work 8 hours a day and sometimes a little longer. I don’t consider myself attractive at all. I am average height a little overweight.

I would come home to my apartment after a day’s work sit in front of the TV and maybe drink a couple of beers. I never was a heavy drinker, and I didn’t go out much as I found going to bars as a single male was pretty boring.

I decided I needed to get out and do something with my life. I did two things that I thought may help me, so I wasn’t so bored. I decided to go back to school. As there was a junior college close to my house I went and signed up for some classes. One of those classes was Psychology. I would be attending classes at night so I would get off work get cleaned up grab something to eat and go to school.

My psychology class was taught by a lady that was a psychologist about 36 years old, Anna Goldstone. I found that in going to a junior college I had a big advantage over most of the students. Because they were young it seemed like they didn’t have a clue about what life was all about and it seemed they didn’t have any idea of how to study.

I guess because I participated in class a lot, I sort of became the teacher’s pet. She would call on me and it seemed that I always knew the answers, so we got along really well. And I was never afraid to give my opinion about things which the kids never did.

The other thing I did was buy a motorcycle. I had been riding since I was about 19 years old, and I had had several motorcycles in the past, but when I got divorced, I had to sell the last one I had to pay expenses.

I always enjoyed riding and I liked going to motorcycle rallies. For those who are not familiar with Motorcycle rallies, someone will set up a meet and motorcycle riders will come from many times all over the area. There will be events like a poker run. A poker run is where you go to different locations in a specific order and at each of those locations you would pick a card from a deck of cards. That card is then entered on your participant form. Then you would go to the next location. At the last location you would turn in your card with the cards you had picked recorded on the card. Later after everyone had come in, they would go through all the card hands and the person with the best poker hand would win. They would usually give cash prizes for first, second, and third place.

Also, at rallies they would have games like a slow race. They would set up a short track usually a couple hundred feet long and people would complete to find the last one that crossed the finished line. This is not an easy things on a motorcycle that weighs up to 800 pounds or so.

At any rate, there was a rally that was going to be held only to be a few miles from my house. So, I decided I was going to go. Even if I was alone, I knew I would have fun.

When I arrived, there were a couple hundred motorcycles there. Most of them were the bigger cruisers. As I walked around to see what was going on I ran into my psychology teacher. We started talking and she told me that she had heard about these rallies and decided that she wanted to see what they were all about. I asked her how she had gotten there, and she said she was in her car and that she was going to go on the poker fun in her car.

I asked her if she had ever ridden on a motorcycle before and she said she had not. So, I offered to take her with me on mine and we could do that poker run together.

The poker run was only about 60 miles long and I told her if she didn’t like riding, I would bring her back to her car. She thought that was great. So, when the time came, we started off. Luckily, I had an extra helmet with me in my saddlebags, so we headed off on the route.

After a bit she got used to riding although, I noticed she was holding on to me pretty tight.

Most of the stops to pick up cards were at establishments that served adult beverages. Most of the route were on lesser traveled roads although they were all paved.

The first stop we just went in and got our cards. By the time we got to the second one we were both a little thirsty, so I bought my teacher, Anna, a beer, and I drank a coke as I don’t drink when I am riding. The third stop we walked around a little bit to stretch our legs and talked.

I learned that she was single, she had had a boyfriend, but he was overseas, and she had no idea if or when he would be back. He was not in the military but rather working as a civilian for a contractor. Anna worked every day and was teaching because she was also bored. We got back on the Bike and headed for the fourth stop

This was the farthest escort bursa one out but interestingly enough I had been to all of the stops at one time or another.

I have to say I am glad that this poker run hadn’t cost me but only $5.00 because I knew I was not going to have a winning hand.

We headed back to the last location and turned in our cards after making our final draw. By the time we returned they had brought out the free food, barbeque, potato salad and beans. We sat together and talked while we ate.

After eating we walked around for a while looking at the bikes that had entered into the “bike show” while we talked.

After a bit the band started playing. They were pretty good and were playing rock music which is normal for rallies. We sat and talked and danced a little and had a pretty good time.

I had started getting dark and people started leaving so I thought that we may as well leave too as nothing was going on and the band had stopped playing.

I told her I would see her in class and we both went in our own directions.

Our class was on Tuesday and Thursday nights. When I went in Tuesday she told me what a good time she had said she wanted to do it again sometime.

I told her that I would check and see when the next close one would be happening. I checked all the places I normally looked on the internet for motorcycle rallies and found on that would be in two weeks about 80 miles away.

On Thursday I went in to class and told her about it. It was to be held at a private campground called Pecan Acres north of us. She said she would love to go. I told her it was a two day rally so we would be camping. I had a tent and camping supplies and she said she had a sleeping bag. I told her that I would cover the cost of the event and she said she would bring the food.

Because I can only carry just so much on my bike, I suggested that she follow me in her car, and I would lead the way to the camp grounds. We agreed to leave Friday around noon and come back Sunday.

I had never heard of this place before, so I had to print out a map to get there. I was actually in the middle of nothing halfway between two towns.

At the appointed time I met her at her apartment and put the tent and other stuff in her car, so I didn’t have to ride with them.

We went through a couple of small towns but when we arrived, I noticed that this camp ground believed in their privacy as it was enclose by an eight foot privacy fence. I had to push a button to have them open a gate and we entered and went to the office.

When we walked in, I think we were both completely surprised when we saw that the people in the office were totally naked. We were at a motorcycle rally at a nudist resort.

I asked my teacher if she wanted to leave and she said, No, let’s stay, this could be interesting.

The place was very nice. Lots of green grass, a swimming pool, a big game room with restrooms and a community shower, a pavilion and outdoor dance floor, and it even had a restaurant. We did see a lot of naked people and they were all having a good time. They were all shapes and sizes, and everyone seemed very friendly.

We found a place sort of away for the big group of people to set up our tent and make camp. The only rule was no campfires. I looked at the schedule and there was to be a band Friday and Saturday nights, The restaurant was open, and the swimming pool and hot tub were open 24/7.

We located the restrooms but noticed that the showers were community co-ed showers.

After we set up our campsite, we were sitting in front of the tent having a little lunch. A lady walked by, and she had on a bikini. I said something like, “Oh you are not getting with the program?”

She looked at me and said, “Oh No I could never to that I would be so embarrassed I wouldn’t know what to do.”

I laughed and she continued on. I couldn’t say too much as we were both dressed also.

We walked all around the resort and saw that they had a RV park that they rented out by the season, a permanent party area with homes and a RV park that they rented by the night. In addition to that they also had cabins for rent.

We returned to our camp site and bikini lady walked by but this time she was topless. I told her that I thought she said she wasn’t going to do that. She said, “True but I felt funny being one of the few that was covered up.”

As she walked off, I turned to my teacher and said, “Anna, are you going to join in?”

She spoke. “Do you think I should?”

“Well unless you see someone you know here, no one will ever know the difference but you and me and I will never tell.”

At that point I took off my t-shirt and looked at her. She looked at me and pulled her t-shirt over her head and took off her bra.

Dang, she looked good, and she covered that all up in class as she always wore baggy clothes, but I was seeing it now.

We started to get ready to go to the Dance.

As we were getting ready the bikini lady walked by again bursa merkez eskort and this time, she was naked. So, I said, “I guess you have decided to join the team, Huh?

She just looked at me and said, “When in Rome, beside that it feels wonderful.” And she walked off.

We decided to wear shorts to the dance. I think we were both commando.

We moved to the dance which was up a bit of a hill. Just about the time we got there the band started. We walked around the dance floor and found a pretty nice place and I ran back to the camp site and got our chairs. We sat and watched the band (who were all dressed) and the people at the rally. Very few of them had any clothes on and those that did had on what I would call sexy.

They started playing some slow music and dancing cheek to cheek and bare chest to bare chest was pretty amazing. Wow, I had to do some more of this for sure. We danced until we were both tired and decided it may be time to head back to our camp.

As we walked back to our camp, I pulled my shorts off and walked naked to the tent. When Anna saw this, she reached over and put her hand on my bare ass. I told her it felt really good to be naked in the night air, so she stopped and removed hers also.

When we got back to our tent, I suggested that it may be more comfortable if we zipped our sleeping bags together.

Anna thought that was a pretty good idea and we zipped our bags together. I asked her which side she wanted to sleep on. She told me it didn’t matter much as she thought we would both be all over the bed before long.

There was just enough light from the outside that we could see more than just shadows in the tent and could see each other pretty well.

Anna said, “I see most of those women have shaved their coochies and I am all hairy so tomorrow I am going to shave it all off. Do you have a razor with you. I may have one that I have been using to shave my legs, but I would really like to fit in.”

I told her that we could go and take a shower in the morning and if she needed, I could help her anyway she wanted me to.

We laid down and wrapped our arms around each other. We didn’t have an air mattress so the ground was a little hard but that was okay because so was I.

We kissed and our tongues started dueling. I began to stroke her chest. Her chest was not small, and she had large nipples that I loved to play with. As I was playing with her nipples, she moved her hand down between my legs and grabbed my cock.

I started moving down and began sucking and nipping her big nipples. She told me that she had never had an orgasm just from having her nipples played with, but she very well may do it now. She was moaning and enjoying the contact of my mouth on her nipples. While I was sucking her nipples, I moved my hand down to her cooch and found she was soaking wet.

I started kissing my way down her stomach getting lower and lower. She told me that no one had ever done that to her before. I kept moving south until I reached her hairy forest and began pulling her hair with my lips. I worked my way down to her pubic mound and then moved down to her knees. I started kissing up the inside of her thighs. She was moaning and making a little noise now. I kissed up her thighs until I got to the place where her legs met her body and then switched to the other leg to do the same thing.

She was moaning now and trying to push her pussy up to me. She kept saying, “fuck me, fuck me.”

I told her when the time came I would. I started making circles around her pussy with my tongue and then I opened her lips and licked her from her tween to her clit. She let out a loud gasp. I moved to right between her lips and started kissing her opening and licking it with my tongue over and over. She kept saying she was going to cum. So, I then went up and licked her clit and sucked it into my mouth. And teased it with my tongue. When I did, she let out a scream that I know everyone in the campground could hear. She came very hard, but I just kept licking and sucking her clit until she came a second time and was begging me to fuck her.

I moved up her body and she was so wet I slid right into her to the hilt. When I entered her, she came again with a loud scream. This was one very loud woman, and I knew that the entire campground knew exactly what we were doing.

I continued to saw in and out of her until I could feel my stomach tighten and I knew I was almost there. Finally, I came filling her with my hot cum. She screamed again. But this time we both collapsed and laid their side by side trying to catch our breath. As we did this the entire campground broke out in applause and yells.

I guess we had made an impression on everyone there.

The next morning, we got up about 8am and was sitting outside the tent drinking coffee when the other people in the camp ground started to wake up.

One guy walked by and said, “We enjoyed you all so much last night. And it made my wife so horny we had to do the bursa sınırsız escort very same thing.” People were walking by us smiling and tell us we did good and things similar to that.

Neither of us had bothered to get dressed when we went out to drink coffee. The bikini lady walked by us and said, “Hey could I try some of that later?”

Anna looked at her and said, “Heck no, he is mine and I am not sharing.”

We decided to go to the restaurant for breakfast and when we did, we only took a towel with us to sit on. Anna had bacon eggs toast and coffee and I had a ham and cheese omelet.

After we ate the poker run was getting ready to leave and I asked Anna if she wanted to go on the run. She told me that she didn’t want to get dressed and we should go back to the tent and do something else. There were not as many people around to hear us now.

And that is what we did. We stayed in the tent making love until it just got too hot in there from the sun. We even had the door and windows open, and it was still too hot. I never thought I was an exhibitionist but people walking by would stop and look in the window as we had sex, and it was a bit of a turn on. We were both dripping with sweat by the time we had been in the tent for a couple of hours.

We decided to go to the pool. Picture a swimming pool with a hundred naked people in it all standing or floating around and all of them drinking. There were several people there that were handing out Jell-O Shots which I like. Of course, no glass at the pool.

After drinking and having a late breakfast we decided to skip lunch just have some snack items because there was a barbeque scheduled for this evening before the dance.

As we floated around the pool another older couple, Debra and Franklin, came up to us and the lady told us she loved Anna’s big hard nipples and she wanted to suck on them. She leaned over and took one of Anna’s nipples in her mouth and her husband took the other nipple in his mouth.

Debra was at the side of the pool and with her elbows on the side let her lower half float to the service. I looked and she had a ring in her clit hood. I asked her if that changed her feelings any. She said it sure did it made it very sensitive. I asked her if I could touch it and she said sure you can do whatever you want sweety.

I reached down and flipped the ring a couple of times and Debra moaned. She said, “Sweety I love it when you do that. Please do not stop.”

So, I continued to flick her clit ring until she came there in the pool. Anna said. “Let me try that.”

She reached down and started rubbing Debra’s clit and Debra came again. We stayed in the pool and had Jell-O Shots for a couple of hours. We were getting sort of pink from being sunburned, so we headed back to the tent to get ready for the Barbeque which was very close to our tent.

When we got to the tent Anna said let’s go wash this chlorine off of us in the shower and you can help me shave.

She grabbed her toiletries kit. I asked her if she had some scissors in that bag. She said she did so I had her sit in one of the chairs that was in the shower with her legs spread so I could trim her pubic hair much shorter than what it was. As I trimmed, I could tell she was getting excited as I could smell her feminine scent.

After I had her trimmed as short as I could get it, we headed to the showers. It was a pretty good sized shower room and there was a chair in their so I got her all wet and then had her sit in the chair with her legs spread again. I used some body lotion to cover her pussy. And then I started shaving her coochie.

Of course, I had to touch her and pull and stretch her lips to get her all shaved nice and clean. After I had her shaved, I used my face to see how smooth it was. When she was nice and smooth, we washed each other. Anna spent a lot of time cleaning my cock and balls. So, we were both squeaky clean.

We dried each other off and when we were dry, I applied some body lotion on her shaved area.

We went back to our tent site and started getting ready for the barbeque that was going to be held this evening. I actually put on a shirt and shorts and Anna did the same. As our tent was right by the pavilion we could see when they started serving and we wanted to not have to stand in line, so we sat at our tent until the line got a little shorter.

We finally got in and walked through the line getting our barbeque, beans, and potato salad. We went over and sat down at one of the tables and were joined by Debra and Franklin. Neither of them had bothered to put any clothes on. We all sat and talked but as there was still people standing in line and the tables were full, when we finished eating, we went back to our tent joined by Debra and Franklin.

WE sat and talked for a while and Franklin told us that they were in the big 5th wheel camper over on the hill. They told us we were more than welcome to come over there and spend the night as they had a pull out couch which was softer than the ground.

Debra and Franklin said they were going back to their camper so that they could get ready. After they left, we started getting ready. We decided to dress as we had last night with just shorts on. So, as we were almost ready, we decided tonight to take some drinks with us in addition to our chairs.

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