Office Cubicle Lust

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The day had started like any normal day for Rachael, up early, working out and then getting ready for work. She kissed her husband good-bye, letting her lips linger a bit longer than usual, slipping her tongue out of her mouth and slowly tracing her hubby’s lips, hinting to him that tonight she wanted him to make love to her. They embraced each other, holding their bodies tight against one another, wanting more but knowing that they both must be off to work. Reluctantly they broke their embrace and she left the house, fantasying about the upcoming night’s pleasures. As she waited in the usual morning traffic backup, the thought of her hubby’s hard cock penetrating her, sent shivers of pleasure through her body. Absentmindedly, she placed one hand on the inside of her thigh, lightly rubbing it closer and closer to the triangle between her thighs as the daydream became more real in her mind. The more she thought about carnal pleasures with her husband, the harder she pressed her hand against her inner thigh. The vision of her husband kneeling between her thighs stoked the burning embers of lust in her. Her fingers moved faster up and down the outside of her pants, pressing harder against her mound as she imagined her hubby’s tongue dancing against her moist pussy lips. A honking horn jolted her back to reality as traffic began to move faster. She smiled to herself and thought “I can’t wait to get home tonight.”

Rachael walked into the office building with dozens of other workers arriving for the day. A smile crossed her lips as she wondered how many of them had sex on their mind as they filed into the complex. Rachael greeted her co-workers and chatted about the usual morning news as they milled around the brewing coffee pot, waiting to get their shot of early morning caffeine. Picking up her coffee, she headed for her cubicle thinking of her workload for the day, trying to push the erotic thoughts of her husband to the back of her brain. Sipping her coffee, she opened the company e-mail site and began reading the messages. After four e-mails, she noticed the next e-mail had the words “For your eyes only” in the subject box.

“I wonder who would be sending me an e-mail that seems so secretive. Probably some junk mail that got through the system” she thought, clicking to open the message.

As the screen instantly illuminated before her eyes, Rachael read the words that seemed to jump out of the screen.

“I know what you like to do during your lunch break and after hours” was the only sentence in the message.

Rachael felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise and a sudden knot formed in the pit of her stomach. She was uneasy with the idea that someone knew what she liked to read when everyone else was on their lunch break or after everyone left for the evening. Her mind shifted into overdrive, thinking about how anyone would ever guess she liked to read erotic literature. She was always very careful to close out of the internet site before anyone returned from lunch or before she left for the evening.

Her eyes darted up and down the screen taking note that there was no signature and the address of the sender was from an e-mail outside the company. She felt herself begin to breathe faster as her eyes re-read the sentence over and over.

“Did I forget to close out of the site” she asked herself, frantically thinking over the last few weeks, trying to remember her every move when she was logged onto the site.

She could remember a few times she went to the ladies room but she had always shrunk the page in the event any passer-by would happen to walk by and look at her screen. They would only see the work she had been previously working on, filling the screen.

“What if someone came into my cubicle and opened the window? Oh fuck, I hope nobody saw what I’ve been reading” she told herself, trying to picture in her mind if anyone was around when she left to use the restroom.

She kept thinking that there was never enough time for anyone to sit at her desk long enough to see what was shrunk. Reviewing the past times she left her computer unattended, she remembered two incidences when she was away from her computer for fifteen minutes or longer. This would have given anyone the opportunity to look at the different screens if they knew she would be gone.

The first time was three weeks ago when she read some rather steamy letters on one of her favorite web sites. She had gotten so horny, reading about a couple making love in the woods as a gentle rain cascaded down onto their naked bodies. She remembered that her own body took on the pleasures of the girl in the story as they rolled in the wet grass, kissing and touching each other seductively. When she got to the part of the story where the man slowly plunged his cock in and out of her wet pussy, Rachael’s hand was moving against her own covered pussy in unison to the story line. Her own face became flushed with desire and she knew she had to have release from the built-up sexual tension. kaçak iddaa There was no way she would make it through the long afternoon in her state of pent-up passion.

Shrinking the window, she hurried to the women’s restroom, glad to find to find the room empty. Locking the door, she moved to the counter, leaning back against the hard Formica top. Dropping her pants quickly around her knees, her hand dove into her floral colored panties, making contact with her vulva, feeling the wet nectar her pussy had already produced. She momentarily stopped breathing when her fingers found her clit, feeling the hot flashes of desire coursing through her body. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she began rubbing her clit harder. Her fingers danced around the hard nub as visions of her and her imaginary lover rolled around in the soft wet grass, touching and fondling each other. Her fingers became her lover’s cock, teasing her clit before moving lower to her tight opening. She pictured his cock penetrating her cunt when two of her fingers invaded her tunnel. Pushing them deeper into the cavern, she gasped as delicious waves of pleasure washed over her. Faster and faster her fingers plunged in and out as her imaginary lover hovered above her, slipping his hard member deep into her before pulling out and ramming it home again.

As the fingers of one hand pleasured her pussy, the fingers of her other hand found her breasts, squeezing them through her blouse. Her fingers squeezed one nipple, pulling it against the soft fabric of her bra. When she had one nipple fully erect, her hand slid across her body, grabbing the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Back and forth her hand went gently caressing each breast before paying special attention to the erect nipple. She loved fondling her breasts and was proud of the way they had kept their shape.

“All those exercise classes had paid off” she muttered to herself, squeezing one breast tighter.

Rachael felt the sweat beginning to form all over her body as she pleasured herself, lost in the world of her imaginary lover. Her breathing became more labored as her body responded to the manipulations of her fingers. Pushing her fingers deep within her pussy, brought sighs of pleasure from her lips. Her hand moved faster, plunging two fingers in and out of her slippery hole as fast as she could possibly go. Her orgasm was getting closer with each thrust of her hand and tweak of her nipple. Pulling her fingers out of the warm tunnel, she rubbed her engorged clit, making her breath stop as her body began to stiffen for the impending orgasm.

“Ohhhh fuck honey. Fuck me good and hard” she called out to her imaginary lover.

Rubbing her clit harder, she felt her body tense as the first wave of her orgasm hit. Her hand clutched her breast hard, squeezing it tight as the first spasms rolled over her. Her brain projected a picture of her on top of her lover, plunging up and down on his stiff member. With each thrust downward on his cock, she would moan, calling out to him to fill her hungry pussy. Moaning softly, Rachael’s body stiffened as her orgasm overtook her. Wave after wave of desire coursed through her body as her fingers worked their magic on her sensitive clit. Her breathing quickened as she found it hard to control. She let out a low slow groan, trying to muffle her voice from anyone who might be passing by, as her pussy trembled in orgasmic release. Her free hand flew to her mouth to stifle any outburst she may be unable to contain. Rocking against the hard Formica counter, Rachael rode the waves of her climax. When the last wave had finally subsided, Rachael slumped against the counter, feeling drained as her body tried to recover.

Afterwards, Rachael washed her hands and composed herself before returning to her cubicle. Looking in the mirror, she smiled at her own reflection as she ran her hand through her long red hair, trying to straighten some of the loose strands. Walking back to her cubicle, she told herself that now she could finish the remainder of the day.

The other incident occurred after hours last week when her boss, Rick, called her into his office. Rachael did not have time to fully close out of the window and merely shrunk it as she had done many times in the past. As she walked to Rick’s office, she thought about the story she had been reading. It was a story about a couple making love in the back of a car after a night of dancing at a local club. Her thoughts were interrupted as she entered his office and sat for twenty minutes talking about upcoming workload and schedules. He told her about a new client who wanted some work done quickly and asked if she would be willing to work some longer hours. She smiled and said yes even though she knew in her heart that that was the last thing she wanted to do.

She smiled to herself and wondered if her boss would make a good lover. He was a little shorter than her but seemed to be in good shape for his age. His white hair gave him the kaçak bahis appearance of being older and wiser than some of her other co-workers. Listening to him describe the upcoming project, Rachael imagined what it would be like to walk over and sink to her knees, pull his cock out and slowly suck on it like an all day popsicle. She nodded occasionally, answering with a yes and no to his questions as her mind played out the sexual scene.

She pictured wrapping his cock in her hand, slowly stroking it as her mouth moved closer and closer to the engorged head. Her tongue would make the first contact, licking around the head, getting it wet with her saliva. After getting the head wet and slippery, her lips would gently kiss the tip before slowly sucking it into her mouth. Rachael could almost feel the hard member between her lips as she drew it deeper into her waiting mouth. She squirmed in her chair as she tried to refocus on what Rick was telling her. The picture in her mind shifted back to the scene and she was now sucking his cock lavishly, plunging her mouth up and down faster as his hips rose to meet each thrust. She had him on the verge of cumming in her mouth when she was jolted from her sensual dream.

“Rachael? Are you alright?” He asked her with a concerned look on his face.

“Ahhhh, yes I’m ok. It just seems a bit warm in here” she replied knowing her face was becoming flushed.

“Well you’ll have to tell your husband that you may not be home as early as usual when we start on this new account.”

“Yes I’ll tell him” she answered as she rose from her chair to leave, wanting to leave as swiftly as possible.

Rachael knew her juices had slightly wetted her panties as she walked back to her cubicle, feeling a growing desire begin to build. Re-opening the story she was reading, she now imagined that she and her boss were making love in the back of his luxury car. She felt her juices dampen her panties more as she envisioned being naked on the soft leather seats, feeling him rub his cock up and down her slit, before pushing it deep inside her moist tunnel. Her hips squirmed on her ergonomically designed chair, moving rhythmically to the two people in the story as the man climaxed inside his lover.

Rachael was about to instinctively place her hand on her crotch when she was startled by Rick’s sudden appearance. He seemed to show up out of nowhere, startling her as she got so enraptured in the story. He smiled, telling her he was leaving and that she was the last one in the building. Rick mentioned again that she still seemed a bit flushed and hoped she wasn’t coming down with anything. She thanked him for his concern and assured him that she would be fine after a good night’s sleep.

After he left, Rachael thought to herself as she closed out the program and readied herself to go home “he didn’t seem to notice what I was reading and he didn’t act surprised. I sure as hell hope he didn’t see what I was reading.”

Rachael went home that night and waited impatiently for her husband to come home. She literally attacked him when he walked through the kitchen door, holding him tightly as her lips smashed against his. As he quickly undressed her, pushing her back onto the center counter, he told her that she seemed possessed tonight. She moaned that she had wanted him all day and all she could think about at work, was his hard cock. She groaned loudly when she felt his cock sliding along her slit, ready to penetrate her pussy. Her hips bucked as she felt her cunt being filled with his shaft. As he thrust his hard pole in and out of her, Rachael imagined she was squirming on her boss’s cock as she lay on the office conference room table. Closing her eyes, she pictured Rick standing between her thighs, thrusting his cock forward into her as her vaginal muscles tried to capture it, wanting to keep it imprisoned in her hot cunt. She rode her husband’s cock to a shattering orgasm, yelling for him to fill her cunt with his big cock and to shoot his hot load into her. He thrust harder, grabbing her bobbing tits in each hand, squeezing them before pulling her nipples outward, listening to her moans of pleasure underneath him. When they reached the zenith of their passion, they both called out to each other the pleasurable words of lust, driving them both over the orgasmic cliff.

The next morning, sitting at her desk and staring at the computer screen, Rachael racked her brain trying to think of any other time someone might have seen her reading or had the opportunity to open the internet page. “What if it was the boss that had sent her the message? Would he say anything to her, if anything? Or what about someone else? Would they try to approach her? Would they send her another message? Maybe it is some crack pot that happened to get her address and is just playing mind games with her.”

She thought of her co-workers, trying to rule them out one by one. “Bob from the finance department always seems to be hanging around her cubicle. He seems like illegal bahis a nice man but not one who would do this sort of thing. Larry in shipping was a gorgeous hunk but he was married to a really cute girl and Rachael could not imagine him cheating on his wife. Then there is James in marketing. He is always hanging out at the coffee pot making small talk the way marketers do, sometimes dropping little sexual innuendo comments to see what type of reaction he gets from people. If anyone was capable of this, he would be right at the top of the list.” Rachael went through the male office staff, mentally checking off each possible suspect.

Rachael ruled out her female co-workers, reasoning that they all seemed straight. The thought of Mary popped into head and she thought “well maybe Mary is capable of something like this.”

Mary had joined the company six months ago and the two of them had lunch together on a regular basis. They were becoming friends and after work a few times they stopped by a local tavern for drinks. Rachael thought about the times they had drinks and their legs would make contact under the table. Rachael would always be the first to pull hers away, noticing the slight smile on Mary’s face. Mary always complimented her on her looks, telling her she wished she had nice firm breasts like she had. Mary told her she was a 32C and felt they were too flabby. She remembered telling Mary that she was a 34B and was quite pleased that they weren’t bigger. She laughed nervously as she told Mary that her husband told her all the time that they were just the right size. Mary told her in an innocent tone that they would have to compare sizes some day. Rachael laughed nervously again, wondering what Mary’s breasts really looked like.

After that conversation, Rachael would picture Mary as her partner when she read stories about group sex. One night when her husband was out of town overnight, she almost called Mary but had chickened out at the last instant when she had a pang of uneasiness settle over her. She was still unsure of Mary’s motives and instead, read some stories of threesome sex. As she sat naked in front of the computer monitor, one story in particular got her excited. A man was watching two women make love on a bed as he sat in a chair slowly stroking his cock. He watched as they embraced each other, sliding their hands over the other’s bodies as they kissed tenderly at first, then with more and more passion.

She wondered as she read the story, what it would feel like to have another woman’s lips kissing her all over. To have them move slowly over her mouth while their tongues danced together. Her nipples hardened as her own fingers rubbed them but in her mind they were the hands of Mary, pulling and pinching them as only another woman can do.

One woman in the story took control and Rachael pictured Mary above her softly kissing her way over each breast, paying homage to them. She gasped as her mind filled with visions of Mary slowly kissing her stomach and then down to her waiting vaginal lips. Rachael rubbed her pussy as she read about the woman licking around the moist vulva, dipping her tongue between the soft folds of her lips and making contact with her clit. She rubbed her clit harder wondering what it would feel like to have another woman’s tongue licking at her pleasure spot. Her husband always seemed to hurry when he licked her down there as if he was turning on a light switch.

“Would her tongue feel different? Would she melt in the sheets quivering uncontrollably as Mary’s tongue danced up and down her slit?”

She imagined Mary taking her time, savoring the taste and smell of her pussy. Her hips bucked on the chair as she read how the other woman grabbed her lover’s head and pulled her mouth tight against her slippery treasure. She thought of her own hands running through Mary’s hair pulling her head hard against her mound, encouraging her to suck her clit into her mouth and make her cum. Rachael’s eyes seemed to glaze over as she read the scene on the glowing monitor.

“Ohhhh … Mary fuck me with your tongue honey” she whispered to the screen.

Her excitement rose as each word seemed to dance on the screen. She felt her breathing quicken as she read about the woman sucking on the other’s clit, then sticking two fingers deep inside her tunnel. Her fingers dipped inside her own pussy as she wished those fingers were Mary’s and not hers. Squirming on her seat, she now had another player to think about. The man in the story had now climbed on the bed and was rubbing his cock over the woman’s lips as the other woman feasted on her vagina.

Rachael envisioned her own husband kneeling above her prone body. But, in the blink on an eye, he was replaced by her boss, Rick. She reached out to her imaginary lovers, one hand pulling Mary’s head hard against her mound and the other guiding Rick’s hard cock to her mouth. The two lovers made Rachael’s body temperature rise as they worked over her body. She read how the man slowly stroked his own cock as the woman wantonly sucked it deep into her mouth. Rachael moaned to the empty room as her imagination filled her brain with lust and desire from these two lovers.

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