Office Vacation Ch. 03

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Note: Special thanks to taz23girl for editing for me!


My nap was both well needed and well received, but when my alarm went off I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I got myself as presentable as I could out of my limited suit case. Snagging my white cotton button up dress shirt, some nicer khaki shorts, and my running shoes would have to pass for dancing shoes tonight. I checked myself in the mirror, not bad if I did say so myself.

I splashed a little cologne on and checked my watch, 15 minutes until I was supposed to meet Dee by the restaurant. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be a little early, I thought, as I headed out the door.

In the hallway I’m greeted with an amazing view. Dee is standing in a short green dress, low cut in both the front and the back and went tightly down just past her ass and flared out to about mid-thigh. The dress wasn’t formal wear but it wasn’t an everyday kind of dress either. She had on a nice pair of open toed shoes, with just a slight heel. Her hair was perfectly straight and shiny black. As I walked towards her, I realized Aznar and Ann were standing just inside the door to Dee’s room and Summer was standing behind Dee in the hallway. I hadn’t realized that everybody was going to be involved in our little date and I was a little worried that the girls had already enjoyed spilling the beans.

Trying to appear calmer than I felt I said, “Wow, you look amazing!”, before adding, “I feel more than a little underdressed.”

Dee turned and looked at me with a smile, “You look great too. That shirt fits you well.” She did a little turn , “I found this dress in one of the stores in the lobby, hopefully I can dance in it.”

I walked up to her, took her hand and spun her around, catching her, then dipping her, she flipped a leg in the air. I stood her up and she spun around on her own and turned back to me.

“Everything still in place?” I ask with a smile.

She looked down, ran her hands over her dress and says, “Yep, I think so. So, what do you think?”

“I think our competition is in some serious trouble.” I say with a grin. Dee and the other girls all laugh.

“Are you ready to go grab a bite to eat?” I ask Dee as I extend my hand. She takes it and we head for the stairs. She turns to the other girls and says, “Competition starts at 9:00 if you ladies want to watch us win this thing.”

“Don’t worry! We’ll be there to cheer you on!” Summer says with a smile. We wave goodbye and head to the restaurant.

As we are walking, Dee stops and turns to me before saying “I just want to thank you, you didn’t have to ask me and I know I’ve been a real bitch lately. It just that I’ve ah… well… I’ve been having some trouble at…”

I butt in before she can finish, “First, thank you for agreeing to be my partner! Second, I just want to you to have a good time tonight, third, and most important, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to miss a chance to dance with you!”

I stepped back from her, raised her hand, and looked her up and down. “Particularly in that dress. Now let’s go see what kind of food this place has before we hit the dance floor.” She smiles, nods her head, and grips my hand tighter. I noticed the beginning of a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“And no crying under any circumstances.” I say with a laugh as I touch the tear at the corner of her eye. She laughs and says, “Sounds good, let’s go eat!”

We walk into the restaurant and the matre de seats us at a nice booth towards the back. We order some wine as we looked the menu over. I can tell you the wine was great but I have no idea what I ate. I can also tell you her smile was contagious and her eyes where shiny black pools. We laughed more than anything else. Once the food ran out and all we had left was a little bit of wine, we discussed a few different dance steps. It seemed we knew a lot of the same things when it came to the dance floor. I looked at my watch and noticed we had about 45 minutes till the start of the competition.

I asked her if she wanted to head over early and get a little practice in. She seemed to like that idea, so we picked up our glasses and headed for door. As I stood up I noticed the older couple sitting across from us for the first time. It was the couple that had walked by Summer and I earlier that day.

The old lady scowled at me but the old man just smiled and stared at Dee’s ass as she walked by, at least until his wife kicked him under the table. I grabbed Dee’s hand before she could get too far away. She looked back at me just before I gave her a spin back towards the older couple. As she passed me I dipped her, revealing her marvelous cleavage to the old man at the table, who started choking on whatever it was he was eating. I pulled her up to me, our lips two inches apart. I move in closer and tilt my head, our lips now a centimeter apart. Not to be outdone, Dee wrapped her arms above my shoulder, and ran her fingers in my hair. I took it a step further and lowered my hand from her waist to her ass.

We stand there for a moment before bahis şirketleri she breaks the silence, “Is he still looking?”

I leaned my head far enough to see around her hair but kept my mouth close to hers, “yep.”

She smiles slightly and then starts to say “how far are you going to take…”

I silence her question, pressing my lips against hers. Surprisingly she didn’t resist, in fact she kissed me back and pulled me into her tighter. I respond by opening my mouth and she accepted my tongue. I squeeze her ass and pull her short skirt up just enough to expose a bit of cheek to the old couple.

The man starts coughing again, this time more violently. His wife apparently turned to see what he was looking at. Upon seeing Dee’s partially exposed ass, exclaimed, “My word! Why I never!”

I pull away, saying, “Just about that far.” I look at her and see her eyes are still closed and her mouth is still open, but only for a moment. She quickly regains her composure and gives a rueful smile before saying, “You are nothing but trouble.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I said as innocently as possible with a slight smile.

“Sure, I bet you don’t!” she replied with a smile before quickly looking back at the old man.

All I can do is smile back as I turn to walk her out of the restaurant. One of the servers runs by us to help the old man who is still in the middle of a coughing fit. It takes everything I have not to start laughing and Dee is in the same position.

As we walked out the doors I took Dee’s hand in mine. At first her hand was stiff, as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to hold my hand, but didn’t want to pull away either. I can see her head turn to look at me every few steps, after a while her hand starts to loosen up and she gets a little swagger in her step. I can’t help but smile at her; she looked even more beautiful with this new glow coming off of her.

We continued to the disco where a fairly large crowd had started to form. Luckily, Summer, Aznar, and Ann had gotten there before us and gotten one of the larger tables. We set our drinks on the table and I told Dee that I was going to go sign us up.

I walked up to the DJ and added our names to the list and he gave me numbers to pin on or backs. I went back to our table where Dee was smiling ear to ear, deep in conversation with Summer.

I handed her the number and turned around so she could pin it on and then she did the same. I was very careful not to poke her and I was also very careful to run my hand up her exposed spine which sent a shiver the opposite direction.

“Stop it!” she turned and halfheartedly slapped at my hand. I caught her hand and made a little bow and said ,”May I have this dance?” She laughed, gave Summer an unreadable look, and said, “Of course!” I led her out to the dance floor where a few other couples where already warming up.

We worked on a few moves that we had had questions about over dinner and then worked on matching our timing up. I watched the couples around us dancing and noticed most of the women were giving her dirty looks and all of the men were drooling on themselves. I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, “You’re the hottest woman in here.”

She pulled back for a moment, “Whatever!” she replied not meeting my eye. I pulled her back to me and said, “If you don’t believe me look around, every guy in the room thinks you’re hot and every girl wishes they were as hot as you. I just want to thank you because I’m the envy of every guy in here.”

Even in the half light of the dance floor I could see her blush. She finally laughed and said, “Whatever”, again but I could feel her look around the room.

Once we were happy with our timing we headed back to the table and grabbed a drink. We stood around talking with the others and checking out our competition. The majority of couples where past their prime but there was a few teams that looked like they could dance. I wasn’t too worried because win, lose, or draw, if I played my cards right I would be “winning” with Dee by the end of the night.

The DJ picked up the mike and told us the rules. There were 40 teams entered in the competition and there would be three rounds with five minute breaks in between. If a judge taps you on the shoulder you’re out, pretty simple and straight forward. The DJ then asked all the couples to move to the dance floor. I extend my hand to Dee and ask, “Ready?” She takes my hand and smiles, and we head out onto the floor.

The DJ starts the music and we start dancing. I watch as the two male judges seem to circle us picking off a few couples that clearly had no idea how to dance. There were also two female judges doing the same thing but farther out on the edges of the dance floor. Two songs later we were really starting to get into it. When the music stopped I took half a second to look around at our competition. Half the teams were out and we had survived the first round. I followed Dee back to our table where our group was waiting.

Apparently, Jodi was feeling better because she bahis firmaları joined the group and had a beer in her hand. As we approached she yelled out, “You guys are sooooo awesome!” All the other girls congratulated us as well, if perhaps not as loudly.

One of the girls had gotten us new drinks and I sat down to try and relax a little. Summer tells us, “You guys really know your stuff. I wish I was half as good as you two.” Dee beamed at the complement, and a few of the teams that had been removed from the competition came by and also complemented us on our skills.

The five minutes past quickly and the DJ announced it was time to return to the dance floor. This time it was Dee who extended her hand to me. “Come on!” she said and almost pulled me onto the floor.

The music started up and we picked right up where we had left off. By the end of the first song the judges had removed ten more couples, cutting the remaining competition in half. During the second song the judges where a bit more selective and only removed three teams, but by the end of the third song, we were one of only five groups remaining.

The DJ announced another five minute intermission and we returned to the table. I must admit, it had been awhile since I had danced that much, that fast and I was starting to feel it despite being in the best shape of my life. Dee on the other hand looked as fresh as she had at the beginning. As we reached the table she announced that she had to use the restroom and, girls being girls, Summer and Aznar went with her. This left me with Ann and Jodi sitting at the table.

They both smiled at me and Ann complimented me on my dancing skills. She then moved closer to me and stood on her toes to whisper in my ear, “You dance almost as well as you fuck! Remember what I told you earlier about stopping by my room.” I couldn’t come up with anything to say to that so I just smiled and nodded my head as I took another drink.

Fortunately, I was saved by a group of women that came over to complement us on our dancing. When they didn’t see Dee, they asked where she was, and I pointed to the bathroom. One extremely cougarish looking lady told me that if it didn’t work out with my partner to come by her room and gave me a napkin with her room number on it.

Fortunately, I was saved yet again, when Dee and the others returned from the bathroom. The cougar eyed Dee up and down and stalked off.

“What was that about?” Summer asked as she gave the evil eye to the retreating cougar’s back.

“Jealousy mainly, mixed with a feeling of inadequacy.” I answered as I wadded up the napkin and tossed it on the table. Summer grabbed it and smoothed it out to read.

“What’s this?” she said even though she knew the answer. Jodi answered, “A major fail on that bitches part.” We all had a good laugh at that.

It was time to return to the dance floor, so Dee and I walked out to the cheers of our friends. Just before the next song started I looked at Dee and nodded and she returned it, a silent agreement to kick it up a notch. The song started and we kicked off with some hot moves.

We apparently surprised some of our competition with our more complicated steps as they just stood and watched us and where quickly taken out of the competition. Down to three, I thought to myself. I took a second to look over our competition as Dee and I where shimmying back to back. One couple in their mid 50’s where good, but didn’t appear to have the stamina to continue much longer. The other team looked to be in their early 40’s and they were good, very good. Perhaps as good as us, but I had the ace; the female dancer didn’t hold a candle to Dee. We made it half way into the second song of the third round when the oldest couple was asked to leave. We finished the second song and then the third, with the four judges standing together talking, apparently split on who should win.

Dee and I were standing waiting for the next song to start when the judges finally walked over to the DJ. They talked for a few seconds until the DJ came over the speaker saying “apparently we have a tie! It’s going to come down to one last song and we will let the audience decide the winner!”

I pulled Dee close and said, “Whatever happens, I’ve had a great time and you are an amazing dancer!”

She replied, “Whatever happens? Are you kidding me? We are going to win this thing!”

I couldn’t argue with that, and as the music started we took off. I was juking and jiving like I had never done before. I spun Dee around me in a full circle. She kept up and didn’t miss a beat, her dress rising higher and higher as she spun. I picked her up by the waist and into the air, then brought her down, catching her hands and slid her between my legs only to pull her back through and up onto her feet. As we reached the end of the song I spun her out and then back behind me. as she came back she kicked her legs up in the air, before continuing the spin out to my other hand. I caught her hand and spun her back to me. When she reached me I leaned her over and laid a kiss on her kaçak bahis siteleri just as the song ended. The crowd went wild with cheers and applause. I held her close for a moment and felt her breathing wildly.

I let her catch her breath for a moment, then turned her out to the crowd, raised her hand in the air, pointing to her with my free hand. The crowd roared again as Dee made a small curtsy. If the other couple could beat that, they could keep the damn prize.

The DJ came over and yucked it up for a minute until the cheering died down. He then told the crowd, that had grown to perhaps 150 people, to cheer for the team they thought should win when he put his hand above each team. First he raised he hand over the other team and there was some pretty good cheering then he moved his hand above us and the place went crazy. Dee jumped into my arms and hugged me. I hugged her back for a moment enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressed against my chest.

After a moment, I set her down and the DJ came over to present us with a surprisingly decent trophy and, even more surprising, a $1000 gift certificate to any store in the hotel. We then took a picture with the DJ and our winnings. After the pictures, our competitors came over and shook our hands. As they walked away shaking their heads in disappointment, we were mobbed by our friends. We headed to the table to rest, talking about how much fun we had with our group telling us how great we did.

Jodi said, “You guys are amazing! I want to learn to dance like that!”

We sat for a bit and the DJ started the music up again encouraging everyone to dance, some of the couples that had been eliminated early went back out. Most of the crowd headed off into the night seeking adventure elsewhere.

After a few songs and a few drinks I asked Dee if she want to dance some more but she turned me down saying, “I need to give my feet a break. Why don’t you and Summer dance?”

I looked to Summer and asked, “Care to dance?” She replied, “Sure! Just don’t spin me too much.” We ventured out on the floor and began dancing. I kept it easy and friendly, as she was not a dancer of Dee’s caliber.

I kept an eye on our table and noticed Dee had more than a few offers to dance, she turned them all down, but she did seem to enjoy the attention. I mentioned this to Summer and turned her so she could see. She watched Dee for a few minutes and then whispered in my ear, “Thank you, you really made her night, but I hope it doesn’t end here.” She then moved in closer, pressing her body to mine and said, “I really do owe you one now.”

I put on my most devious smile and spun her around once as the song ended. I took a step back from her, made a courteous bow, and said, “At your service, as always, but if you will excuse me, I must visit the boys room.” She made a little curtsy and headed towards our table as I went the other way.

I made it to the restroom and the few guys in there greeted me with applause. I said thanks, and moved to an open urinal to relieve myself. As I did, the old man to my left said, “You are one lucky young man! How do you do it?” I looked at him and realized it was the guy that Summer and I had passed on our walk this morning and then Dee and I had sat next to at dinner. I smiled at the old fart and said, “Practice my good man, practice.” I zipped myself up and walked away to the sink, leaving him wondering if I meant the girls or the dancing.

As I walked back to our table I noticed a very large man with his meaty hand wrapped around Dee’s forearm. Dee was trying to pull her arm back from him and Summer was yelling at him. As I came up behind him and Dee, he let go of Dee and raised his hand to slap Summer. I caught him at the wrist, and Summer, noticing me for the first time, looked back at him with fire in her eyes and said, “You just fucked up.”

As I mentioned before, Summer knew me from my younger days in high school, days when I had a temper that matched hers. Back then it wouldn’t take much to set me off, and most people learned quickly not fuck with me. I wouldn’t say I liked fighting, but I was good at it. Combine that with a high pain threshold, and most people learned not to start shit with me or around me.

This guy was perhaps three or four inches taller than me and outweighed me by about 40 or 50 pounds, most of it fat, and had a big square jaw to boot. He turned to look at what had stopped his arm and I shoved his fist towards his face.

He stumbled back a few steps and turned towards me, balling his fist. I looked him over, my blood starting to boil. He looked slow and drunk, I could probably pummel this guy into the hospital, but it would take a while and I would break more than a few fingers doing it. Not a good option in Mexico.

Best bet would be to embarrass this guy into walking away. Just then, he came at me with a slow over the shoulder right hand. I let it slide past me and drove my knee into his fat stomach to little effect. He stumbled past me and turned, wildly raging like a stuck bull. He came again with a wild left this time. Unfortunately for him, he was extremely drunk and I doubt he could have hit me had I stood there all night. I stepped forward, and ducked, letting his arm go over my head and driving my left fist into his solar plexus.

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