Old Friends, New Tricks

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Seven years had passed since she’d seen Matt. They’d been good friends in high school, ran with the same group, and flirted harmlessly from time to time, just for the fun of it. Jane had always been incredibly attracted to him. He was a swimmer, with a great body, a nice tan, and dirty blonde hair. He’d had a few girlfriends off and on, some of them good friends of Jane’s, but nothing too serious. As much as Jane had tried to let him know how attracted she was to him, he didn’t seem to see it, or maybe, she thought, he just wasn’t attracted to her. Countless hours she listened to him ramble on about his crushes, his insecurities, his unrequited love. Jane didn’t understand how he could not see that every girl who knew him was crazy about him, herself no exception.

When Matt called her randomly the day after her twenty fifth birthday, Jane was very pleasantly surprised. When he offered to take her to dinner, she was thrilled. She picked out her outfit very carefully. Being around Matt made her very uncomfortable. She would look into his eyes as he spoke to her, wanting to be attentive, all the while resisting the urge to slide onto his lap and plant a wet kiss on him that he couldn‘t resist. Matt had always been so friendly, even flirty, but his attitude kept her hesitant, not wanting to be rejected, not wanting to cause an embarrassing situation that could ruin their friendship.

Jane slipped into a new skirt, a flirty red miniskirt made out of the softest t-shirt material. She pulled a thin short sleeved white shirt on, gazing at herself in the mirror. The t-shirt tightened around her full breasts, and her black bra was just barely visible through the thin white material. The skirt was short, hugging her hips, then flaring out at the top of her thighs. It reminded her of a cheerleading skirt, showing off her long tan legs and incredible perky ass. She brushed her long wavy hair, trying to decide whether to pull it up or leave it down. She looked at her face in the mirror and realized she must be crazy to think that Matt wasn’t attracted to her. She had shiny strawberry blond hair and bright green eyes, and just a hint of freckles at the tops of her cheekbones. Her little girl lips and the slight dimple in her left cheek made her look like she was still a teenager. She often got carded at R-rated movies.

Satisfied that she looked sexy without looking trashy, she grabbed her sandals and went to brush her teeth. As she was rinsing, there was a knock on the apartment door. She hurriedly wiped her face and headed for the door, the forgotten sandals still on the bathroom floor.

The door swung open and Matt was greeted with a big smile, dimple and all. He looked her up and down quickly, starting with her bare, tan toes, up her long legs, over her breasts, up her neck past all that beautiful thick hair and into her smiling green eyes. She looked much the same as when they’d been in high school, but more refined. More sure of herself and more comfortable in her own skin. He grinned back at her, unable to help it, all of a sudden feeling a little flushed.

“Hi,” Jane said, still smiling. She was excited to see him, that much was obvious.

“Hi. You look great, same as ever.” He managed.

She moved out of the way so that he could step into the apartment, then threw her arms around his neck in a bear hug. He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pulling her body full length into his. She felt so soft and sexy, he couldn’t help but hold her just a second longer than a friendly hug would usually last. This was the way she used to hug in high school, when hugging was the typical hello between their friends.

“Come on in and sit down. We should catch up for a few minutes before we go.”

She pulled him over to the couch and headed for the kitchen. Matt couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous backs of her thighs. bahis siteleri The apartment was small but nice, with large windows overlooking a flowery courtyard. The kitchen was mostly open to the living room, and Matt couldn’t tear his eyes away as Jane opened the refrigerator and bent over to look inside, her skirt lifting just enough that he though he could see the hint of her panties. He sat down heavily on the couch and leaned forward, elbows on knees, trying to clear his head. A week ago he’d had a dream about Jane, and for two days after she was constantly in the back of his mind. When he realized her birthday was coming up, he’d decided to call her and take her out, hoping to reinstate their fun friendship.

In high school Matt had suspected that Jane sort of liked him. He’d found her cute and funny, often sarcastic and cynical. She loved to talk about sex, but openly admitted being a virgin. She had a lot of friends and a lot of enemies. She was flirty, but didn’t have many boyfriends. A lot of the guys who had crushes on her were the dorky type, charmed by her shy beauty and melted by her kindness towards those who were often picked on. Never one to conform to a crowd, she had friends from all groups, and enemies from the same. She’d given him good advice through a lot of his tough relationships, although he couldn’t remember ever following it. He often felt waves of guilt for not being a better friend to her and not keeping in touch.

“Here you go, hope you like dark beer, it‘s all I‘ve got right now. I like to cook with it.”

Jane came back into the living room, handing him a cold bottle and sitting cross legged on the floor a few feet in front of him. She pushed her skirt down between her legs and leaned back on her hands, smiling up at him. He took a long sweet swig.

“Aren’t you going to have one?” He asked.

“I had one earlier.”

Jane gazed up at him. He looked more mature. Still in great shape, he was hot in a white t-shirt and jeans. He was wearing sporty sandals and his hair was streaked with blonde from the sun. His eyes stared back at her and she noticed something in his look that had never really been there before. To her, it looked like lust, and it made her nipples hard and her flesh broke out in goose bumps. She uncrossed her legs, sitting up on her ankles.

“It’s been a long time. I’m so glad you called. I think about you sometimes and how much fun we had. I haven’t kept in touch with too many people from school. I talk to Tess every once in awhile, when I can track her down, and Melissa too, but none of the guys have called me back…”

Jane was rambling, and she knew it. She wanted to break the ice a bit and get back into their old routine. When she realized she’d brought up Tess, an ex girlfriend of his, she swore silently. The last thing she wanted to do was talk all night about his ex-girlfriends.

“Tess, huh? How’s she doing?” Damn.

“She’s good, she married Jack last year. They’re trying to have a baby. It’s nuts, I can’t even imagine being married right now, much less having kids.” Jane laughed. “I still feel like a kid myself.”

“Married? Wow. Well I guess it makes me feel a little bit better.”


“Well, she left me for Jack. At least she didn’t leave me for some cheap fling, she left me for real love.”

“Yeah, I suppose. She never complains about him, so they must be getting along pretty well.”

“Tess was my first girlfriend. She was the only girl who seemed to really like me.”

Jane laughed. “Oh please, every girl in our grade wanted to devirginize you, myself included.”

Jane’s cheeks flushed at the confession, but it felt good. A little rush of adrenaline swept through her and she grinned and laughed to try to hide it.

Matt grinned back. “You’re kidding. You too? I thought you might like me but I didn’t know you lusted after canlı bahis siteleri me.”

“Of course I did, you’re hot. Do you realize how many times I just wanted to hop on top of you and devour you?” Her blush deepened. She tried to move the focus off of herself. “And I wasn’t the only one, most of my girlfriends were lusting after you, too.”

Matt was leaning forward even more, looking at her intently. “But you wanted me? You wanted me that much?”

Jane dropped all pretenses, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “I wanted to fuck your brains out before I even knew how to fuck. I think I would have done anything you asked just to be wanted by you.”

Matt stared back at her for a second, then leaned back on the couch. “Do you want to devour me right now?” He didn’t sound as confident as he was trying to look.

Jane leaned forward onto all fours, slowly crawling towards him. “Right now I want to swallow you whole.”

Her breasts swayed slightly as she crawled towards him, such a look of unbridled desire in her eyes, Matt almost came in his pants. He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t.

Jane reached his legs and slid her hands up his thighs, getting to her feet. She stood for a second between his legs, looking down at him looking up at her in awe. Pulling her skirt up high around her thighs, she slid onto his lap, grinding herself down onto him, pushing her breasts against his chest, hugging his hips with her knees. Her long hair fell around his face as he looked up at her. She stared intently at him for a moment, feeling his hard on pressing up against her. She grabbed the back of his neck and roughly pulled his lips up to hers, planting the wettest, hottest, most incredibly sexy kiss on his lips that he’d ever experienced. She sucked his lower lip between hers, running her tongue softly across it. She moaned into his mouth as his hands touched her, one clasping the back of her head, the other running down her back.

Matt wrapped his arms around her back, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her body even closer to his, pushing his hips up against her. Her kisses were driving him so wild, he didn’t know how much longer he could stand to not rip her clothes off and force his cock inside of her. She seemed to be having similar feelings as she pulled her lips from his and frantically began pulling her t-shirt over her head. He reached around behind her and unclasped her bra, slipping it off her arms and tossing it aside. Those perfect, beautiful breasts, just the right size, all soft and milky white. Her nipples were hard and he couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Jane grabbed Matt by the hair on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to one of her nipples. He opened his mouth and tongued one hungrily, sucking it into his hot mouth and nipping it roughly. She wimpered and ground her pussy down on his still confined cock. Reaching between them, Matt unzipped his pants, lifting her up a bit as he pushed his jeans and boxers down around his ankles. He caught sight of the two of them in the long mirror hanging on the back of the front door. Jane’s skirt was bunched around her hips, her toes peeking out next to his knees, her smooth bare back with his hands spread over them, her head thrown back.

Matt reached up under her skirt, slid his fingers under her panties and squeezed her ass, sucking harder on her nipple, then switching to the next. She was rubbing her clit against his prick through her panties, moaning and wimpering, needing more. He slipped two fingers under the band of her panties and slid them easily into her slit. She moaned louder as his fingers slid over her clit, rubbing it briefly, then slid down further and slipped into her. She was soaking wet, and as his fingers plunged into her she started moving up and down on top of them, fucking his fingers, moaning and gasping softly into canlı bahis his ear. He pulled his hand away, grabbing the crotch of her panties and tugging hard.

The fabric rubbed hard against her hips, burning a little, before it broke. Jane was overcome with a furious need to get his dick inside of her. She lifted up, letting his cock bounce out from between their bellies, feeling the head slip across her clit, and then slid easily back down on top of it. It popped inside, and she slowed down, creeping down his cock until it was completely inside of her. She rested for a second, letting her body get used to it, then started slowly pulling back up until it was only in a little. She opened her eyes a bit, gazing at him, wondering if he was having as much fun as she was, and knowing full well there was no way in hell he couldn’t be, then dropped hard back down, shoving his cock all the way inside of her, bouncing on his hips, fucking him hard and fast. She clutched his shoulders as he grabbed her ass, pressing down on her hips to make her fuck him even more forcefully. He was moaning now with each thrust, and soon began bucking his hips up towards her.

Matt lifted the back of her skirt, looking into the mirror and watching her ass plunge down on his cock. They were both grunting and sweating like crazy. He lifted her up by the ass and lay her down on the floor, fucking her hard against the boards. She pulled her knees up to her chest and he hooked them over his shoulders, driving into her.

Jane could feel his balls slapping against her ass, his belly rubbing against her clit, his hot, hard cock ramming inside of her. With each thrust she cried out softly, getting louder as her orgasm neared. Her head fell to the side and she could see herself in the mirror, folded in half, being fucked so hard by this man. Her ass was being lifted up each time he thrust, her breasts bouncing. Matt saw her looking and grabbed one of her nipples in his mouth. Jane was flushed all over, her moans and cries getting stronger, her pussy gripping him tightly.

Matt pulled out suddenly, rolling her over onto all fours, pointing her head towards the mirror. He sat on his knees behind her.

“I want you to watch yourself as I fuck you. Play with yourself and watch yourself cum.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders as she looked into the mirror, then positioned his cock and drove it home hard. She rocked forward, crying out, hand flying down between her legs to rub her clit. Her breasts were shaking violently with his thrusts, her clit swollen and beginning to tingle. She felt the orgasm begin, taking over, her pussy convulsing and her eyes rolling up into her head. She began a long string of moans, not even aware of them, her upper body dropping to the floor.

Matt grabbed her hips and held them up, fucking her still, gearing up towards his own orgasm which came hard and fast. He pulled out, spraying over her back, rubbing his balls against her ass.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, Jane laying facedown on the floor, Matt on his back. They lay there silently, catching their breaths. After a few minutes Matt got up and went into the bathroom, coming back with a hand towel, and wiped the sticky cum off of Jane’s back. She stood up, her knees a bit shaky, and excused herself, grabbing her clothes and heading for the bedroom. Matt sat heavily on the couch once again, trying to collect his thoughts. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He didn’t know what to say to her. He didn’t want things to be awkward between them.

Jane came back out of the bedroom, fully clothed again, with a fresh pair of panties. She smiled playfully at him.

“You know, those were my favorite pair of underwear.”

Matt grinned back at her, relieved that she was treating him the same as ever.

“I guess I’ll have to buy you a new pair.”

Jane slowly walked towards him until they were so close he could feel the heat emanating off of her sex flushed skin.

“If you do,” She murmured, looking straight into his eyes, “I’ll let you rip those off of me as well.”

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