Older Son and His Mom Ch. 05

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Paul lay back on the bed, not quite knowing what to expect. His Mom, Joyce had told him to wait there whilst she went and fetched a surprise for him. Although he was 40 years old, he was completely under the spell of his mother and in the last few weeks had become her sex slave. That morning they had already made love, but she wasn’t finished with her little boy yet she had told him.

The bedroom door opened and Joyce walked in. Paul’s eyes opened wide as he saw that she was wearing a strap on dildo, her right hand wrapped around the 8 inch plastic cock.

She stood in front of him running her hand up and down the plastic shaft and wicked grin on her face.

“Now this is a proper size cock,” she said, ” a bit meatier than yours you little pervert.”

Paul watched in fascination as his 67 year old mother wanked the synthetic cock she was wearing.

“Do you like it?” Joyce asked.

Paul wasn’t sure how to respond but knew that his mother wanted him to like it so he just nodded.

“Come and have a feel baby,” she said to him.

Paul sat up and sat in front of his mother on the bed. She reached out and grabbed his hand and placed it on the dildo.

“That’s right baby, wank me off,” she moaned as she gyrated her hips.

Paul’s breathing got heavier as he ran his hand up and down the cock attached to his mother.

“Now pervert boy, suck it, take this big cock in your mouth and show Mommy how you like to suck other boys off,” Joyce said.

Paul had never sucked a cock in his life, but he willing took the plastic knob in his mouth and sucked it like he would a real one.

“Oh yes, you naughty boy, show Mommy how much you like sucking Daddy’s cock, make daddy cum in your mouth, you horny bastard.”

Paul’s own cock had grown so hard now, it was hurting and the more his mother said about sucking cock, the more pre-cum oozed from him. He grabbed his mother’s arse and forced her to thrust the dildo deeper into his mouth, nearly gagging him, but he was so turned on by this, he just wanted to feel more cock inside his mouth.

After a bit Joyce pulled away and said, “Right now my naughty little boy is going to get what he really wants.” She walked to the chest of drawers and pulled out a tub of lubricating jelly and she started to spread it up and down the length of the dildo.

“Now I want you to put some of this around and up your arse and then Mommy is going to fuck her little pervert.”

Paul gaziantep jigolo escort was completely shocked, ” I don’t know about that,” he said, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that thing up my arse.”

Joyce stepped forward and just held out the tub of jelly.

“You fuck my arse, now I’m going to fuck yours, you will do as you are told,” she said sternly.

Paul took the jelly and squeezed some on his fingers.

“Turn round let me watch,” Joyce demanded.

Paul knelt on the bed and smeared the jelly round his arsehole.

“Put it in as well, put your finger up your arse.”

Paul did as he was told, enjoying the sensation.

“That’s right darling finger fuck your butt for Mommy.”

Paul carried on fingering his arse-hole until his mother pulled his hand away.

Joyce knelt on the bed behind her son and rubbed the dildo up and down against her son. She then positioned the tip against his butt-hole and pushed gently. Paul’s rectum willingly opened and Joyce pushed a couple of inches of cock into her son’s bum.

At first Paul though he was going to be split open, but once his Mom had the plastic cock in, it felt fine, in fact it felt good.

Joyce slowly moved backwards and forwards fucking her son. It was a fantastic feeling and her own cum started to dribble from her wet pussy onto the bed.

“Do you want Daddy to spill his seed up your arse, bad boy?” Joyce asked.

Paul just grunted yes in reply and Joyce simulated a cumming motion by jerking the dildo up and down with her hand.

When Joyce pulled out, Paul collapsed on the bed, exhausted from his first anal fuck.

“Did you like that?” Joyce asked.

Paul nodded, “It was great Mom.”

Joyce unstrapped the dildo and held it against her son’s lips.

“Lick it again,” she said.

Paul started to lick the plastic cock and then Joyce joined him, so that they were both holding it and kissing it and licking it together.

“This is sooo good,” Joyce said, “I’d love to share a cock with you for real.”

“Anytime,” Paul said.

Joyce reached down for her son’s hard cock and started to wank him off as she sucked on the dildo.

“Fuck my arse with yours,” she said ” And my pussy with this other one.”

Paul started to rub the dildo up and down his mother’s pussy, make sure both that and her arse were nice and moist. He got behind her and easily inserted gaziantep lezbiyen escort his cock up her arse as he had done many times, then as he slowly fucked her, he gently eased the dildo into his Mother’s wet cunt.

“Oh fuck yes,” Joyce moaned, ” Fuck me hard the both of you.”

Paul fucked his Mom’s arse whilst going as fast as he dare with the dildo in and out of his Mother’s pussy.

By the time he had shot his load, his mother had gone way beyond orgasm and everything was soaking wet.

Joyce got up and went off to make coffee and told her son just to rest because he had other duties to perform that day. Paul was shattered and his arse and cock were sore, but he also knew that his mother had arranged for him to pleasure someone else later that day.

After lunch, Joyce’s neighbour, Irene, from across the road arrived. She had also been having sex with Paul, but this afternoon, she had arranged something else and was in too much of a hurry for even a kiss and a cuddle..

The three of them left a short while later and went to a local retirement home, to visit Irene’s sister, Betty. Instead of talking in the lounge, Irene insisted they went to Betty’s room and the 4 of them settled down in her small suite.

Betty knew Joyce well, but hadn’t seen Paul for many years, and the 4 of them just chatted for a while.

After some catching up, Irene said “Anyway the reason we brought Paul is because he does special favours for old ladies.”

Betty looked puzzled, “Special favours?”

“Mmm,” Irene said “He prefers the much older lady, he likes to show them his willy and let them play with it.”

Betty’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped.

“So anyway,” Irene continued, “I thought you might like a bit of fun, after all when was the last time you got to see a nice cock, and I don’t mean when one of the old guys here gives you a quick flash.”

Irene then stood up and went over to the chest of drawers. She pulled out a large pair of white cotton panties that belonged to Betty.

“Okay Paul, go into the bathroom, put on Betty’s knickers and come and show her what you are made of.”

Paul smiled at Betty who still looked shocked and took the panties and left the room.

He was back a minute or so later, wearing nothing but Betty’s large panties, his cock sticking out like a tent pole.

“On my God”” Betty exclaimed.

“Right gaziantep masaj salonları you dirty little sod, play with yourself for Aunty Betty,” Joyce said.

Paul started to stroke his cock through the panties, groaning as he did so,

“Oh Aunty Betty, you’ve got lovely panties, I want to spunk in them.”

Betty was 73 years old and couldn’t believe that this young man was doing what he was in her room whilst she watched and even his mother did too. She saw a little stain from his pre-cum start to grow on the front of her knickers and for the first time in a long time, she felt a familiar moistening down below.

“Okay now show us your cock, you pervert,” Joyce said.

Paul pulled down the front of the panties and his cock sprang out. He stepped forward grabbed hold of Betty’s small wrinkled hand and placed on his cock. Betty hadn’t held a cock in over 20 years but she hadn’t forgotten what to do and she was soon wanking Paul off.

“Cum for Aunty Betty, cum all over her face,” Joyce demanded.

Paul’s cock stiffened just a bit more and as Betty continued her fantastic stroking, his cock twitched and he shot his load over her face.

Betty squealed in surprise and delight as think globules of spunk dribbled down her face and as she flicked out her tongue, she tasted Paul’s lovely semen.

As Paul’s cock deflated, Betty continued to play with him and Joyce and Irene also reached out to grab his balls and rub his arse.

Paul stepped forward and pushed Betty back onto the bed and started to kiss her and lick his own cum from her face. He started to fondle her ample breast through her clothes and Betty gave in to him in wild abandon.

Paul unbuttoned Betty’s blouse and lifted her wrinkled heavy tits from her bra and started to suck on her nipples.

Betty was in ecstasy and forgot about her sister and friend as this young man pleasured her body. As Paul sucked her tits, she felt his hand go up her skirt and ease the gusset of her knickers to oneside. Then his fingers were on her twat and she pushed against him wanting his fingers deep inside her.

Paul moved down the bed, “That’s right lick Aunty Betty’s cunt,” Joyce said as she watched her son go down on this old woman.

Paul pushed his face into Betty’s hairy pussy and started to lick her.

Irene joined her sister on the bed and Paul alternated between the two elderly sisters, licking their cunts.

The oral sex continued for a good 10 minutes until Paul’s cock was back to an erect state again and then he climbed on top of Betty and gave her the best fuck for 30 years. He pulled out before he shot his load into her and his Mother reached down and finished him off by wanking his cock and his spunk spurted over Betty’s large white tits.

The visit ended there but all of them knew it wouldn’t be the last.

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