On a Cold Winter’s Evening

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She stood at the darkening window, watching the snowflakes drift slowly past. A faint mist appeared, and disappeared, on the window panes with each breath she took. Her breathing was even and followed a calm rhythm, or at least it was until she felt him move silently up behind her.

Heat radiated from him, sending a surge of warmth to replace the chill she felt bleeding through the glass. As his chest made contact with her back, a shudder shook her from head to toe. Need washed over her, and caused her breathing to quicken. The falling flakes outside began to fade behind a glass wall of mist.

Perhaps he mistook the aroused shivers for cold, or perhaps he simply decided it was time. For whatever reason, his hands pushed between her arms and body, and drew her back against him. Where before the shivers could have been mistaken, the moan as he pressed against her could not.

Almost before the sound had left her lips, his hands cupped the fullness of her breasts. Her back arched, thrusting the peaked nipples against his warm palms. Such need could not have been mistaken, not even by an innocent. But most of all, as his fingers found and teased the hardened tips, her silk covered bottom pushed back, grinding against his thigh.

She was lost in the sensations he produced by little more than a brief touch of his hands, and the warmth of his breath against her ear. Her “please” was more of istanbul escort a sigh, than a spoken word. The feather light touch of her hands at his wrists, urging him on.

Slowly her head turned and she looked up at him with soft green eyes filled with need that only he could satisfy. His lips found the wildly beating pulse in her throat, and followed it to her cheek. From there it was only a moment before he took her mouth in a fierce kiss of possession.

She tried to turn, her need to press against his chest was overwhelming. But his hands dropped to her hips and held her imprisoned against the windowsill. Not even her muffled cries could convince him to release her, so finally she relented and grew still under his grasp. Standing against the cold window, unsure if it was the cold or his heat that made her tremble, she allowed her forehead to rest against the glass.

Slowly, he took her hands and placed them upon the glass above her head. Each arm stretched wide, as he whispered in her ear, “do not move until I tell you that you may’. She bit her bottom lip and nodded only once. She really hadn’t even needed to do that much, he already knew.

The harsh sound of ripping silk seemed to echo off the paneled walls as he tore the back of her gown from neckline to hem. Every muscle in her body clinched in hot need. The folds avcılar escort between her legs became moist and slippery, even as she pressed her thighs together in an effort to maintain a small amount of control. This was a battle she knew was lost, before it had even begun.

Gently he placed one hand between her shoulder blades, guiding her to bend at the waist. While his other skimmed lightly across her rounded bottom. He nudged each bare foot out a few inches at a time with the toe of his boot. Spreading her legs wider and wider apart. She softly whimpered, partly because she wanted this so badly, and partly because the anticipation of what was to come, was almost more than her mind could bear.

In fact, her cry was almost one of relief when he cupped his hand between her legs. Two fingers on the outside of each swollen, slippery lip, and the longer middle one thrust without warning deep into her aching core. A satisfied growl rumbled in his chest as her walls tightened around him and her knees shook. If he had not been prepared for her reaction, she would have fallen.

She moaned in protest as his hand withdrew, but gasped when it was replaced by the hard thickness of his cock. The thrust so sudden, she was forced up against the cold window panes, and the cloth of her gown soon became transparent from the moisture on the glass. Her nipples were presented şirinevler escort clearly for anyone to see that might have been passing. Yet, neither of them seemed to care.

He held her hips, forcing her to be still as his cock plunged into her moist treasure. His eyes narrowed, as he watched it claim this woman over and over. Her soft cries driving him on. Her pleading whimpers only reinforced his desire for more. Soon he was lost in a red haze of lust.

He leaned against her back, thrusting harder in and out of her silky wetness. His teeth against the nape of her neck, holding her trapped between his body and the window. She couldn’t move, could barely breathe. Her body throbbing, poised on the brink of shattering around him.

Suddenly his hands covered hers on the windowpanes, the combination of heat and cold sent her screaming into the abyss of orgasm. The spasms that rocked her body, tightened around his shaft until pleasure became a mixture of every sensation he had ever known. Their juices blended perfectly, churned by his twitching cock and her shuddering walls.

He released the breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding, and slowly withdrew from her sated body. A smile crossed his face as she made a soft sound of protect. Even barely able to stand, she was already hungry for more. “Insatiable” was all he said, and then laughed as she nodded with a satisfied smile.

She turned when he stepped back, and then wrapped both arms around his shoulders as he picked her up. He carried her across to the recliner by the fireplace. Once there, with her head on his shoulder, she brushed her fingers lightly across his lips. “Thank you,” she whispered, and together they watched the fire burning on the hearth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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