On Her Side

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“On your side.” He said, softly.

She’d asked him how he wanted her, and she knew by his response what was in store. In spite of herself, she felt herself get wet, knowing that soon he’d be inside her.

Her dark hair offset the pale blue of her sheer negligee. She knew he liked them to be almost translucent. She gave him a quick peek at her ample breasts as she reclined, her dark nipples visible through the fabric. She lay down on the bed, her back to him, stretching out in a lovely curve. Her negligee covered her to the waist. Below that, her bare bottom shone in the moonlight, two smooth pale orbs making a heart-shape. She knew he was looking at her bare ass, and knew it was making him hard.

He sidled into the bed next to her, spooning up behind her. His arm laid over her, reaching around to cup a breast. She could feel his warm skin against hers. His cock jutted up rock hard against her. She could feel its head throbbing, just barely in between her bare buttocks. Her pulse quickened as her thrust forward a little, bringing its head between them, nearer her opening. She felt herself grow wetter still.

She felt her free hand slide along her breast, pinching her nipple as she made her way toward her aroused sex. She knew she was really wet now. As she slid her hand between her legs, she felt how wet she was. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She began to softly massage her clit. His hand followed hers, but instead of helping her skilled fingers, his hand slid along her side and up onto her round ass. He let it caress her buttock and thigh a few moments, letting her anticipation build.

She felt his hand slide between her thighs from behind. She opened them a little to let him in further. His fingers found her, and they played together for a time. Soon his fingers were slippery and warm. She felt him slide them back along the curve of her inner thigh, bringing wetness from her sex to her tight hole.

Slowly, softly, he massaged her wetness onto her, his fingers sliding in, little by little. Her own fingers began to work her clit more intensely. Soon he was in to the first knuckle, sliding his fingertip in and out. Her wetness increased, and he slid his fingers back to her sex to gain more. His fingers brought the new wetness back, and began to explore deeper. Soon, it was in past the first knuckle, and then slowly it went all the way in.

She gasped as it slipped deep inside her. Her fingers worked her clit harder. His finger was thick and hard inside her, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before something thicker and harder filled her up even more.

In güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and out, he slid his finger deep into her, coating her with her own slippery wetness. Her moans turned gutteral, and she began to become accustomed to him inside her. She grew hot, knowing his cock would soon be there.

No sooner had she thought of it when his fingers withdrew. She felt him gently part her cheeks, holding one up slightly. She felt his cock slide between them, and felt his head at her door. She forced herself to relax, knowing it would not avail her. His cock was rock-hard, and would not be denied.

Ever so slowly, she felt him pushing himself into her. The head steadily pushed, at last beginning to slip inside her. She shuddered as it’s bulbous head slipped inside, her tight ring finding purchase below the cock’s thick head. He lay still, letting her stretch and adjust. It was so big inside of her there. She could feel it throb inside her tight opening, and knew he wanted to go deeper, before it became too much for him to withstand.

Her fingers began to work with purpose now. They flew upon her clit, often times burying themselves deep within her sopping wet sex before returning to work herself more. From behind, his cock began to go deeper inside her. So big, so thick, it filled her. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her sex began to make sloppy wet sounds as she plunged finger after finger into herself. Soon she had all four inside, as his thick cock went deeper still.

His cock began to slide in and out now. What before had been unfamiliar was now becoming intensely pleasurable. His cock filled her up, and slid in and out. Her excitement began to build as her thrust himself into her again and again. Her fingers worked the nubbin of her clit as she felt his cock getting even harder. She knew he would come inside her soon, and it drove her over the edge.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her as he crammed his cock deeper and deeper into her. Words she could not understand fell from his lips as he laid it to her. Her fingers went in deeper, feeling his cock sliding in and out through the thin membrane between her openings. Her body rocked with electric surges of pleasure, cumming hard from him pounding her from behind.

All at once he hardened further still, and his hot seed blasted into her. He continued to thrust in again and again as his cock leapt inside her tight hole. He let out a low growl as he came again and again into her. His hard thrusts began to slow, and he at last withdrew. Her own orgasm sent little tremors down her body, as each vein and ridge of his cock hit another delicate spot as he withdrew.

They lay panting upon the bed, the fast-moving fan overhead cooling their sweaty bodies. Her body glowed with the orgasm she’d just enjoyed. She left him lying upon the bed, his breath slowing, a wide smile upon his lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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