On Holiday with My Parents Pt. 02

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I’d planned, with my girlfriends, to go to Aiya Napa for a fortnight of sun, sea and gratuitous sex. We were supposed to fly out on the Saturday. On the Monday before the travel company went bust. There was no way of organising an alternative. Mum asked if I’d like to go with them.

So, on the Saturday afternoon instead of sitting in the departure lounge at the airport I was on the beach, having shared the all night driving, with my parents playing bat and ball… Oh, yeah, without a stitch of clothing between us. Nearly forgot that.

After batting a little pink ball to one another for a while Mum decreed that we should put some sunscreen on. Daddy ‘Did’ Mummy, making her climax twice en route. Mummy asked if I’d like Daddy to ‘Do’ me too. I did and Daddy duly finger-fucked me to orgasm, twice! With Mummy’s willing assistance…

To continue, as requested.

“Would you like to ‘Do’ Daddy now dear?” asked Mummy innocently.

### ### ###

Just a few words about my Dad. I adore him, always have, always will. I adore my Mummy just as much but somehow snuggling up on Daddy’s knee while he read me a bedtime story made me sleep much better.

Things changed quite a bit as I grew older. Not such tight hugs. No big, sloppy kisses. He didn’t pat me on the bum and tell me to run along. He didn’t call me Baby Girl anymore either. I asked Mummy if I’d upset Daddy. She told me NO!, quite emphatically. ‘It’s just that you’re growing up and it wouldn’t be appropriate anymore’ she explained. Well I didn’t think it was inappropriate. I missed the intimacy, from both of them, a lot.

And now I was Baby Girl again and had a Daddy and a Mummy!

### ### ###

Daddy did the usual thing, reached behind his neck, scooped his hair up and lifted it away. He swung his elbows out, just like Mummy and I had and widened his stance, again just like Mummy and I.

I held out a hand. Mummy dolloped a dollop of jollop into the palm. After rubbing them together carefully I reached up to spread the jollop around Daddy’s neck and ears before moving to his delicious traps and delts (his shoulders). My hands just slid over the smooth surfaces of his beautifully toned musculature. Lucky me. I was very gentle and loving and didn’t rush a thing. I wanted to, I really did. I had a need bubbling through me that demanded that I touch Daddy’s wonderful body all over, as quickly as possible so that I could get my hands down to…

Daddy seemed to relax into my touch, which was very nice, comforting. It had the effect of slowing me down further. Making every moment last as long as possible. My Daddy’s body to play with and enjoy stroking and caressing for as long as I liked, or until Mummy decided to stop me. With that sudden thought I glanced quickly at Mummy, she was smiling happily so I smiled back and held out both hands for a fresh dollop of jollop.

Boys love stroking a girl’s breasts, we all know that but I bet that I’m not the only girl that enjoys the feeling of a boy’s body just as much. Daddy, as I’ve said was very fit, and I’ll not add ‘for his age’ either. He’s slim, elegant and his muscle tone is exquisite.

Now for his back. I swept my hands gently to and fro reveling in the perfect symmetry, up and down, back and forth working steadily towards his glutes. Oh, how I wanted to feel Daddy’s bum under the palms of my hands, caressing and stroking. Easing my fingers along his crack, teasing his anus then below, swooping downwards to his full, exciting nut-sac and the base of his glorious cock.

But I’m getting way too far ahead on myself. My head is fondling his cock, bringing it to rampant perfection while my hands are still gliding effortlessly over his hips. Naughty Baby Girl!

My hands circle Daddy’s hips and I held them out, open palm up for a fresh dollop in each. Mummy delivers with a smile. Is it yet my time to deliver? Standing up very close behind Daddy pressing my naked body against his, I start at his shoulders, working across and gently down over Daddy’s prominent pecs, back and forth once more enjoying the feel of my Daddy’s flesh against my hands. I press even closer him, pressing my breasts and erect nipples hard against his naked back. I slide them sideways seductively hoping Daddy can feel the slight difference as my hard nipples and soft breasts explore. Daddy’s abs are divine, hard yet pliable ridges across his stomach. I could wash my panties on them anytime he liked, with my pussy right up close behind them. My racing heart fluttered and flipped as a very naughty thought flickered across my mind;

“What are you doing, Baby Girl?” would ask my Mummy.

“I’m washing the naughty stains out of my panties Mummy. The stains that Daddy always causes when he gets too close to me but doesn’t touch me,” I’d explain pitifully.

Naughty Daddy!

Back to reality. My hands rest at the bottom of Daddy’s abs, just a little tuzla eve gelen escort above the smooth soft flesh that leads straight to the base of Daddy’s hairless cock and crotch. Pulling Daddy hard against my naked body I peer around his shoulder and look directly at my Mother.

“Mummy?” I whisper, “can I… y’know…”

How would you ask your Mother if you could suck your Father’s cock? Answers in a comment, please.

Both Mummy and Daddy looked up the beach. I looked as well but had no idea what I might be looking at or for.

“Best not to, Baby Girl,” she replied softly, “but don’t worry, we’ll be able to in a while.”

I’ve always been brought up to listen carefully to what my parents said. I heard the implied ‘No’ quietly but clearly. The subjective pronoun ‘we’ screamed out only to be drowned out by ‘in a while’. I wasn’t too disheartened and smiled happily at my Mummy. Moving around Daddy’s shoulder I ran my hand down his back until it rested on his bum then did the same to my Mummy. I couldn’t possibly push them together so tried to hold Daddy still while pulling Mummy towards him;

“Come closer, Mummy,” I coaxed.

When they were close enough to probably block the view of whatever they might have been looking up the beach at I eased myself down onto my knees. There was no way I could get my head between them to reach either my Daddy’s cock or my Mummy’s pussy and that wasn’t my intention anyway. No sucking Daddy’s cock was the instruction, yet! It followed that licking Mummy’s pussy wasn’t allowed either, yet.

Pretending that I was still rubbing sunscreen into my Daddy’s legs I moved my hand high up his inner thighs until I could cup his nut-sac in the palm of my hand. It felt big! When I lifted my hand a little higher so that I was supporting the weight I just knew that Daddy’s balls were full and that I wanted to share all the contents with Mummy before we went to sleep that night.

Bending my fingers upwards I felt for Daddy’s cock and couldn’t find it where I last saw it, dangling nonchalantly down and brushing his nut-sac. I raised my effort and stretched my fingers upwards. Found it! Now nicely firm it was in the ‘I’m interested position’, almost horizontal. Sliding my whole hand forward I rested Daddy’s heavy balls on my wrist and eased his slippery knob head into my fingers. I was soooo tempted to withdraw them and lick his pre-cum from my fingers. I didn’t though coz I’m Daddy’s Baby Girl and he’d made me cum and I wanted to make him cum too.

Daddy was making soft noises which pleased me and I wanted to please Mummy as well. Putting my hand back on her lovely bum I traced my fingers around a couple of times before sliding down her crack until I found her puckered little bum hole. I just pressed a little as my fingers were dry. It still made Mummy shiver with pleasure. I love having my bum hole explored and it seemed that Mummy did as well.

Daddy’s cock was much harder all of a sudden, maybe he knew I was playing with Mummy’s botty. I had to ease his stiffness down a bit otherwise it would become stuck between them. Not what I wanted at all. I gently pushed Mummy forward and suggested she give Daddy a great big kiss.

As she moved closer I pulled Daddy’s big cock down as much as I could and when I felt Mummy’s tummy touching Daddy’s I eased off the pressure while my other hand left Mummy’s bum hole and slipped between her legs. Parting her pussy lips I eased my hold on Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s stiff cock pressed hard between Mummy’s wet pussy lips. I stroked Daddy’s cock and Mummy’s clitty for all I was worth.

They both began to breathe heavily as I stroked and teased. Mummy, without any encouragement from me, raised to her tippy-toes. Daddy flexed his knees. Mummy went up and Daddy came down. Perfect!

Easing Daddy’s big, fat cock back a little I rested it at the very entrance to Mummy’s pussy hole. Mummy came down onto her heels just as Daddy straightened his legs. Daddy’s big, fat, throbbing cock eased right into Mummy’s dripping, swollen, welcoming pussy.

It didn’t go in a very long way, despite Mummy and Daddy rocking contentedly, and there was plenty of Daddy’s cock left for me to play with. I stroked it as it slid in and out of Mummy. Once I had that part sorted I started to tease Mummy. Slipping a couple of fingers into Mummy’s delicious wetness I made them slippery and spread her juices around her puckered, tight hole making her sigh with pleasure again. Back to her dripping pussy I made sure my thumb was covered in her juices and took that back to her bum hole. Mummy was wriggling about a lot. I thought she might cum too soon but then Daddy started to get more energetic. Resting my thumb against Mummy’s bum hole I pushed in steadily and was delighted that she opened up easily for me. Pushing deep until my whole thumb was buried I reached out to her pussy and worked two fingers in, alongside Daddy’s throbbing cock. At the same time I started to stroke Daddy’s cock energetically.

“Ohhh, tuzla otele gelen escort you naughty, Baby Girl,” sobbed my Mummy quietly.

“I can stop Mummy,” I giggled wickedly.

“You do and you won’t get anything to eat tonight,” she threatened ominously.

“You wouldn’t starve your Baby Girl, would you Mummy?”

“Who’s talking about food!” she chuckled.

Mummy’s such a tease. I pushed both fingers deeper into her pussy just as Daddy started to tremble.

“C’mon, Daddy! Fill Mummy’s pussy,” I encouraged as I stroked his pulsing cock faster.

Every good thing has to cum to an end sometime and Daddy’s orgasm finally stopped. Mummy’s lasted a moment or two longer before she went all floppity and hung around Daddy’s neck while Daddy just stood straight and held her tight.

“You are very naughty, Baby Girl,” he said lovingly, “thank you.”

Daddy’s cock eventually slipped out of Mummy’s pussy but I held onto it just enough so that when he pulled back I was able to squeeze any of the juices still inside his cock together with the mixture of his and Mummy’s juices on the outside of his cock, into the palm of my hand. Well, that was a mouthful! With my treasure safe I stood up, kissed Mummy, kissed Daddy and brought the palm of my hand to my mouth and started to lick ravenously. Just in case Mummy decided I couldn’t have anything to eat later.

I was just licking down between my spread fingers when Mummy brought her hand up towards her mouth. Her fingers were dripping with a delicious dollop of goo. Her expression quite clearly said ‘I’ve got more than you’ as she slipped two gooey laden fingers into her mouth.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Why would I be surprised? But I was, very. Mummy was eating Daddy’s spunk. Their spunky, girl-cum cock-tail. Mummys’ don’t do that. That’s a naughty girl thing. We do that. We invented it, didn’t we? I’m pretty sure I even looked surprised, going by the look on Mummy’s face. Just then Daddy’s hand appeared, two fingers extended from his fist, both dripping gooey spunky cum mix. I tilted my head upwards and opened my mouth wide.

Daddy made a zooming noise just like he did when I was a little toddler, sitting in my high-chair, reluctant to eat my dinner. Daddy’s zooming, goo covered aeroplane circled quickly and dived towards my mouth. Opening wider so nothing was spilled I clamped my lips firmly around Daddy’s gooey fingers as soon as I could and sucked and probed with my tongue until I was certain that I’d missed nothing. I released Daddy’s fingers and they quickly disappeared to collect some more.

“Who’s a good girl then?” cooed Mummy happily.

For the next few minutes we all scooped the sexy cock-tail from Mummy’s pussy. I fed Mummy, she fed me and Daddy fed both of us.

“Well, I think that’s about enough of that,” announced my Mother, suddenly all respectable Wife and Mother like, “better get into the sea and clean ourselves up, properly.”

She turned, knelt and leaned forward into our little wind-break tent where she appeared to be rummaging around. All I could see was her wonderful, round bum, up in the air, perfectly positioned and her sweet, swollen, gaping pussy hole seductively inviting. I licked my lips. I heard Daddy chuckle delightedly and turned to look at him. His eyes were sparkling mischievously.

“Yeah, you ‘n’ me both, Baby Girl,” he mouthed almost silently.

“I heard that!” laughed my Mummy with her head still deep inside our little tent.

“Well you are teasing us rather naughtily Darling,” argued my Daddy gently.

There was that wicked little pronoun ‘us’ again. Mummy had virtually told me that we, she and I would share Daddy later and now Daddy was saying the he and I would share Mummy! My pussy tingled.

“George!” admonished Mummy, “you know I never tease. I just tantalise and you also know you just have to wait for Wendy,”

Mummy wriggled her bum enticingly but I hardly noticed, honest. Wendy? Who’s Wendy? Daddy obviously saw the look of surprise on my face.

“Wendy Timesright,” he explained with a laugh.

Daddy stooped and slapped Mummy quite hard on her perfect bum. I was very surprised. I’m not sure if Mummy was though. I stooped to console her and ran my fingers down her bum crack and quickly two slipped into her gaping pussy, emerging with the delicious white juice that Daddy and I had been watching. Waiting for it to drip out and land, wastefully, on the sand. Waste not. Want not. Mummy always said. I stood.

“One each Daddy,” I asked extending my gooey fingers, “or can I have them both?”

I wasn’t really sure if Daddy liked cream pies. None of my dirtier boyfriends had although they loved feeding it to me.

Daddy took hold of my wrist quite firmly and moved his mouth towards my fingers. I opened them apart but he was much too quick for me. Both my fingers were pulled into his mouth and didn’t escape until they were both squeaky clean. Well, that answered tuzla sınırsız escort that question!

“Daddy! Not fair!” I squealed in mock annoyance.

“When you two children have quite finished,” interrupted my Mother in a stern, no nonsense voice, “George, fold up the beach rugs. Sarah, fill these just over half way and put a clip on them.”

A plastic Tommy-Tippee mug appeared between her parted legs. I bent, sorely tempted, tried to resist, failed, quickly kissed Mummy’s bum and flicked my tongue over her gaping pussy and picked up the mug.

Mummy sighed but not a word escaped her lips.

Taking the lid off I found a bunch of plastic bags and clips and being a clever little girl used my old favourite mug to fill the bags to just over halfway with sand. I didn’t think it prudent to point out that just over halfway wasn’t filled.

With the mini-sandbags, beach rugs, clothes, towels, bats and ball, bags and my sandy bikini bottoms safely stowed in the little tent Mother zipped it up decisively.

“There! That lot’s safe and won’t blow away,” she declared.

Mummy led the way with her perfect bum swaying enticingly. I followed, very happy and Daddy, with his slightly longer, fatter and not quite so nonchalant cock brought up the rear. Well, he was behind me. The rest was wishful thinking.

I’m pretty sure I was in a daze during that short walk to the sea. I vaguely remember Mummy pointing out that there was a little shelf, ‘somewhere about here’ but as to the rest …?

I was struggling to get my head around what, exactly, had happened between leaving the chalet in my bikini and sensible summer frock and walking, naked, down to the sea with very naughty thoughts of my Mummy’s bare bum in front of me and my Daddy’s totally exposed cock behind me.

### ### ###

I considered myself to be sexually experienced if not adventurous. My actual preference was for cock but I’m very content to enjoy female company when available. The holidays, my girlfriends and I enjoy are basically sex-fests. A 14 day holiday is not considered a good holiday if we didn’t get 14 different cocks each. We award ourselves points for cocks and double for each over and above 14. New pussy earns 2 points and threesomes, three, obviously. Bonus points are also awarded for undefined new and exciting experiences. I don’t think I’m a total slut, really. I sort of binge sex once a year for 14 days and wonderful nights. Somehow that seems to suffice. I wondered idly how many points I might have accrued so far, on this holiday.

So why did I feel so blown away and excited? The walk to the sea wasn’t nearly long enough to establish anything other than it was already the most wonderful holiday ever. So much loving from my Mummy and Daddy that all I wanted to do was return it by the bucket full.

### ### ###

“Baby Girl?” I heard and returned happily to real life, “you OK?” asked Daddy carefully.

I hoped the great big smile on my face said everything I wanted to say but added;

“Yes, Daddy. Everything is perfect, thank you both so much for letting me cum with you.”

just to be sure.

I was standing in not quite warm enough water up to my waist. I laughed happily.

Mummy and Daddy hugged me very close. I felt very loved and content.

“What’s tickled your funny bone?” asked Daddy quietly.

“We’ve washed off all our sunscreen!” I said delightedly.

“So, was it waste putting it on Baby Girl?” asked my giggly Mummy.

That made me giggle as well, just like a Baby Girl.

“No Mummy. We’ll just have to do it all again later,” I said delightedly.

“How far we going, Daddy?”

“All the way, Baby Girl,” Daddy smirked, “all the way.”

“To that harbour wall, turn around and back.” sniggered Mummy.

“How far’s that?” I queried. It’s much better than ‘are we nearly there yet?’ don’t you think?

“My app says 1 kilometre from the chalet to the harbour wall,” replied Daddy.

“Then we pack up, head back to the chalet, shower, din-dins and bed. We’ve all been on the go at least 36 hours,” declared Mummy, “oh, and you’ve got some unfinished business, Baby Girl.”

That made me chuckle. Unfinished business, sucking Daddy’s cock!

### ### ###

“What do I need to wear to get back to the chalet?”

Mummy, her head inside our little wind-break tent handed out my bikini bottoms. Half a ton of sand fell out.

“You’ll not want to be wearing those, that’s for sure. Take ’em down to the sea and wash them out. They’ll be dry by morning.”

I headed back to the sea, naked and alone. It felt good. I felt liberated. I nodded to and ‘bon jour’ed’ anybody that looked my way. I’d never felt happier. Wading out until I was waist deep again, so I wasn’t washing my bottoms out in water full of sand stirred up by the waves, I gave them a thorough rinse and checked there were no naughty stains caused when watching Mummy and Daddy leaping about hitting the ball.

When I got back to our pitch the whole shebang was neatly packed into the big beach bags. Daddy held a towel and Mummy my little dress. Daddy dried me, from the waist down and didn’t rush. Mummy just smiled at my smiles.

“Daddy, if you keep doing that I’ll never get dry,” I complained with absolutely no conviction whatsoever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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