On The Beach

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The midday sun beats down as I lay on the white sand. The beach stretches out in either direction, the clear blue water before me. The beach is empty as I walk with the surf at my feet, daydreaming. A cluster of palm trees rises from the sand in the distance. I continue until the palm trees cleared into a secluded lagoon. The shallow blue water is surreal, a color impossible to capture with the eye. I walk to the edge of the water, entranced by the transparency of the sea. I shed my shorts and wade into the water, out ’til the warm water reaches my chest and I stare, lost in a daydream. After twenty minutes or so, I hear something behind me. I turn, a little shocked, to see you wading towards me. Your eyes meet mine and you smile.

I begin to feel uncomfortable in my nakedness. I’m sure I must be blushing slightly, wondering who this beautiful woman is. I stare hard at your tan lithe body, your crimson bikini, and your beautiful eyes. I feel myself becoming aroused.

“Are you lost? This is a private beach, you know,” I stammer, lost for words while wondering how I would get my shorts back on. You smile, enjoying my discomfort.

“Well, no sense in only one of us being naked.” You smirk teasingly as my jaw drops and begin to approach me. “Here, help me get this off.” I reach out to stroke your shoulder and your hand covers mine. My fingers trace the outline of your bikini top, moving to the clasp at the back. One small motion and it is released from your back, hanging on your shoulders. I guide the straps off each shoulder and watch as it falls into the water. Your beautiful breasts lay before me, tanned, excited. Your thumbs hook into the waistband of your bikini bottom, tugging playfully. My hands cover yours, pulling your bikini earthbound. I feel my sex stir, and moan softly in appreciation of your stunning naked body.

I pull you toward me, your skin against mine, our bodies electrified by the heat of the sun and our desire. My lips kiss your brow, inhaling the scent of your hair. I softly kiss your nose, your cheeks, then across each ear. My hands caress the small of your back and the nape of bahis siteleri your neck, my erection growing as your skin melts underneath my fingers. The tip of my tongue licks at the corners of your mouth and you moan softly. My mouth covers yours in a long, slow kiss. Our tongues meet, caress, twirl and thrill each other as only a kiss can. Your sweet breath fills my mouth as I feel your nipples poking eagerly against my chest. My tongue rolls over yours, exploring your warm, wet mouth. Your tongue flattens and lies across my lips, my tongue. My lips close around your tongue and softly suck. I feel your heart beating harder as I suck on your tongue, my hands caressing the length of your back. The palms of my hands cup your bottom, tenderly massaging your ass as I kiss you deeply. I begin kissing down your neck, licking and sucking, teasing your ears. Your arms pull me tight to you as I lick down between your breasts. My mouth covers your right nipple, just brushing against it. You sigh as my arms collect you into my chest and carry you to the waters edge.

After laying you down, my mouth moves from your left breast to your right. I feel your nipples grow harder. My lips and tongue move over them, your moan loud now, wild and gutteral. My hands move across your belly, your hips, across your sex. I feel your hand cover my cock, stroking the shaft and caressing my balls. It throbs, growing harder. I move my body over yours and place my cock between your tits. The head of my cock grazes your nipples, precum oozing from the head. The shaft is nestled in your cleavage now, rubbing slowly. My cock grows harder and warmer as I feel your hands on my bottom. My balls rub your skin; my cock pumps slowly between your tits as I moan and buck.

You pull me up until the head of my cock reaches your lips. I feel your tongue lick at it, circling the head while your eyes gaze at me. Your hands caress my ass, pulling the length of my cock into your mouth. Your mouth tightens over the shaft, the salty precum on your lips and tongue. My hips rock, pumping my cock in and out of your mouth. Your left hand cups my balls as your right canlı bahis siteleri strokes me. You feel me growing harder still as I slowly fuck your mouth. You pull me closer, our desire so strong now. “Fill my mouth, come for me,” you murmur. Eyes closed, my cock throbbing I feel my body swoon. I’m filled with warmth as my body shakes. The hot, milky come spurts into your mouth as I cry out. You continue sucking, licking me clean.

I roll off your body and melt into the sand. I feel you move over me, straddling my face. I reach up to caress your ass, your thighs. I can smell you now, your pussy touching my lips. I extend my tongue and part your swollen, wet lips. Your hands stroke my hair, pulling me closer to you. The tip of my tongue glides between your sweet lips, from the hood, across your clit, down through your lips, and to the hole. Your taste fills my mouth as I lick back and forth; my fingers pull your lips apart, exposing your little pink bulb. I flatten my tongue and caress your clit, teasing it; I feel you grind in response.

Your hips rock as my mouth and tongue lick and suck your clit. I pull it into my mouth and roll my tongue over it, caressing your ass. My right forefinger teases you, circling the hole playfully. You moan loudly as my finger slips into your pussy. My tongue moves across the length of your sex, sucking your lips, teasing your clit. My finger pumps, slowly at first, then more powerfully and deeper. Your juice fills my mouth; your pussy is on fire; it’s so wet. I feel your muscles clench around my finger. I slip another in and begin thrusting, filling you, making you rock madly. You begin grinding furiously, pushing your beautiful pussy onto my lips and tongue. The tip of my tongue glides faster and faster across your clit, just barely touching you. As my fingers fuck you deeply I hear you moan, so loud now, your clit in my mouth, fucking my face. I hear you groaning and feel you come as sweet, warm liquid fills my mouth. My tongue urges you on, begging for more of your sweetness as you ride my face. Your body quivers, caught on a wave. Spent, you fall over me, kissing canlı bahis my mouth.

My cock has grown again, painfully so; it’s harder than before. I kneel next to you and stroke it, cupping my balls. Your eyes watch me, and a devilish smile conveys your longing, your desire. I caress the head, run my fingers down it, and grasp it firmly. I watch as you get up, staring at me. A of complete and utter lust covers your face. As I stroke, you get up on all fours and gaze at me over your shoulder. Your hips grind slowly, your right hand pinching your nipples. Kneeling behind you, my palms stroke your ass. I take my cock and place it against your pussy, kissing your back softly. You can feel me throbbing on your pussy lips, my hips moving softly. My mouth covers your back in wet kisses as I rub my pulsing cock against you. I feel your fingers on the head of my cock, pressing it against your clit.

I grind slowly, pushing the shaft over your sex. We shudder together, our bodies consumed with desire. My hands grasp your hips as I feel you guide the head inside, into your core . You’re so warm, so wet, I feel light-headed from the beauty of your body. Our hips move together, my shaft filling you. With long, powerful strokes I ease my cock in and out. I’m pumping harder, pushing it deeper, making you moan louder. My thrusting becomes faster, harder; I’m bucking fiercely now. Your pussy tightens around my shaft, so tight and wet. I reach around to stroke your clit, your lips. Frantically, we rock back and forth.

I’m fucking you harder now, burying my member in you. Your clit grows harder, your cries become crazes, unintelligible. Faster and deeper, my cock pumps in you, filling the space between us. I thrust until I can barely stand up; we rock together feverishly. I feel you begin to shake, and my cock gets harder still. We are moaning, lost in a moment of perfect physical clarity , and I feel my spine flooding with that familiar warmth. I pump faster, stroking your clit, dizzy from our lust. I feel you flood my shaft, so much juice, and so hot. You’re screaming now, coming over and over.

Time stands still as I pump faster than I ever have, grinding into you, pushing my cock deeper. I feel it now, the sweet come flowing from me and filling you. I continue to buck; moaning, crying, lost in the beautiful world we’ve created together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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