On the Blink

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TV On The Blink

It was the middle of summer and the evening air hung moist and dense. Lila had been outside all day, tending to her flowers and gingerly yanking weeds with her roughened bare fingers. As the shadows grew longer, she realized that her fatigue outweighed her desire for the perfect flowerbed. She slowly rose to a stand, cringing from the pain in her back – a telling sign that she had labored on her knees too long.

She put away the tools and sighed at the stairs she needed to climb to get into her house. They appeared taller now, due to her lack of energy, but she managed to scale each one carefully. The crisp conditioned air of Lila’s kitchen hit her like a cool mountain breeze, and she slumped into the first chair she found. She decided that she’d better not sit for long, for fear of never being able to stand again.

As Lila ambled down the hallway towards her bedroom, she methodically peeled away her sweat-laden clothes. She couldn’t wait to take a shower, but the walk to the bathroom seemed endless. She was already rehearsing how the hot, pulsating water would feel on her back before she had finished undressing. She stepped into the tub and the moment the water hit her, her green eyes widened and she fell into a trance. She’d showered perhaps 10,000 times in her life, but none had felt as tremendous as this. She just stood still, almost not breathing, allowing the force of the water to penetrate deep within her muscles. Had she been able to lie down and sleep, she would have.

Twenty minutes later, the water stopped and Lila exited the tub. She dried caressingly with a soft pink towel. Her hair was freshly washed and smelled of coconut. She wrapped the towel around her and walked back into her bedroom, falling gracefully on her bed. Grabbing the remote control, she aimed it at the blank screen of her television set and stabbed the “on” button. Nothing happened. She held the remote control closer to the screen and re-punched the button. Again, the screen stayed black. She pulled herself to her feet and walked over to the set. She pressed the power button on the front and waited. No picture appeared.

“Crap…”, Lila muttered under her breath. She flung the remote onto the floor and flopped back onto her pillow. She closed her eyes in the realization that she’d have to shell out at least $100 to have a repairman come to fix the set.

“Crap, crap, crap…”

Energized by this new stress, Lila stomped towards the kitchen to retrieve the phone book. She flipped through the yellow pages, cursing repeatedly, until she settled upon the page entitled “Television repair services”. She ran her index finger down the length of the page and settled upon a name and number. The name belonged to a company she’d seen before on tv (when it had worked) and the ads always showed a tall and very handsome man performing a repair at a residence. Lila knew immediately that this had to be an actor used only for the purposes of advertising, and that in the event she ever did call this company, they’d likely send over a balding, beer-bellied little man named Norman or Harold. Still, the company had succeeded in winning her notice, so she dialed the number.

The lady at the other end of the line assured Lila that a repairman was available and would soon be on his way. She added that the service call would cost $75 dollars just to diagnose the problem and that any repairwork would be extra. Lila faked her happy understanding and gave her home address to the lady. When she hung up, her forced smile faded into a frown. She rolled her eyes at the promise of spending the rest of a Saturday with “Norman” and his hairy butt-crack. If he showed at all.

Before she had even put away her dinner plate, the doorbell rang. Stunned, Lila peeked through the cracked door to find pendik escort the handsome stranger standing on her porch. So stunned in fact, that she forgot that she was clad only in her bath towel as she tried to place his familiar face.

“Oh….um…um….hello. Can I…..help you?”

The man briefly stopped smiling, “Well, I hope I can help you. I’m Lance from TV’s R Us. I’m here to see about your TV set. You were expecting me….. weren’t you?”

Blushing, and suddenly finding her voice again, Lila exclaimed, “Oh my, yes. That was really fast. Yes, please do come in. The t.v. set is back in my bedroom. I’ll show you the way.”

Lance was smiling at her again, “Thank you. I actually was headed home. We’re neighbors really, I live down Market a little ways. This is a great house.”

Lance wiped his feet at the door and stepped carefully into the foyer. Lila mentally noted the subtle attention to care that Lance has for her home. She immediately surveys the man from head to toe and is dumbfounded to discover that this is the SAME good-looking man who appears on the TV commercials.

Lila stood, hand on hip, staring at his eyes. “Excuse me… are you REALLY a repairman? I mean, I don’t want to offend you or anything, but you ARE the person on those commercials, right?”

He grinned, obviously used to this, “Yes ma’am, one and the same. I kept telling them that I don’t know how to act, but they insisted on casting me in the advertisements. It was quite embarrassing. Acting isn’t my job. Fixing t.v. sets and other things – that’s what I do best.”

Lila didn’t move. She still couldn’t pull away from his gaze. “Well, that’s really kind of impressive, if you ask me. I mean,….you…. are the reason that I called your company. So, when you think about it, you did a great job in the commercial.”

“Thank you very much. Really. Ummm….your t.v. set?”

“Oh yes! Of course! You know, I forget myself, if I don’t watch it.” Rolling her eyes after she turns away, Lila turns to lead him down the hallway to her bedroom. Lance followed her, but can’t see her grinning from ear to ear. Upon entering the bedroom, Lila points to the poor t.v. set. Lance walks over to the entertainment center and immediately begins to work.

For the first time, Lila was aware that she is wearing only a towel. Mortified she looked around the room to see if she could nonchalantly pick up something to cover herself. Spying nothing obvious, she turned to see if she can slip by Lance to enter the walk-in closet.

Lance has set aside the heavy tool-bag he has been holding. His repair shirt fit tightly over his well-conditioned body. He is quite tall, tanned and fit. His rugged good looks work well with his boyish charm. Lila feels a slight twinge of excitement as she watches him work. He is kneeling now, starting to check wires on the back of the set…..

Suddenly, Lance stands and turns toward her. The charming innocence he displayed at the front door has been taken over by a pair of dark, wanton eyes. Lila sees the sense of urgency in his stare and knows immediately that he wants her. He lunges forward and sweeps her up into his strong, muscled arms. Lila is overcome with a deep warmth as Lance presses his lips onto hers. His tongue pries her lips apart and seeks her mouth in a fiery assault. The pure, unbridled lust which Lance now exudes is so powerful that Lila fears she might faint in his arms. The rooms begins to spin and darken. From the confines of the darkness, Lila hears a voice. It’s a voice that she knows, but it is not her own. She can’t understand the words and she continues to spin faster into the void which is now only Lance kissing her deeper and deeper. Faster and faster the room is spinning, and then without explanation, it stops. kartal escort The fog clears and Lila hears the voice quite clearly now.

“It’s unplugged.”

Lila stared at him, “Oh……oh….um….excuse me?”

Lance grins and darts his eyes to the rise and fall of her chest. Quickly, he looks her in the eye again as if he’s remembered something and replied, “The set. It was unplugged.”

Lila clears her vision to see Lance standing across from her. The t.v. set is on behind him. He is not kissing her. In fact, he’s not even close, but he has a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?”

Collecting herself, Lila stammered, “Yes, ….um…yes, thank you. I’m sorry, I was just “away” there for a moment. Did you say that it was unplugged?”

“Yes ma’am. That would explain why it wasn’t working. Just barely hanging out of the socket.”

Extremely embarrassed now, Lila agreed, “Well, yes, that WOULD explain it. Boy, do I feel like an idiot.”

“Aw, don’t worry about it. Happens all the time. Simplest things are usually the first ones overlooked.”

An uncomfortable pause. Lila’s mind was racing as she found herself staring at his eyes again. “Yes, and I’m the queen of overlooking things. I guess I just paid $75 to have you plug the t.v. set in for me.”

Lance shook his head, “No, ma’am. There’s no charge. I’m glad it was so easy to fix. Gets me out of your hair so I don’t take up your time on such a beautiful Saturday.”

“No, no, no! Don’t say that. I am really enjoying your company. I kind of wish it really had been broken, so you could have stayed longer. Please, would you like something to drink?”

Looking at her for just a moment, Lance’s eyes sparkled a bit more. “Well, I usually don’t accept – due to the rules of the company – but I wouldn’t mind having something. It’s been quite hot out today.”

“No problem. Please, just wait right here and I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Lila bounds down the hallway to the kitchen. She knocks over items on her countertop as she quickly grabs a glass out of the cabinet. She searches her fridge for something sauve, lemonade, beer, wine, anything. Milk, she sighs. She whirls and fills the glass hurridly with ice and tap water. She’d rather be filling it with wine.

Reentering the bedroom, she calls out, “Here you …….go?”

Lance has disappeared. Lila shakes her head in disbelief. Was he just a figment of her very vivid imagination? Just as she turns around to check the rest of the house, she hears a noise from her bathroom. The shower has been turned on. Lila freezes, her eyes widen.

“Oh my god,” she whispers.

Lance was taking a shower! In her house! In her private bathroom! This gorgeous man is NAKED in the next room! Lila’s mind started churning. Had he lost his mind? Should she say something? Is this normal? Did he do this at all the homes he’s visited? Hey, just who the hell does he think he is?! Lila was pacing her bedroom floor, trying to figure out her next step, when suddenly the water stopped and Lance’s voice came floating from behind the opened bathroom door.

“Ma’am, I was wondering. If you wouldn’t mind, would you be so kind as to hand me a towel?”

Pause. “Ummmm…….why, sure.” She hands a towel through the opening of the door, not sure what else to say.

“I hope you don’t mind. I was just realizing that I’ve been driving around in my pickup truck all day in this heat. And with my air-conditioner on the blink, I’ve been sweating quite a lot. I didn’t want to offend you any longer.”

Not sure what to think, Lila replied understandingly, “Why, thank you for thinking about me. No, I don’t mind that you needed…..”

The bathroom door opens and Lance steps out into the bedroom. He maltepe escort has the towel wrapped around his waist. His hair is slightly wet and uncombed. Lila can’t believe that he has become more handsome than before.

Lance stares back into her eyes, “I won’t be but a minute more. I’ll just get dressed and let you get back to the t.v.”

“No, you’re no…” She stopped. Stepping forward and taking a full breath, “No, please don’t go. I……want…you to stay and visit a bit longer.”

Lila gazes into Lance’s eyes. Immediately, she senses his confirmation of the moment. He leans forward and gently kisses her parting lips. He pulls back for just an instant to gauge her reaction. Lila is trembling but does not take her eyes off of him. Lance carefully puts his arms around Lila and pulls her close to his chest. She looks up to follow his eyes, and his mouth is immediately upon hers again. Now there is no further apprehension. Lila and Lance are locked in a passionate embrace, each finally letting go. Her hands slide inside the towel at the small of his back. She steps closer into his body and feels an overwhelming warmth. She also feels his awakening cock, and a warm rush surges between her legs.

Lance opens her own towel and it falls away. Slowly, he searces down her shoulder with one hand while gently cupping her chin in the other, kissing her all the while. The towel falls to the floor and he leans over to nibble Lila’s neck down to her chest. Lila looks toward the ceiling and closes her eyes with a heavy sigh. Lance’s lips move at first cautiously over Lila’s breast and then his tongue begins circling the rising nipple. As he encircles her and gently sucks, the warmth between Lila’s legs begins to feel like a flame. She stifles a small cry and pulls Lance’s lips up to her own hungry mouth. She starts exploring inside his mouth with her own darting tongue and flings his towel apart.

Hands reaching for flesh, she feels his cock growing against her. Working her hand between them, she wraps her fingers around his shaft and feels him shiver in anticipation. Lila’s hand milks the shaft down, pulling the tip of his cock into her soft pubic hair and holding it against her cunt. Deliberately and forcefully, the hand rises and falls, pulling him closer into her glistening pussy lips. The ridge on the back of the glans presses her swelling clit as she pumps him with her fist.

Earnestly, Lance cradles her face in his hands as he showers her with passionate kisses. The force of his kisses had pushed her back just slightly until the edge of the vanity traps her against him. Lila sat back on the cold marble, only aware of an immediate desire to be filled by him. As she opened her legs to snake them around each of his thighs, her pussy opens up to meet her forceful handjob. With one smooth motion, she slips him just inside of her and flings her arms around his neck to return his kisses.

Lance did not thrust right away, choosing to torture her by rolling his hips gently as her cunt juices lapped at the tip of his cock. Back and forth he sways, but the effect was to dance perceptively in and out of her grasp. When Lila couldn’t stand it anymore and her hips began to lurch forward to meet his cock, he placed his hands under her and finally sank deep within her. Nearly cumming, she finally felt him against her, around her, insider her, all at once.

After only a moment, they fell apart only to come crashing back together. His cock thrusting into her and then the grinding of his pubic bone into her clit. She met his cock by rolling her ass back and forth against his strong hands. For a moment, they fucked in perfect rhythm until, with a shutter, she began to cum. Waves of pleasure and spasm soon caused his cock to explode inside her as they grappled to stay entwined.

As they collapsed against each other and waited for their panting to slacken, the t.v. finally broke through their passionate fog with a perky cola jingle. They looked at each other and smiled. Fate had made her Saturday night, she thought, but Lance was sure there was a more palpable explanation.

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