One For The Road Ch. 02

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(A Dylan James Story)

Dylan pulled his big F150 pickup into the empty parking spot in front of the small city park in Ojai. He had just driven up from LA by the back route coming through Moorpark, Fillmore and Santa Paula on his way to join up with the 101 just south of Santa Barbara. It was one of his favorite drives and always relaxed him as he left the hectic pace of LA.

He had stopped for lunch at the pizza place at the bottom of the hill just outside of Ojai, but the all morning fuck-a-thon with Cat had left him little drained and he wanted to stretch his legs. Besides he loved walking up and down Ojai’s covered shopping district. It was so small that you could see it all in about 5 minutes. It was just a different world up here, slower-paced and laid back. As a matter of fact, it was 2PM and there wasn’t a sole on the street except for him.

He stopped to look at the clothes in the window of the small mom we get tourists from LA, but on weekdays – no one at all.”

“Is this your shop?”

“No, but the owner is out of town, so I can make my own hours. Open and close when I want too.”

“That is very convenient.”

“Yeah it’s cool. I get to do things, run errands. Stuff like that. So what are you doing today?”

“Well, I am one of those tourists from LA. But I am on vacation so I don’t have to be anywhere and I can take all the time that I need to enjoy something I like.”

“You up here with your girlfriend?”

“No, just traveling by myself”

“MMM, that must be nice. Excuse me a second,” as she stood and walked to the back of the store.

Dylan was not sure how that had gone. She had asked all the right questions. She knew he was single and free with no timetable, and he knew that she was completely free to do whatever. Yet, somehow, it didn’t go like he had thought. “Oh well, I will hang a couple of more moments,” he thought.

She returned from the back. “I’m sorry. I had to call my mom and let her know that I would be home late. We got a shipment today and I have to inventory it. Oh look at the time – I need to close up now and get started.

Dylan was surprised. He thought it had gone better then that. “I better go then. “

“Oh no. I just need to lock up the front and move a couple of boxes to the back. Please stay, I haven’t had anyone to talk to all day.”

“Sure. I never deny a pretty woman anything.”

“That is good to know.”

The young girl moved from behind the counter and past Dylan toward to the front of the store. She locked the front door and crossed past him again brushing him ever so gently. She moved to a stack of small boxes in the corner. Dylan watched as the girl bent over and picked up a small box. Her short skirt slowly rode up her long tan thighs exposing the bright thong peeking out from between the cheeks of her firm young ass. She seemed to spend one moment too long trying to pick up the box as if making sure he saw her exposed ass. She stood up and turned to Dylan.

“If you want too, you can come back into the store room and keep me company. “

With that she walked past Dylan toward the back of the store and through a doorway. Dylan thought to himself, “Boy was I wrong. This is a slam dunk.” And followed her to the back.

The storeroom was rather deep for such a small store with boxes and items stacked every where. The girl had already put the down the box she was carrying and was now holding a clip board and checking off items. Dylan leaned in the door frame. She looked up and gave him that killer smile.

“This is so nice to have company. No one ever comes to visit. What do you do in LA?”

“I work in films. I’m a stuntman.”

“Wow that is cool. Like porno movies?”

Dylan laughed. “No, like action-adventure stuff. Cars, guns, explosions. That kinda stuff.”

“Do you ever get to meet big movie stars?”

‘Yes, sometimes.”

“That must be exciting. Nothing ever happens around here.”

With that the girl turned to another stack of boxes and kneeled down in front of them to check a label. After writing something on the clip board, she stood up but stayed bent over at the waist causing her skirt to rise up and expose her exceptionally fine ass a second time. Dylan thought to himself, “You don’t have to tell güvenilir bahis me twice.” He moved behind the girl and ran his hand up her thigh to her ass. The girl just giggled and remained bent over. Emboldened by her lack of objection, Dylan ran his hand across her ass and down in between her legs in search of her hot spot. He found it and began to gently press with his fingers against her thong covered pussy.

“My, that’s nice,” she sighed. “But you shouldn’t be touching me like that. You’ll get me all hot and bothered.”

“You liked to be touched, don’t you?” He said as he continued to rub her pussy.

“Yeah, but I don’t like to get worked up and then left.”

“Who said anything about leaving?” With that Dylan hooked his fingers in her thong and pulled them down her tan legs exposing her already moist pussy. She stood up and allowed him to take them off her feet.

“You mean you want to fuck me right here? Right now? That’s wild!”

Dylan picked her up. She was as light as a feather to him, and placed her on top of a stack of boxes leaning around the wall. The stack was about chest high, and as he set her down, he pushed her knees up to her chest exposing her glistening pussy lips. Her vagina was shaved except for a small blond patch right above her clit. He leaned in to smell her light and delicate scent.

“Are you going to eat my pussy right now?” She asked, suddenly looking very young.

“That was my thought.”

“Oh, wow this is going to be good.”

“Do you have a boyfriend who might suddenly show up?”

“He doesn’t get off till 6. We have plenty of time.”

“That should just be about enough time.”

“Oh god, this is hot.”

“Do you have a name before I start licking your pussy?”

“Does it really matter?”

“Not at all” And with that, Dylan kissed her inner thigh very close to her fork. He gently pulled her lips apart and exposed her hooded clit. He placed his tongue at the bottom of her moist slot and began to lick his way slowly up toward to her throbbing clit. He gently ran his tongue along the rim and lips of her love channel and then dipped his tongue into her as far as it would reach. She moaned and tilted her ass forward to give him better access to her steaming cunt.

Dylan continued his slow licking of her outer lips until he reached her erect clit. He began to lick and suck on her clit, causing her to moan in appreciation. While he rolled his tongue around her throbbing bud, she pulled her top and bra up over her tits so she squeeze and pinch her rock hard nipples. When he drew her clit into his mouth and began to softly chew on it and flick it rapidly with his tongue, she grunted and her ass leapt off the box in pleasure. He knew that it would not be the last time.

As he continued to chew and lick her clit, she slid her ass forward giving him even greater access to her cunt. She put both of her legs over his shoulders exposing her entire cunt to his lingual approach. He slowly slid one finger into her juicy channel and began to massage her G spot. She moaned deep in her throat and began to bob her ass up and down. Dylan slipped a second finger up her gushing cunt and she went wild. She screamed as she took her hands off her redden tits and put them on the back of his head and began bucking her ass up and down in time with his thrusting fingers. She jammed her cunt against his face and smeared her juice all over his nose, lips and chin.

Dylan knew that she was about to cum and that it was going to be huge. He continued to thrust his two fingers into her soaping wet hole, and chew and lick her rock hard clit, while her ass bobbed up and down on the stack of boxes. Suddenly, she froze and every muscle in her body tightened up. Then she screamed and began thrusting her cunt at Dylan’s driving tongue.


Dylan could only hang on as her cunt continued to thrust at his face and the nectar poured from her gushing hole. He licked up every last drop of her sweet juice. Finally as she began to calm down, he withdrew his fingers and slowly stood up. His face was covered with her love juice.

She lay on the top of the boxes. Her legs wide open and her tits totally exposed. Her blond hair was wild from güvenilir bahis siteleri all her thrashing around and her eyes were closed. As he wiped her juice from his face with the back of his hand, she opened her eyes and gazed at him.

“Holy fuck man, you know how to eat pussy. That is the wildest ride I have ever had.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

“I seriously doubt that. Can I return the favor?”

“I was hoping that you would.”

“Help me down”

Dylan helped pick her up and set her on the floor. As soon as she was down, she took off her top and bra showing off her very nice tits. They are about 34B. Small but perfect for her frame. She then unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor as she stood in front of Dylan in all her glory. “Damn she is beautiful,” he thought once again. She approached Dylan and started pulling his t-shirt out of the waist band of his jeans.

“You take that shirt off and I will take care of the rest” she demanded as she stepped back to watch Dylan undress. When the shirt came off, she just stared in awe. “God, you are built,” she gasped. She ran her hands over his muscular chest, 6 pack abs and down his bulging biceps. She began to kiss his chest and lick his nipples as she started to undo the button on his jeans. She continued to kiss his chest as she pulled down his zipper. Then she stepped back and yanked his jeans down over his rock hard ass cheeks. All nine inches of his manhood came jutting out and stood pointing directly at her.

“Holy fucking God. You are huge!!!!!”

She fell to her knees and began to attack his dick. She used both hands to begin to pump his length while she licked his great mushroom shaped head. When she had enough saliva on the head, she pulled him into her mouth and began to bob her head and down taking about half his erection in her mouth each time. A whine began to come from deep in her throat. She loved to suck cock and she had never seen one like this. The whole time she was sucking, she continued to pump him and play with his big balls. She was fast, sloppy and damn good. She was getting Dylan a lot closer to an orgasm then he wanted to get to this soon. He could feel the familiar tension beginning in his balls. Almost as if she could read minds, she stopped and looked up at him.

“When you cum, is it a lot?”

“Usually. But I have already cum once today.”

“Quite the little stud, aren’t we?”

“Lucky day.”

She hefted his heavy balls in her hand. “Anything left in here?”

“Lots. Why?”

“Because when you cum, I want you do it on my face and tits. I love that. It really gets me off. Promise?”

“Sure” And with that she began to attack his dick again like it was an all day sucker and she wanted the candy inside as soon as she could get it. She was bobbing up and down his big head while swiftly pumping the lower half of his big dick. Dylan knew she wanted him over the edge soon, but he also knew that if he came now he wouldn’t be able to fuck her the way he wanted. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up toward him. She reluctantly gave up his dick. It plopped out of her mouth dripping with her saliva. She stood up and looked at him. He reached down and stuck two fingers into the folds of her leaking pussy. “Oh yeah, she is still wet,’ he said to himself.

With that Dylan picked her up by the waist and pulled her cunt up even with his raging prick. Holding her like she was a feather; he lodged his big head at the entrance to her wet slot and drove it in.

“Oh shit,” she groaned as all nine inches of hard manhood bottomed out in her liquid cunt in a single thrust. “Oh my fucking god, that is good!” She groaned as he gripped her ass in his hands and began to push and pull her onto his massive prick. With her arms behind his head and her legs locked behind the small of his back, she began the wild ride of her life. Her mouth dropped open, and her eyes rolled back into her head as his assault began. He was using long hard strokes that used the entire length of his tool as he drove in and out of her. He would push her out to the end of his prick leaving only the head inside her, and then drive full length into her until his large mushroom head bounced off her cervix. It did not take long for her to start iddaa siteleri to shake and tremble like before and he knew that she was close to another orgasm. She started to bob her ass in time with his thrusts and the sound of their slapping flesh filled the large storeroom.


She screamed as her orgasm hit. Her cunt clamped down on his pounding prick and started to dance up and down its length with her contractions. He continued to power thru her contractions, laying the pipe into her at a furious rate. Her screams became loud grunts as he relentlessly drilled into her gushing center. His massive prick buried itself with each thrust into her boiling cunt.

“Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh…Uh…” her grunts played counterpoint to the sounds of their heated union as they echoed off the walls of the storeroom. Dylan was drenched in sweat and the strain of supporting the girl’s entire weight was beginning to tire him. When she had pulled down his jeans, she had left them at knee level and that made it kind of hard to move, but he managed to shuffle over close enough to the stack of boxes so that he could lay her back on them for extra support.

With his hands free now, he dropped them down to the globes of her perfect ass and really began to hammer her cunt. In and out. In and out. In and out. Each time using the full length of his dick, he was banging into her cervix with every thrust. Her fantastic pussy was continuing to ripple and convulse on his invading manhood. Her molten inner walls milked at his great length trying to get at his sperm. Dylan didn’t know if she had finished her first orgasm and this was a new one or a continuation of the first, but he could tell that she was about to explode once more.

She was panting and her eyes were closed. She grabbed her breasts in each hand and pinched her nipples as hard as she could. Her ass was bucking and thrusting back at him trying to meet his power thrusts. And he continued to hammer her pussy for all he was worth. He just wanted to her to go over the edge once more. Then suddenly, she stopped moving. Her head fell back and her pussy clamped down on his prick like a vice. Somewhere from deep inside came a scream so primal that you thought she was dying.


He did just that as he buried himself to the hilt in her sloppy cunt with each thrust. As her orgasm exploded deep inside her, she became like a rag doll in his hands. As he continued to drill his meat deep into her, he felt the familiar sensation behind his balls. The one that made all this worth while. He was going to cum.

He stopped thrusting into her. She was limp from end to end orgasms. He gently pulled her off his hard prick and placed her on the floor. She looked up at him glassy-eyed, dazed and confused.

“I am just keeping my promise” Dylan began to pump his throbbing erection in the direction of her face. Suddenly, she recovered from her stupor and got up on her knees in front of him ready for her prize. He gave himself about 10 strokes and then the volley started. The first giant shot of semen erupted from his mushroom head and hit her right in the eye. Five more massive shots followed covering her face in semen. She grabbed his dick and stuck it in her mouth as she nursed on it like a new born baby. She sucked out every last drop of semen from his dick that there was left to get, and he didn’t stop her. Finally, when there was nothing left inside, she let go of it and sat back on her haunches. Large globs of semen dripped down her chin and onto her tits.

“Oh my god! I have never cum like that before. You are incredible.”

“Well, it takes two to dance, right?” Dylan said as he pulled up his jeans and tucked his prick back into them.

“I have never been covered with so much cum. This is great. Wow, I will never get this all cleaned up,” she exclaimed as she rubbed the semen into her tits and nipples. Dylan picked up his t-shirt and put it on.

“Aren’t you going to stay longer? I can get free tonight. I promise it will be worth the wait.”

“I know it would baby. But I am on vacation and I need to hit the road. Thanks!” Dylan smiled down at her, turned and walked out of the storeroom and through the shop. He quietly let himself out the front door. “Great day,” he thought, “that’s two for the road.”

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