One Night in Monte Carlo

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Laurel could not believe she was here. She stood on the balcony of the penthouse suit at the Hotel Metropol in Monte Carlo, Monaco, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on a cloudless night. The warm ocean breeze was making her golden hair undulate slowly. Staring at the stars as the ocean crashed on the white sand below, she reflected on her luck at being able to stand in this place at this time.

She was an investigator in the prosecutor’s office working for Ike, the up and coming star at the office. Through her investigations Ike managed to win a case that some called the “Mother of all Murder cases” Then there was the invitation to speak at the INTERPOL conference, the international police agency, in Monte Carlo. Ike had insisted that Laurel accompany him, as it was her leg work that had gotten the evidence that he had used so effectively to gain a guilty verdict. The gala banquet in their honor was as luxurious and splendid as Laurel had always dreamed them to be.

Curling her fingers through the gold neckless she wore, Laurel closed her eyes and breathed the ocean breeze. She sensed him standing behind her. Turning slowly, she saw Ike staring at her. Ike, a former police officer, now outstanding prosecutor, was wearing a dark blue Savile Row suit with fire engine red power tie. His light brown hair was cut almost military style. He had just a hint of grey at the temples. Laurel noticed, for the first time she thought, his ice blue eyes. She felt a little quiver deep in her stomach. Maybe it was the champagne she had drunk or the atmosphere of Monte Carlo at night, but she felt a stirring in her that she had not felt in a while. She licked delicately at her cherry red lips.

“That was a good evening, wasn’t it?” He said.

” It was absolutely splendid, thank you so much, Ike, for inviting me.”

“It was the least I could do.” Laurel noticed his jaws clench. Ike closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Laurel, I think splendid better describes you right now. What is that scent you are wearing?”

“Its called ‘Pink’, I picked it up shopping today.”

“Isn’t that the expensive, new stuff…..what did that cost you, 200…250 a bottle?”

“Actually, I got it on sale for $220….I may be an investigator but I am still a woman.”

Almost in a whisper, Ike said, “Yes…you are”

Laurel again felt weak in the knees and quickly turned around to face the ocean again. Unable to stop her self, she swept her hair to her left shoulder and tilted her chin down toward her breast. Oh my God, I can’t believe I am doing this she thought.

Ike had moved up directly behind her….she had not heard him move. Ike had this way of moving that had grown from years on the police force. Moving silently, undetected and without a lot of unnecessary motion. Laurel knew he was behind her when she felt his goatee lightly brush her neck. He then softly began kissing her neck. She let out a soft sigh and thought to herself, “I’m going to make love to him tonight.”

Laurel melted into him. His left hand grabbed her lightly around the throat, while he delicately traced his tongue up to her right ear. Laurel turned to face him; she placed her lips on his and began to hungrily kiss his mouth. Laurel felt his tongue press against hers….she moaned as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her throat.

Ike broke the kiss and began leaving butterfly kisses along her throat. Ike felt her tremble slightly and he moved his right hand to her left breast. The nipple came to attention immediately and Ike ran his finger tips over it. Suddenly Ike stopped his ministrations and stepped away. Laurel opened her eyes and instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts. She had a look of concern in her eyes.

“You know, this might become…. complicated” Ike said

“Yes, I know. But I want this…..Do you want this?” She asked

“Laurel, I have wanted to make love to you since the first time I saw you. You have been driving me crazy for six months now, but, I just want to make sure you are good with this happening.”

She turned her head to the right, as though contemplating some happy memory. bakırköy escort A thin smile appeared on her lips. “Its funny…I have wanted you for so long….I just did not think you were approachable. Now we are here, in this beautiful place, and we are concerned about something?” Laurel stepped away from the balcony and began to slide the strap of her black party dress from her left shoulder.

“Fuck all those people in the office.” Laurel said

Ike threw off his suit coat and removed his tie, both landing in a pile inside the sliding glass door. Ike then stepped up to Laurel, and slid the other strap from her right shoulder. The dress slid to her ankles. Ike saw now that Laurel was wearing black silk stockings with a garter belt. A wry smile crossed his face. Laurel stepped from the fifteen hundred dollar dress now piled on the balcony, and then stepped from her black high heel pumps. Ike removed his shirt, exposing his chest, his pectorals prominent but not huge. He dropped his trousers and walked to Laurel.

He knelt and unsnapped the garter belt on her left leg. As he rolled the stocking down he kissed her thighs, and dragged his tongue down her leg. Laurel had given in to the physical things happening to her body. Her pussy began to seep fluid ever so slightly. As Ike began kissing her ankle then the top of her foot, Laurel grasped the railing and leaned back and stared at the moon. The sounds of the street drifted up to the balcony. This has GOT to be a dream, she thought.

Ike, by this time was working on her right stocking now. Laurel was getting very wet. After pausing to kiss the tops of her toes, Ike began working his way back up her leg. When he reached her crotch, he looked up and said, “Take your bra off, let me see your tits.”

Laurel loosened her grip on the balcony railing and removed her bra. Ike could not let that go and he eased his body up. He grabbed Laurel’s head began kissing deeply. Laurel ran her hands across his chest and pinched his nipples….it must have been too hard because she thought she heard him moan.

Ike’s tongue traced along her lips, then ran across her tongue. He bit her lower lip very softly. When he released it, Laurel whispered “I want you.”

Ike’s reply was to run his hands over her breasts, playing with her nipples. Ike then began working his way back down her body. He dragged his tongue over her nipples. He sucked each one in, which was easy to do as they were hard and protruding nicely from her breast. Next he made his way down to her bellybutton. He nibbled at her taut, trim stomach.

Finally, Ike slid her panties down. Her pubic hair was trimmed neatly into a thin line, about two and half inches long. Ike began kissing and licking around the vulva. He applied long kisses to both sides. He licked her pussy, from almost her anus up to her clit, making his tongue as wide as he could, then back to kissing the sides.

Laurel had never felt anything like this. She realized this teasing was driving her mad. Ike now began licking around the clit but not on it. Every time he got close to the clit, she would raise up on her toes, only to have his tongue graze her clit.

Finally, Laurel had had enough, an eternity had passed and he was still teasing. Laurel said in a firm but low voice, “If you don’t make me cum with that tongue, right now I will scream.”

Ike picked up her left leg and threw it over his right shoulder, to allow easy access to her now sopping pussy. Ike began licking deep inside of her, along the sides then deep into her, then up to sucking her clit. Laurel felt her first orgasm of the night coming on like a stampeding bull. She grabbed Ike’s head with one hand while clutching the railing with the other, and began grinding on his face.

Laurel began panting heavily, gasping for air. Her eyes were closed tightly, her head tilted toward the sky when Ike whispered, “Relax, and cum in my mouth…” his tongue went back to work and her orgasm radiated throughout her body. Laurel’s right leg turned to jelly, and if she had not had a grip on the rail she surely would have fallen.

Looking beşiktaş escort up from his position in her crotch, Ike saw the most wonderful thing a man can see. A beautiful woman in full orgasm, biting her bottom lip, a soft moan escaping from her, eyes squeezed shut, legs trembling. Ike smiled inwardly. Laurel was exquisite in her orgasm. He wanted to give her many more and he had all night to do it.

As Laurel came down from the most forceful orgasm of her life, she looked around and noticed a couple in another suite watching them. They were clearly senior citizens and they stood transfixed at what she and Ike were doing. She wondered how long they had been standing there. Ike was planting little kisses and nibbling gently as he worked his way back up her body.

She hugged him tightly and offered the left side of her neck to him. Ike began sucking on her neck and Laurel whispered into his ear, “We are being watched.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” He said between kisses.

“Let’s go inside.” She could feel his huge erection. It seemed to throb in his boxer briefs.

Ike inhaled deeply and scooped her up in his arms as he kissed her mouth, sucking her tongue into his mouth. He took her into the salon of the suit and gently laid her on the thick, plush, white carpet. He stood up and went toward the stereo system. His erection was now very prominent and protruding out. He pressed a few buttons and the salon was filled with the strains of Daphnis et Chloe Bolero by Revel. He then walked over to her and pulled his briefs off, exposing the now turgid cock.

Laurel inched forward and took it in her mouth. The satiny head spasmed in her mouth and she began a long, slow sucking. Ike could not help it, he inhaled through his mouth, closing his eyes and enjoying the moist, heat of her mouth. Laurel then ran her lips along the length of the under side of his cock, all the way down to his balls. She ran her tongue back up to the tip, as she danced her middle finger across his anus. Ike spread his legs farther apart to maintain his balance.

Laurel began to pick up speed, her right hand formed into a tight circle using her index finger and thumb around the base of his cock. Laurel was sure she felt it throbbing on her tongue. Ike was gently stroking her head with the fingers of his right hand, running them through her hair above her ears. She gripped his tight butt cheek as Ike neared a climax.

“Oh shit…..stop….stop…” Ike whispered.

Laurel looked up at him smiling playfully, after one last, long and intense suck.

On the stereo, Bolero was picking up speed. Ike squatted down and turned Laurel around so that she was now on her stomach, the plush carpet feeling velvety soft and downy on her nipples and stomach. Ike spread her legs open, bending her left leg slightly for better access, and then with thumbs on either side of her anus, spread her ass open.

Ike started kissing the outer lips of her pussy, sucking them into his mouth. He licked her clit quickly then went back to the outer and the inner lips. Then with a long, slow lick he moved from her clit up to her perineum. Widening his tongue he licked her whole vulva. Laurel squirmed underneath his tongue, unconsciously trying to spread her legs further apart. The rhythmic march of Bolero, continued its steady build up.

Her second orgasm came quickly. Ike removed his right hand from her ass and used it to spread her now dripping pussy open and licked deep inside her. Her third orgasm followed Ike licking the inside walls of her pussy. Still holding her open with his right hand, he now took his left hand and began trailing his fingertips from her ankle, along the outside of her calf, and on to the thigh of Laurel’s left leg. Back and forth, he gently rubbed her leg then up to her lower back. When her forth orgasm came, Ike felt the muscles of her pussy convulse, then grip his tongue as he continued licking as deep as he could.

Bolero’s march blared on. Laurel had the feeling of hyper-sensitivity. All her senses were on fire. She saw the wonderful blue of his eyes, set against the tan of his face as beylikdüzü escort he looked up at her. She smelled the delicious scent of hard, passionate sex mixed with the smell of the sea, from down below. She felt the warmth of his hands and fingertips as he rubbed gently, from the soles of her feet, to the tops of her thighs. She still had the musky taste of his cock in her mouth. And Bolero, the march was to Laurel, the soundtrack of this affair.

Laurel finally got control of her self and pulled away from Ike. She faced him, both of them on their knees. Ike reached out stroked her face and chin. He had just a hint of a smile on his lips. Laurel had worked with this man for six months and had learned something about him. She was certain he knew exactly what he was doing. He had built her up to the point where she could not resist him, even if she had wanted to. Laurel came in close, and grabbed his head to plant a kiss on his mouth.

“You have got to fuck me…..NOW.”

Ike laid her down on the white carpet then stared at her. The contrast between her naked, tan body….open and ready for sex, and the plush white carpet was a sight to behold. Ike scooted forward between her legs, positioning the head of his cock just at her pussy. He took both of her wrists and moved her hands above her head. Now he stared into her eyes. He thought he saw his whole world in them. He kissed her lips slowly. He moved her lower lip with his own, their mouths open with desire. She held his eye contact, unable to break away from his loving stare. His eyes held her in an embrace she could not break.

Ike’s tongue flicked across Laurels lips, as his hands went into hers, fingers intertwining, his cock sliding in easily. She gasped and her eyes slid closed. He began a methodical sawing back and forth and Laurel was certain it was in time to Bolero. Ike removed his right hand from hers and began stroking her left side, his fingertips tracing along her armpit, down her ribs, to her hip.

Laurel sensed Ike was picking up the pace now. He was fucking her harder. She felt her own orgasm beginning to bubble to the surface. Ike’s breathing became shallow and his stroking was taking on a sense of urgency. Laurel felt like he was nearing his orgasm. The idea of cumming together made her hotter still, and almost sent her over the edge. She grabbed his face, and he opened his eyes to look at her.

“I want us to cum together.” She said softly.

Ike did not answer verbally. She looked into his eyes and knew the answer. The usually intense or playful look his eyes held had been replaced with an almost innocent look….maybe it was love. She couldn’t tell.

Ike reared back and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs open. As the march played on the stereo, Ike’s thrusts became more intense. Laurel felt his cock swell inside her.

“YES!” she cried out

Ike’s breathing picked up pace also, inhaling through his nose, his teeth clenched

“YES…Ike I’m gonna cum!”

Ike threw his head back and grunted.

Bolero had reached its thundering climax.


Just as the orgasm hit her, Ike growled, “FUCK!”

Her orgasm made her toes curl and her pussy clench down. Ike felt the cum boil up and jet out….once….Laurel was twisting underneath him…twice….Ike became dizzy from the force of his orgasm….a third spurt and Ike had to fold over on top of his lover….by the fourth spurt the intensity had decreased…his fifth ejaculation ended it.

Ike lay over Laurel, still inside of her, and kissed her gently on the lips. He broke the kiss, looked at her and smiled. He bent down again and brushed away a thin sheet of glistening sweat from Laurels forehead. As his erection eased, he withdrew from her and indicated he wanted her to roll over. When she did, Laurel closed her eyes and Ike gently rubbed his fingertips on her back. Laurel sank into the pleasure of a man helping her relax after several earth shattering orgasms. Laurel began to purr like a cat.

Finally she said, “You know, if you keep this up, we may never get any sleep.”

Ike snickered and said, “Laurel that was awesome. We may never get back to Monte Carlo again. I don’t know about you, but I can sleep when I’m dead.”

She closed her eyes, her head resting on her arms and let him rub her shoulders and back smiling to herself. Then she muttered, “This has got to be a dream…”

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