One Night Stand

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I watched him as he walked into the room. His sexy swagger captured my attention, and every other woman’s who was present. His piercing blue eyes felt as if they were looking right into my soul. I was mesmerized, and felt a shiver go up my spine, as his gaze held mine. I am no raving beauty, nor do I have the figure to match, so I was amazed that he was looking at only me.

He spoke to a few people as he crossed the room, making his way to me as quickly as he could. I held my breath as I heard him speak,

“Hello, lovely lady, would you spend the evening with me?”

I looked around to see if it were someone else he was talking to, but there was no one else. All I could do was nod yes as he led me by the hand to the dance floor, where we danced the night away in each others arms.

When I finally found my voice, I asked him, “Out of all the beautiful women in this room, why did you pick me?”

“The eyes are the windows bahis siteleri to the soul, and your soul is a beautiful one. My dear mother always told me beauty is only skin deep. It is a lesson I never forgot. On the same token, you are a very attractive, sexy woman.”

I don’t think I am, but if he did, that is just fine with me!

When the party was over, he whispered, “I want to make sweet love to you.”

I felt myself collapse against him, but he was holding me so tightly I didn’t fall. My legs felt like rubber. He was tall and stocky with long salt-and-pepper hair. His goatee was dark with strands of silver. Leading me to his room, he kicked the door shut with one foot. Shoving me against the wall, pinning my arms above me with his hands, he lightly brushed his lips against mine. I could not believe I was here with this god who wanted to make love to me. I could barely breathe. Grabbing a fistful of my hair, he pulled canlı bahis siteleri my head back gently, kissing me with a feathery soft kiss. I thought I was going to totally stop breathing.

He led me by the hand to the bed. I asked him to turn the lights off and I crawled under the covers to get undressed. He pulled me out from under the covers and stood me back up against him. I could feel his hardness pulsating against me. Unbuttoning my blouse, then unhooking my front-clasp bra, he slid my blouse and bra off, cupping my tits in his hands. Bending down to take my nipples in the same gentle way he took my mouth, he then slid one hand down my abdomen until he was inside my jeans. He softly stroked my skin getting closer and closer to my snatch. Short breaths were escaping me, and when he found the wet spot between my thighs, I gasped. Massaging my clit with an expert touch, I could barely stand, all I could do was moan.

I canlı bahis sat down on the side of the bed unzipping his pants teasing his hardened cock with my tongue. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth, teasing the head, sucking him hard.

“Mmm, baby! That feels so good! I must have you, and have you now!”

He had me so hot and juicy he slid right in. Feeling him moving inside me was nothing short of sheer ecstasy. Starting off slow and easy allowed me a moment to catch my breath.

“Turn over with your ass up in the air.”

He had no trouble finding my pussy again. Oh god, he felt so good inside me!

He grabbed my hips, and thrust inside me harder and faster.

After about five minutes of good hard fucking, I felt my body starting to shake.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I’m cumming! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

He exploded with me filling me with a heavy load of his creamy cum. He kissed me deeply, our energy all spent, we fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

When I woke up, he was gone, but mmm, what memories I was left with, a very satisfying evening with a Greek god. Who could ask for anything more?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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