One Summer Day Ch. 02

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Cross Talk

Author’s note: This is the second chapter on Caily and Tau. Do read the first one ‘One summer day’ for more context. I hope you enjoy this one. Drop your comments and vote to let me know how you like it so far.

The little girl I had known all my life, stood before me, smiling, her red wings simmering in the bright light. I watched unable to do anything, as she flitted away from me like a butterfly. Heels dug into misty ground, trying to reach her but it was hopeless pursuit. Her face clouded, disappearing into the unknown. The ground below me began to rumble and crack. Deep gorges opened to swallow me whole.

The ground reverberated as I awoke, but there were no murkiness or the little girl. Just an over compassing darkness and the sound of a train passing close by. I had fallen asleep and judging by how dark it was, for far too long. The old train yard by the lake was beautiful by day but at night, it became desolate and eerie.

I shook myself fully awake. I was dreaming but not sure what about. It made so much sense a minute before. The only thing of sense was Caily as a little girl. She either was a butterfly or dressed like one. Thoughts returned to earlier happenings that day, the same thoughts I had before I dozed off. What we did was probably so wrong, that it felt so right but I had to fix it somehow. I didn’t want to lose my best friend over a mistake. It wasn’t her angry face that I couldn’t handle but her pained one that hurt.

Speaking of angry faces, my mother’s loomed as I peddled back home and just as I envisioned, she waited on the steps of the porch like a sentry waiting for any threats. Of course, the only threat was to me. Up close, she didn’t look all that angry but that didn’t mean she wasn’t.

“What happened?” She asked in quiet indifference.

“Slept by the tracks.” I answered. Her disapproving look said more than any words.

“Where’s your phone?”

“I don’t have it on me.” I shrugged.

“The one time that contraption is of any use and you don’t have it on you.” I nodded and waited but all she said was; “Get cleaned up. I have supper ready.”

I washed and sat down while my mother set my plate.

Something was wrong with that picture. Her job was to put food on the table, never tend to it. Not that she didn’t want to but her busy schedule never allowed it. Like the calm before the storm, I watched silently as she slapped a spoonful of mashed potatoes on to my plate.

“Mom, aren’t you late for work?” I ventured.

“I still have time. You finish up.” No, she never had time. Her feet were out the door by six the latest. It was seven.

“Tau, are you alright?” She asked once I finished.

“I am fine.” She took the plates from my hands. Washing plates, another chore she never did. “Mom, now you’re freaking me out?” She turned the water down and faced me.

“Caily’s been calling all afternoon. She sounded worried… more than worried and when that girl is, so am I… Should I be worried Tau?”

“Really? You think she sounded worried?” My mother had that look in her eye when she suspected something.

“Did you guys have a fight?” She guessed.

“No! Why do you think that?”

“I am your mother Tau. I know when things are off.” Her sharp intuition was irritatingly accurate.

“Maybe… I don’t know what we did.”

“Talk to her. Sort it out. You never handle fights with her very well.”

That wasn’t completely true. Sure, there were times when things seemed to have gone overboard. Like in the 6th grade, when we lived in a different town and phones were the only way we kept in touch. We fought for some petty reason and I locked myself in the bathroom demanding Caily apologize. This was impossible, as she wasn’t home that weekend. My mother had to find the locksmith to get me out. Or maybe it was way before that in 3rd grade when she stuck bubble-gum to my hair for ignoring her and we had a hair wrenching fight. My mother had a point; we didn’t handle fights very well.

On cue, the phone rang.

“Go on. That must be her again.” My mother returned to washing.

“Hello… “

“Tau! You jerk, where have you been?” She howled over the receiver. I got out through the back door before answering, away from my mother’s earshot. She’s a ninja when it came to hearing other people’s phone conversations.

“Look Caily, before you say anything, I want to tell you that I never wanted to force myself on you like that. It was wrong and I hope you can forgive and forget whatever happened today.” I spat out my ten-time revised apology. Still it sounded horrible and robotic. There was a long silence, when I imagined her considering.

“You want to forget everything that happened?” She confirmed.

“Yes! I want things to go back to the way they were before this mess.”

“Sure Tau, if that’s what you want.” She agreed. I exhaled finally. “Just tell me this; what were you doing in my bath after that thing that didn’t happen?” There was an odd tone when she mentioned that.

“Nothing. Kadıköy Escort Just… cleaning up the mess we made.” I blurted out.

“Well, you didn’t do a great job; you missed a spot.” She told me.

“Really? I thought I got everything.” I answered, trying to remember all the spots I shot my load.

“You should have let me give you a hand. I would have been so much better at it.” She said mischievously, leaving me to wonder if it was the cleaning she really talked about. Before I could ask her, my mother came out.

“Tau, I am going to work. Dinner’s in the fridge.” I nodded while squeezing the handset. “And one more thing, they fixed your Internet.”

“Okay…” I answered. She eyed me suspiciously one last time before leaving.

“Caily…?” She hung up. I called back only to receive a busy tone. A few more times and I was about to break the handset. Even on her mobile, only her sarcastically bubbly voice mail answered. I gave up eventually and returned to my room.

For some reason, I felt exhausted but not enough to put me to sleep. I stripped down to my trunks and laid flat on my bed.

I knew what I told Caily but my mind kept reeling back to that afternoon. All those incredible sensations that took hold of me: her scent, her taste, her hair and every image that seared itself in to my memory for all of time. It was all fresh in my head but incomplete without her presence. My hands were already stroking my dick. It was as if something powerful manipulated my hands as I jerked out of control and into oblivion. It was mind blowing and yet I had more in me. I stopped myself before my memories got the better of me.

The rest of the night, I spent with my sketchbook, putting my memories to paper. The way she wiggled out of her shorts, standing on her toes as I touched her for the first time, her spread legs, her writhing and moaning under my tongue’s assault and the final one when she came. Hours had gone by and I didn’t even notice. They were some of the best sketches I did and yet they paled in comparison to her.

I yawned audibly.

It was probably time to get dinner, when the phone rang. I picked up immediately.


“No man, it’s me.” I almost groaned into the receiver on hearing his voice.

“Eddy, what do you want?” I asked half-irritated.

“Dude, what’s with the doom and gloom? You’re back online and we need you scoping for us bro.” Eddy was over enthusiastic, a day before I would have been too.

“How did you even know about my Internet?” I asked.

“Who do you think you’re talking to man? I know everything.”

“My mother called you, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she was asking for your password and I know we promised to never reveal it until we were mortally injured or something but I couldn’t help it. We need you man, those Russians are killing us.” My head throbbed with Eddy’s every syllable. Eddy was more fun than most but once hold of anything, he could even drive peaceful monks to violence.

“Not really in the mood tonight Eddy.”

“Not in the mood? Not in the mood! Duty calls my friend and you don’t say no to your brothers. Besides, you want those commy bastards taking over the scoreboard?”

“First of all, they are probably from Cleveland or somewhere and secondly screw the scoreboard.”

“Hey, never mock the sacred board. What’s wrong with you? Did those commies turn you?”

“Okay, I am hanging up now.” I heard Eddy protesting all the way down. I was almost out the door when the phone rang again.

“You’re really getting on my nerves.” I started.

“Okay, if you don’t want to talk…” It was Caily at the other end.

“Caily! I thought you were someone else.” My frustration all but disappeared after hearing her voice.

“Many girls call you at this hour?” She asked.

“I thought you were a guy… my friend eddy.” I cursed eddy once again under my breath.

“I think we clearly established that I was a girl.” She said.

“Yeah, we surely did.” I answered dreamily.

“So, what did eddy want?” She asked after a giggle.

“Nothing important. He wanted to game online.” I told her.

“And you turned him down? What happened to living in the game?” She knew next to masturbating, my favourite activity on the Web was online gaming. I told her many times, how I would rather live a virtual life than the boring normal one I had.

“I realized games as exciting and awesome as they may be doesn’t match up to real life. Besides games eventually end.”

“Tau, growing up!” She said, a mock on my Peter Pan obsession. “So, what were you doing before this new found revelation of yours?” Telling her, I was sketching her half-naked poses was probably not a good idea so I turned the question on her.

“Never mind what I was doing? Why was your phone off the hook?”

“The parents are back and family dinner means we all sit around the table and listen to them brag about their perfect daughter without any distractions.” She groaned. It wasn’t about her she Ataşehir Escort talked about but her sister, who was their parent’s pride and joy, at least according to Caily.

“Was it that bad?” I asked.

“Nothing I am not used to.” Although she said that, she sounded miserable.

“Hey, one of these days they will be bragging about you.”

“Highly unlikely.”

“Well, my mother can’t stop: ‘Caily’s so sweet.’ ‘Caily wouldn’t do that.’ ‘Why can’t you be more like Caily?'” It wasn’t a lie; my mother brings Caily up every time she needed me to do anything right.

“Your mother has no idea what a brat I can be.” Her tone peeked back to normal.

“No, she doesn’t.” I agreed.

“And you do?” She countered. Caily can be a little needy at times but she’s not someone I would call a brat.

“I think I have a pretty good idea.” I told her.

“Tau, you sap, you have no idea.” Arguing with her over this was futile. She had always tried to convince me she was the devil child in disguise but I knew her better than she thought.

“I will take your word for it.”

“So, you must be thrilled your Internet is working again. You can have that jack-off-athon finally.” I would have preferred if she had changed the subject to anything else.

“Actually, I have a more stimulating way to get me off tonight.”

“What’s that?” I broached into the same subject that got us into that mess. At least, she wasn’t physically present for me to do anything stupid.

“My mind; It’s the best place to have sex.”

“Really? What’s on your mind tonight then?” I didn’t want to lie to her but I didn’t actually want to tell her the truth either.

“I don’t think I should be telling you this.” I hesitated.

“Tau… Whatever kinky stuff you’re into, I won’t judge.” If she knew she was the subject of those kinky thoughts, I wondered if she would feel the same way.

“No, I think we better stop now.”

“Tau, do I have to go through this every time with you. Just tell me.” A part of me wanted to tell her; and it was showing its bulging presence in my trunks. “Okay, how does it start?” She asked.

“A girl, on a bed…” I decided if I couldn’t lie, I would stick with half-truths.

“Oh, doesn’t it always start like that!” She said, excitement colouring her tone.

“… flushed from her first orgasm.” I continued. This was it. Her reply answered my lingering doubts.

“The girl waits anxiously, while the guy disappears into the toilet to do God knows what?”

“He wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue.” I replied.

“No girl gets into it that far without wanting more. You can imagine how little she feels when the guy disappears to relieve himself when she’s lying there waiting for him?” Her words shocked me. I had it wrong. She wasn’t upset for what I did but for what I didn’t do. “She’s still waiting?” Caily broke my line of thought.

“Right! The guy… undresses completely and comes out.” I said through muddled thoughts.

“Is his dick dead or rock hard?” That brought me back.

“Rock hard definitely, pointing straight at her.”

“She licks her lips and spread her legs in anticipation.” She said in invitation.

“He doesn’t make her wait; he pulls up her top and trail small kisses up her flat tummy.” I said as my own hands trailed down my stomach.

“I don’t think she’s that thin.” She said.

“She has no idea how sexy she is and it shows in the way she quivers under his tongue’s caress.”

“Quiver uh? I like to see that happen.” Those exact visions hit me as I closed my eyes. My organ throbbed from need of touch.

“He moves further up to reach her awaiting tits.” My own nipples turned rigid as I imagined hers to be.

“What are they waiting for?” She asked.

“Some much needed attention.” I said.

“What kind of attention?” She was horny; I could hear it in her shallow breaths through the receiver.

“First, he runs his fingers over them, a feathery touch sending shivers down her body. Her nipples turn hard under his nimble fingers.”

“What colour are these nipples you’re playing with?” She interrupted. It hit me then that I didn’t get to see her without her shirt on. I had no idea.

“Brown?” I said unsure.

“I would say a modest peach.” She corrected me.

“Isn’t that a light pink?”

“Sure, if you want them to be uninteresting.”

“We wouldn’t want that. Are they small or big?” I wanted to know more.

“The tits or nipples?” She asked.


“Don’t tell me you like big breasts that jiggle around when the girl walks?” I laughed.

“No, I prefer one that fits into my palms.”

“Okay, they are small.” She said slightly disappointed by her own revelation. On the other hand, my imagination was running wild with all these newfound information.

“Perfect. He takes them and squeezes the soft flesh in his hands. He enjoys playing with them. Especially the hard nipples that he rolls between his fingers. He brings one Maltepe Escort to his mouth for a taste.” I started stroking myself through the shorts.

“Do they have a taste?” She asked.

“I surely hope so.” This was more of a turn on than I thought. I wet my lips from drying.

“I can sense your mouth drooling.” She guessed right.

“Definitely. After his tasting, he moves up to her neck. By now, his full weight is over her and she is like gravity pulling him in.” I released my rigid cock from the strain of the trunks.

“Hope she doesn’t get crushed.”

“No, she’s enjoying the feel of skin and the weight pressing down on her. Her legs wrap around him and her fingers run down his back and… ” I let her finish.

“…Reaches his cute ass. She grabs them, asking for more.” I could hear her moaning between sentences, the same as I heard that afternoon.

“She wants to taste the lips that have been caressing her for so long.” I said. The thought of kissing Caily’s soft lips almost sent me over the edge.

“Actually, she wants to feel the throbbing organ pressed against her belly, inside her.” She was good when she got the hang of it.

“He guides it into her inch by inch, spreading her tight walls.” She yelped as I said that.

“Yes! Then…” She gasped.

“He rocks back and forth as her pussy grips around his sheath.” My fists went into overdrive, as her moans were the only reply I heard. Hope her parents didn’t hear her, because I definitely could, very loudly. “He kisses her deeply as he feels every part of her around him.”


“I drive into her faster and deeper, unable to control myself.”

“Harder…” She urged.

“I can’t take it anymore. I spill every drop of cum into her.” I heard one final scream, as I shot three massive loads into the air. I throbbed like never before. Finally, her breathing slowed.

“Suddenly, it’s you in the picture?” She asked between breaths. I realized then what I said.

“When it comes to sex-magination, there is no concept of third person. You are always the subject fulfilling your desires.”

“That would suggest I was the girl in mine.” I didn’t comment on that.

“Did you cum?” I asked finally.

“Uh-uh. Gloriously.” She replied. “Didn’t think talking would be so helpful.” She said.

“That’s what so great about words; it spurs your imagination.” Some of my greatest masturbating sessions where while I read erotica.

“I see that.” She said.

“It’s nice to know that all the sex stories I read over the years amounted up to something.”

“A big explosion of jizz I imagine.” She made a splashing sound like a missile hitting water. I laughed.

“I am just glad I helped.”

“In more ways than one. Maybe I should read some of those stories.” I never thought about what girls used to get them off. A dildo came to mind. I never even pictured girls reading sex stories.

“Oh boy, I have dammed another soul.” I joked.

“Well, I don’t believe there was one to damn. I do believe we can both help ourselves like this from time to time.” I liked the sound of that.

“How will that work?” I asked enthusiastically. She thought before she answered.

“I am not sure but we can work out the kinks later. Remember, this is our secret.” She didn’t have to tell me that.

“I do.”

Just then, I heard my mother coming in. I quickly pulled the sheets over me and acted as if I was asleep. I could hear her rummaging through my dirty clothes. Then I heard the distinct sound as if she was sniffing something. I thought my clothes but the truth was even more embarrassing.

“Tau, not on the sheets again!” She said softly, thinking I was fast asleep. I cringed at my mother’s discovery. Shit on me for not being more discreet. I actually blushed and on top of that, I heard Caily laughing over the receiver, a guffaw.

“Hey, that’s not funny.” I stated after my mother left.

“No, it’s hilarious.” She burst into another fit of laughter. “Do ask her what she uses to get seminal stains off?”

“Why? Taking tips for your future child?” I jeered.

“No, my kid wouldn’t be so thoughtless.” She still couldn’t stop herself.

“We will see about that.”

“No, you will be washing your boy’s sheets.” She just wouldn’t let it slide.

“You were right. You are a brat.” I said.

“I told you so.” She finally calmed down.

“What are you doing tomorrow? Maybe we can work out those kinks you were talking about.” I tried to change the topic to matters that were more pleasurable.

“Slow it down Romeo. I will be at the mall tomorrow.” She said.

“All day?”

“All day. I will call you when I get back.” She crushed my hopes with those words.

We bid goodnight.

It was indeed a good night and immediately I was off to deep sleep.

I woke up late the next day. My mother left the usual note about the day’s chores including Kyle Ross’s breakfast. Kyle Ross was our neighbour and somewhat my mother’s unofficially adopted son, cleaning and cooking for him when she could. I think he reminds her of her husband aka dad. He would drop off his laundry and rummage through our fridge as if he owned the place. He was the bigger brother I never had and never wanted.

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