One Woman’s Journey Continues…

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There was a whirlwind of activity when I returned from Phoenix. My daughter’s housewarming was a beautiful event. She and her husband and little boy were genuinely happy. My daughter introduced me to a nice recently divorced man who was the father of one her girl friends. When the daughter joined us and was introduced, I took her hand and I looked into her incredible gray eyes. What a lovely girl of 20 years. She said I reminded her of Kim Cattrall who’s on Sex in the City. I considered that a compliment since Kim is positively luscious. She is sexy and extremely beautiful. Her character likes the male dick, but a girl with a dick is my passion.

A few days later, the gentleman, Henry, called me and asked me out to lunch. I agreed when he said his daughter might join us for a bit. As we sat at an outside table sipping teas, she arrived. My pussy felt heavy as I watched her jiggling breast as she rushed to her dad. She was a few years younger than my daughter. They had met at a health club and became exercise partners and friends. She was my type—early twenties, sumptuous breasts and beautiful with long black hair and red lips. She was perfect. I wondered what her pussy looked like. I wondered how I could proposition her.

As the months went by, I continued to date the dad. My mother was ecstatic that I could actually be made an honest woman again. At 55, Henry still wanted sex, but was a little clumsy because he hadn’t slept with anyone since his wife left. I guided him into me, pumped up his ego and let him fuck me as I imagined he was his daughter. He was proud when he made me cum. I kind of loved him and it wasn’t bad at all being with him. He was fit and trim and much better than my first husband. He traveled often for his business which allowed me time to pursue my private passion. When he proposed marriage, I accepted when he said his daughter would be living with us. This was so good.

We went on a two week cruise for our honeymoon. When he gambled or watched sports with other men and even when he slept, I was in search of something extra on which to relieve my special heaviness. I paid young cabin maids to fondle them and suck their pussies or for them to suck mine. The bored young women who took this trip for sexy adventures happily slipped away from the decks for a little pussy action. I fucked them in my cabin or in theirs. I bought a nice strap-on dick in the novelty shop on the ship and hid it in a secret compartment in my suitcase. It entered the pussies of several young lovelies who exclaimed over its beauty and size as they sat on my lap. I sucked their titties as I humped them and me to orgasm. It was all so delicious. I left the dick on the ship for some lucky girl on staff.

Erinn lacked true self-confidence since her mother broke up their home. She was too clingy to her dad. It fell to me to help her. She was a beautiful girl. Her body was ripe for fucking. I was just the woman to take her. She came in one night totally distraught. When she didn’t turn off the alarm in time, it screamed loudly. When I fixed the situation, I asked her what was wrong.

“My new boyfriend said he would dump me if I didn’t loosen up a bit.”

“What do you mean by ‘loosen up’? I asked. “Is he forcing you to have sex?”

“Kind of. I don’t have any experience with men. I never really kissed a man before him, let alone anything else. What am I going to do? I don’t want to lose him?”

“It’s ok honey. I’ll help you.” I’d had my eye constantly on her since I married her dad. She was totally uptight but I knew I could take care of that. “Let’s get you upstairs and we will talk.” She was still tearful when we entered her room. “Go wash your face, honey. I’ll be right here.”

She was in her bathroom a few minutes before coming out. “You just need a few lessons in the art of pleasing a man. I can help you with that. Do you trust me?”

“Of course, Tessa. You are wonderful and my dad loves you.”

“Sweetheart, what we do in this room must remain a secret from your dad and my daughter. Is that understood?’

“Yes, Tessa,” she said looking down.

“Now let’s start out with some kissing. I’m going to kiss you and show you what a man likes. Ok?” I walked to her and held her face in my hands. I planted little kisses on her cheeks and eyelids. I gave her a smack on the lips. Then I licked her lips. They were full and luscious. “Open your mouth, honey. Men like to put their tongues in your mouth.” I invaded her sweet mouth with my tongue and kissed her deeply. I sucked her tongue and battled it with mine. I licked her teeth and the roof of her mouth. It was a full minute before I let her catch a breath. Her arms at some point had gone around me as we “practiced” our kissing.

“Tomorrow night will be our second lesson, Erinn,” I told her as I prepared to leave her room.

“Thank you, Tessa,” she said as her chest heaved.

No need to thank me. I totally got off on kissing her. My nipples strained against my bra gaziantep rus escort and my pussy was wet. I was getting mine and had more to look forward to. Alone in my bed, I rubbed myself to orgasm thinking of her.

“Ready for round two,” I asked as I stepped into her room.

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Let’s review our kissing techniques from last night. Kiss me, honey.” Erinn hugged me and began kissing me. When she began to fuck my mouth with her tongue, I realized she had learned well.

“Erinn, you’ll need to take your top off for this lesson. Your bra, too. Guys like to suck a girl’s breasts. We’ll do that tonight. I’ll take off my top, too. Now, sweetheart, come sit on my lap and let me show you.” I rubbed her firm breasts as I looked into eyes. When I took one nipple in my mouth, she gasped. Then I took the other. I sucked her and wet her with spit and stuffed as much of one as I could in my mouth. She moaned. I love titties and I lavished this pair with love. “How was that, Erinn? Did it feel good? Your guy will feel good when he does this. It will help harden his dick for you.”

“It felt tingly and good. I never knew a mouth could feel so good on them.”

“Ok, let’s review. Let’s kiss and then I’ll do your beasts again.” She had me all hot and bothered as we kissed and I felt her up. “You’re learning well, sweetheart. Tomorrow night then?”

“Ok, Tessa.”

All day I thought about what I would do to Erinn tonight. Tonight she would reveal her pussy to me. I could hardly wait to see it and touch it. When she came in from class, I told her she should be naked when I came to her tonight.

“Erinn, are you ready for me,” I asked as I knocked on her door.

“Come in, Tessa. I did what you said.”

Erinn was gloriously naked before me. I looked at her face, her breasts and down to the lushness between her legs. “You look beautiful. Tonight, I will do things to your pussy. Guys love to play in a girl’s pussy with their fingers. They also like to suck her pussy and put their tongues in it. I know you know this, Erinn. You’re just afraid you won’t do it right, but I’m here to help you.” I removed my clothes.

“I’m so nervous, Tessa. You are going to… do that to me?”

“Yes, Erinn. Spread your legs. I’m going to get on my knees before you and lick your pussy. You’ll love what I do to you. Remember guys will want to do this with you.” I took my first lick of that sweet, virgin pussy. After many, many licks, I began sucking her large pussy lips. When she began to moan, I sucked on her button and she lost it. She had an orgasm with my mouth. “Baby, you came! Your guy will love you when he can make you come like that.”

“You know so much, Tessa. I feel relaxed after I came.”

“That’s as it should be. Your guy will love the feel of your pussy as you come on him. Now, it’s time for your review. Let’s lay do on the bed for this. This is where you’ll be mostly. On your back.” She lay down and I crouched over her and kissed her deeply over and over. Then I made for the titties. I kissed a trail down her body until I arrived at the pussy. I spread her legs and put my little finger inside her. Then I speared my tongue into her. Then she arced up from the bed. I fastened my mouth to her pussy and held on. I rubbed her clit and waited for the girl juice to spurt into my mouth. It was wonderful to make love to her young, responsive body. I covered her and went back to my room to finish myself off.

It was Day 4 of Erinn’s training. Tonight I would introduce her to some dick. I went into the basement and dug out a box marked “Knitting Supplies.” In this box was the dick that I have used on several women. It is a fat, 9-inch long, realistic beauty that I will teach her to suck before I stick it into her and take that cherry. I was so excited when I saw it that I cleaned it up and fucked myself with it. Erinn already knew to be naked when I came. I noticed a little self-confidence in her. Once she gets thoroughly dicked, she will be perfect. We did our practice fucking. It lasted about thirty minutes and three orgasms for her. I devoured those titties and ate her out roughly. I told her that guys like to get a little rough sometimes. It makes the orgasms more sustained. She waited on the bed until I returned from my bedroom.

“Tessa, where did you get that?’ she questioned when I walked into her room wearing only my dick.

“I bought it today to help teach you, Erinn,” I lied. I want you to experience how your guy’s dick will feel in your mouth and your pussy.” I sat on the bed with my dick in the air. “Come on over and get on your knees. Now suck my dick. That’s it. Use your lips up and down on the shaft. Tickle the underside with your tongue. Guys love to have their dicks sucked. That is their goal in life. Suck the head, Erinn. Circle it with your tongue. You’re doing a great job. What really turns a guy on is to have his girl take his whole dick gaziantep swinger escort in her mouth and “swallow” it. Let it hit the back of your throat. That’s good, Erinn. You didn’t even gag. Good job.”

“That wasn’t so bad Tessa.”

“Now it is time to get into that pussy of yours, young lady. Lay back and let me eat you.”

I did her until she was sopping wet but I didn’t let her cum. I went up to kiss and let her taste her pussy on my tongue. I sucked her nipples and squeezed her titties. I adjusted the clit cover on my harness. I was going to have some fun, too. I got between her legs and aimed my dick at her. I teased the wet opening with a little poking. I pushed a little cock into her and pulled out. This was kept up for several minutes as I went a little further each time. I set up a nice rhythm to her moans. “Are you doing ok, Erin. Does my dick hurt?”

“I’m ok. It feels kind of good.”

“Are you ready to give up that cherry? Hold on, sweetheart.” I pushed in and past her barrier in one swoop. My dick was totally and deeply lodged inside her. I heard her sharp intake of breath as I deflowered her. My body lay prone on her as her pussy adjusted to my dick. My tongue found her mouth. Now it was my turn to have some fun on top of her. I began stroking in her. Long, easy strokes. “Erinn, I need you to screw with me, baby. Yes, that’s it.” She rotated that cute ass of her on the mattress and her action helped massage my clit. I had my first cum on top of her. My pumping got more and more frantic as she pushed up to me. I was cumming again. “Squeeze my dick inside you, baby. A guy loves to feel the walls of a girl’s pussy close in on his dick. Do it and tell me what you feel.”

“I feel so full and I can feel your dick as I contract my muscles. Do you do this with my dad?”

I wasn’t prepared for that one. “Of course, honey. I love your daddy’s dick in me.” I kept pumping into that pussy until she was cumming up the walls. She got hers and I got mine. I just fucked my stepdaughter’s brains out. “You’ll need a couple more nights of full practice and you’ll be ready for your boyfriend.” I pulled out of her and drew a bath.

I went into Erinn’s room strapped up and butt naked. Tonight I would put my dick in her cute ass. Of course, we had our review session which lasted more than an hour. I informed her of the last exercise. “Honey, your guy will want to put his penis into your ass. It is totally normal. They love pussy, but the asshole is tighter. I’m going to teach you how to receive his dick. Ok, baby?”

“It hurt when you popped my cherry. This has to hurt worse,” she lamented.

“Don’t you want to be prepared for your man? It’ll hurt some, but you can soak later-like before. Now come on, sweetie, and get on your hands and knees for me.” I lubed up my dick with a menthol substance and spread some heavily in her ass crack. Then I proceeded to fuck her. I pushed in half an inch and then pulled out. Then in an inch and out an inch. I kept this up as I worked my dick into her. She was crying the whole time, but I was determined to finish this lesson. I was already half way there. To take the edge off her immediate pain, I gave of couple of slaps to her ass cheeks. “It’s alright, honey, guys do that, too, to get them excited. Relax and take me.” Slap, slap. I pushed in all the way. “Erinn, how do you feel? You did great.”

“Tessa, I feel so full and it still hurts a little. Can you slap me again?”

“Yes, baby.” Slap, slap. I rubbed her smooth ass cheeks and proceeded to spread them. I was ready to begin fucking her ass. “Erinn, I’m going to pump my dick in and out of you. I promise you will like it.”

“Ok, Tessa, I’m ready.”

I set up my rhythm in her ass as I did with her pussy. Smooth long strokes. Almost out and back in again. Over and over. I could hear that her cries had turned to sensual moaning. My girl was enjoying this. I slapped her ass a couple more times and she began pushing it back to me. Good girl. My clit was getting quite a workout, but I would hold my cum off until I gave her hers. I began pumping her hard and then harder. I reached under and rubbed her distended clit. Her body shook like a leaf as she was cumming. She was screaming and I let myself have the pleasure of a fantastic cum. After she relaxed, I pulled out of her and drew another bath.

As I sat next to the tub washing her back, I reminded her to talk dirty to her man. Guys love to hear pretty girls say raunchy words like fuck, pussy, dick, cock, shit and ass. Just say ‘fuck my pussy’ and he will be turned on big time. Always squeeze his dick in your pussy and your ass. Squeeze and let go. Squeeze and let go. He’ll go wild in you. I kissed her wet lips goodnight. On my way out of her room, I said, “Remember, we need more practice. You’re to have no sex with him before I tell you, Ok.” She would do just fine with him right now, but I wanted her to myself gaziantep travesti escort for a while. Everything about her, every part of her was perfect. It was so good fucking her under my own roof.

Erinn’s dad came home so our lessons were discontinued for several weeks. We did family things together, celebrated his birthday, and visited with my parents and his. We went to the theater with friends and dined out almost every night. I gave a rushed dinner party for an overseas client. I was the perfect wife. I accepted his staid, missionary lovemaking as I thought about how wildly I fucked in his screaming daughter’s pussy. You’re so good for me, honey, I told him.

When he went away on business again, I fucked Erinn every night for five days. It was 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning before I fell in my bed very sexually satisfied and totally exhausted. I told her she was ready for her boyfriend.

As the weeks passed, I noticed that Erinn was indeed very happy. She said she had done the deed and her boyfriend was ecstatic. They were together almost every night. Some nights she stayed over at his apartment. One night I saw Erinn and her guy in our heated pool. He had his big hand in her very brief bikini bottom and her head was thrown back in pleasure. Soon after, they disappeared into the pool house. My girl was probably putting some of her lessons to use.

As I had taken care of Erinn, I took a little side trip to Marissa’s condo in Boston where I’d moved her. Marissa is the red-headed lesbian girl I help initiate in Philadelphia. She is a beauty with titties to die for. I had gone back to her many times and when I was not eating her pussy or fucking on top of her, I talked to her. She took the escort job because she loved the sex and because she wanted to earn money to go to college. I had my accountant pay her full tuition at a Boston college and send her a generous monthly stipend for living expenses. The darling girl emails me copies of her grades. As a slightly older student, she is so busy keeping up with her college courses. She said she only has time to fuck me when I come to town. I think she may have a girl on the side and I have no objections. If she’s at the condo when I come, I’ll fuck her,too.

After we had dinner, drinks and talk, Marissa led me up to the bedroom that was softly lit. She undressed me and laid me on her bed. She spread my legs and ate my pussy as I ran my hands through rich red hair that she had let grow out for me. She was down there the longest time and I lay back and gave in to her expertise and my hard cums. Then she lay down on top of me and rode the pussy she had just sucked. She knows I love tribbing. Her tongue found its way into my mouth as she fucked me. We fell asleep. I awoke to her pushing a huge dick into my pussy. Oh, baby, I thought as she slid in to the hilt. She seemed energized as she began to move in me. This will be a long, wonderful night with my sweet girl.

In Florida, I met a set of identical college girl twins. They asked to share my table at a crowded restaurant. When I noticed how they were with each other, I suspected they were fuckmates. I know when a woman is in to another woman. They were in Florida for a family reunion and had become bored with the activities. I invited them to my hotel room for drinks. I ate both of those pink pussies as one lay on top of the other. Then I let them have their way with me. At the same time, of course.

Since I was in Florida, I went to see Constance. She seemed surprised and excited at the same time when her housekeeper brought me to her. She gave me a tour of the house and we ended it in her bedroom. When she asked what I had in the tote, I pulled out the strapped dick. She was mine as I slipped her some tongue and squeezed those sweet titties. I ate my friend out and vigorously plied my dick into her. I put my hand over her mouth as she screamed in her cums. I had no idea if the room was soundproofed or not.

As more months went by, with my new family and other activities, I don’t travel as much as I did. I watched the old pictures of myself, but more often watched the videos of me fucking Brie. It was truly awesome the things I did to that girl and she loved it all.

Three couples from our country club group, which included my husband and me, traveled to Las Vegas for some fun. On the floorshow playbill, I noticed the exact name of one of my sorority sisters. This must be her daughter. I made arrangements to go backstage to her private dressing room after the show while my party went on to the main floor. I introduced myself to the beautiful, statuesque blond and she asked if I ate pussy like her mom. Smiling, I told her that I “dabbled” here and there. She had me take off my panties and spread on her chaise. This girl was on her knees eating out my pussy while still in full costume and make-up. I joined my party back on the floor with my delicious secret. My sore pussy was coated with greasepaint. When I showered that night, I would recall what she did to me.

Erinn continued to date her guy, but here’s the kicker. A year later while my husband was away, she knocked on my door. I unlocked it and let her in.

“Can I sleep in here with you tonight, Tessa?”

“Is everything ok, baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess. I was just so lonely in the other wing. You sleep naked, I see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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