Our Family Vacation Ch. 02

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Todger65

The Truck Stop

Day 1

That next day we all got packed for our trip, and mom made an announcement that besides cell phones no one was to bring any electronics. Well Jack put up a fight and when he lost had a fit and grumbled all day. As annoying as listening to Jack whine normally is I didn’t notice much because Tina was at our house all day, and I had trouble being around her and Danny because I felt like they would know I had been listening last night. As anxious as I was, and I thought it was obvious, no one seemed to notice anything.

Despite my anxiety, Jack’s whining and Danny and Tina’s constant flirting we got everything packed and in the van that night.


The next morning we got cleaned up, dressed and in the van ready to hit the road. After pulling out of our driveway Daddy asked, “So which way do we go?”

Mom just smiled answering, “Forward.”

So forward we went, no destination planned and no time frame to get there. We drove for about two hours before we stopped for breakfast. Mom went in, ordered and waited for our food, and after a short wait we were soon on our way again. It was around noon when daddy asked, “Ummm gang there’s a truck stop a few exits up, would anyone object to a small pit stop?”

“I’m fine honey I went when I got the food but if you and the kids need to stop that’s fine,” mom answered.

“Yes daddy I could use a break too.”

“OK baby stop we will.”

We parked the car and mom waited while the rest of us went to the restrooms, as I went to the last stall my first thought was if the women’s room was this nasty how bad was the men’s. I was still having trouble thinking about anything besides what happened the other day, so my mind was on other things as I reached over for toilet paper. But it wasn’t toilet paper my hand brushed against, it was something warm and soft. I quickly pulled my hand away, none of the images in my head of what I might have just touched were pleasant. I finally forced myself to look over and what I saw was more shocking than anything I had imagined; for sticking through a hole in the wall was a man’s cock.

For the longest time I just sat there like I was in a trance not knowing what to do, but the trance was broken when the cock twitched. It was the first cock I’d ever seen in person and it was some stranger’s in the bathroom of a truck kaynarca escort stop. I knew I shouldn’t, and that it was wrong, but I just had to take advantage of this opportunity.

Very slowly I reached out and touched that strong cock, it jerked as my cold hand softly touched the side. With just my fingertips I gently moved it around taking it in from all angles. Up to that point the only cocks I had seen were drawings in anatomy books or in porn, I knew cocks in porn tend to be on the large scale and above average, but I couldn’t help feel disappointed that the first cock I got to experience for myself was so… tiny.

It couldn’t have been longer than 4 inches and only slightly thicker than my thumb. Even though it was small it was real and at the moment it was all mine, so I was going to have some fun. I wrapped my hand around it and just held it for a minute feeling his heart beat. With my hand against the wall only the head stuck out of my hand, so when I tried to jerk him off I could only use my first two fingers. I was just starting to get into giving my first hand job when without warning he came.

The first shot went up my forearm and was not much more than a few drops, the rest just dribbled out onto my hand. After he had his fun the cock was pulled back through the hole but was replaced with money. I took it and found I was holding a hundred dollar bill with “Thank you” written on it.

I wiped off my hand not really sure how to process the fact I had just been paid for a hand job. I looked at the money again before putting it in my pocket and was about to leave when I heard a soft noise next to me. I looked back and another cock had been put through the hole. This one was much different than the first, for starters it was black and it was huge.

I practically ran the few steps across the stall to it, and wrapped my small hand around it then the other and there was still room for a third or even a fourth, plus my fingers didn’t go all the way around it. I’m sure that if anyone had seen me kneeling there in that dirty truck stop bathroom they would have said I was acting like a kid on Christmas after getting everything on their list.

While I was playing with this new toy of mine for several minutes. Slowly stroking first one small hand up and down its long girth then wrapping both hands around to get a tight grip and pumped that big black cock for all I was worth. I’m not sure what possessed me to do it but I started rubbing him against my face orhanlı escort as I jerked this huge piece of man flesh. It didn’t take me long to feel a wetness on my face, I pulled away to see that it was leaking from the tip and I knew I just had to taste it.

I was soon licking the tip like my life depended on it. If someone just an hour before would have told me I would be on my knee happily licking and stroking a massive black cock in a truck stop restroom I would have called them a disgusting perv, but here I was doing just that and enjoying it immensely.

It wasn’t long before I felt him getting harder and jerking, and though I was new to this I knew from all the porn I had seen he must be close to cumming. I moved to the side because I’d seen black guys in videos cum in large amounts and didn’t want to get any on my clothes. I didn’t let up, licking and jerking him until I heard him groan through the wall and saw a huge blast of cum fly across the stall and splatter against the opposite wall. He shot off several more times until a large puddle was on the floor. I caught just a little on my hand from the last blast or two and licked it off as he finished then pulled out.

I stood there licking my hand enjoying my first taste of cum and wishing he’d come back when two large black fingers came through and handed me a small roll of money. I unrolled it and in the middle was a note:

Here’s all the money I have on me, you more than earned it and more.

I counted it and found it was just under $800. I rolled it back up and put it in my pocket.

I look at the hole ready to give it one last thankful look before I left when yet another cock slides through that magical opening. This one was white like the first but much bigger, though smaller than my black friend. I knew my family must be waiting for me by now and that I should just get up and leave, but I just had to have one more. This time I didn’t waste time examining or playing with my newest toy, I dropped to my knees and started sucking it like I’d seen in porn. It was a strange feeling, it was like when you suck frosting or something off your finger but it was so much bigger, soft yet had as steel, and so fucking tasty. I don’t know how well he might have thought I was doing but at that moment I didn’t care about the man that was attached to my tasty new toy or anything else for that matter.

I’m not sure if I was there for a few minutes or hours when I felt the telling signs he was close to cumming. This tepeören escort time I wasn’t going to let that amazing delicious cream be wasted on this nasty old bathroom floor, it was mine and I was going to enjoy every drop. I sucked harder and faster wanting that tasty goodness to fill my mouth. I figured he’d not cum much since the other white one didn’t, boy was I wrong. His first shot was large and hit the back of my throat making me gag and pull off him; his next few shots hit my cheek, chin, and forehead before I got him back in my mouth to swallow his last shots.

I kept that amazing cock in my mouth until he pulled back, disappeared through the wall. Soon more money came through the hole. I had enjoyed that experience so much I wanted to take it and the other money I had been given to him, but I heard his stall door open and my new favorite toy was gone.

I took the 20 dollar bill he had stuck through the hole and saw on it was written:

I wish I had more but this is all I have.

I put it with the other money, got off the floor and straightened my clothes. As I left the stall as one of the clerks came in. “Hi youngen.”

“Hi,” I smile and moved to go out.

“Wait a moment”

I thought she knew what I had been doing and I was in so much trouble, “Umm yes ma’am?”

She smiles, “You may want to wash the spunk off your face before you return to your family. They may not react well to their daughter and sister with her face covered in cum.”

I looked in the mirror and saw several ropes of cum across my face, “Oh my god no wait I can explain.”

“Oh sweetie its ok don’t be embarrassed I’m the one the put that old glory hole in the wall in the first place and wrote on the other wall ‘please give what money you can you know she earned it,’ That’s where I spend most of my lunches”

“Really? So that’s why they gave me money?”

“Yes its fun never knowing what’s attached to that piece of meat you’re stroking, sucking, or fucking and the money is a nice bonus. Now you wash off that pretty face and get going.”

I quickly washed my face and thanked her before leaving. As I get in the car daddy asks, “Abby what took you so long baby girl we thought you may have fallen in.”

“Oh honey leave her alone women take longer than men plus there’s always a line, so hush and let’s get back on the road,” Mom tells him.

As we drive I decide after all my fun I needed a nap so I lay down in the back seat. I was just on the verge of falling asleep when I hear Danny ask mom, “Hey mom remind me to go to an ATM when we see one, I spent the last of my cash back there and need to get more.”

My last waking thought was of the money in my pocket and the taste cum still in my mouth.

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