Our Night Alone

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We’ve both been stressed for a while, you with work, me with our son. We hadn’t had a break in a long time, just some time for the two of us. I’ve arranged for my mother to take the boy for a weekend, without you knowing it. She came and picked him up early, so I could get the house in order, to set it up for what I had planned for you. I spend the day cleaning up, and finally around 2pm, it is done, I can start setting up our dinner table. I set it with the good china, some candles, even some flowers, and put one of our favorite instrumental cds in the stereo, putting it on pause so it can be ready for when you walk in the door.

Seeing that I have a little extra time, I go and put the dinner in the oven, set the time and head to the bathroom. I run a hot bath, and relax in it for 15 minutes. I notice the time, so I get to work washing myself, shaving, making sure I am totally smooth for you. I get out, wrap myself in a large towel, and go check on the meal. Things are going along nicely. I go back into the bathroom, fix my hair, pulling part of it back in a barrette, the way you told me you liked it when we were first dating. I had put my nightgown on the back of the door earlier in the day, so I slip that on, with my robe over it. I finish it off with a splash of my vanilla perfume that always gets you going.

Looking at the clock I see that it is almost time for you to come home. I had made you promise to get out on time, to do what ever it took and to not bring anyone home with you. I go back into the kitchen and start on the rest of the meal. It is one of the ones you like, teriyaki pork tenderloin with twice-baked potatoes, corn and salad. I am just putting the potatoes back in the oven when you walk through the door. You come over to me, kiss me and start to wash your hands, as you usually do when you get home.

” Go take a shower, and dinner should be done by the time you get out” I tell you. For once you don’t argue with me, telling me that you’ll do it before you go to bed. So off you go, finding that I’ve already laid out your favorite silk pants and shirt. Timing everything perfectly, everything is on the table when the water goes off. As soon as I hear you moving around, I press play on the stereo and light the candles, turning off all the other lights. You don’t know it, but I have already unplugged the phone. I want no distractions tonight. Before you come out I take off my robe, you hadn’t seen what I was wearing underneath it yet. The nightgown is your favorite, one that I have had for years, from when we first started dating.

I’m pouring some wine as you come sarıyer escort out into the dining room. I can see the lust in your eyes that I always see when I wear this gown. I tell you to sit and eat first, you can have me later. I had us on opposite sides of the table, as we normally sit, but you move closer, much closer. All throughout the meal you touch me, not being able to keep your eyes off of me. Then you realize something is missing.

“Where is the boy?” you ask. I tell you not to worry, he is at my mom’s and we have the weekend to ourselves, and I wasn’t planning on letting you out of the bedroom that much. You started grinning that goofy grin that makes me melt every time. “Good” you reply, and resume eating. Now that you know our son won’t walk in, your touches get bolder. Knowing it will distract me, you put your hand on my thigh, slowly working it in and up. Smiling at you, I remove your hand, telling you to behave. You just look at me, and put your hand back on my thigh, only this time you place it higher. As I look into your eyes, I realize that dinner is over, and that you have other things on your mind. You help me bring the dishes into the kitchen, so we don’t have to worry about the cat on the table.

After we are done, you take my hand and lead me to our room. You tell me to sit on the bed and wait for you. I had thought that I was going to be the one in control, but you seem to have taken over, just like I was hoping deep down. You return with the candles from the table and some matches to light more in our room. You place the already lit ones on my dresser and turn off the light. Already anticipating what you will ask, I take two smaller candles out of our nightstand and place them by the bed. You light them, and then you sit on the bed next to me.

“Hi” you say, as you run your fingers through my hair. Gazing into your eyes, I can see all the love you feel for me. You slowly lean towards me, kissing me softly. I put my arms around you as you lower me to the pillows, laying yourself next to me. We just lie there for a few minutes, looking at each other, like we couldn’t get enough. I put my hand behind your neck and pull you down to kiss you, with more force than before. You run your hand down my body, stopping at my hip, which you grip tight and pull me closer, our bodies molding to each other. Never breaking our kiss, we roll over, with you on top of me. You take my hands in one of yours and pin them above my head. You lean up, looking at me with eyes filled with lust. “I love you”, you tell me, as you esenyurt escort start kissing my neck, that spot right below my ear, all the places that make me tremble. With your free hand you start to touch my breast, gently at first, but as my sighs get louder, you use more pressure, turning my sighs into moans. Pulling up my gown, your kisses start work their way lower. My breath catches in my throat. I know what you are going to do, something I always ask for but you have only done it a couple of times in our years together.

You kiss my tummy, dipping your tongue into my belly button. You look up at me with a question in your eyes. I moan and put my hands on your head, giving you my answer. Lightly touching your tongue on my clit, my back arches, pressing my pussy closer to you. Realizing that you do in fact enjoy what you are doing, you take my clit in your mouth, nibbling on it.

I try to call out, but the feelings are so intense, no sound comes out. My hands grip the sheets as your tongue flicks my clit. The muscles in my stomach tighten as I writhe on our bed, your mouth attacking my pussy. Your hands hold my thighs apart as you take my clit in your mouth, sucking on it. My juices are flowing out of me as my orgasm builds, soaking the bed beneath me. Still, no sound comes out, I can only pant. As you alternate between sucking and flicking my clit, you let go of my thighs, one hand reaching to loosen your pants, the other rests on my stomach. Nearly blind with desire, my knuckles turn white as I clench my hands. Then, as you slide three fingers into me, I cum, screaming out your name.

My body still trembling, you slide your fingers out of my pussy, and stand up, dropping your pants as you do. You crawl back over me, and in one quick motion, you enter me. Burying your hands in my hair, you kiss me deeply. I can taste myself on your lips, and it turns me on more. I wrap my legs around your hips and you start thrusting. My arms go around you, my hands sliding down your back, stopping on your ass. Gripping it, I try to pull you closer, trying to get you as deep inside me as I can. You thrust harder into me, whispering my name, kissing my neck. My hips rise to meet yours, and I can feel another orgasm building. Lightly pulling my hair, you start moving faster, slamming yourself into me. You feel a tightening in your loins, knowing that you won’t last much longer. You sneak a hand between us, and flick my clit once, knowing that it will set me off. My orgasm hits me hard, my fingertips dig into your hips as my pussy spasms around you. Feeling my pussy clamp avrupa yakası escort down on your dick, you thrust one more time, exploding inside me.

As our bodies calm, we kiss softly. You slide out of me, and rolling to your back, you pull me with you, so that I am resting on your shoulder. I reach for the blanket and cover us up. Soon we both drift off to sleep.

Waking up a few hours later, I lay there watching you. My mind starts wandering, as it usually does when you are around, and I can feel myself getting aroused. You roll to your back, one arm thrown up over your head. As I watch you, I get an idea. Leaning over you, I kiss your shoulder, slowly making my way down your body. When I get to your dick, I run my tongue down its length, feeling it get hard. Taking it in one hand, I stroke you gently, over and over until you are fully erect. I lick around the tip, tasting your pre-cum. Blowing softly on it, you moan in your sleep. I take the head in my mouth and gently suck on your dick. Slowly, I lower my mouth over your shaft. Feeling my warm mouth on you, you start to come awake. Sensing that you are, I move my mouth up and down, tightening my lips, putting a slight pressure on your cock. You reach down and bury your fingers in my hair, slightly forcing my mouth down. You know I love it when you take charge like that, so I stop what I am doing, and let you move me how you want. What I didn’t expect was you to pull me off of you.

You put your hands under my arms and pull me up to straddle you, moving us both up closer to the headboard. You lean back against it, lifting your head up to kiss me. I rise up on my knees and slowly slip your dick inside me. You grip my hips and move them back and forth. My hands go to my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples as my hips rock against yours. You take my hand off my left breast and capture the nipple in your mouth. Running your tongue around the nipple, the tip hardens, becoming more sensitive. You then start flicking your tongue across the tip, in the same way you did on my clit earlier. It sends little jolts through my system, I can feel the tension building in me again. I tip my hips, so I can catch my clit on every stroke. You snake one hand up into my hair, pulling my head back, pushing my breasts into your face.

You thrust up into me, pushing my hips down onto yours. You can feel me starting to tighten around you, so you move faster, whispering for me to cum. Hearing the emotion in your voice, knowing that I’m the one that put it there did something to me. My orgasm hit me quick and hard, my pussy gripping your dick, triggering your own orgasm. Groaning, your cum shoots up into me, prolonging my orgasm, making me shudder.

Collapsing against your chest, I feel the need for sleep taking over once again. I slide off of you, and we lay back to how we were before I woke you up. We murmur I love you to each other, and are asleep again in seconds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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