Out of the Shell

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I don’t know what to do with my son, Simon. I’ve talked to him, tried to make him join local sports clubs, have asked him to bring his friends home, but to no avail. Apart from school, he hardly ever goes out. All he does is watch TV or surf internet. I’m not even sure he has any friends. The irritating part is that he doesn’t have to be like that. He’s five foot and six inch with broad shoulders, strong, athlete-like legs and long black hair. His deep-blue eyes, sharp features and thick lips remind me of his father, who died when he was two years old.

I knew I had to do something, so when he came out of his room for breakfast, I decided to have a chat.

“Your nineteenth birthday is coming up, do you have any plans?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to celebrate it with your friends? You can have a party here or wherever you want.”

“No, I don’t want any party or anything.”

With that he got up, grabbed the sandwich and went to school. In the evening, I again tried to talk to him, but he just wasn’t interested, so left him alone.

The next day was a Saturday and after much persuasion he agreed to visit my sister Janice. She has a son who is one year older than Simon, but Simon doesn’t talk to him much either. When we reached Janice’s house, she was really happy to see us and gave each of us a tight hug. Her husband, Graham, was out on work, but Kevin, my nephew, was there.

Simon and I were sitting on the couch opposite Janice, while Kevin was next to him mom, who had apparently just come out of shower because her long black hair were still wet.

She was wearing a white shirt and green shorts, which were matching with her big green eyes. The soft skin of her long legs was glowing and her shapely thighs were looking exquisite. The top two buttons of her shirt were open and her cleavage was clearly visible. She was wearing a red bra and that was making her well-shaped breasts look more beautiful.

I was talking to Janice when I thought I saw Kevin taking a fast peek at his mum’s cleavage. He was sitting with one arm over the couch and his body was facing his Mother. At first, I thought he was just looking her, but then again saw him admiring the beauty of her breasts. Now, Janice has always believed in less is better. She has always flaunted her body. Our mom always asked her to cover herself up, but she never listened. She enjoyed showing off her assets and never felt any shame, not even in front of our dad and brother. Her lack of shame and guilt had even impressed my husband, who used to pester me to dress like her.

I knew that Kevin must have seen his mum’s cleavage and a lot more hundreds of times, so his trying to peek at her breasts was a bit surprising. Maybe he just couldn’t get enough of them. But before I could understand his curiosity, Kevin’s phone rang and he told us that he was going out to meet his friends, so asked Simon to also go, but he refused. Janice and I left him watching TV and went and lay down in her room. She asked me about him and I told her that I’ve tried everything but he doesn’t go out or bring his friends home. We were talking about him when Janice asked me whether he was gay.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if he has any friend, girl or boy. I’ve never even found any porn in his room. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

“You’ve been worrying about him for years. It’s time to find out one way or other. Just sit here and we will find out.”

She called Simon and asked him to come inside the room. I was lying on the bed, with my head resting against the wall, while she was sitting facing me. When she heard him coming, she quickly opened the third button of her shirt, exposing her ample boobs and red bra.

When he came and stood near her, she asked him to massage her shoulders. At first he hesitated, but when I stared at him he began rubbing her shoulders. Both of us were hoping that he would at least try to look at her half-exposed breasts, but he made no such attempt and kept looking straight.

After about five minutes, Janice motioned me with her eyes whether he was watching her and when I motioned back that he wasn’t, she slid back a little and placed her head on his stomach and her back against his crotch.

He continued rubbing her shoulders and neck, but after five minute she told him she was fine and he can go back to watching TV.

“These babies can make even a dead man rise up. Sam, your son is either gay or there’s something seriously wrong with him,” she said looking down at her boobs after Simon left the room.

With that she buttoned up her shirt and lay down on the bed. After lunch, Simon and I came back to our house. For one whole week, I kept pestering him to go out and make friends, play some sport or plan his birthday party, but he stayed cooped up inside the house.

On Sunday evening I got dressed and told him that I was going out and he shouldn’t wait for me for dinner.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going out with a guy for dinner.”

As gaziantep kızıl escort soon as I said that, his face became red with anger and he started staring at me. I ignored his stare and went out. I had planned this move last night and this was having the effect I had wanted. He was now jealous and that would either bring him closer to me or push him more into his shell. I was betting and hoping for the former

I went and met an old friend and stayed with her until late evening and came back home at night.

When I came back, he was in his room but looked at me suspiciously in the morning. In the evening, I again got dressed and went out after telling him that I was going on a date. And I repeated this for the next four days. By Saturday, he was really angry at me and in the afternoon told me that he was missing me a lot and that I had forgotten him.

“Honey, I haven’t forgotten you, but you stay cooped up all the time and I can’t stay in the house the whole day.”

“I can go out.”

“OK, then. Let’s go out in the evening.”


“Anywhere. Movies, bowling, anywhere. See, you don’t want to go out. Now, a guy wants to go out with me, so I’ll go out with him,” I added when I saw him sitting there and thinking.

“No. I’ll go out with you,” he replied looking at me with his blue eyes.

“OK, we will watch some movie together in the evening.”

Later, both of us got dressed and went out for movie and dinner and the whole evening was fabulous. After a long time we enjoyed together, laughed and had a really great time. The next day was a Sunday and we went bowling in the afternoon and had delicious Thai food in the evening.

When we were coming back from dinner, he asked me whether I’d see my date again.

“As long as you’re going out with me, I won’t.”

The next morning when I got up, I decided to change my look completely. After putting on a short skirt and a tight white top, with black bra under it, I went into the living room. He was doing something on his laptop, but when he saw me he instantly stopped. I knew this was the first time he was seeing me dressed like and that clearly showed on his face.

His eyes slowly moved from my bright red lips to my sleek neck then to my tight, firm and big breasts and then they hovered for a second or two over the black bra, which was completely visible under the white top, and then his eyes enjoyed the view of my smooth thighs and long legs. I stood there in front of him for few minutes, while he admired my body from head to toe.

“What happened? Haven’t you seen me before?”

“No, nothing,” he answered shifting his gaze away from my boobs.

“How do I look?”

“Why are you dressed like that?” he enquired looking at the floor.

“Because I want to. Plus, I think it’s time that I dressed more smartly.”

“OK, but don’t go out dressed like that.”

“Why not?” I asked smiling.

“Just don’t.”

“I won’t,” I assured him kissing his cheeks.

This was the first time I had seen him look at a woman’s body and that made me happy. It meant he could be drawn out of his shell and enjoy all the peaks and depths of a woman’s body. It was a big moment for me and knew I had to confirm and share this news with someone, so called Janice and asked her to come to my place. I wanted to tell her to wear something revealing but then I remembered that she always dressed revealingly.

After about half-an-hour or so she came wearing a purple low-cut dress that was revealing her ample breasts and thighs.

“Wow! You’re looking hot. Is everything all right?” she said whistling at me.

I hugged her tightly and took her to my room.

“My plan to have an imaginary boyfriend worked.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he got jealous, very jealous, and today he looked at me, like, you know, in that way.”

“Sam, the way you’ve transformed yourself, even a gay man would look at you in that way.”

Looking down at my black bra and fully exposed thighs, I said: “Be serious. This’s big deal. Now, I want you to confirm whether he’s interested in a woman’s body or not.”

“So what’s the plan?”

“Well, we will go in front of him and see whether he looks at us or not.”

“Do you have any skimpy dresses?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

She got up, looked at my wardrobe and came back with a red blouse that I hadn’t worn in years and asked me to put it on. Turning my back toward her, I wore it. It was too tight and even a bit uncomfortable, but it was revealing my well-rounded breasts nicely.

“Open the top two buttons. Now, you’re looking more like my sister. Let’s see how he reacts,” she said unbuttoning my blouse.

We went out of the room and when Simon heard us talking he came out of his room and saw us standing near the kitchen table.

When I turned my face toward him, he froze for a second and his eyes instantly went toward my half-naked breasts. To gaziantep köle escort make it better for him, I bent down a little, making my boobs hang out a bit more. When Janice saw me bending down, she gave a smile and appreciated my move. Simon, on the other hand, was eating, biting and even milking my big breasts with his hungry eyes. After letting him have a good look, I sat down at the table and started talking to Janice. She, of course, wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass, so she asked him if he liked the change in his Mom.

“Yes,” Simon nodded his head and said while pretending to look at the table but actually stealing glances at my boobs.

“She’s going to drive many men crazy, especially her new boyfriend.”

When she said that, he instinctively looked at her and it was apparent that he had anger in his eyes.

She was enjoying every bit of it.

“Your Mom is going to get lucky today, I think.”

He didn’t respond, but kept staring at the table. She continued with the torture.

“Look at her. She’s lovely, she’s beautiful, any man would be lucky to have her. And somebody is going to be very lucky soon. Your Mom loves you and she wants you to be happy. She has stopped seeing men and now she dresses just for you. She wants you to appreciate and like her. Don’t you, Sam?” she said standing behind him and pressing her breasts against his back.

“She’s right. I want you to be happy. Look at me,” I replied putting my elbows on the table and leaning in front of him.

He tried to look at deep blue eyes, but his gaze invariably went to my exposed boobs, which is what I wanted.

“You’re lucky to have such a mom, now don’t let somebody else get lucky with her, OK?”

She winked at me and went in front of him and sat down on his lap. He didn’t expect that to happen and was obviously surprised, but I knew what she was trying to do. When she sat down on his lap, her cleavage was inches away from his mouth while my breasts were still on display. He tried not to look at our breasts, but had no choice. After letting him enjoy the sight of our near-naked boobs, we left him there and went into our room.

“You can sleep easily. He’s definitely interested in women.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Sister, even Kevin doesn’t have such a big hard-on when he sees me.”

“Yea, I’ve seen him peeking at you,” I said laughing.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He has seen nearly everything so many times, but he doesn’t seem to get enough of me. I guess it’s true that men just can’t get enough.

“Especially breasts,” I added smiling.

I changed my clothes and told her that we were going shopping for Simon’s birthday. We said good-bye to him and went off to the mall.

“I can still feel his thing on my bottom. He’s big. Was his dad big?” Janice asked when we got into the car.

“He was OK, not very big.”

“Well, Simon is. That’s for sure.”

On the way, Kevin called and Janice told him that we were going shopping and asked him if he would like to join us, but he refused. I told her that Simon hardly ever goes shopping with me and asked her if Kevin goes with her.

“Sometimes he goes. I once took him for lingerie shopping and he hated it. So, took him again and he began enjoying it, especially the looks salesgirls give him. Now he’s always ready for it. Even today, he would have come, but he felt odd with you being with me.”

“You do lingerie shopping with him?” I asked in surprise.

“Oh yes. He picks out everything and even tells me what looks good on me and what doesn’t.”

“You’re shameless.”

At the mall, we bought a suit for Simon, a shirt for Kevin, two dresses and matching panties and bras for ourselves. While we were selecting bras and panties, Janice called Kevin and told him the color and pattern and he helped her select them. After that, we went to a store and bought some magazines and posters.

In the evening, Simon and I went to watch a movie, which I had selected because of its raunchy scenes, and took corner seats in last row. He had no idea that the movie had some naughty shots and when the actress took off her top and got hot and heavy with the actor, I could see from the corner of my eye that Kevin was trying to avoid looking at the screen. At first, I didn’t do anything, but when he again tried to avoid looking at the actress getting naked in bed with the actor, I took his hand and placed the back of his palm on my breasts.

“She has a great body, doesn’t she?” I whispered as the heroine worked her charm on the hero.

“She’s a good kisser,” I added.

That made him look at the screen.

“I wish I had a body like her. Maybe then men would look at me. I wish I had her tits,” I said as she took off her bra.

He instantly turned around and looked at me.

“It’s true, she has great tits,” I commented looking at his flushed face.

Flinching his hand away from my boobs, he crossed gaziantep kumral escort his leg. Both of us sat silently looking at the screen, while the hero bit and sucked her pink nipples and rubbed his hands all over naked body, except vagina hidden under the bed sheet

Later in the movie she was riding him, with her back toward him, and his hands all over her naked breasts.

“Remember girls love this position,” I whispered turning toward him.

“Come on, it’s a very natural thing. Don’t be shy. Girls don’t like that. Watch how she’s riding him and learn,” I said when I saw his face turning red and sweat forming on his forehead.

That made him blush even more, so I took his hand and this time placed his open palm over my breasts with his fingers resting over my nipple. We stayed like that until the end of the movie.

In the morning, I came out of bathroom in only a towel and called him into my room. When I went and sat down on a chair in front of a mirror and asked me to comb my hair, he was taken aback and just stood there watching me. Finally he began brushing my long black hair, and I could see in the mirror that he was looking at my wet half-naked breasts, so decided to make it easier for him.

“I’ve wrapped the towel too tightly; let me loosen it a bit.”

With that, I got up and loosened the towel a bit more, which meant only my nipples were now hidden from his eyes. Standing behind me, he brushed my and enjoyed the sight of my semi-naked body and the touch of my skin. Little later, I sent him to grocery store for bread and eggs and as soon as he was out of the house, I took out magazines and posters I had bought with Janice and went into his room.

I taped the poster of his favorite movie actor on his room’s main wall and two posters on the inside of his cupboard’s doors. On the one side was a poster of a female model standing underneath a waterfall wearing only beige bra and thongs and on the other side was a poster of a woman lying on bed with her breasts fully exposed and her vagina hidden by a maple leaf. After taping the posters, I went to his bathroom and on the door put a poster of a model walking out of sea. She was completely naked except for her hand over her pussy.

Then lifted his mattress and put all the men’s magazine, such as Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy, etc., I had bought under it. With that done, I went back to kitchen and started preparing for his birthday party. When he came back from the grocery store, I told him to go into his room and have a look inside the cupboard, bathroom and under the mattress.

Hearing that, he raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes and tried to guess what I had been up to but seeing no reaction from me he went inside his room. I followed him to his room after five minutes and saw him looking at the posters inside the cupboard.

“Don’t worry; they’re not your birthday gifts, but just gifts. Do you like them?”

“You’ve taped them here?” he asked turning toward me.

“Yes. All boys have these kinds of posters. Janice selected them. She said even Kevin has them in his room.”

He again looked at the posters, but didn’t say anything. I knew it was time to leave him alone with the posters but before leaving the room I did turn around and saw Playboy and other magazines on his bed.

It was his birthday party in the evening but since he didn’t want any of his friends I had invited only Janice and Kevin. After asking him to change, I went to take a shower and put on the dress I had bought with Janice. I came out of wearing a backless lace dress that had a plunging neckline and deep slits on both sides. So, not only were my breasts visible, especially as I wasn’t wearing a bra, but also my thighs, a good part of my bums and even my back. He gave a broad smile when he saw me dress like that and hugged me in a tight embrace, with his hands enveloping my naked back. I was happy to see his appreciation and buried my boobs into his broad chest.

After giving a peck on his cheeks, I wished him happy birthday and waited for Janice and Kevin to arrive. She came wearing a transparent white top and the cream bra selected with Kevin’s help was completely visible and a black short skirt under which she was most probably wearing the pink thong she had bought. She was looking ravishing, especially her beautiful breasts and her tight bottoms.

Kevin, who had his arms around his mom, was looking dashing in red shirt and blue jeans.

After the cake was cut, I presented suit to Simon, Janice gave him a watch and Kevin a bottle of perfume. Then we opened a bottle of champagne and few bottles of beer and after dinner opened few more bottles of wine and beer. By late evening, all of us were in a pretty good mood. Janice and Kevin started dancing together and it was obvious that both of them were enjoying their closeness. He was acting as if his hands were on his mom’s back but in reality they were all over her bums and she didn’t seem to mind it at all.

He was not only feeling her ass, but was also thrusting his crotch into her front and back. She knew we could see them but that made no difference. He embraced her tightly, ran his hands over her breasts and bums and made sure that she felt his erection from all angles. He was enjoying the beauty of his mom’s body and when he signaled me to join them, I got up and all three of started dancing together.

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