Passions Ignited

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–Here’s my second piece submitted to this site, and I went a bit more taboo than the last one, by way of blood. And to everyone who reviewed ‘Summer Heat’, thanks a ton and I’m working on the sequel/second chapter right now, so sit tight.

Jenna adjusted the tight clasp of her scarf around her neck and hitched her shawl higher on her shoulders. The wind was cool and her long sleeveless silver dress was scanty protection against the cold. The ride home had given her a chance to think and as she was making her way to the front door, she was still lost in thought.

‘I must be crazy. I mean, I just passed up an opportunity back there. I didn’t give myself much of a chance to like him and I never gave Mitch the chance to really get to know me but… Oh what the hell. It still wouldn’t have worked.’ She kicked a stone along the driveway and nearly fell over her high heels. ‘Damn stupid shoes! And damn Max too! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in this damned situation. I wouldn’t be fucking thinking of him when I should be thinking of my date, wouldn’t be having these perverted thoughts. And I wouldn’t be fucking swearing either!’

Seething with anger, Jenna took her shoes off and walked barefoot the rest of the way. The house was quiet now. She carefully made her way to her room, making as little noise as possible. She had decided that a bath would definitely be a fitting end to a disastrous night. She couldn’t wait to get out of her clothes and step into her warm, scented bath. Hopefully, it would set her spirits high again.

Jenna was so occupied with her thoughts that she didn’t notice her brother standing by the window when she opened the door to her room. She dropped her shoes on the foot of the bed carelessly. She slipped the shawl from her shoulders and was about to throw it on the bed along with her purse when she saw him–tall, dark and brooding — illuminated by the moonlight. She must’ve jumped a foot. “Jesus, Max, you scared me!” Max didn’t say anything. He just stood there, all imposing with his arms crossed over his chest.

“It’s about time you got home.” He surveyed her from head to toe, noticing the silver dress that clung to every delicious curve of her body. Damn lucky bastard. He got to ogle her the whole night! Max swallowed hard at the image of Jenna before him. Her hair was tamed in an upswept ‘do. Her neck was bare of any adornment, seeming to tempt any man for a taste of her skin. He tried to force his thoughts away from that line of thought but he was too swept up by his other feelings to care.

Jenna threw her shawl and purse on the bed and started to go to him. “Uh, yeah. Dinner was longer than I anticipated.” She shrugged her delicate shoulders. “You know how time flies when you’re having a good time.” She froze in her tracks when he saw Max’s arms unfold and his nostrils flare in controlled anger.

“So you did have a good time with–what’s the name of that little prick–Tommy? Shane? George?” Max’s voice was deceptively calm but totally patronizing. “Oh, but I forgot. You didn’t tell me his name.” He abandoned his position from the window and started towards her. “In fact, you also failed to mention that you were going to be out tonight with some kid that I don’t even know.”

Jenna had never seen Max like this. She’s seen him get angry a lot of times but this was the first time he seemed to get angry with her. And over something like this? A date? She backed away, brow furrowed. She was genuinely confused, and more than a bit scared. She knew Max would never hurt her, but this behavior gaziantep vip escort of his was unfamiliar to her. “Max…”

Max followed her retreat. “What? Do you have nothing to say?” Jenna felt the wall behind her back. She was trapped. Max caged her with his arms, his hands flat beside her head. “Don’t tell me he didn’t try anything.”

Eyes narrowed, adrenaline pumping through her veins, Jenna pushed at his chest. “What business is it of yours if I go out on a date? I don’t pry into your love life so don’t you dare pry into mine!”

“It is *my* business because I’m your brother- look out for you! It’s past your curfew. You didn’t even ask my permission—”

Jenna was angry now, her confusion and fear forgotten. “Permission! Why the hell do I have to ask permission from you? I’m 19, Max. I’m an adult! I can go out with whomever I want, whenever I want without asking you or anyone for permission!”

Max backed her up against the wall once again and gripped her jaw, forcing her to meet his hard hazel gaze. “Listen to me,” he said in a low, dangerous tone. “I don’t like the idea of you going out with some punk. And most of all, I don’t like the idea of you keeping things from me.”

Jenna tugged his hand from its grasp on her jaw, “When did we have to start asking for consent for anything?” she asked, her eyes narrowed in anger. “You’re not my keeper! And since when do I have to constantly report in to you for everything, tell you everything? I’m allowed to have my secrets, just as you are.”

“You *used to* tell me everything, you used to follow me around all day and climb into my arms, beg me to read you a story or play. You used to hang on my every word. I used to be everything to you.”

“That was a long time ago, Max. I was a child then, and you were almost an adult already, you were my hero. But things change, *people* change. They grow up. And they leave, they stop caring.”

Max stepped in and pinned her on the wall with his hard body, stopping her from backing away anymore or leaving. He was vibrating with anger and frustration. “You know that wasn’t my fault, I was still a kid too, I didn’t have a choice Jenna. But I never stopped caring. I *still* care for you, more than you know. And I’m not going anywhere.” He pressed his hips hard against her belly. She barely had time to register that action, or to gasp. Then he kissed her. Hard. And Jenna was too stunned to react.

Her eyes flew open wide in shock at the initial feel of Max’s hard kiss. Then the desire kicked in- before fear, confusion and anger. And the shock of realization of what he was doing, what *they* were doing hit hard. “Are you crazy?” she yelled at him, her fingers touching her lips.

“I must be,” her brother muttered before capturing her lips again with his own. Jenna closed her eyes at the heat of Max’s mouth on her own. It was the most intense feeling she’d ever felt. She forgot how this shouldn’t be happening. She forgot everything else except for the feel of Max’s lips. Her lips parted on a gasp as he licked them open.

Max groaned at the overpowering sensations pouring into him through Jenna’s lush lips. He sensed her apprehension but he knew passion would take over soon. He softly nipped her lips and tongued the corners of her mouth, taking advantage of the gasp that escaped her by thrusting his tongue in her mouth. And he gently coaxed Jenna into responding with his tongue, gently tangling his with her own, his hands on her back, gentling her with comforting gaziantep yabancı escort touches. He pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, growling when he felt Jenna return it with equal fervor. His hands traveled down to her hips and pulled her against his straining erection.

Jenna broke the kiss and made an attempt to stop him. “Don’t, Max. We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not–”

“Stop,” Max ordered in a voice heavy with desire. “Stop thinking. Just feel, Jenna. Feel us.”

Then her brother kissed her again. Jenna’s mind rebelled at the assault but couldn’t stop, her body was on fire. She was drowning in sensation and all she could do was feel. She opened her mouth wider and accepted the deep thrusts of his tongue. She felt his arousal against her belly and she leaned closer into his embrace, delighting in the feeling of being wanted, being loved. She felt Max’s hand come up and cup her breast, rubbing his palm against her hardening nipple. A sharp ache gathered in the pit of her stomach and an answering sensation collected between her legs.

Max pulled away, his breathing ragged. He stared at her languorous eyes and swollen mouth and growled, swooping down and attacked the inviting skin of her throat. Jenna threw her head back to give him better access. Max soon busied himself by pulling the straps and the zipper down at the back of the dress, pulling down the front of her dress and feasted his eyes on her breasts. They looked as beautiful and as inviting as the last time he saw them. And her nipples–they were just begging to be touched. He felt his sister clutch his bicep. “Max…”

There was uncertainty in her eyes, curiosity and yes, passion. “This will feel good, baby. I promise.” He took one tight nipple into his mouth. Jenna swallowed a lusty groan and arched into his touch. Max passed his tongue back and forth, back and forth across her nipple, loving the way they tasted and felt in his mouth. He sucked on her fiercely, sometimes nipping her with his teeth.

“Max, please…” Jenna didn’t know what she wanted. She wanted him to stop, knew they should stop, and yet, she wanted the sensation to go on. Max transferred to her next breast and lavished upon it the same kind of attention he bestowed on its twin. The throb between her legs grew stronger as she heard the moist suction of Max’s mouth on her breast. She wanted more. She gripped the back of his head and forced him more on her breast. Max obliged by sucking harder, making Jenna whimper in pleasure.

Max wanted nothing more than to thrust into her tight, warm core. She was so responsive he was ready to come. He straightened up and hoisted her legs around his hips. The generous skirt of her dress parted and all Max had to do was bunch the front part of the dress around her waist to get it out of the way. Jenna was surprised at the sudden movement. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she leant back against the wall. Max thrust his aching erection against her heated core. Even with the layers of denim and lace between them, he could feel her heat soaking up his cock. He wanted to feel that heat.

Ripping her panties and throwing the scrap of lace on the floor, he soon filled his palm with her mound and both groaned at the sensation. Jenna couldn’t help the sound of pleasure that escaped her throat, nor could she help the thrust of her hips, seeking more contact, more sensation. Max’s hand moved, his palm stroking the wet curls at the top of her sex, and his fingers dipping gaziantep yaşlı escort in her warm honey pot. His thumb strayed to her clit and started a rhythmic stroking that sent Jenna thrashing and moaning. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay,” he soothed her.

His fingers parted her wet folds, stroking them more before pushing a finger deep in her core. Jenna pulled away from the contact but Max brought her back, whispering in her ear, “Don’t’ be scared, darlin’. It’s not gonna hurt. Come on, move those hips for me, baby, please.”

The alien sensation of his finger inside her was soon replaced by desire so sharp, she ground her pelvis against his hand. She closed her eyes and let herself feel. Jenna made a sobbing sound as Max continued to rub the sensitive nubbin between her legs. “Oh, Max, that feels so good. I can’t–aah!”

Max inserted another finger inside her and that stole her breath. He maintained a steady rhythm, loving the way her muscles contracted around his fingers. ‘I wish it was my cock inside you, baby. I want to feel your heat around me. I want to feel you ripple and flow around me. Oh, baby, yes!’

Max knew she was close to climaxing. He pumped faster, watching her face for any sign of pain. But all he could see on her flushed face was an expression of pained ecstasy. “That’s it, baby. Come on, now. You’re almost there. I wanna feel you come around my fingers. That’s it.” Jenna arched her back as the storm brewing between her thighs finally broke. She screamed in rapture as she pulsed around her brothers’ fingers, her hips chasing the waves of her climax.

Seeing Jenna come in his arms was pure heaven. The vision of her like that would be forever stamped in his brain. ‘You’re so beautiful when you come, baby.’ He watched her as she gasped for breath, a flush staining her cheeks down to her heaving breasts. He wanted the same ecstasy for himself. He grasped her hips and tentatively, he started to rub his denim-encased cock against her soaking folds, careful not to make her sore.

Jenna opened her eyes and soon the haze that clouded her mind started to clear. There was a dull ache between her legs but it was a good kind of ache. The best. She saw Max looking at her with hooded eyes and she realized he hadn’t come to his release yet. She felt him thrusting and she answered with a thrust of her own. Soon, their hips were moving in counterpoint to their thrusts.

She thought she was beyond sensation now but she was wrong. Another pulse began to beat ever so strongly inside her. She cried out as the rough denim crushed her clit, again and again. She strained against Max, her hard nipples rubbing against his flannel-covered chest as she gave into the desperate, *wrong* desires that had been haunting her.

Max pulled her legs tighter around his waist as he moved. He closed his eyes as he felt himself nearing the edge. He felt Jenna’s gentle hands stroking his shoulders, his hair, his nape. Then he heard her whisper, “Don’t hold back, Max. I want you so much.” That did it for him. He thrust once, twice, before he arched his powerful back and roared in orgasm. Jenna enfolded him into her embrace, letting his head rest against her breasts.

A moment passed before Max released his hold on her hips and let her legs slide down to the floor abruptly. Confused by the sudden movement, Jenna looked at him and saw the anger still etched in his face. She balanced herself on shaky legs and tried to regain some of her dignity by pulling the front of her dress up. “Max?” she asked shakily.

Still conscious of the wetness spreading in the front of his jeans, Max glared at her. “No one else touches you but me, do you hear? Your body responds only to me. If there’s one thing that this exercise has taught you, it should be that. You’re mine, Jenna. Don’t ever forget that.” Max turned on his heel and walked out of the room. The minute the door closed, Jenna crumpled on the floor and cried.

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