Penny Wants To Experiment: Ch. 01

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I have been having a lot of thoughts of being with another woman lately. My husband and I have swapped or shared partners for years, but most to the time I am with my husband and another man. Once in a while, there is another female with us, and I have kissed and touched but nothing else.

For some time now I have wanted to taste a woman and have her take me. I am very nervous about this, and I have no idea who I should approach or what I should do to accomplish this fantasy. I started chatting online with another female, and it is so easy to flirt and tease each other. But that is not the same; I want something real.

I went out to lunch with a long-standing girlfriend of mine, and she told me about this lady that she is friends with that was going to join us. When she walked over to our table, my girlfriend stood and kissed her on both cheeks. She then turned to me and introduced us “Penny this is Z” I got up to shake her hand, and I noticed she was checking me out. We sat down and continued our lunch.

Z invited me to come over the next day for coffee. I agreed so she gave me her information and we agreed to nine o’clock.

I was excited and nervous I contacted my online friend to inform her of what had occurred. She encouraged me to go for it. We discussed what I should wear, and we decided on harem pants and a blouse that showed off my DD breasts.

The next morning when I got up, I was extremely nervous. I trimmed my pussy hair, shaved my legs and armpits and showered. I made sure to put on some sexy panties with a matching bra. I got dressed and was feeling good.

I left a little early so that I make sure I get there on time. When I got to Z’s neighborhood, it was on the better side of town. Her condo just on the outside is beautiful. I knocked on the door, and Z answered the door in a nice dress. She invited me inside, and when I walked by her, she rubbed my butt. I was startled and jumped. Z laughed “Relax Penny I am just checking out the goods.” She was still laughing and lead into the sitting area for the coffee.

We sat down to have our coffee and make small talk. After our first cup of coffee was done Z stood up from the table and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She started softly kissing me, which was intimate, She told me to get undressed slowly.

I removed my pants first while Z was watching me, then I took off my blouse, so I was only in my panties and bra. Z was still just watching me and instructed me “Remove all of it, Penny!” So, I did. I was standing in front of her completely naked while she was still fully clothed.

Z was very festinated with my DD breasts. She started squeezing them and escort sucking on my nipples. It was making my tits to be overly sensitive, more than usual. She was so gentle with me; she would lift up from my breasts to kiss me deeply and passionately. She moved her hand down my stomach to my belly she stopped at my quim.

She then started rubbing my pussy lips while sucking on my tits. She just kept going, and it felt like nothing I have ever experienced before. My God, she has given me three orgasms already with her touch, it is so soft and intimate. I collapsed on the bed, and she caresses and kisses me as I recover.

She moves me up higher on the bed, so the pillow is under my head. She is still fully clothed, and I am naked, she then stands up from the bed and tells me to watch her. She starts to undress looking at me the whole time, and once she is in her bra and G-string, she instructs me to continue watching her.

She slips her B cup bra off her breasts that are slightly sagging but full with hard nipples that she touches and tweaks. “You’re going to suck these nipples,” She tells me as slips her G-string off.

Her pussy was not bare but trimmed up nicely. She opens her legs and runs her fingers down and inside her pussy and starts rubbing. I cannot help but touch my breasts as I watch her finger herself.

She brings her fingers up to her mouth and licks them and then tells me “You are going to taste me. I will teach you how to lick my pussy.” she crawls next to me as we lay facing one another she gives me her fingers, she pushes them into my mouth. They are still wet with her pussy juice, she tastes so different from me, but I love it!

We kiss again for such a long time; I am holding her tight to me that I can feel her hard-prominent nipples pushing into my big tits. She rolls me onto my back and slides up to put her breasts in my face “Suck them Penny!” she instructs me as she moves over me.

I can hear her moaning while I am sucking her nipples. She moves to straddle my thigh to rub against me. I can feel how wet her pussy is, her nipples somehow get harder just like rocks … she is moaning telling me how good I am.

She put her hands under my head to hold tighter and lets out a long moan I am sure she came. My leg is wet where she was riding my thigh. She slides up my body; her pussy juices run over my breasts as she straddles my face.

Her pussy is now over my face, and she is spread wide so I can see her clit. Her pussy lips are so thick and with them spread wide I can see that her pussy is wet and a dark pink. “Now Penny, I want you to taste me!” She yells at me.

I slip my tongue into her bursa eve gelen escort pussy, and she jumps when I run my tongue along her pussy lips. “OOH! Now lick me until I tell you to stop!” She instructs me as she lowers a bit more on my face. My hands are on her round butt to support her and make it so I can slip my tongue into her pussy. She starts to buck against my tongue and yells “Do me, Penny!” After a few more minutes she yells out “I’m cumming!” Then she pushed down on my tongue so I can taste her honey.

It was unreal; she had cream doesn’t seem to want to stop. She yells at me “Suck my clit!” I do as she instructed, she moans and howls while she blows more cream on my face. She took hold of my head with her thighs and grinds into my face and tongue; I am still holding her butt and fucking loving it! “Keep licking me, my slut!” She said to me as she blew again.

She slid off my face, and it is soaked. I can’t believe I just did that, for a second I feel alone laying there naked wondering what I just did? Then Z starts kissing me again licking my face. She asks me “Are you sure you have never been with a lady before?” She moves her hand to my pussy and starts to spread my pussy with her fingers to find the spot. First, one finger goes in me then two fingers are in, I cum almost straight away. She moves down between my legs, and her tongue finds my clit again. I come hard, and she licks me to clean me up, it’s soft just like a woman likes.

She then slides fingers in me, as I am blowing and she is fingering me hard. Finally, she slid up to lay next to me. We cuddle and kiss, then chat and kiss some more, while we keep chatting, she was asking me so many questions as I drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up, but I am not sure how long I was asleep. Then Z looks at me with a smile and tells me “Penny I have something special for you!” She lays me on my back and spread my legs to kneel between them. Z asks me “Will you do as I want?” I looked at her in the eyes and replied “Yes” I look at the smile on her face as she asks “Trust me?” I nod my head and say “Yes.”

She pulls out a dildo; it is black, long and thick. But it has a bulb on one end. Z rubs the dildo on my pussy, she smiles at me and comments “I can see you are getting wet from this.” She then rubs the bulb end on her wet pussy which makes it glisten. Then as I watch in amazement as she slips the bulb end into herself, now it’s in her pussy she lets out a loud sigh. But the cock part is standing out. I must have looked like a deer in the head lights I was amazed.

She holds the cock steady and informs me “Now my slut görükle escort I’m going to fuck you!”

My god, she spreads me wide, and I watch her hold and guide the rubber cock into my pussy. I feel it on my pussy lips while she looks at me and asks “Ready?” God yes, I am ready I nod my head at her.

She slowly enters me wetting it with spit and my pussy juices while she is pushing it in. She pushes more in each time going very slowly the asks me “You ok?” I moan and tell her “Yes go deeper!” She pushes more of the cock inside my pussy then holds still for a minute, and I see her shudder as she is cumming. She then pushes deeper, all the way in and I can feel it fill me. It feels hard inside me, then she withdraws and starts to fuck me. That’s all it took, as I scream as the orgasm takes over me. She is now fucking me; with my legs around her waist.

I can’t tell you how many times we came or how long we fucked like that, but I. Think we were both in an orgasm the whole time and she is so naughty mouthed. She was telling me how she is going to fuck me and that I am her slut now so she can do what she wants to me. It was a major turn on having her claim me.

When she finally pulled out of me, the dildo was wet and covered in both of our cream. We laid in bed chatting and kissing while we calmed down. Then she said, “I hate to say this, but I have to go.” I got out bed and got dressed I didn’t shower I wanted to be able to smell the sex on me as I drove home. We kissed goodbye, and she made me promise to come to lunch next Tuesday. I sighed and told her “I will gladly come back!”

I got home and went straight to the shower and took a long hot shower. I was thinking to myself; I did it! I made love to and was taken by a woman! An experience that I will never forget or regret. My pussy is so tender, and I found a small love bite on one my breast.

I contacted my friend online to tell her everything that had happened. I also told her that I was just in the shower and thought of her and I licking each other and I was making her cum so I could have her taste. I asked her “I wonder if all woman has a taste different?” She said she thinks they are all different.

I closed my eyes to think about my morning, and it couldn’t have been a better experience. It was hot, different and unexpected. I cannot get over the soft and different touches, the kisses are different, and Z so took control and yet shared.

She is obviously very experienced hell; she produced a dildo for us. My god, it was amazing! I feel so privileged to be chosen by her to teach me and initiate me into the world of women.

I cannot wait to see her again so I can lay her on her back to lick her to orgasm and watch her come. When she comes, it is creamy, and I want to try the dildo on her as the giver. I want to ride her with that bulb end in me. But more than anything I want more kissing from her.

I am so looking forward to next week’s lunch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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