Penny’s Passion , Pleasure Ch. 02

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Author’s note: To get the “feel” for Penny, you should read Part 1. This is a 3 part series, “for now” that takes our main character and leads her in a discovery of herself… through a group of close women, who are trying to show another, that it is ok to enjoy the touch of another woman’s embrace and desire. Enjoy reading Penny’s second story… when the third one is done, you will find it in the Group Sex Catagory. Thank you for all the comments I have received on this story. Thank you to Penny for giving me the honor to write it, and another big thanks to gotwood49 for his editing services.


“Morning, Sweetie.” Mark leaned down and kissed Penny’s cheek.

“Good morning,” she answered back, her eyes followed him as he grabbed a cup of coffee. She admired his body; caressed it with her eyes, before returning to read the morning paper.

They sat there quietly, enjoying the day. Mark read the Finance section as Penny enjoyed the columns of upcoming events. Movies, concerts, plays and community events, thrilled the artist in Penny. Culture, her husband called it. Living, was how Penny referred to it. She was doing that now. Living; learning more and more about herself. As her relationship with her husband became stronger, and the knowledge of her own body grew, her friendship with Carol continued.

Thinking of her brought a smile to Penny’s face. “What are your plans for tomorrow evening?” she asked Mark. Sipping her orange juice, she took in the brown hair of her husband. She ran her fingers into the little bit of salt and pepper that blended so nicely with his features.

Mark looked up, took Penny’s hand and kissed her wrist, licking the pulse beneath it. “Well, since tomorrow night is your lingerie party, I made a few calls, and invited the husbands of those lovely ladies over here to watch the ball game.”

“Wow!” Penny looked surprised, her eyes widened. “How did you manage that?”

“Well, I asked Carol to help me make a few calls. She gave me some numbers, and there you go! I’m having my own party.”

Penny chuckled, “Yes, you are. But I bet you’d rather be at ours!”

“I’m sure I would!” Mark smiled, and pulled Penny into his arms. Kissing her quickly, he patted her ass.

“Mark, are you sure you’re okay with everything? I mean, Carol and I? We’ve been together twice since last Wednesday.” Penny tried not to worry, but she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her marriage. She would give Carol up in a heartbeat, if he asked her to.

Mark lifted his wife’s chin. “Penny, I love you. I know this is all new to you, and I support you. I am glad you share the experiences with me. It would be completely different if you were doing this behind my back. Then, honey, we’d have a problem. I want you to be completely satisfied, so if this is something you wish to continue, then do it. As long as I’m not in fear of getting replaced, then I want you to do this with Carol. Perhaps, someday, you’ll allow me to watch you.”

Penny smiled and kissed his lips softly. “I would like that Mark, very much. Thank you.” Kissing him again, she allowed her love for him to shine, and as the day wore on, many times she showed him her desire to never have him replaced.


Friday afternoon arrived, and Penny hurried through the preparations for Mark’s get together with the guys. Mark came in from work, tossed his coat over the sofa, and wrapped his arms around his wife. As he nuzzled her neck, he once again told her she was going to too much trouble for a bunch of jocks. “It’s still a party, Mark, even if it is a bunch of men.”

He chuckled, “I’ll take over making the avgolemono soup, and you go off and get all dolled up for your evening.”

Penny pinched his butt as she passed him. As she tossed off her apron, she called from the hall, “Thanks hon. I put the melitzanosalata in the fridge. You can warm it later.” She grinned as she heard the, “Let me cook!” come from the kitchen.

Penny slipped into the bedroom, shut the door, and started her shower. Soon, thoughts of the evening entered her head, and she felt herself nervous in anticipation. Carol was coming over to pick her up, and drop off Rob in the process. They had all had dinner together a couple of nights after Carol and Penny made love. Just thinking that, brought a shudder to Penny’s body. She ran the water through her hair and began to wash and clean the day’s dust away.

As Penny washed up, Mark finished preparing the snacks, still rolling his eyes over the lavish display of food. “She does like to throw a party,” he chuckled.

“Party?” A voice called though the house. Mark turned, and saw Carol and Rob walking into the kitchen. “Well, look. Mark is making us something to eat!” Carol said, and laughed. She dipped her hand into a bowl of pretzels and munched away, as Mark shook Rob’s hand.

“Making yourself at home, aren’t you, Carol?” Mark kissed her cheek and winked at her. He had already told them both that they could let themselves in when they were visiting. escort ataköy One never knew if they’d hear a doorbell, or not. “Hey, Rob,” Mark said, still shaking Rob’s extended hand, and asked him how his day had been.

As the two men talked, Carol asked Mark the whereabouts of Penny. “I believe she has just finished showering, and is getting dressed.”

“Think she’d mind if I said, ‘Hi’?”

Mark looked at Carol. “She’d be offended if you didn’t.”

Carol kissed Rob, and headed off towards the master bedroom. Knocking on the door, she entered after she heard the quiet, “Come in.”

Slipping in quietly, Carol leaned her back against the door. Her friend was standing with her back facing her, as she struggled with a zipper that ran up the side of her dress. “Babe, would you help me zip this? It seems stuck.”

Carol smiled. She had known Penny hadn’t realized it was she in the room, so she moved towards her. Her hands cupped her breasts, and rubbed the nipples through the loose material of the dress.

“Oh, hi!” Penny murmured, as she leaned into Carol’s body.

Carol nibbled on Penny’s neck as she smiled against her skin. “Well, hi,” she whispered.

Penny watched as the thin fingers that led from Carol’s bronzed arm slowly kneaded and massaged both of her tits. Turning her head towards Carol’s, Penny’s lips touched gently with those of her lover’s. “Mmmm… early, aren’t you,” Penny whispered, as she turned into Carol’s arms.

“Just a bit,” Carol answered back. Her tongue slid around the teeth of her partner’s, and she let her hands fall to Penny’s waist. Pulling Penny’s sex closer to hers, Carol wedged her leg between Penny’s, and slowly began to move her friend’s hip up and down, rubbing her pussy against her thigh. “Oh, fuck, Penny. You haven’t got your thong on yet.”

“I thought about going without tonight, in case you and I had some time later.” Penny felt the firm thigh rubbing her wet lips, and increased her own speed. “Oh Carol, this is so wonderful.”

Carol agreed, as she pushed into Penny even harder with her thigh. “Could you cum for me, Penny?” She bit her lover’s lower lip and sucked on it gently, as she heard Penny’s gasped “Yes!” escape her throat. Carol moved her leg away, and quickly dropped to her knees. “Then cum, Penny!”

Penny pulled Carol’s head against her pussy, and felt the hot breath hitting her. Soon Carol was licking and stroking her cunt. Penny gathered Carol’s hair in her hands and pulled her mouth from her pussy, “Harder!” She ordered.

Carol saw the hunger, put her head back into the warm cunt and sucked greedily; tasting, biting, licking. She brought her hands up and dug them into the soft, white flesh of Penny’s ass, holding her there as she moved her head back and forth.

“Ohhhhhh Fuck!!!! YES!!!!” Penny felt her cum release, and knew it was being sucked hungrily from her body. Her muscles clenched, and released more hot juice for her lover to lap and suck. Carol worked the lips of her lover until they were cleaned from the sweet nectar, then stood up and kissed Penny deeply. The two women used their tongues to slide against the other. Carol used hers as an offering to Penny, and Penny used hers to wash the palette clean. The lovers then separated, breasts heaving with passion.

“Zipper stuck, huh?” Carol chuckled, as Penny looked at her dazed and confused. Laughing, Carol spun her friend around, lifted her arm and quickly had the zipper free and eased up her lover’s body. “No need for the thong, honey.”

Penny grabbed her wallet, slipped on her shoes and walked out, hands entwined with Carol’s.

As the two women moved back into the living room, they were greeted by Megan’s husband, Tim, and another man that Penny didn’t know. “Hi, Brian,” Carol greeted the stranger.

“Hi doll, looking good enough to eat!” The man, Penny now knew to be Diane’s husband, greeted her with a warm hello, before sweeping Carol into a great big bear hug.

Penny looked quickly over to Rob, and saw that he had no problem with this big fellow hugging on his wife. Shrugging her shoulders, she offered her hand to Brian’s. “Hi, nice to meet you.” Penny blushed as Brian’s eyes brazenly stroked her body. She felt her body responding to the handsome man. Not sure as to how to react in front of everyone, she kept her eyes on the thick, wavy, brown hair of the stranger.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Penny. Your right, Carol, she is special.” Brian winked at the two women before heading over to grab a cold beer from the bar.

Penny smiled at the polite man who was married to Megan, “Hi again, Tim.”

“Hey, Penny.” Tim kissed her cheek, then greeted Carol the same way. Penny liked Tim. He was quiet and shy, not at all like the quick-tongued Megan he was married to. Penny liked Megan. Sometimes though, she was a little too harsh. “Full of piss and vinegar,” her grandmother would have called Megan.

Carol pulled Penny along. “Gotta go, guys. If all the husbands are here, then esenler escort it means the wives will be at my place before long.” Carol kissed Rob goodbye, then whispered in his ear. “You’re okay with the party right?”

“Yes, babe. You know that. Just wish I could be there tonight, but I understand.” Rob kissed her back. “Carol, that other thing we talked about…Mark is more than accepting of it. You’ll just have to work on Penny.” Carol’s grin spread across her face, as she thought about all the convincing she’d enjoy doing with Penny.

Penny hugged and kissed Mark goodbye, pressing her breasts against him. “I’ll be back later tonight or in the morning, depending on how late the party goes.”

“I know sweetie, I know where you’ll be.” Mark covered her lips. Walking her and Carol to the door, he swatted Penny’s ass and told her to have fun.


Carol’s car moved through traffic with ease. The city streets were surprisingly quiet for a Friday evening. The party was starting at 6:00, so the two women were making good time. However, things happened, and soon the two were stuck in traffic. The road now was a one-way, so they were locked between a tractor trailer and a Mini coupe.

Carol reached over, tuned in the traffic report station, and heard that traffic would be tied up for the better part of an hour, due to a wreck just ahead. “Better call Megan, and have her head over to my place to set things up.”

Penny nodded her agreement, and waited for the conversation to end. “Megan sends her love,” Carol relayed to Penny, then hung up the cell phone.

With her head leaned back against the head-rest, Carol sighed, “You and I have shared a lot this past week, Penny.”

“Yes, we have.”

“Well, there’s something else I want to share with you.” Carol turned in her seat, adjusted the chair to lean back slightly and tilted up the steering wheel. Penny watched, somewhat amused at her friend’s attempt to make herself more comfortable. “You seemed kind of cautious with Brian, and curious as to why he hugged me in such a familiar way.”

“I was a bit surprised, but Rob looked like he didn’t mind.”

Carol took a deep breath and began to explain her relationship with Brian and Diane. “You’ll meet Diane tonight. First off, let me set your mind at ease, by telling you that all of these people that I’m going to tell you about are nice, safe, friendly, and happily married, but most of all… and I stress this: SAFE!”

Penny was very curious now. “Safe.” She and Carol had talked about this shortly after they had made love the first time. Penny had fallen into a state of worry after they made love that first time, and had come to Carol to discuss the number of partners they each had been with. Penny trusted her friend completely now, so when Carol brought up that word, she knew that this was a serious conversation. “I trust your judgment Carol. If they are safe, I believe you. But what are you trying to say?”

“Penny, have you heard of swingers?”

Penny nodded her head yes, and slowly it dawned on her what Carol was saying. “Ohhhh, I see. You, Rob, Diane and Brian are swingers, right?” Carol nodded her head yes, and surprised Penny more when she added Tim and Megan’s name to the group of friends.

“Wow! How long have you guys known each other?” Penny sat stunned, but impressed at the same time. She had been curious as to how couples handled the emotional impact of situations like that, so she listened as Carol explained how their situations worked. As she watched her friend’s face, she could see that this part of her life was special, something she only would share with someone she trusted and cared for. Reaching out, Penny cupped Carol’s cheek. “Thanks for sharing all of this with me. I respect you and your friends for your honesty.”

“Well, I thought it was only fair to you. Tonight is a special party. You’ll enjoy it, but I wanted to make sure you knew everyone was very comfortable with each other, and why they will be with you, also.”

Finally, traffic looked as if it would move. Carol returned her seat to the position she had earlier, tilted the wheel back and smiled over at Penny. “All set, it looks like.”

Penny leaned over, kissed Carol gently on the lips, her tongue sliding slowly inside, tasting her friend. “Yes, let’s go dress up in sexy lingerie, and perhaps you and I can enjoy removing them together, afterwards.”

Carol smiled back, and cupped Penny’s breast. “Or during….”

Penny giggled, settled back in her seat, rested her eyes, and imagined the picture of Mark, Carol, Rob and her, making love together.

~~~~~~~~ They parked in the drive, and Carol waved at the woman walking up the sidewalk. “Late for your own party, Carol?” the woman asked.

Penny’s eyes took in the tall redhead. Penny guessed she was around 5′ 10″. She looked fit, and sported a pair of perfect breasts, that had Penny wondering if they were real or not.

“Hi, there. I know, late for my own party. escort bayan Not good, is it?” Carol hugged the woman close and stroked her back gently. Penny admired Carol’s openness with her friend, and waited patiently to be introduced.

Diane pulled out of Carol’s embrace, turned to Penny, and moved closer to her, hugging her as she introduced herself. “Hi. I’m Diane, and I’d bet my 1964 Nova Wagon that you’re Penny!”

Penny smiled shyly at the woman, taking in her outrageously loud voice, pleasant manner and cheerful smile. “Yes, I’m Penny. Nice to meet you.”

Diane snaked her arm around Penny’s waist, welcoming her as the three women moved into Carol’s home. Penny had been here once, and her memories rushed back at her as she remembered Carol pushing her against the wall and taking sex, with her fingers, then her mouth. She felt the flush of her cheeks as she tried to ignore the sensation of that memory, rushing through her.

Diane used her fingers to slowly smooth the sides of Penny’s dress, enjoying the feel of it beneath her touch. “You smell good, too, Penny,” Diane told her. “Boy, Carol, you sure do make the nicest friends.”

Carol winked at Penny, pulled her away from Diane’s arms, and they all headed off towards the kitchen. Megan had already been working hard, preparing the party foods. Soon the four women were talking and having a great time. Carol suggested they take all the snacks and drinks into the living room. Everyone grabbed a dish and a drink, Carol grabbed the wine, and off they went, their giggles and squeals ringing throughout the home.

More food was consumed, and more wine passed back and forth. All this, Penny knew, was for her; a way to relax before having to show off the lingerie that Carol had designed. “Let’s get started,” Carol finally said, as she helped Megan from her spot on the floor. Penny had been watching Megan sneak sly strokes up Carol’s leg as she sat at the foot of Carol’s chair. Diane had been watching Penny, and had seen her eyes darken as she watched the smooth fingers of Megan connecting with Carol’s leg. Everyone was more then ready to change into the newest design created by their host.

“Megan and I will take my bedroom. Penny, you and Diane have your things laid out in the guest bedroom,” Carol instructed, as she headed towards her bedroom.

The other women grabbed their flutes of wine and headed to their destinations, except Megan, who slowly lagged behind. She watched Penny’s body as she headed off with Diane. She had been wanting to sample the raven-haired beauty since that day in the mall, and tonight she was so wet from anticipation, she knew she’d probably cum in no time. Shaking her head, Megan sighed softly, and went off to join Carol.

Penny had been getting more excited about the evening. Something seemed different than anything she had ever experienced before. All these women seemed to be focused on her. Each one would steal a glance at her breasts, her legs or her ass. Penny had watched Megan slowly stroking Carol’s leg, and once she even saw her kiss her calf muscle. This had elicited a quiet moan from Penny that she tried to cover with a cough.

Diane closed the door behind her and Penny. “Well, babe, let’s get these sexy numbers on,” she said. Diane quickly began to remove the little shirt that housed the two globes that Penny had wondered about all night. Diane saw Penny’s eyes glance at her breasts, “They’re the real deal, hon. Believe me, I’ve carried these babies through 3 kids, and have the scars to prove it.”

Penny blushed and tugged at the zipper of her dress. “Crap,” she muttered. “It got stuck when I put it on, also. Do you mind?”

Diane smiled, and advanced towards Penny’s side. “Carol mentioned about her and our arrangement, right?” Diane asked, as she concentrated on freeing the small bit of fabric from the zipper’s teeth. “You know what I mean, right? About swinging?”

“Yes, she told me. It is amazing that you guys are all so open and honest about it.” Penny could feel Diane’s breath against her, and smell the sweet scent of her perfume. She saw the different shades of red in her hair, and wondered what it would feel like against her fingers.

“I just wanted you to know that we all are free and open because we aren’t ashamed or embarrassed. I know this is all new to you, and well..hopefully after tonight, you’ll feel more open about yourself and us.” Diane finally freed the zipper and eased it down Penny’s back, her knuckles grazing the porcelain skin. The dress hung loosely on Penny’s frame, and Diane got a peek at the full round breasts hiding beneath the material. “You’re gorgeous Penny,” she said softly. “That husband of yours is one lucky man.”

Penny smiled and thanked her new friend, blushing over the attention her body was getting, but also enjoying it. She slipped the dress from her body, and grinned wickedly at Diane’s low whistle of admiration. She felt her sex moisten, as she purposely slowed herself down in getting dressed. Her body was humming as she slipped the hot pink thong up her legs and over her hips, using her fingers to adjust the straps around her waist. Suddenly she felt a breath of warmth upon her shoulder. Knowing the scent of perfume she had smelled earlier, she leaned back against Diane, who said, “Let me fix this last part for you.”

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