Pent Up at the Party

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When I was a younger man, mid 20’s or so, a cousin of mine had just gotten married and had his reception shortly after at a luxurious hotel. All of the groomsman, like myself, were given their own rather posh suites for a few days before and after the big event. The room was impressive to say the least. It had everything one could possibly need right down to a hot tub and mini-bar. I wasn’t much of a drinker so I opted not to disturb any of the contents. Being such a light-weight when it came to drinking, it probably wouldn’t take much to get me completely hammered anyways. The big day finally arrived and the wondrous ceremony went off without a hitch. A few hours later the entire list of guests and family members gathered at the large reception hall downstairs.

It wasn’t too long after the typical wedding traditions had been completed that the REAL party had officially begun. Loud music, bad dancing, and every kind of alcohol had made its way to all in attendance. The untamed celebration went on for hours into the night. I too found myself partaking in some of the toasts and began to enjoy the taste a little more than I thought I would. I’m not sure how much of the grape I had imbibed but it seemed to be coming at me in endless supply. Regrettably, I had no date for the night so I could freely consume as much as I wanted without anyone casting judgement on me. The only one there who seemed concerned with my current state of affairs was my Mother. She always knew that i wasn’t much of a party person and I was suddenly acting very out of character.

It was clear that she was one of the few people there who could handle their liquor intake. I knew she had quite a few celebratory toasts that night but managed to maintain her composure pretty well. She looked especially elegant that night. It was hard to recall the last time I had seen her all dressed up for an occasion like this. Mom was always a very attractive looking lady when she took the time and put forth the effort. Granted, she rarely ever got the chance to do so since our folks had split up many years ago. She looked fantastic in her flowing skirt and sophisticated looking blouse. I don’t think I have ever seen Mom wear heels quite that high before but they really accented her shapely legs nicely. We chatted briefly before I abruptly informed her I had to urinate and quickly scampered off in search of a restroom.

It took some doing, but I managed to stumble my way to the elevator and eventually my own room. I staggered in and raced to the bathroom. This was an emergency. It felt like I had drank a few gallons of liquid and it all needed to be released right now. Still clutching a large bottle, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get my dress pants and belt undone. In such a haste, I had somehow managed to just completely remove all clothing from the waist down never releasing the bottle from my grasp. After the feeling of sweet relief, I just dropped down and sat in the middle of the huge empty floor trying to gather my thoughts with a grin thinking about how pathetic I must have appeared.

I pondered going back to the party to invite one of the many inebriated female attendees back to my room for some a quick romp. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken much effort in these circumstances. There was that tall, flirty blonde I danced with briefly who had an amazing rack. She would do nicely. I didn’t realize that just thinking about harpooning some of that easy tail had gotten me hard. Shortly after finishing what was left in the bottle in a single chug, I felt increasingly dizzy and everything went black.

I awoke briefly only to find my Mother standing above me who was slightly slapping my face and laughing. She must have gotten concerned with my absence and came in to check on me. I didn’t want to move. I was in a blissful state of comfort and didn’t want to be bothered. She kept prodding me and making wise-cracks about not being much of a drinker and the like. Mom kept demanding that I had to get up and onto the bed but I knew there was no way I was getting off this floor at the moment. I was too groggy to do much of anything. For some reason I reached up a little and grabbed on of Mom’s ankles and gently stroked it as she stood over me. I was fascinated by how soft it felt in her warm, black nylon stockings and began to drift back into my peaceful slumber.

“Let’s go hon, get yourself to the bed, you’ll feel better in the morning.” she kept repeating. “I’ll help you up. I’m not sure why you are naked but come on now.”

I just lay there naked, rock hard and in a stupor as she repeatedly tried to pick me up. With one last ditch-effort Mom lifted her skirt, knelt down and planted both of her feet ,still in heels, on each side of my hips. Now she tried to lift my lifeless body from under my arms. She gave it several tries letting out a small series of grunts and groans. It was quite humorous watching this petite woman try to move me across the floor..

“Come on baby, we got to get you off the floor.” she said panting.

Each time Mom bent down she was basically doing nothing short of straddling me. I could feel the tip of my rock hard kartal escort bayan shaft brush against the cotton-crotch part of her pantyhose and so did she. I don’t think she realized what she was doing at first. That poor woman tried to lift me a dozen times to no avail. But I could tell she was getting a little bit of a thrill feeling my tip rubbing against her soft parts.

“Ohh!, careful baby that’s Mommy’s sensitive area.” she chuckled aloud as she slightly pressed herself downward on top of it. “It does feel pretty good though. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any…contact there.” Mom said softly.

After a few more failed attempts to lift me, Mom stood up and just stared down at me for a few seconds. Hiking up her skirt a bit higher Mom squatted down over me one more time but instead of lifting my arms, she began to adjust her pantyhose and underwear to maneuver them over to one side of her crotch.

“Oh well, you won’t probably won’t remember this anyways… so to hell with it.” She muttered.

With that, Mom began to glide her lower half back and forth across the tip of my cock just slightly. She was clearly enjoying it. After a few seconds she threw her head back and started moaning a little. I admired her ability to hold her dress up while keeping her balance in those shoes as she gently grazed my cock with her moistened parts still covered in a thin layer of nylon. Obviously, she was getting off to this. I was still pretending not to move. I said nothing but was curious how this would play out.

“Mmm.. baby, that feels so good to Mommy. Shhh…you can’t tell anyone about this…Mmmmm!” she said looking down at me.

Suddenly, Mom hopped off of me and lowered her skirt down and began to pace around my lifeless body back and forth as I could hear her shoes clicking on the floor. I could tell she wasn’t sure what to do with me next. Clearly I was too heavy for her to lift and wasn’t waking up anytime soon. Once again Mom stood in front of me as I lay there, planning her next move. Kicking off her heels, she reached up her skirt and removed her dark pantyhose and silky panties entirely and let them slide down one leg as she shucked them off to the side. Without haste she lifted the skirt again and squatted down on top of my rigid length like before. This time she had a firm grasp around the base of my rod and began to slide it back and forth across her slimy gash. I could feel the heat emanating from her underside and began to panic a little.

“Sorry honey, but Mommy needs this more than you realize.” she said with a wicked smile.

I wasn’t sure what she was planning to do next except the obvious. Was she really about to do what I thought she was going to do to me? Before I could even finish the thought Mom had completely lowered herself slowly down on me with a series of painful yelps. Somehow she had taken my entire length all at once and let out a howl of delight. I didn’t see it but I felt her warm body from the inside sheathing it’s entirety deep inside her canal. She just sat there for a few seconds, maybe to see If i would come-to or react. I didn’t move, not because of my drunken coma, but out of pure shock. Was this really happening? My Mom just took her stockings off and sat right down on my raw cock all the way! She began to moan and sigh heavily with the sensation of having her cavity completely filled with my meat. It took everything I had not to respond to the sensation of having my cock enveloped by my Mother’s warm kooch. I tried to feign a few small movements as if to be in discomfort but in fact I was only trying to get myself in a better position.

What was I doing? Was I so plastered that I actually wanted this? All notion of the woman currently straddling me was my own Mother had absolutely no bearing on my moral compass at all. Her moist insides felt incredible! Inhibitions had been thrown to the wind as a physical lust had taken hold of the both of us. Mom was essentially raping me and I was gladly letting it happen. I don’t think that stopping her in the middle of this would have done much good. She would have been mortified and embarrassed probably causing great strain on our relationship as Mother and Son for the rest of our lives. This all seemed like sound logic but at the time, but all I could think about was continuing to skewer her with my sweaty shaft. I loved this woman bet I never dreamed I would be MAKING love to this woman. Somehow fucking someone I have known my entire life made it that much more intense and strangely comforting.

After the few seconds she was sitting on me, Mom got up and off of me again and looked concerned as if she just realized what she was doing was wrong. Once again she began to pace back and forth around me with her eyes locked on my pulsating groin. Just as she started to head toward her discarded panties and nylons, I made a groan and stroked my cock a few times with a moan and fell back into my pretend slumber. Seeing that, Mom dropped the hosiery and headed towards me again. It worked. This time she planted both of her bare feet near my sides and dropped her skirt to the floor exposing her gorgeous yakacık escort ass and supple legs to the empty room. Mom had squatted down near my length once again and began to rationalize what she was about to do under her breath. It sounded like she was inventing some kind of story to cope with the acts that she was about to commit.

“I know baby, it has been a while since I’ve felt those sensations down there. But I see your big beautiful dick and I just can’t help myself. I’m a woman and I have needs. You are my son so I’m sure you will understand.” She continued. “You want to fuck me? You want me to put your cock in me? Yes, that would feel nice hon. Let Mommy help you.”

Watching my face to see if there were any signs of me waking up, Mom fell to her knees and began to line up my rod with her furry slit. Just like before, Mom inserted the entire thing up inside of her warm body with confidence. Resting both of her hands on my shoulders, she just began to rock herself back and forth slowly. I could feel every inch of my beyond hardened length penetrate the soft folds of her moist skin. My Mother was fucking me right there on the floor, and I just didn’t care.

“MMmmm that does feel good baby, Yes, Mommy needed this so bad. I can feel you deep inside me!” Mom panted as she closed her eyes and let her head fall backwards. Damn, you are SO deep!”

I wanted to reach up, grab her firm ass and spread it apart as I drove myself deeper into her lovely vaginal opening. Mom was now panting aloud as the pace of her rocking herself had begun to get faster. This woman was saying the filthiest things I had ever heard and it began to turn me on even more despite who was saying it.

“Ohhh yes baby, Mommy loves to ride your cock. I had never known it was that big before and it’s all mine now!” She said as she began to rub her chest with both hands. “You want to see Mommy’s tits now too? Okay honey, get ready.”

Mom removed her bra in one motion from under her shirt and playfully placed it on my face. She seductively began to unbutton her top and both of her perky tits poured out. Squeezing them together at the sides, Mom held her luscious breasts out for me to inspect.

“How do you like Mommy’s tits baby? Do you remember sucking on these? I bet you would like to again hmm?” she said still bounding on my ever stiffening dick.

I was trying not to let her see my eyes open but I couldn’t help myself. What a sight to behold. There was Mom bouncing up and down on my lap caressing her own bosom while she stared straight upwards moaning as her long curly hair flailed about. I don’t think I could have been more turned on, and neither could she.

“Oh fuck YES!! Fuck me baby, fuck your Mommy! Ohhh I can feel your huge dick inside of me! Yes…YES! Fuck Mommy’s pussy baby!” She chanted over and over.

I was focusing on watching my vein-riddled cock being devoured by my own Mother’s surprisingly tight pussy over and over again. Her cunt lips rolled over every inch of it leaving a trail of her own fluids that seemed to gush more and more. Mom was clearly enjoying this as much as I was. She reached down and scooped a little of our combined juices and smeared it across one of her perfectly erect nipples as she moaned in agony. Mom had a petite little figure and i’m still not sure how she was able to squeeze my thick shaft all the way inside of her slender frame.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My sleepy state was finally broken and I grabbed my Mom around the waist with both hands and began to pull her down over my cock. There was no way I was letting her get off me again. Mom looked down with no surprise to see me groaning back at her.

“Hey baby, I was wondering if you were ever going to wake up?” she chuckled without breaking stride.

“What’s going on Mom?” I said innocently. “How did I…WE get naked?”

“I found you passed-out and naked on the floor next to that bottle with a hard-on.” she said simply between breaths still riding me. “I took off my pantyhose and decided to push your huge cock in my little pussy and it felt SO Fucking GOOD! So here we are.”

I pretended to be opposed at the idea. “Yeah this feels wonderful but you are my Mother.” I said with false concern. “Are we allowed to be doing this? This is wrong.”

Mom leaned closer to my face and looked at me with a smirk.

“So then why are you still fucking me?”

I didn’t say a word. I didn’t even realize I was still trusting myself even deeper into her. She had a good point and I knew what was letting it happen because I TOO wanted this right now. I was too drunk to care and probably was never going to remember any of this, so I might as well enjoy it. Mom looked incredibly sexy up there with nothing but a completely open shirt stroking her supple body as she accepted my entire length. I just smiled and began drilling her bright pink opening faster.

Mom looked triumphantly down at me again. “That’s what I thought, now be a good boy and fuck Mommy hard. Just let me know when you’re about to cum baby. Okay?”

“Yeah, I guess I don’t want to get you pregnant.” I joked.

She hürriyet mahallesi escort chuckled back. “No, because I want to feel you cum in me. I want to feel my Son shoot his load up inside me deep!”

Normally, such a phrase would stun me to the core, but in this fit of physical gluttony I just went along with it. As I pounded Mom’s glistening chasm, I decided to ask her a few questions.

“Have you always wanted to fuck me Mom?” I asked politely.

She stopped moaning for a second before she responded.” No, but when I saw you laying there on the floor with that huge meat-stick pointing straight up I just couldn’t resist. I wanted nothing more than to jam it right in my pussy till it hurt.” She said with a smile. “Haven’t you ever thought of screwing me? I know you must have. All boys think about fucking their Moms at some point.” she stated with confidence.

I admit that there were times when my thoughts went rogue when I was younger. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of Mom in the shower or in her bathing suit in the pool and had some impure prepubescent notions. She was right. Every guy on the planet has thought about it at one point, but they never really get to act on it. Strangely, I was okay seeing my mother, now on all fours with her swollen lips spread open begging me to fill her again. We were both completely naked at this point and I didn’t waste time thinking about immoral concepts like incest. I clutched my Mother’s hips and slammed my quivering rod as far as I could in this woman’s delicate opening. Mom let out a high pitched squeal as I penetrated her drippy hole with much force. Just watching myself disappear into her tight little ass was enough to make me forget who it belonged to. Her taught little body reacted to every thrust I made.

“That’s it baby, fuck me harder!” Mom demanded. “Yesss, oh fuck yes…! That’s how Mommy likes it baby! Ungh…ungh..! She screamed while gritting her teeth. “Don’t stop fucking me, I’m gonna cum baby, you’re making me cum!”

I felt my shaft get increasingly warmer and wetter while inside her chasm. Mom had indeed cum all over me and it was glorious. She was panting so hard I thought she would pass-out as well. The sensation made me want to do unspeakable acts with this woman. I wanted to flip her over and jam my tongue deep in her crevice and lap up every drop of her emission. Just then I felt my self getting ready to follow suit. My scrotum started to tighten and i knew I only had seconds left before all of this ended. I wasn’t sure how to deliver my payload. Was she serious about blowing wad up her ass just now?

“I’m gonna cum Mom, I’m gonna cum hard!” I warned. “what should i do?”

“Oh baby, you can cum inside me it’s fine. Just let it go, I’m ready.” she said calmly.

I wasn’t sure of future repercussions at the moment, but this was happening. After a few final thrusts, I released a torrent of my seed into the deepest parts of her reproductive system. I could feel it draining from my cock as my dizzy head pounded with sweet relief. Mom was elated and began to buck wildly feeling the warm goo coat her insides.

“Mmm… yes baby, let it all out. Fill Mommy’s body with all that hot cum.” She cooed. “It’s so warm!”

I retracted my swollen length from her puffy cunt and it remained open a little bit. Just then a river pearly white began to stream back out of it. I wondered how many gallons of wad did I launch inside of Mom’s poor little body. She reached back and stuck her fingers in the slime and tasted it.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s the good stuff. I haven’t tasted that in a long time”. She said with a sigh as she turned around to face me.

Mom’s hand formed around my still throbbing cock as she squeezed it like a tube of toothpaste. A few remaining drops spewed forth and her eyes got bigger.

“See? I knew there was more in there.” She said with glee.

Before I could even see it, Mom’s head had lowered near my crotch. At first she lapped up the drops of remaining jizz from my tip with her agile tongue. Her head sank lower and lower and before I knew it, my cock was almost completely engulfed by her mouth and throat. Her red lipstick was smeared down the sides of my rigid dick as she began to apply suction. It felt orgasmic. It had been a long time since i had a good blow-job and Mom was throttling it like a pro. Her head moved up and down as she slurped every inch of my unit as if she had done it a hundred times.

“Fuck Mom, you’re gonna make me cum again.” I joked.

“That’s fine with me, now play with my pussy.” she ordered.

As instructed, I reached behind her and started to fiddle with her snatch still dripping with semen. her reaction to me fingering her sensitive labia was muffled my the large cock deep down her neck. It was clear that mom had some serious pent-up sexual frustrations and wanted to take it out on me this night. I have had sex in the past with average experienced girls but this was a woman with the sexual prowess pf a master. Mom released my junk from its oral confines and lay flat on her back on the silky bed. I thought she had reached the end of her incestual endeavor and was preparing herself for sleep. Did she want me to sleep with her naked in the same bed tonight? Fucking my Mother while the both of us were inebriated was wrong enough, but waking up naked together the next morning was off the taboo scale for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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