Pictures of Mom

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After the three hour drive from campus, Derek pulled into the driveway of his mother’s home. His home too, though he hadn’t seen it, much less stepped foot in it, for months. He parked behind his mom’s car, which he was surprised to see as he expected her to be at work. He knocked on the door, struggling to juggle his bags before giving up and setting them on the porch.

“You don’t have to knock, you live here too!” he heard from inside the house, followed by the pitter patter of bare feet on wood flooring. “Son! Mommy missed you. You look like you lost weight,” she said as she opened the door, embracing her son in a hug and giving him a peck on the cheek.

The thought of his mother’s breasts pressed against his chest quickly flashed through his mind, gone almost as soon as it had arrived. “Yeah well, I’m so busy I barely have time to eat. One meal a day, two tops.”

“Well I’ll have to make up for that while you’re here. Mommy will make sure to send you back on a full stomach,” she said as she pulled her dishwater blonde hair, which was a little longer than shoulder length, into a ponytail. “I’m making steak tonight, your favorite.”

“Thank god, I could use something other than ramen noodles and cereal. And I’m surprised you’re home, It’s not even noon on a Friday,” Derek said as his eyes flickered from his mom’s deep blue eyes down to her sheer, tight black tank top, which provided ample cleavage of her freckled chest and exposed her black bra, to her long, shiny, black fingernails, down to her white, mid-thigh length shorts and her smooth legs, and finally stopping gaziantep suriyeli escort at her feet. They were quite petite, and her toenails matched her fingernails. He eventually met her eye again and hoped she hadn’t noticed.

“I called off, I was too excited to see you to go in today,” she said, giving no indication she had picked up on his wandering eyes.

“Well it’s great to see you, mom. I’m pretty tired from the drive, so I’m going to take a nap if you don’t mind,” Derek said as he picked up his bags and headed up the steps to his room.

“Okay honey, get some rest,” Stacy replied.

Derek slumped onto his bed and rolled under the covers. His own bed. A welcome change from the inch and a half mattress they call a bed at his dorm. As he lied in bed, staring at the outdated design on his ceiling, he began to think about his mom.

There was no getting around it, his mom was sexy. All his friends thought so. When he was in high school, they’d all talk about what a MILF she is and ask if they can spend the night at his house. For most kids this was not only embarrassing, but liable to get someone a well deserved punch to the shoulder. But not for Derek. Oh sure, he acted like he was embarrassed and threatened numerous ass kickings if they didn’t stop talking about his mom, but inside, he loved it.

At 38 she did look her age, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have a pretty face. Deep blue eyes, pouty lips, a cute smallish nose and some light wrinkles which Derek believed enhanced her MILFness. She wore gaziantep türbanlı escort light makeup; foundation, eyeliner, silver hoop earrings about the size of a quarter, and occasionally light red lipstick. She used to have mid-back length hair which she used to dye bleach blonde, but now it was her natural color and a bit shorter.

She was short, barely over 5 feet, and weighed about 115 pounds. She had a nice body, which was still pretty tight, though she did have just a touch of softness forming around her belly. Derek didn’t mind. She spent a lot of time in the sun, so she had some tan lines which Derek liked. Her breast size was 36C. Derek knew this because of all the times he rifled through her underwear drawer. He had never seen them in all their glory, but he knew they were nice. They were pretty big for her frame, but not overly so.

She had, to put it bluntly, an incredible ass. Derek loved when she wore yoga pants, and he was perfectly happy to watch TV on the couch while she did her house chores, giving him a great view of her backside. Sometimes he thought she knew he was looking and gave him good views on purpose, almost like she was teasing him when she would bend over right in front of his face to “adjust the rug.” She had thick thighs and smooth legs. She was, as the kids say, “thicc.”

His mother was always a very feminine type; you’d scarcely catch her without her fingernails and toenails done. Black and pink were her favorite colors, and they were Derek’s too. She liked to keep her nails gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort on the longer side. Not overly long, just long enough to give good back scratches. Derek loved it when she scratched his back. Just the thought of a woman running her nails across his skin excited him.

As for her feet, well, Derek thought she had the sexiest feet he’d ever seen. Soft, small, and petite, she had a nice arch, smooth wrinkly soles, and wide nail beds that peeked out just a hair over the tip of her toes. One of Derek’s most favorite things in the world was giving his mother a foot rub.

Most guys don’t care about a woman’s feet or nails, but Derek did. He had somewhat of a fetish, but he didn’t like to think of it like that. A lifetime of his mother going barefoot around the house, having her son rub her feet, and regular offerings of back scratches will do that.

He was past the point of feeling guilty for fantasizing about his mom. It was something he’d been doing regularly since he started puberty, and continued to do even while he was dating Kate. It had become normalized for him.

He slid down his underwear and began stroking himself as he imagined his mom, on her knees while he sat at the foot of his bed, sucking him off. She ran her pouty lips down the side of his cock before she took him in her mouth, looking him square in the eye. Her head bobbed up and down while she cradled his balls with her left hand, her long black nails pressing into his skin, while using her other hand to stroke his shaft while she sucked. He had a great view of her cleavage, as her freckled breasts swayed back and forth while she went to work on him. Sometimes she would run her nails down his chest and thighs while she was sucking, which drove him wild. “Do you like that, son?” he imagined her saying.

He stroked faster. He was getting close. “Oh mommy,” he moaned softly. “Mmm, mommy I’m cumming! Swallow it!”

There was a knock at the door.


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