Pictures of Mother Pt. 04

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On Saturday morning, I was mowing the lawn and mom was preparing lunch, we had not decided what to shoot that day when suddenly, the kitchen window flew open and mom shouted, “I bet the guys would like to see me fuck a carrot!”

“How can you fuck a carrot?” I asked in a moment complete dumbness.

“You know… stick it in my pussy.” She said holding a big carrot. “Can you set up for a shoot in the kitchen?”

It was a big kitchen with a large window facing south. I said “Sure, no problem.”

“Give me half an hour to get ready. Then meet me in here. Lunch can wait.” She said as she went upstairs .

An hour later she came down in a cute mini-skirt, it was really ‘mini’ and her stocking tops were almost fully visible when she was just standing straight. We did a quick rehearsal of the opening then I cranked the camera and called “Action!”

I started outside shooting through the open window, like a peeping-tom, watching her in the kitchen walking around making lunch in tan fully fashioned nylons. Lots of up-skirt and down-blouse as she opened and closed cabinets and drawers.

When she was over at the sink, which was in front of the window, washing the vegetables I focused on her face as she pretended to get horny while holding a good sized carrot. She must be really horny! She’s not that good of an actress. This was going to be good!

She started licking it like it was a cock. Then she opened her blouse and rubbed the carrot between her tits for a minute before it headed south.

I called “Cut!” while I came inside and re-positioned myself on the floor shooting up at her.

I muttered weakly, “Action!”

The carrot began exploring the soft cotton of her panties and trying to probe her. She pulled the crotch aside and the sight of her pussy, so close to my face, caused me to inhale audibly, as usual (good job we don’t have sound).

I zoomed closer as the narrow end slid in and she slowly moved it around inside her. She was making little groaning noises as she did (I wish we had sound). I stayed focused on the carrot. I would shoot her “Oooh-faces” later and edit them in post production.

This was one lucky carrot! She was moving it around faster now and it was obviously getting very wet. After a few minutes she pulled it out, turned it around and stuffed the big end in. Her groans where louder now, as she plunged the tubar in and out vigorously. It had a white ring of her juices around it indicating how deep it had been.

She called “Cut!” and slid it out. Reaching in the sink she pulled out a courgette (cucumber – to my american friends)!

“Action!” She called quickly. She wasn’t pretending anymore this was serious!

It was soon rubbing against her panties. It was fat and long and I could not believe it would fit it inside her little slit. It began to look like I was right too. She struggled to get her pussy to accept it, but never under-estimate a determined woman!

She took her panties off, then went over to the counter and took a handful of softened butter to spread the on the end. She went over to the big kitchen table and laid on her back, put her knees up in the air and spreading them apart.

I called ‘Cut!’ while I pulled up a chair and sat between her legs. I straightened her stockings while I stared at her wet pussy. It looked hungry and I think it was about to get fed! With my camera a foot away from it, I called “Action!”

She still struggled to insert that large vegetable into her tight twat. She was opening her sweet lips with one had, showing a lot of pink and pushing hard with the other. She groaned in pain but she did not stop trying.

Then, suddenly, it was in! Just an inch or two but enough to hear a gasp of relief/pleasure escape from her mouth. She continued to moan as she slowly pushed it in further. When it was as deep as it could go, she stopped and removed her hands and just lay there breathing heavily. The courgette remained firmly lodged where it was but I could see it pulsating to her heartbeat.

Her hips then came up from the table and she rotated them in a grinding action. It still remained impaled tightly inside her buttery twat. It was mesmerizing to watch her move and hear her groans of pleasure. Letting her butt back down on the table she opened her legs as wide as she could and pulled it carefully out. When it finally popped out, I zoomed in closer as her gaping pussy gently closed like a camera’s iris.

I made a mental note to set up more lighting next time.

She re-inserted it and proceeded to fuck what was (let’s face it) part of my lunch. I leaned back in my chair – I did not want to get punched in the nose, again. Ten minutes later I ran out of film and called “Cut!”. I guess I was not going to get my “Oooh-face” shots. I didn’t think the punters would miss them – this was hot stuff!

She had not stopped… she could not stop… she was giving herself the best fuck of her life (up till then). I just stood up and watched her. Of course, gaziantep özbek escort I was stroking my dick.

She came hard and loud arching her back and trembling all over. When I thought it was over, it was not! She pulled the courgette out of her pussy and began rubbing her clitoris vigorously. She quickly came a second time even more forcefully.

Laying there spent, eyes closed, she didn’t even notice when I ejaculated on her skirt and stockings.

She finally got off the table and went upstairs to clean up and then, hopefully, finish making lunch. I was ready to eat! The cucumber was still on the table. I looked at mom’s pussy juices clinging to it. They were still wet. I licked them off. I was always told as a kid to eat everything mommy put in front of me! I was hooked on her essence. On the way to the darkroom I picked up her panties, they were wet too.


Sunday mom was reading the ‘News of the World’ Sunday newspaper. It was really not fair to dignify it as a newspaper, it was a gossip rag of the worst kind. It always had lurid stories of vicars being inappropriate or footballers punching their wives.

Anyway, she started laughing and said. “Did you read about this woman in Manchester who forgot her son’s birthday?”

She went on, “She came home to a room full of males expecting a party. She had nothing prepared …so as a special treat she gave them a striptease and her son got a lap dance! Happy frikin birthday!” and that set her off laughing.

Then she said, “We have to get that on film.”

We talked about how to shoot the birthday party scenario. I said I could set up the camera behind me on a tripod and if she could strip while on the coffee table we could capture the back of me and all of her in one shot. She like that idea.

“What should I wear?” She said.

I loved it when she said that, ’cause we would go up to her room and I would lay on her bed while she tried on different lingerie and outfits for me approve. It always took me such a long time to select the one I liked…

We decided on a fifties look with a lots of petticoats, brown stockings, black garter-belt, white bra and panties. She put some records on the record player while I set up the lights, camera and chair.

I sat in the chair with a party-hat on and a noise-maker in my mouth. The way it was lit up and shot I appeared as a black silhouette in the lower corner of the screen. Mom was lit up like a stripper should be.

I cranked the camera, sat in the chair and called “Action!”

She came into the room and mimed surprise at realizing she forgot it was my birthday. She expresses the old ‘I have an idea’ face. Then walked over to the record player turned it on and started dancing the Can-can in front of me.

Now, I had seen women dance the ‘Can-can’ in movies and on the telly, but when a woman stands four feet in front of you and kicks her legs up above your head, it is very exciting!

With all the white frilly petticoats her stockings shocked the senses when exposed. My heart was pumping as her legs kicked up in front of me and she flashed her knickers in front of my face. She was a good dancer and could kick really high giving a loud scream as she did so.

For the finale she pulled her skirt and petticoats up and stuck her sweet ass in my face. I applauded and blew my noise-maker like a boy possessed. Each time I blew it it would unroll and hit her butt.

She put on another record, then with a wicked smile to the camera, stood on the coffee table and began to dance and slowly remove her clothing. Tossing each piece at me as it came off.

Mom could sure move and her long legs stretched on forever when viewed from where I sat. When she took her bra off she came down from the coffee table and straddled me.

She started rubbing her tits in my face and I started ‘motor-boating’ between them. Then she stood up and stepped out of her panties. She bought them up to her nose and inhaled deeply.

Taking my party hat off she pulled her panties over my head so that the crotch was over my nose. I breathed in that nectar with all the capacity my lungs could contain.

Laying on the table she teased opening and closing her legs. Finally she opens them wide and using her fingers showed me the full pinkness of her pussy! Happy Birthday kid!

End scene cut.

She smiled and called me over to her, “Get the still camera baby and let mommy take care of that.”

I had a hard on that was bursting to get out and mom could see I was about to explode. Kneeling in front of me she stroked my cock and rubbed the head on her nipple which stiffened as she did so (her nipple… my cock did not need more stiffening). I watched fascinated as it flicked against that nub of flesh, feeling sensations that echoed up the shaft and into my balls.

I was hand-holding the camera and looking through the eyepiece. As I took pictures of what mom was doing porno videolar to my cock, I was having a hard time (‘scuse pun) concentrating. She eventually drained my balls all over her big tits and we captured some great shots before my trembling knees caused me to collapsed on the floor.


Monday, mom got a call from the publisher who needed a photo for a book cover. It had to show a woman gagged and tied to the bed. There was to be no nudity but it had to be sexy. The title of the book was ‘Abducted!’

We went up to the bedroom where I was asked to tie her to the bedposts. She tossed me a handful of worn stockings to bind her with. Her outfit was a black knee-length skirt which she had ripped a slit up one side, to look like it was torn in a struggle. Her white blouse was also torn to reveal her white bra and her cleavage.

She gave me all sorts of suggestions on how to shoot the scene before I gagged her. All she had to do was try to struggle and look frightened.

I took the shots as requested, but I felt they were not quite believable enough.

As I was about to untie her I put my hand on her leg and got that old electric tingle from my fingers to my prick. I ran my hand up her leg and under her skirt. I pointed the camera at her face and said, “You know mum, since I have you in this position. You being unable to move an’ all. I think I should have a little fun. What do you think?”

She shook her head ‘No’ and the look of fear was a little more genuine. Click…

I put the back of my hand against the crotch of her lace panties. Her legs stiffened but could not close them enough to stop my stroking. She is telling me to stop through her gag and her eyes reaffirmed that sentiment. Click…

I pulled her skirt all the way up and put my hand under the elastic of her panties until it found the top of her little pussy. Pressing my finger firmly against her clit, I look at her and say, “I don’t think it’s fair that you show me your sweet, sweet pussy but you don’t let me touch it. I’m touching it now aren’t I?”

Her muffled cries and her eyes are all insisting I stop. Click…

I tried to slide my finger into her pussy, it was closed to me so I wet it in my mouth and tried again. Now it went in and I felt the sweet pink meat that was my mom’s cunt. She was angry. Click…

Still not the shot I wanted. I reluctantly removed my finger from inside her and in one deft pull, ripped off her panties. Now she looked surprised and shocked. Click…

I undid my pants and pulled out my hard dick. There was the look I wanted! She was afraid I really would fuck her. Click… That was the shot I was waiting for.

I put the camera down and untied her. She smacked my hand and said I was very naughty to have done that but she had to admit the look of fear on her face was genuine (it was, infact, the one they chose for the cover.).

She went onto say that she was somehow excited by the thought of what I might have done to her whilst she was vulnerable. She wanted to know if I really would have fucked her. I just smiled and put my dick back in my pants.

“Get that back out and get me my vibrator from my drawer. You can fuck me with my vibrator, lay down on the bed.” She commanded.

I did as I was told. When I was on my back she got over me into a 69 position and started to slowly suck my cock. Her pussy was in front of my face so I turned on the vibrator and worked it into her wet slot. I was also able to lick her clitoris and my tongue was soon soaked with her salty sweetness.

She stopped sucking my cock long enough to let out some loud groans when she came, then went back to sucking me off. I was still licking her wet pussy when I ejaculated in her sweet mouth and down her throat. We fell asleep spooning each other.


Wednesday, I came home from school and mom was in the front room with what can only be described as a ‘Dolly-girl’. Her name was Cindy and mom had picked her up from the train station earlier. They had been drinking wine and getting to know each other since then.

“This is the young man who took all those pictures I showed you.” Mom said with more than a hint of pride.

“You have a lot of talent young man. I think your pics are gear.” Cindy said getting up and walking over to me smiling.

She was wearing white boots that came up to her knees, then there was a long stretch of smooth pantyhose clad thigh that disappeared under a white micro mini skirt. I caught a glimpse of white knickers when she stood up, which matched the white bra visible under her sheer white blouse. She must have caused a stir in the pants of any man lucky enough to share a compartment with her on the train. She was beautiful, young and very sexy.

She stood in front of me and I was looking at her ample cleavage. She was taller than me in those boots and when my eyes eventually met hers I was truly smitten with her beauty. She had gaziantep rus escort bright white lipstick on which would have looked absurd on any other woman but on her she looked ‘fab’ to quote her. She peppered all her sentences with ‘fab’, ‘groovy’, ‘far-out’ and other such colloquialisms of the time.

Mom had contacted the publisher in London to find a model to do a lesbian shoot with. They had suggested Cindy and our lives were changed from then on. She was a breath of fresh air and her and mom were getting on like a house on fire.

Over tea, I learned that Cindy would be staying in the spare room until Sunday. Since we were paying her by the day mom said she would call my school and tell them I was sick tomorrow and Friday, so we could maximize production. I liked that idea and fell a little bit more in love with our new guest.

Mom wanted to do a photo-shoot while there was still enough light outside. She had an idea for a traveling sales lady storybook that we decided to shoot. Cindy was ecstatic to find out mom had never even kissed a woman and teased her while they dressed and did each others make-up.

The 1st shot was a close-up of the back of Cindy’s legs, heels and perfectly straight seams of her fully fashioned nylons. We zoom out and we see she is a door-to-door sales lady and she is standing in front of a door. She rings the bell.

Next shot: I am behind mom as she answers the door. She is in her dressing gown. Introductions are made and Cindy is invited in to show her product line.

We then go back outside to shoot mom waving goodbye from the door as Cindy gets into the car and leave, giving us a nice up skirt shots as she gets in the vehicle. Beginning and end shots sorted. Back inside now for the meat and potatoes!

In the living room we find out Cindy sells fully-fashioned stockings. Lucky us! While mom sits on the sofa Cindy pulls up her skirt and asks mom what she thinks of the nylons she is wearing? Click…click . She asks her to turn around to examine the heels and seams. Click…click…click

Cindy then turns back and kicks off a shoe. Putting her nylon-ed foot in front of mom she asks her to feel quality. Mom runs her hand up the leg from the toe to the top and approves. She then stands up and opens her dressing gown. She is wearing a black lace bra with matching panties, suspender-belt and stockings. Cindy is invited to feel the quality of her nylons. She runs her hand up mom’s thigh and is looking deep into her eyes as she continues up to her panties and starts to gently rub the crotch…

“What do I do?” Mom says to her.

“Just do what I do.” was the whispered reply.

They gently kissed. I switched cameras for close up shots as they explored each others lips and tongues. Cindy was gently stroking mom’s panties. Mom’s hand went up Cindy’s skirt and ditto with the stroking. My camera did not know what to shoot – it was information overload!

I stopped shooting and watched everything I could in awe. They seemed unaware I was still in the room. I started snapping shots again when Cindy had removed mom’s dressing gown and bra and was doing a job on her nipples. She was licking them, sucking them and biting them gently. The close-up camera captured it all.

Mom helped Cindy strip to her lingerie while still continuing to kiss each other. The kisses went down to Cindy’s breasts where she duplicated what had been done to her. I stayed out for the long shot as Cindy had her hand down her panties and was working her clit slowly.

When Mom stood up for the next pose Cindy knelt down and used her teeth to help remove her panties. Then her tongue was between her legs searching for the heaven that resided therein, she found it, which made mom’s knees go weak and she dropped down to the sofa.

Cindy kept her head between those stocking-ed legs as her tongue flicked away at her little slit. When she heard my camera clicking near-by trying to get a shot, she stopped and let me see what she had done to mom’s pussy. It was soaking wet…whether from spit or cunt-juice I could not tell. Smiling at me she opened it wider showing the pinkness. I clicked away.

She continued to open it until the pink meat parted to reveal a black-as-night little entrance. She poked her tongue into the cavity and again I was looking at the back of her head. I found something else to photograph… there were lots of choices.

Soon Cindy slid two fingers into mom’s pussy and was now an inch or two from her face looking into her eyes with a look of wicked pleasure. She started to rapidly rub her fingers in and out . She was concentrating on the back of the pubic bone behind the clitoris. Rubbing so fast I thought she might start a fire! Mom’s eyes opened wide in surprise and rapid gasps came from her open mouth.

She was looking Cindy in the eyes seeming to say ‘yes…yes’.

The sound of wet sloppy fingers filled the room. Mom quickly came and squirted over Cindy’s rapidly moving hand. Cindy removed her fingers and licked them. Mom licked them too. Newly energized she now reversed rolls and went down on Cindy.

She didn’t have any hesitation as she opened her first pussy and threw her tongue in there with gusto. You would think she had eaten pussy all her life and Cindy’s delicate cunt was soon soaking wet and immortalized in my camera from every angle.

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