Pink Lips Pt. 02: Birthday Suit

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Full Disclaimer: This is catered to a woman audience, but you are welcome to read regardless of gender or orientation!


Lily saw the morning light gently stream through her and Blue’s apartment window. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes. Blue always had morning classes, as she was a visual arts major, so it was no surprise that she was gone. She felt her phone buzz on her dresser and she picked it up.

“Good morning sweetheart.” Blue said softly. Lily blushed profusely. The memory of her and Blue’s lust filled encounter in the library came flooding back to her.

“Hi my love,” Lily giggled, brushing her hair back.

“Are we forgetting what day it is?” Blue said softly, chuckling over the phone. Just then Lily remembered it was her birthday.

“Oh my god, if you hadn’t reminded me I would have completely forgotten..” Lily smiled even wider.

“Wait until you see what I have up my sleeve.” Lily could almost see Blue smirking over the phone. Lily’s smile turned into a lip bite. She could only imagine what Blue was going to do to her tonight. It took all of her willpower to not to strip down and touch herself right then and there. She moaned a little.

“What was that? Already horny are we?” Blue let out a husky laugh. “Go to class and be back home at five.”

Late Afternoon

After her English lecture was over, Lily practically ran back to the apartment. She had been thinking about Blue’s fingers frantically moving in and out of her pussy all day, Blue’s mouth on her perky tit, sucking and biting on her soft nipple until it grew hard in her mouth. She couldn’t wait for Blue to fuck her all night long. Lily put the key in the door, her hands shaking with excitement.

Lily could tell that Blue was not going to be soft with her in bed tonight. She felt warm sensations in her freshly shaved pussy thinking about how Blue would practically rip Lily’s shirt off and go down on her like there was no tomorrow.

“uhh fuckkk” Lily muttered to herself and rubbed her thighs together.

Lily stepped into the dimly lit apartment. After Lily had gotten together with Blue, they had bought this apartment together. It was the perfect blend of sweet and sensual. She threw her backpack down with a thud.

“Welcome home, birthday girl.” Lily looked around and her eyes set on Blue. Her eyes widened and she bit her lip.

Blue looked the hottest Lily had ever seen her. Her pale, luscious, double d tits were practically spilling out of her black, lace corset. Her thigh high boots gripped her legs perfectly and her shiny, short, ginger hair added the finishing touches gaziosmanpaşa escort to her look. In her hand was a riding crop and she had a harness around her waist.

Lily looked down at Blue’s pussy. It was clean shaven, and she saw a gleam of wetness in between the perfect, pink folds. Lily licked her lips softly, she couldn’t wait to run her tongue in Blue’s pussy, tasting her, feeling Blue come all over her face.

Blue sauntered over to Lily and unbuttoned Lily’s jeans. She snaked her hand down Lily’s underwear and felt her pussy.

“My goodness, my good girl, already so wet for me.” Blue whispered in Lily’s ear, smirking. Blue bit Lily’s earlobe slightly, sending shivers down her already worked-up body.

Lily moaned softly, and moved herself against Blue’s hand.

“19 years old. God I remember your first day in class with me. You were so naive it was adorable, I knew I had to teach you a thing or two.” Blue purred in Lily’s ear and Lily moaned and leaned into Blue further. Blue stroked her fingers up and down Lily’s soaking entrance.

“Blueeee,” Lily moaned into Blue’s ear.

“Okay princess, I know what you want.” Blue picked Lily up and carried her into their bedroom. Blue kissed Lily passionately, and in one swift motion laid her down on the bed. Lily wrapped her legs around Blue’s waist and they made out. Blue’s hands traveled down to Lily’s shirt.

“How about we get these clothes off, hm?” Blue tore off Lily’s shirt, squeezing one of her perky tits and kissed her neck. Lily was already squirming.

“Yes, oh god Blue, just like that. Blueee.” Lily moaned. Her long, black hair cascaded down by her sides in waterfalls, and Blue tilted Lily’s head up to kiss her again. They kissed for a little while, then Lily got restless. She started to pull Blue in closer, gripping Blue’s ass ferociously.

“Looks like someone’s getting a little antsy? Hmm?” Blue smirked and grabbed the riding crop that was laying haphazardly on the side of the bed. Lily’s eyes widened and Blue raised an eyebrow.

“On your knees, ass up.” Blue commanded firmly. Lily did as she was told, she felt her boobs press against the new, soft sheets. The feeling only made her wetter.

Blue ran the crop up and down Lily’s ass, and without warning gave it a hard smack. Lily moaned loudly.

“You like that pretty girl? Answer me.” Blue said huskily, giving Lily another smack.

“Y-yes B-b-blue. D-don’t S-stop.” Lily slurred her words out, she was going to come just from the spankings.

“Don’t you dare even think about coming.” Blue said, ümraniye escort taking on her dom voice. It was almost like Blue could read Lily’s thoughts. She gave Lily another hard smack on the ass, and Lily moaned louder. Blue held her thighs open so she couldn’t rub them together.

“You’re going to have some self control and wait until I touch you.” Lily moaned in frustration.

“You’re going to like what I have for you tonight.” Blue said flicking back a strand of her red hair. Blue then gently placed a blindfold over Lily’s eyes. She heard the corset being undone. She always loved when Blue took her bra off at night, her gorgeous breasts fluttering about.

She loved the feeling of when Blue fell asleep and her breasts pressed against Lily’s, it made her so horny that sometimes she would wake Blue up just to have sex.

Lily felt Blue’s finger go into her wet opening.

“Oh F-fuck, t-t-that feels g-good.” Lily moaned and shortly after Blue entered another finger.

“I’m getting you all wet and ready,” Blue whispered out, her mouth then pressing on Lily’s warm pussy. Her tongue moved up and down Lily’s clit.

“Fuck Blue! U-g-hhh yes, f-fuck me!” Lily moaned loudly, bucking her hips to meet Blue’s tongue. She felt Blue’s tongue on her clit leave suddenly, she could have sworn at that moment she was about to burst into tears. She was so close, she needed to come so badly that she ached.

Lily felt the blindfold being lifted off of her eyes. She gasped softly. She saw Blue put a shiny strap-on in the harness around her waist, Blue gave Lily a lusty look and Lily’s eyes clouded with even more desire. Blue climbed onto the bed.

“Spread your legs honey, are you ready for your present?” Lily nodded enthusiastically and Blue moved between Lily’s legs, pushing the strap on into Lily’s pussy.

“I’m going to go slow baby at first,” Blue kissed Lily’s lips and gave one thrust.

Lily groaned in delight and wrapped her arms around Blue’s neck to pull her in closer. Lily felt Blue’s soft, warm, gorgeous breasts press against her own.

“Faster, please, please oh god faster.” Lily groaned more, letting her desire overcome her. She closed her eyes softly.

Blue slipped a vibrator into the compartment of the harness and she kept thrusting faster and faster. Lily felt the familiar knot building in her pussy, she was going to come. She couldn’t hold back anymore.

She gripped Blue closer to her, “Oh God, I love you so much.” Lily moaned out.

“Come for me, just come all over me baby. I want to see you come all over my strap eskort bayan on.” Lily gasped, even more turned on by Blue’s words. Blue moaned as she felt her own orgasm building up. The vibrator and seeing her girlfriend all hot and bothered was going to set her off.

Lily screamed as she felt the waves of her pleasure roll over her. She felt her cum run down onto the sheets, and all over Blue’s strap on. She felt Blue’s tits bouncing against hers as Blue kept thrusting.

The sight of Lily’s orgasm proved to be just enough to set Blue over the edge. Blue came with a loud moan, her pink pussy gleaming with the clear fluids. Blue fell down on the bed exhausted, Lily wasn’t through with her. She gently unstrapped the harness and bent down to lap at Blue’s pussy.

“There’s more where that came from babygirl. Oh fuck, just like that, yeah just like that.” Blue urged Lily to keep going and gripped her head. Lily kissed up and down Blue’s thighs and returned to eagerly going down on Blue. She ran her tongue up and down Blue’s clit and she dipped her tongue in and out of Blue’s warm entrance.

Lily loved the feeling of Blue’s newly shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were so soft and silky and she tasted amazingly.

“I want to taste more of you.” Lily whispered out, pushing one finger into Blue’s pussy. Blue let out a throaty moan and ran her fingers through Lily’s hair.

“Not as fast babygirl, slow down a little bit.” Blue moaned, her eyelids fluttering. Lily could tell that Blue was going to come soon, and she did long slow strokes over Blue’s clit. She reached up to take Blue’s breasts in her hands, she squeezed the perfect mounds, feeling them spill over into her hands. Lily rubbed Blue’s nipples with her index finger and thumb.

“Oh god, keep doing that sweetheart. Yeah, just like that, fuck yeah.” Blue moaned and pulled Lily’s head closer into her Pussy. Lily felt Blue’s juices spill more and more onto her mouth. Blue was going to come, she loved when Lily went down on her. Usually Blue always took control, but when Lily took control it made Blue lusty as hell.

“Oh god, yes Lily!! Yes Baby!! I’m coming!! Fuck me!” Blue screamed as Lily felt Blue’s juices pour onto her tongue and run down her gorgeous, pale thighs. Lily bit Blue’s thigh a little bit and that made Blue shiver.

Blue sighed softly and leaned back against a pillow.

“Can we go again?” Lily asked with wide eyes.

“Oh my goodness, you horny teenager! What am I going to do with you!” Blue smirked and pulled Lily close to her.

“Come here sweetheart.” Lily moved over to Blue and Blue wrapped her arms around Lily. Blue gently stroked Lily’s soft hair.

“We can go again a little later.” Blue kissed the top of Lily’s head and Lily cuddled into Blue.


If I get some feedback, I might turn the next story into a sexual cuddling/2 am sex session? Also if you want me to write anything, I would love some requests!

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