Playtime Surprise

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She sat in her spot at the kitchen table, the one next to the big picture window, so she could look out at the skyline of the city while drinking her coffee. It was early morning, about an hour after sunrise, so it was bright in the kitchen and quiet throughout the house as Lily sat alone. She had chosen the big red mug today because it reminded her of her early mornings in the apartment in Paris years ago. She lazily stirred in her splash of cream with the matching spoon and tapped it gently on the side of the mug and smiled quietly to herself, fondly remembering those early days in Paris with Paul, and placed the spoon on the table next to the map of Amsterdam. She was in the process of creating the schedule for the walking tour and the city is not easy to navigate with all the circular streets and questionable areas. She wanted to ensure that there would be adequate time to see all the sights while remaining as safe as possible.

This was a trip that was supposed to have occurred months ago but dueling work priorities and various family events and emergencies kept forcing them to delay their vacation. Fortunately, Lily and Paul owned properties in several cities and were able to leave whenever it was convenient and not have to worry about hotel availabilities. They had their own fully-equipped apartments in Amsterdam, San Francisco, and New York, furnished to their taste and with their own supplies, so travelling was no more inconvenient than walking down the street. Plus, they had their private play room in each location, so a trip to any of those locations didn’t require any potentially embarrassing moments at customs or security checks.

Lily sat at the table, thinking about the early days of their relationship, before she knew who he really was. From the moment she laid eyes canlı bahis on him, before they had even been introduced, she knew he was powerful man. They met at a fundraiser, where his company was the main sponsor, and she watched him work through the room with ease in his expensive tuxedo, shaking hands with everyone, chatting with several well-dressed men and smiling warmly at women as he snaked his way through the roomful of tables and people. She noticed how he scanned the room quickly, to see which area he hadn’t visited yet and remarked to herself his quiet confidence as he walked up to her company’s table. Their eyes met for a moment, but she shuddered for a split second at the intensity of his gaze. It was like a wolf suddenly finding his prey, and it was thrilling. She felt his eyes see right through her into her very soul, as if he knew that it excited her to meet him. He smiled warmly, holding her stare.

Her boss, Michael, was oblivious to the moment she shared with Paul, and he moved in front of her to greet him. Without missing a beat, Paul smiled cheerfully at him and shook his hand. They exchanged pleasantries, discussed how beautiful the event was, and chatted about the wonderful turnout. Lily remembered being annoyed that he was taking so much time to introduce her and the rest of the people from her table, but she kept staring at Paul. She felt compelled to watch him.

After what felt like an eternity, Michael finally went around the table introducing the main players in his company. He started on the other side from where Lily was, so when he got to her, Paul was able to easily start a conversation.

They spoke about nothing remarkable, but it was evident to everyone there that a spark had ignited in both of them and they were all witnessing what the French call a “coup de foudre” — love at first sight. bahis siteleri They continued to chat until Paul’s assistant approached and told him that they were ready to start the speeches, so he politely excused himself from his discussion with Lily. Before walking away, he lightly brushed her forearm with his hand, a subtle motion that no one noticed but them, and it sent a shock wave of desire go through her like she had never experienced before.

As she sat at her kitchen table reminiscing about those early days, she knew that she was hooked from the instant they met. The emotional, physical and mental connection they felt for each other was like finding the elusive last piece of a puzzle that links everything together. She sat at the kitchen table thinking about their first date, and the second, and then their first night as a couple. Her body started to react to the thought of him… his body, his warmth, his sweet smell on her as he kisses her, touching her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, never stopping his kiss.

She sighed a deep sigh and got up from the table. If she was going to start something like this, might as well get herself set up. She got herself a towel from the linen closet, then she pulled the g-spot stimulator from the bedroom night stand and went into the playroom. Paul was away for the next few days on business but being in the room with all their toys on display added to her desire, so she didn’t bother closing the door, laid the towel down on the sofa in the room and took out a few candles. She lit one on each side of the sofa and one on the coffee table to allow a little light to come in to the room they built without windows. Privacy was important to them both.

She took off her top and lay down on the sofa in just her panties, running a finger up and down over her covered clit bahis şirketleri as she looked around the room and took in all the toys they played with. She teased herself slowly, as Paul would have, had he been there, and worked herself up. Her pussy was already wet but when she imagined his hands pinching her nipples, sucking on them slowly…starting with one, moving to the next, as he lies next to her, her desire for more made her juicier and she reached out for the vibrator.

She moaned lightly as she imagined that it was really Paul inside her, fucking her, telling her that she was his sweet girl as she moaned even more with anticipation. It didn’t take long for the sensation of the vibrator rubbing on her clit and inside her to make her cum. Paul was adept at getting her there, and even the mere thought of how he touched her excited her.

She lay there with her eyes closed, relaxed and glistening in the pale light from the candles, leaving the vibrator in for a few minutes because she missed him. When she opened her eyes, Paul was leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed and a sly smile on his face.

“You’re home!” she exclaimed in surprise, pulling the vibrator out in shock.

“The business finished early so I decided to surprise you. Looks like I’m the one that gets a nice surprise,” he replied. He walked over to her, bent down to meet her on the sofa and gave her a deep, but gentle kiss and held her chin with his thumb and forefinger.

“Did you ask for permission to play?” he said with a quiet, stern voice.

“No, Master. I didn’t,” she whispered. She didn’t like to disappoint him and was upset with herself for not having messaged him before doing anything.

“I see,” he said. He scanned the room, kissed her again, and told her to make her way over to the kneeler for her punishment. He strode casually over to the wall with the floggers and ran his hand slowly along each one, trying to decide which one he would select today to do his bidding.

She smiled to herself. Punishments weren’t always a bad thing.

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