Poker Night

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Double Penetration

“Please don’t make me do this.”

His eyes glittered at me like polished obsidian. His grin was wicked and wide. He took delight in my discomfort and I hated him for it.

I shuddered and clutched the flimsy robe closer around my body. “Please, Jack.”

“You knew the rules, Mel.” Jack stood up and walked towards me, a hunter stalking his prey.

I was so screwed.

“Take off the robe. I want to make sure you’re going to keep up your end of the bargain.”

“This is blackmail,” I spat while my hold tightened on the robe.

His dark eyebrows went up and he nodded. “You’re right. Now take off the fucking robe before I change my mind about letting you wear a skirt.”

A skirt. I could have snorted if I had an ounce of courage left in me. His hand rose between us and I tucked my chin down, afraid to meet his eyes. I knew what I’d see there and I refused to let him affect me more than he had already.

Just breathe, I told myself. Just breathe and keep your mouth shut and you’ll get through this. It’ll only be four or five hours and then they’ll all be gone.

And I’d be alone with Jack again.

A shiver skittered up my spine and I at last loosened my hold on the robe. Jack didn’t wait for me to take it off. He grasped one arm and yanked it from me. I immediately crossed my arms over my bare breasts and felt goosebumps prickle up and down my naked torso.

“Nice. You won’t be able to cover yourself up while you serve us tonight,” Jack said with a smirk and tossed the robe in the corner.

I scowled and didn’t reply. He laughed and turned away. I followed him reluctantly from the room and downstairs.

In the living room space had been cleared for the octagonal poker table he’d hauled out. The chairs were placed around the table, six of them in all, and chips were stacked in neat piles before each seat. I stopped and stared at the setting, a sneer curling my lips.

How did I get here? Half-naked and shivering while my stepfather leers from the other side of the room? I lifted my gaze when I felt Jack’s eyes on me. He wasn’t looking at my face and I covered myself with my arms again. His laughter rang out as he headed into the kitchen.

I sighed and covered my face with my hands. I thought back over the semester and thought of each moment I could have made a different decision. I could have passed that art history exam and handed in a better essay in applied theory. I should have studied instead of partied and gone to bed early instead of slipping naked into a guy’s bed.

Jack was right. We’d made a deal back at Christmas break when he found out how badly I was doing. I’d thought I could sail through my second semester and his perverted threat to have me serve drinks – topless – during his poker night would be nothing but a threat.

Instead I’d pissed away every opportunity to improve my grades and all but forgotten about Jack waiting at home.

It was all so perfect for him, too. My mother traveled for her work and her exit from the house coincided with my return for the summer. I was alone in the house with Jack for a week. The first hour my mother was gone he’d announced his intentions to make good on our deal.

“You failed two of your courses, Mel.” His smile had been filled with lewd promise. “I bought your uniform yesterday. It’s lying on your bed.”

Humiliation swept through me, heating my body and banishing the goosbumps at last. My ‘uniform’ was the flimsy plaid schoolgirl skirt that barely covered my ass. And that was it. No underwear, no bra and no shirt. Tears pricked my eyes as I considered what I’d have to endure for the night.

As long as Mom doesn’t find out, I’ll be fine, I thought. Up until last fall, my mom had always been the so-called heavy in the family. Jack had been the indulgent one, letting me stay out late, encouraging me to go to school out of province. Then he’d almost casually made the deal with me over the holidays.

Make my grades, pass the courses and he wouldn’t say a word to my mom about how I’d struggled in the first semester. Fail and I was to be subjected to this humiliation or else he would tell my mother. Who would probably lock me up and feed me nothing but gruel for a year if she found out how I’d pissed away the tuition she’d paid.

The doorbell rang, shaking my thoughts loose from the past. Jack walked out of the kitchen and threw me a grin before going to answer the door. I braced myself and tried to look as casual as possible.

First two through the door were James and Mick. They leered at me in equal measure while Jack explained I’d been ‘hired’ for the evening’s entertainment. A few minutes later Tom showed up and then right after him came Zach and Ben. Once they were all there and seated around the poker table, Jack made introductions.

As if I didn’t know these guys. As if I hadn’t seen them in this house on countless other nights before I’d backed myself into this corner. My mom and Jack had been married for ten years and I’d met most of his friends şanlıurfa escort before that even.

“She cleans up real nice, Jack,” Mick said and guffawed as if he’d told the joke of the year.

I felt my cheeks burn anyway at their responding chuckles and looked down at my feet. At least Jack had allowed me to wear socks.

“Are there rules?” That was Ben.

“You mean for the Texas Hold ’em?” Jack asked with a laugh. They’d been playing poker here for years. They all knew the rules just as they all knew Ben wasn’t asking about the game.

“No rules. Except you need to wear a condom. I don’t need any grandbabies runnin’ around.” Jack said and I snapped my head up to glare at him. He just winked at me, damn him. “And don’t get too crazy in front of everyone. No one wants to see your bare ass, Ben.”

Ben laughed but kept his eyes on me. He licked his lips and nodded. “I guess that makes sense. I don’t want to see any of your shriveled rods and tackle.”

More laughter while I stood there, half-naked, ice in my veins and burning with shame.

“Hey, Mel.” I looked over to see Tom waving me closer.

He was a nice guy so I walked over to his side and looked down at him with a tremulous smile. Then he reached out and palmed my breasts in his warm, calloused palms. I sucked in a shocked breath and tried to take a step back but Zach was sitting there, blocking my escape.

“These are nice,” Tom murmured as he squeezed and tested the weight.

I shuddered and looked away, biting my lip. This was not happening. I was not being felt up by a man twice my age who’d seen me with scraped knees and pigtails.

“You’ve grown up mighty nice, Mel.”

I couldn’t look at him while he kept fondling me.

“All right, guys. Are we going to play or what?” Jack stood on the opposite side of the table from me.

Tom chuckled and gave my tits one more squeeze before letting me go. “I was playing.”

The other guys laughed with him but Mick reached for the cards and started shuffling.

“Come on. Let’s play. Mel’s not going anywhere, right, Mel?” Mick winked at me and he no longer looked like the big roughneck I’d always had a secret crush on. He looked like a big, frighteningly strong guy who could probably do whatever he wanted to me.

I shuddered and moved away from the table while the guys all turned their attentions to the game.

“Get us some beer, Mel,” Jack ordered and didn’t even look up as I hurried away from the table.

Glad to escape to the kitchen, I clutched the edge of the counter with both hands and struggled to get my breathing under control.

You can do this, I told myself. Only a few hours to go.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wouldn’t be half so humiliating if I had a better body. I wasn’t ugly but I hardly sported the slender curves and long lines of today’s popular models. My naked boobs sagged a little from their plumpness and I knew stretchmarks lined my skin in a few spots. I had a pretty face and that was usually enough to get me what I wanted from the guys I’d fucked in college. That and the fact that I’d spread my legs without discrimination.

Perhaps that was another failing that I could add to the list of things to never do again. Now that Jack had me in this position, I couldn’t see a way out of it. In truth, Jack could hold this over my head for a long time.

“Mel!” Jack hollered from the living room. “Beers, now!” This accompanied by snickers and snorts from his friends.

Steeling myself, I grabbed several bottles from the fridge and headed back to the front room. Thankfully, the guys were deep into a hand and barely looked up as I set the beers down on the table. I backed away and watched with my arms crossed over my chest as they finished the hand.

“Mel, come over here and sit on my lap.”

I stared as James beckoned me over to his seat. He was another friend of Jack’s who I’d always sort of liked. He was tall and lean but he worked in the industry with the rest of them so I knew he was stacked. He shifted in his seat and patted his thigh.

I swallowed and moved closer but didn’t sit on the leg he offered. He scoffed and grabbed me around the waist. I fell sprawled onto his lap with a squeak and he laughed, cupping my boobs in his hands as he ‘helped’ me upright.

“Hey, James, do me a favor,” Jack spoke up from his seat, cards shuffling in his hands. “Check and make sure she’s not wearing any panties.”

I shot him the dirtiest look I could muster and clamped my thighs together. James laughed along with the other guys and slipped a hand under the tiny skirt. I felt his warm fingers slide over my thigh and brush over my pubic hairs. He forced his hand down between my thighs, in spite of my hold and shoved his fingers between my pussy lips.

I gasped and clutched at his arm, tugging to get his hand out from between my legs. James met my eyes and wiggled his fingers, working them deeper. I bit my lip and gaziantep sarışın escort struggled in his hold, desperate to get his hand out.

“She doesn’t have anything on under here,” James said, his voice husky as he continued to fondle me.

“Good. You’re big blind, James.”

At last James pulled his hand away to flick the chips across the table. His other arm loosened around me and I jumped up from his lap. I raced to the kitchen, desperate to escape.

“I’m out,” I heard Ben announce and his chair scraped across the hardwood floor.

I felt my stomach clench at the noise and his footfalls and spun around to see him appear in the doorway to the kitchen.

“Hey there, Mel.” He grinned and licked his lips as his eyes swept over me from head to toe.

I felt heat surge through my body and squeezed my eyes shut, willing my body not to react. This was humiliating, base and utter degradation and I would not let them get me wet.

Unfortunately as Ben approached me, I felt the telltale squish begin between my legs and knew James’ crude grope had only been a primer for more of what was to come.

And it had only been a half hour.

“C-can I get you something, Ben?” I asked, horrified when my voice wouldn’t rise above a whisper.

“You can bend over the table and let me get a good look at your ass,” he said.

I stared at him, my jaw going slack. He grinned and grasped my chin in his hand. “On second thought,” he murmured, looming over me. “This is a good look for you.”

Heat swamped my face as I registered what he meant. Then he took hold of my hand and put it on his crotch. His bulging crotch that promised a full package beneath. I swallowed and he chuckled.

“I do like it when the ladies swallow,” he said and he other hand came down on my shoulder. He gave me a not so subtle nudge until I descended shakily to my knees. Presented with the bulging crotch I’d just handled, I bit my lip. Ben lowered his hands and undid the button fly. His cock poked free from his jeans and I had a momentary thought for his commando state.

“I think you know what to do, Mel.”

I did and presented with a handsome piece of meat like this, my mouth watered. I couldn’t do anything about that or about my situation so I closed my eyes and sucked him into my mouth.

His fingers sank into my hair and he started to fuck my face right away. I gagged at first and then relaxed my jaw in a practiced move. He thrust hard once and then I grasped the base of his shaft to start to gain some control over his movements. He groaned and pumped harder, trying to get past my restraining hand and I let my teeth close just a little to let him know I meant business.

He eased up with a growl but I kept sucking him. If I didn’t make up for stopping the face-fucking, he’d probably force me anyway. This way I could control things easier and take the time it would take me to start to enjoy this.

And I did. I make no claims to greatness but I do enjoy a fine cock. Ben obviously took care of himself as he was neatly groomed and tasted nice. I gave his smooth round head a good licking and then sucked the whole thing into my mouth. I swallowed him deep and fondled his balls as I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock.

He groaned and started to thrust again. This time, I let him. I welcomed it when he sank his fingers into my hair and started to pump his hips in a regular rhythm.

“Fuck, Mel, you got a sweet mouth,” he groaned and pumped harder.

I felt his fingers tighten and then he shot his load into my mouth. It was strong tasting but not unpleasant and I swallowed it down, at least as much as I could. He withdrew after a second, leaving a trail of spittle and cum to drip down my chin. I lifted a hand to catch it and wipe it away as Ben stepped back. He looked down at me with a sated smile and tucked his dick away.

“Thanks, Mel. That was just what I needed.” He stretched his back, arching his crotch towards my face again.

I blushed and twisted to one side and pull myself to my feet. I felt ridiculously pleased with his praise and I didn’t know how I felt about that.

“My wife never gives me head anymore.” And with that, he walked out of the kitchen, leaving me with a sick feeling replacing the warmth I’d had a moment ago.

“Beer me, Mel!” Zach called from the front room.

I heard the sounds of chips clicking and cards shuffling and drew in a deep breath before fetching a beer.

The next hour or so passed by uneventfully. The guys passed me around for a titty fondle here or there and once, Ben pulled me onto his lap. He didn’t get hard again so I could only assume he was trying to be nice as thanks for the brilliant blow job I’d given him.

I took it all in stride, reminding myself over and over again that it would only be another few hours.

“She primed yet?” James jerked his head towards me at one point.

I blinked, surprised by the question. şehitkamil escort Before I could react beyond that, Tom grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to his side. He slipped his hand between my parted thighs and cupped my moist heat. I felt my cheeks burn and dropped my head to hide my eyes from all of them.

Then Tom brushed against my clit and a surprised breath escaped me. Tom grinned and did it again as one of his fingers wiggled inside of me. I grasped his shoulder to hold on, parting my legs a fraction wider. With every man’s eyes on me, Tom thrust his fingers into my now damp pussy and I jerked my hips at him.

As suddenly as it had begun, it was over. Tom pulled his hand away and turned back to the other guys. “Oh yeah. She’s ready.”

“Good.” James rose to his feet. “Deal me out of this one.”

I stared across the table at James as he rose to his feet. My eyes darted to Jack who only jerked his chin towards the hall. There was an office back there where, presumably, James would be able to have his way with me.

Was that fear tightening my belly? Or anticipation?

Cold sweat broke out on my skin but I walked around the table and let myself be led down the hall my James’ hand on my arm. We walked into the empty office and he shut the door behind us.

“Bend over the desk,” he ordered.

I faced him for a breathless moment, unsure if he really meant to do this. Maybe I could get away with another blow job.

“You’re not bending over.”

“Why don’t I suck you off?” I whispered.

James chuckled. “You like to suck cocks?”

I shrugged, not denying it.

“My girlfriend likes to suck on my cock but she never swallows.”

“I’ll swallow,” I blurted and blushed. It was true. I felt the squishiness in my pussy increase at the prospect of another fine cock.

“Get on your knees then.”

I obeyed that order and realized then that I didn’t care about being half-naked. I hadn’t for a little while now. I reached for James and yanked his zipper down. He chuckled at me and swept my hair off my face as I took his hard dick out of his pants.

“I want you to look at me while you do it,” he said.

I nodded and kept my eyes angled up at his face as I licked the head of his cock. His precum was saltier than Ben’s had been and I licked again and again until I got used to the taste. I wrapped my fingers around his generous length, pleased once again to be presented with a neatly trimmed and clean cock. He was hot against my palm and I could feel the pulse of his blood beneath the smooth skin.

I attacked his cock with fervor then, embracing my position. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I could get away with sucking them all off and no one would force me to fuck. Although if the dampness between my thighs was any indication, a good fucking might not be the worst thing.

I sucked so hard on James’ cock my cheeks sunk in and I tickled his length with my tongue as I sucked. I squeezed the base of his cock and lapped at the head like it was the best ice cream I’d tasted.

“Look at me, Mel!” he barked and I realized I’d let my eyes drop.

I gazed up at him and sucked the head into my mouth. I ran my tongue through the little slit at the tip and did it again when his hips gave a jerk against me. I withdrew and his cock popped free with a small sucking sound.

“You want to fuck my face?” I asked, pitching my voice to sound higher and more ‘innocent.’

He narrowed his eyes and nodded. I smiled and lifted his dick back to my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip and stroked him a few times before taking him back inside. Then his hands closed on my head and he started to fuck my face.

I relaxed my jaw and let him do it, fighting my gag reflex with every thrust. I tasted his cum dripping down my throat and then he really unleashed with a bellow. Cum filled my mouth and spilled over my chin. He shot a load bigger than I’d been expecting and I coughed a little as he withdrew. I tried to lap it up and sat back on my heels as I looked up at him.

“That was good, Mel.” He smiled and patted my head.

I frowned at the gesture. I apparently had turned into the poker game slut but I didn’t appreciate such a blatant reminder. I pulled away and got to my feet.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Next time I’m fucking you anyway.”

I turned and faced him with raised eyebrows. “Next time?”

He laughed as he straightened his pants out and turned for the door. “Yeah, next time. There’s no time limit on tonight, babe. You’re going to be flat on your back, or stomach, soon and you won’t move once you are.”

He walked out of the office but I remained where I was. Did he mean that? Was Jack going to let them use me all night long? More than tonight?

I put my head in my hands and drew in a shuddering breath. I reached down with one hand and cupped myself, disgusted with how much cream I discovered there. It was wetting the insides of my thighs with no panties to catch any moisture.

“Well, well, well,” Jack’s sneering voice reached my ears and I jerked my head up to see him leaning against the door. “Leave you alone for ten minutes and you’re masturbating.” He cocked his head to one side. “You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

“No.” The denial was quick but didn’t convince him. Hell, it didn’t convince me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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