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Lily came home early today as one of her teachers – who usually took a two-hour class – had called in sick. She lived in a very remote house in the countryside with her father and older sister, Valerie, both of whom would be at work now.

It had been 18 years since her bitch of a mother had left the family, only a few months after Lily herself had been born. She’d never yearned to know her mother and never thought of her. She had her father and that’s all she needed.

Her house – which was reasonably large – had a pool and Lily wanted to go skinny dipping before getting rid of some tan lines she got during a day at the beach with friends in the hot June sun.

Lily was just gorgeous with long, flowing auburn hair with pale, creamy skin scattered with freckles and bright, emerald green eyes. She had a firm yet jiggly ass and big, perky tits. In short, she was a redhead bombshell and Lily knew it. She’d never really been interested in guys but she loved dressing in skimpy outfits and showing off her cracking body. Whilst skirts, tank-tops and tight dresses were all well and sexy, her favourite piece of clothing was a good pair of tight jeans. They just made her ass look so damn good and spankable and that paired with a aforementioned tank-top or flowy white shirt made up her favourite outfits.

Whilst she started stripping right in the middle of her back garden, just throwing her clothes to the side of the pool despite the existence of a good deck chair, Lily bit her lip and moaned as she remembered her friend’s reaction to her outfit that day. As she was a Sixth Former, Lily was allowed to wear anything she wanted to school as long as it adhered to the dress code and since the head of Sixth Form was a ‘be free, do what you want’ hippie, that meant pretty much anything went.

Lily had worn a pair of really tight, blue jeans – she’d bought them a couple sizes too small – with a plain, white buttoned-up shirt with barely any of the buttons down-up. Her best friend Josie, black haired with long, creamy legs and ass for days, instantly slapped her ass hard and kept her hand on the spot whilst they walked to class while her other best friend, Stacey, a buxom blonde who lived anything tight, pink and revealing, had sidled up to her, squeezing their tits together whilst waxing off some new hot gossip she’d discovered from some donkey-dicked nerd she’d fucked the night before.

When Lily told her besties she had gone without a bra or panties today, the trio had missed their first lesson to have a hot-as-hell snogging session in a girls bathroom.

Trouble came at lunch when two arseholes with tiny dicks had tried to talk a big game but got angry when Lily, Josie and Stacey had turned them down. The girl’s friend, Tony, had to put the two pricks in their place with a knuckle sandwich, which was greatly appreciated by the slutty trio. Tony was great, he was a big, muscular guy and hung like a horse but he only fucked boys so he was pretty useless other then being a magnificent friend.

Lily realised she’d been reminiscing a bit too hard as she suddenly found herself lightly stroking her pussy. She shook herself out of her stupor and took a run and jumped into the pool, squealing as she went and feeling cold water envelop her. Lily played in the pool for a bit, just swimming about and occasionally diving down to the bottom to see how long she could stay underwater.

Eventually she got bored and decided to start her sunbathing. She exited the pool via the ladder and as she sauntered towards the deck chair Lily thought that if any peeping-Toms were around, they had one hell of a view right now. She had forgotten to bring a towel with her but, oh well, the sun would dry her soon enough and so she just layed back on the deck chair, feeling the hot sun beam down at her. She smiled, eyes closed before reaching out to some sun tan lotion and lathering up her body. Soon enough, she was fast asleep in the sun.

She didn’t know how long it had been but Lily woke up to feet patting against the patio that surrounded the pool. She groaned and stretched, arching her back in the process, smiling to herself after such a nice nap. She opened her eyes and saw her father, Brian, walking towards her and her smile went radiant.

Lily loved her dad more than anything in the entire world. He had raised her and her sister by lonesome ever since they were little whilst also writing a few best selling rus escort books and owning a small book shop in town. Lily knew her father’s story was sad, he was an extreme introvert who’d only ever slept with her mum and had never been in a relationship before or since. Lily would never forgive her mother for leaving her darling daddy and vowed to make every day of his life as happy as possible.

Her dad was also an absolute snack in her opinion and the only man Lily actually found attractive. Brian was pretty tall, about 6 foot 3 so Lily always had to look up to him, and had a large, muscular body covered in hair. He had short, brown hair and a moustache accompanied by thick stubble.

Yummy Lily thought.

“Hi daddy,” Lily greeted. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a green polo shirt. It was hot out.

“Hi baby girl,” Brian replied, his eyes darting down to her oiled up breasts. It must have been the first time he had realised she was naked as he quickly looked away, covering his eyes.

Lily giggled “It’s alright daddy, I don’t mind you seeing me naked. I’m getting rid of my tan lines anyway”

“Okay,” Brian said, slowly looking back at his daughter. He licked his lips, liking what he saw.

“Why don’t you join me, daddy”

“Oh, I don’t even have a tan, baby, let alone tan lines” Brian chuckled.

“I know that, daddy,” Lily rolled her eyes lovingly. “But you’re so ghastly pale. Get naked and sunbathe next to me. Please, Daddy”

Brian could never refuse his daughter anything, especially when she called him daddy – which was all the time.

“I’ll, er, just take my shirt off, Lily, okay” and Brian did just that, throwing the polo onto the deck chair next to his daughter’s.

“No, daddy, get naked. You need the sun and anyway I’m already fully naked so it’s not fair”

Brian opened his mouth, probably to protest, but before he could say a word, Lily slithered off her deck chair and went into a kneeling position in front of her father.

“Now, daddy, get these clothes off” and without another warning, Lily grabbed the hem of both Brian’s pants and shorts, quickly tugging them down until they pooled around his feet.

And out flung the biggest, juiciest, fattest cock Lily had ever seen.

It was circumcised, dripping with precum and must have been at least nine inches. Lily gasped, her eyes becoming as big as saucers and mouth wide. She’d never seen anything like it, so she reached out and grasped it with, at first, her right hand.

“Oh my god,” Lily breathed when she realised her hand didn’t reach the whole way round. Tentatively, she grasped it with her left hand as well but despite this, it barely covered the length of the monster cock.

“Oh my fucking god,” Lily repeated, feeling faint and a little fearful. She knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Lily looked up at her father, eyes still big and wide. Brian looked like he had swallowed something terrifying but let out a pained moan as his daughter kept her hands on his cock.

“Daddy,” Lily licked her lips, an excited smile running over her face. She couldn’t help herself and looked down back at the dick in front of her. “Your cock is so fucking fat its unreal”

“I, er, I-I… thank you, Lily,” Brian was breathing heavily as he looked down at the stunning Lily. “But… M-maybe… maybe I should put it away now”

“No, daddy,” Lily said firmly, slowly starting to stroke his cock with both hands. “You’re not going to put it away, daddy, because I’m going suck your big, fat monster cock and you’re going to cum down your little girl’s throat. Okay”

“L-lily… we shouldn’t…” but Brian was cut off when Lily lightly squeezed his cock, causing him to moan.

“Daddy,” Lily said, even more firmly. “I’m going to suck your cock, your going to cum down my pretty, little throat and then your going to fuck me. Okay”

“Okay,” Brian whimpered.

And with that, Lily leaned forward and planted a sloppy kiss on the head of her fathers penis.

“Ah, fuck,” Brian moaned. Lily smiled and got to work. Of course, she had never sucked a real-life cock before but Stacey had taught her to be a pro with a big, purple dildo during sleepover once, so Lily liked her chances. Anyway, daddy’s dick was bigger than any dildo Stacey the self-proclaimed blonde bimbo owned.

After a few good, strong licks, Lily started suckling the cock escort rus head whilst continueing to stroke the shaft. She started sucking properly, whilst she knew she wouldn’t be able to deep throat her daddy – not yet anyhow – she gave it her best shot.

Lily licked and sucked for a good while, gagging a few times due to the sheer size, but kept a steady pace of sucking the cock in and out without letting the delicious meat leave her mouth. She was in absolute heaven sucking her daddy’s dick as she was. Brian was similarly in nirvana, although he still couldn’t believe he was getting a blowjob from his own daughter.

Lily deepthroated her father’s cock until she could just about feel the end at the back of her throat. With a loud grunt, Brian came fast, shooting thick ropes of cum down Lily’s throat. The thick, creamy substance rolled down her throat and Lily continued to suck as she drank the cum down, she didn’t want to waste a single drop.

Brian’s cock twitched madly as the last shots of cum sprung out. Lily sucked more before realising daddy’s cock from her mouth. With an audible pop, the cock sprung out and landed on his daughter’s face, which it dwarfed in comparison.

Lily giggled. “You taste amazing, daddy”

Brian panted. “Thank you, baby… oh my god, that was fucking amazing,”

Lily stood up and pressed herself against Brian’s body, sandwiching his cock between them and squashing her tits against his stomach. “Remember, daddy, you have to fuck me now.”

“Yes, yes.” Brian leaned down and kissed Lily. They stood there, completely naked as father and daughter snogged. Brian’s hand snaked down and clutched Lily’s ass before lifting her up until she was level with him, causing his cock to flop down and stick out just below her pussy. Knowing this had happened, Lily bent her legs up until her feet found Brian’s cock, who moaned into the kiss.

“Oh, daddy,” Lily broke the kiss and sighed. “Your cock is so fucking big. Your such a fuckign stud”

Brian smiled. “Thank you, baby”

Lily smiled and pecked him on the lips. “Now fuck me, daddy, fuck me. Pound me with that monster cock like a good daddy should”

Brian nodded and lifted Lily down, who quickly laid back on the deck chair and spread her legs. She started to play with her pussy, which was so wet she might as well have been swimming.

“Fuck me, daddy. Please, fuck me”

“What about a, er, condom?” Brian asked.

“No, daddy,” Lily shook her head. “I’ll never make you wear a condom with me. I want your cock bareback, daddy,”

“Baby,” Brian said, pained as Lily continued to play with herself. “It’s dangerous. We should use protection”

“No, daddy,” Lily ordered. “No condom. Your going to fuck me raw, okay. Your going to fuck your daughter raw with that big, fat cock of yours and then your going to cum inside me”


“No, daddy, your going to fuck me and cum inside me” Lily demanded.

“I want to fuck you so badly, baby girl,” Brian said, his resolve broken.

“Then get down here and fuck me, Daddy.”

Brian nodded and grabbed hold of his cock, which was rock hard and showed no signs of having just dumped a load down Lily’s throat, getting into place. He rubbed the head up and down Lily’s pussy, covering his dick with her pussy juice.

“Be gentle, daddy,” Lily whimpered. “I’ve never been fucked before.”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yes, daddy, you’ll be my first… and only, I only ever want to get fucked by my daddy.”

“Daddy’ll be gentle, sweetie,” Brian said, leaning over and brushing a strand of red hair away.

“I know you will, daddy,” Lily smiled. “And you’ll cum inside me?”

“Yes, baby,” Brian sighed. “I’ll cum inside you, even if it means you get pregnant”

“It’s a real possibility, daddy,” Lily bite her lip. “You’ve got so much cum stored up in those balls, I’d be surprised if you don’t knock me up”

Brian sighed once more and guided his cock inside his daughter’s pussy but stopped at just the tip.

“Daddy, please,” Lily begged. “Please fuck me. Stop waiting around and fuck me. Please. Please, fuck me daddy. Fuck your little girl with that jack hammer”

Brian stared into Lily’s eyes with a hungry gaze and then thrusted in, taking his daughter’s virginity in a single action. Lily came instantly and screamed in delight.

“Oh, daddy, you made me cum. You’ve barely rus escort bayan been in me and you made me cum. You fucking stud. You made your daughter cum so hard. Your the best”

“No, Lily,” Brian said seriously. “You’re the best.”

Brian pulled out until only his head remained before thrusting down hard once more, causing Lily to cum again, her pussy squeezing his cock for every thing it had.

“Oh, daddy, you made me cum again. You fucking made me cum again, daddy, you stud”

“I think I’m going to cum next,” Brian grunted and pulled out again. Up until now, only about half his cock had entered his daughter’s treasure trove but that was about to change.

“Breed me, daddy. Cum in your daughter’s pussy. You know you want to. Please, cum in me. Please, daddy, breed me”

With one last, hard, powerful thrust, Brian got balls deep inside Lily and came hard, shooting a rapid of cum inside of her. Simultaneously, Lily was rocked with a third orgasm and screamed out.

“Oh, daddy, fill me up with your cum.”

Despite having already dumped two loads inside his daughter, Brian was still rock hard and Lily knew that if she wanted her daddy to properly be satisfied she would have to take a few more loads. But she didn’t care, daddy was her god, her knight in shining armour and if wanted her, she would let him.

As Brian recovered from his own orgasm, Lily reached up and caressed his face.

“Daddy, you’re still hard. Fuck me some more. Cum in me more.”

“You sure, baby?” Brian asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Lily nodded. “You fuck me till your soft and empty. Fuck your daughter until your satisfied, daddy. Because you deserve this, daddy, you deserve to fuck your daughter”

Brian nodded. “I’m going to go a bit faster now, okay”

“Okay, daddy. You fuck your daughter nice and fast”

Brian grabbed hold of her hips and started to rapidly thrust into her. Lily started screaming as her daddy hammered into her.

“Oh, yes daddy, fuck me. Fuck me daddy. Fuck your daughter. Cum inside me”

Brian grunted and came deep inside her again. She’d already had two more additional orgasms during the pounding. Whilst recovering, Brian kissed her and played with her tits before gently positioning her into doggy style.

Lily came again when Brian reinserted his cock, she just loved her daddy so much. He grabbed her hips again and rammed in his fat, juicy dong until he came too. Whilst continuing to pound her out in doggy, Brian pulled her back until her back basically moulded with his in a kneeling position. He kissed her neck and played with her tits, all the while he fucked his own daughter.

“I love you so much, Lily. So, so much” Brian whispered into her ear.

“I love you too, daddy,” Lily screamed. “Cum inside me”

As commanded, Brian came again.

Lily wanted to ride her daddy next and so they got into position. She teased him a little by going slow but some sex-raved monster took over him and he eventually gathered her up in his arms and fucked her standing up until they both came.

Back in missionary, Brian came for what he thought was the final time. After depositing yet another load inside his daughter, he tried to pull completely out but Lily brought her legs around his back and forced him back in.

“No, daddy, don’t leave me yet. Fuck me even more. Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your little girl right, daddy”

And with that, Brian fucked Lily twice more before he was allowed to finally leave her pussy and even then, it was reluctant. His cock landed on Lily’s stomach, large, floppy and balls deflated as he noticed her belly was full.


“Did you enjoy that, daddy?” Lily asked as they rearranged themselves into a cuddling position on the deck chair. Brian took up most of the room, so Lily laid on top of his, feeling his flaccid yet still powerful cock inbetween her legs.

“Yes, sweetie, that was… that was amazing. I love you so much.” Brian kissed her. “Truth be told, I haven’t cum in years”

“You haven’t?!. Oh, daddy, you must be so full of cum. Now listen, I’m your personal little fucktoy now, okay, whenever your hard, you come to me and I’ll be the perfect daughter I am and let you fuck me until your empty. Okay?”

“Okay, baby girl,” Brian squeezed her in a hug.

“Daddy, Val doesn’t get back until dinner time today”

Brian, who looked exhausted, nodded. “I know dear. She works the late shift today”

“You know,” Lily continued, tracing a line with her finger on her daddy’s chest. “Your going to have to fuck me and breed me and cum in me until then because what else are we going to do”

Brian’s cock got hard again. Lily knew this and smiled.

“Fuck me, daddy.”

The End.

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