Poolside Pleasure

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On a lazy summer weekend with no plans, no one visiting and the phone off the hook I look outside to see the clear blue glint of the swimming pool. The sun catching the water in diamond like spikes, the gentle breeze barely moving the water just enough to send the tiniest ripples across the surface.

I can hear you moving about upstairs with no idea what you are doing, but knowing that you can see the same view that I can. I open the patio doors and stand for a moment before walking across to the edge of the water. Without looking up I can sense you watching from the window as I slip out of my dress, naked beneath it. The material slides swiftly down and pools on the floor as I take one long sensuous stretch and dive into the water. I swim slowly, but strongly up and down the length of the pool, carving through the water it running across and over my back, ass and legs.

As I reach the point at which I started I pause and just hook over the edge of the pool. The water clears from my eyes and I see your legs in front of me, naked and tanned. I move my eyes slowly upwards and notice that instead of seeing trunks you are stood before me totally naked, your cock hard and wonderful in response to my actions. Moving further up I reach your smiling face and teasing eyes as I push back in the water I raise a little so that my breasts are just breaking the water and smile up at you, inviting you both into the water and into me.

You sit on the edge of the pool, your legs between my arms and slide between my body and the edge of the pool. I can feel the whole length of you as you slowly run your hot skin against my cool skin which starts to respond immediately. My nipples harden, my breath catches and a familiar heat starts to spread in the soft sweet spot between my legs. As we press together, your mouth meets mine in a slow, deep kiss, whilst bonus veren siteler your hands run across my shoulders and down across my now so sensitive breasts. I arch towards you, my hips pushing my pussy against your hard throbbing cock, pressing the length of it between the lips, the head of your shaft teasing my clit.

My breasts are soft against your hands, your fingers playing with my nipples, making me crazy. I can’t release my grip on the pool as I am supporting both of us and my frustration is mingled with desire as you continue to stroke and pinch at me. You raise me up and place my legs around your waist as you slide me onto you, my legs holding you in the water, my pussy tightening around your cock. My breasts are now above the water line as you bend your head and suck and bite lightly on them. All the time using your hands to move me backwards and forwards on your cock, my pussy getting tighter and wetter and so ready to cum. The maddeningly slow speed and constant pressure on my breasts, means that I cum quickly and quietly curling my head into your neck as I do. You can feel the waves running through me across your cock, but you haven’t finished yet and pull out before you get caught up in the pleasure.

You push yourself back out of the pool with me following you and we walk over to the lounger and pause by the side of it for another deep long kiss, this one harder and more intense. You sit me down and stand in front of me knowing that I love to taste you and need to pleasure you. I run my fingers gently across your skin, down your stomach and around your thighs, raking my nails across your ass.

As I cup your butt in my hands I lean in and run my tongue across the head of your cock before circling my tongue around you. As I open my mouth slightly and glide it along the sensitive underside of your twitching bedava bahis cock and then sliding my mouth over you and taking you in as far as I can, sighing softly as I do. I work my mouth slowly and firmly up and down you as my hands massage your ass spreading your cheeks slightly as I do. Taking one hand off, I run my fingers into the slick juice of my pussy and return to your ass as I circle it around the outside of your anus. Then gently slide it into you as I suck harder on your cock, working faster and firmer. I circle my finger inside you as I suck you and you start to move your hips back and forth, wanting both to fuck my mouth and wanting my finger in your ass deeper. Suddenly you stiffen and cry out my name as you pump hot sticky cum into my mouth and down my throat. When you have emptied all you have into me you slump a little against me and I release you. You lay down next to me on the double lounger. I curl into you and we lay and slowly drift into a light, but much needed nap

I slowly waken laid on my side facing away from you, opening my eyes and stretching slightly, unaware of where exactly I am, but aware of the wetness of my cum across my pussy and slick on my inner thighs.

Now fully awake I can feel your arm curled around my hip, your hand across my pelvis and your fingers gently rubbing my clit, slowly, softly, silently but with purpose. I can feel your already hard cock pressing against my ass, twitching in anticipation of sinking into me, your breath hot on my neck as you kiss and lick at the soft sensitive nape.

You maintain the slow gentle motion on my clit, the only place you are touching me, but it is so intense and I want you so much that I cum quickly again, bucking against you and crying out your name as I submit to you.

You get up, pull me towards you and then turn me around gently deneme bonus positioning me on my hands and knees, bent in front of you. You slide your cock into my dripping pussy and begin to thrust slowly and deeply into me. Each time you enter me I sigh and moan and push back against you. You take me to the edge or orgasm and withdraw from me as I cry out in frustration and emptiness.

You hush me and bury your fingers deep into my pussy as I start to buck against you, confused, but wanting release. Again you leave me, but only for a moment as I feel your fingers gently pressing on my ass, circling the hole slowly but firmly. I am nervous, but knowing you and trusting you I relax and as you feel me do that you press you finger slowly into me. It feels so good that I push back against you wanting more, but you steady me, making me take my time, not wanting to hurt me. You continue your exploration, probing into me deeper, and circling around making me wider and more relaxed.

Then I feel your finger slide out and the tip of your cock, slick with my juice pressing against the same spot. You hand comes round to rub softly against my clit as you start to push your cock into my ass. You move slowly as I focus on relaxing for you, knowing that I want this more than anything right now and needing you to be the one to do this for me.

As you slide into me, taking your time and then pausing, I inhale sharply. Spreading me so wide, I need you and I need you now as I push backwards taking you all the way in. Then you stop allowing me to adjust to you and then I start to move on you moaning in absolute pleasure. This is the only encouragement you need as you start to fuck me, steady and deeply, so tight so good. You stroke into me deeply, moving faster, your balls tightening, both of us climbing quickly to orgasm. You stiffen at the same time as I do. filling me completely with your hot sticky cum, I explode, my juices running out of me, coating your hand, slick and hot running down my thighs.

Sated, you withdraw from me; I lay forward and relax once more as you join me, sharing in one last deep kiss…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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