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I am not an ugly guy, plain maybe. I ran into a dry spell and a woman’s company got hard to come by, just didn’t have much of a chance to get out to meet women. I got so I would eat a lot of fast food, and as I did, I noticed a lot of young girls and even some women behind the counters. I always made small talk and joked with them and got to know them pretty good. The majority of them were cute, but not beauty queens. Beauty queens don’t work at fast food joints for minimum wage, usually high school girls or recent divorcees.

I began to notice that many had very hot bodies and wondered if I could maybe get them into bed with me to help me with my lack of female company. I decided to try it out and I picked Nancy as my first target, she worked at the McDonald’s, shoulder length blonde hair, small tits and a nice ass. I began to joke a lot with her and make comments about how hard it must be to survive on minimum wage, even for a high school girl.

One evening as I ordered my dinner, she took a break and sat with me and we talked as I ate. I was nervous, she could put me in jail for solicitation, but I finally popped the question. “Nancy, what if I told you that you could make $100 for a couple of hours work?” and she stared at me, not believing that this was possible. “Would I have to kill someone?” she joked .

“No, just be company to someone for a couple of hours, you know.” She looked at me a long while, “Would sex be involved?” she asked me, lowering her voice to a whisper.

“Most definitely,” I whispered back and she sat and thought for a long time about it. She looked up and saw her manager motioning for her to return to work, “I’ll do it,” she smiled, “I get off at 11, meet me in the parking lot.” I couldn’t believe my luck, as I threw my trash away and went to the ATM to get the $100 out.

My mind thought about her tight body and how in 3 hours, I’d be having it and my cock began to stir. I got back to the McDonald’s just before 11 and waited out front. She came up to my window and said she’d follow me and we started towards my apartment. We parked and she followed me up and I fumbled for my keys to open the door and we went inside, where she sat on the sofa.

“Want something to drink?” I asked her,.

“Got any beer?” was her reply.

I got a cold beer and brought it to her, “Are you old enough?” I asked as she reached for it.

“I’m 18. I’m old enough to fuck you, I’m old enough to drink your beer,” I agreed and handed it to her. She sipped her beer and looked around, then stood up and took her jacket off and I began to stare at those cantaloupe sized breasts sticking proudly from her chest. I saw the nipples poking through her shirt as she sat back down, tits that small didn’t really need a bra, I guessed. “Money first,” she said and I pulled out my wallet.

“I want to see what I’m buying,” I said as I held my wallet open. She stood up and pulled her shirt off, her tits were so small but incredibly perky as I reached to touch one, “Not until I’m paid,” she said and I pulled my hand back. I could feel my cock grow in my pants and readjusted to make it more comfortable to sit. She kicked her shoes off and unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. I could just see the outline of her pussy through her light blue panties.

She peeled her panties off and I got my first look at this tight body all the way nude and my cock strained to get out, as I handed her the money and she laid it on her clothes and came over and sat next to me. “Clock says 11:30, you’ve got two hours,” she said as I rubbed her tit and pushed my lips to hers and kissed her. Her hand went to my crotch and stroked my hard cock through my jeans and then opened my jeans and fished it out.

She broke our kiss, “That’s awfully big man,” she said as she stroked it. “How much fucking have you done?” I asked her. She continued to stroke me, “I’ve had a few cocks, but none this big. You’ll have to go easy,” she said and bent over and kissed the head of it. She kissed the head of my cock and then sat up, “Take your clothes off,” she said and I stood up and complied. She dropped to her knees and licked the length of it and stroked my balls as she did, and then put the head in her mouth and sucked on it. It had been so long since I’d had sex and my cock began to twitch in her mouth as she sucked it in, and began to move faster and I could feel the tension in my balls and I told her I was going to cum and she sucked harder.

I spurted my load in her mouth as she swallowed it as fast as she could. She smiled as she pulled her mouth off of me and licked her lips. “Fits my mouth well, ” she laughed as she stroked it, making it hard again, “Let’s see if my pussy can hold it,” and lay on the rug and pulled it to her cute little cunt. She rubbed çankaya escort it over her slit, lubricating it with her juices and them massaged her clit with it before starting to insert it inside of her.

Her tight, young pussy felt like a molded glove around my cock as I slowly pushed more of it into her. I felt my pubic hair contact hers and held it there, feeling her pussy adjust to it and begin to milk it and I began moving back and forth and dropped my head to her small tits, that almost disappeared with her lying on her back. I sucked her nipples and fucked her tight cunt as I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Her pussy clung to me as I pulled out and rammed it back in and she was soon breathing hard as an orgasm took her breath and then she screamed out.

Her tight cunt and her orgasm were too much for me and I squirted my cum deep into her as I screamed out. I collapsed on top of her, still sucking her nipple as my cock throbbed, coming down from it’s orgasm. I rolled off of her and onto my back and I saw her raise up and lower her head to my crotch and felt her sucking my cock back to life again.

She got me hard and got on all fours, and slapped her ass, “Ride ’em cowboy!!” she yelled and I mounted her from behind, her pussy still slick from the last fuck and grabbed her hips and held on as I fucked her. I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was as I heard her moaning and felt her bucking back to meet me. I glanced down and saw her tiny tits rocking as I fucked her and the sight caused me to blow again as I clenched her hips and held her tight, squirting another load deep into her.

I pulled out and ran my cock over her crotch, and poised it at her ass, she pulled away, “Asshole will cost you extra,” she said with a smile. “no one’s ever had it, will cost you $200 for my asshole.”

I wanted it, but not that bad, besides I didn’t have another $200 with me. She took her finger and rubbed my cum into her asshole, teasing me, but she quit when I just sat back, looking disappointed. She had a terrific body, I had to admit that and she sure could fuck and suck. She puckered her asshole at me, trying to persuade me, “Don’t have it,” I told her and she rolled over and sat on it. She scooped up my cum with her finger as it dripped from her and sucked it off her finger. ‘My little innocent counter girl, wasn’t very innocent after all,’ I thought as I watched her do it again and again. “Time’s up, “she said and pointed to the clock. She pulled her panties on and put her pants on and stuffed the $100 in the pocket and pulled her shirt on and sat down and put her shoes on.

She kissed me, “Anytime baby,” and smacked my ass and left.

That had gone well, and I tried another place next, still looking for the best fuck for $100. At KFC, Ginger was my favorite, nice sized tits, firm ass, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. I worked on her for a few days and finally, she sat with me as I ate and I nervously popped the question.

“$100? What would I have to do?” and she looked at me with those green eyes and my cock jumped, “Pleasure me for two hours,” I said and a shocked look came on her face as she sat there, staring at me. “Who would know about it?” she asked quietly, “You and me, that’s it,” I answered her back. She got up and started to walk away and turned and said, “I’ll let you know by the time you finish your dinner,” and walked in the back. I hoped she wasn’t calling the cops as I finished my dinner and as I got up to throw my trash away, I heard the door to the back open and she came out with her purse and put her arm in mine and we walked out together.

“We’ll take your car, so if my husband comes by, he’ll think I’m still here,” I didn’t know she was even fucking married! We got in my apartment door and she kissed me and snaked her tongue into my mouth as her hands worked on my pants and soon had them around my ankles as her hand worked at my shorts until they joined my pants. A moan escaped her lips as she first touched it and I saw a smile on her face as she worked it in her hand.

She backed up and removed her clothes and I got mine off and we went to my bed and she pushed me down onto it and straddled my face as she took my cock in her mouth and sucked. Her pussy was gorgeous as I licked and sucked it and her mouth felt great around my cock. We ate each other and I was rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet juices and that caused her to attack my cock as she sucked it and she moaned as my cum erupted in her mouth and she swallowed it.

I pushed her off of me and had her remain on all fours as I got behind her and I rubbed my cock against her ass hole and she pushed back engulfing me and spearing herself with my cock. She fucked me hard with her ass and lowered her head to get a better angle and more of me in her. Her escort etlik ass felt good, but I knew mine wasn’t the first cock to be there as she milked me with her ass hole until I shot my load in her bowels and she squealed as I did. I pulled out and lay on my back and she sucked my cock back to life and then climbed on top and guided it to her wet pussy, lowering herself onto it and her tits to my waiting mouth. I sucked her tits as she fucked me, this girl was talented. She raised straight up and I groped her tits as she screamed and came all over my cock, never slowing down.

I began to thrust up to meet her now, all the while piching and squeezing her nipples and shot off all at once and yelled, “GGGGIIIINNGGGEEERRRR!! TAKE IT ALL!!” As my throbbing cock eased, she lowered and kissed me, sliding her tongue into me and rocking her pussy on my deflating cock. She rolled off of me onto her back, “It hasn’t been quite two hours, but I need to take a shower before I leave and don’t want my husband to get suspicious,” she smiled. She gave me a quick kiss and jumped in the shower and I heard her singing as she showered, she seemed so happy. I washed off and got dressed so I could take her back to her car. She looked so good as she walked out nude and I wanted her again, but I knew not to press my luck.

“Pull over by the dumpster,” she said as we entered the parking lot and I did and turned off the lights and the engine. I handed her $150, “An extra $50 for extra good service,” I smiled and she rubbed my cock and pulled it out and sucked me right there in the car. Her talented mouth made me cum in no time and she sucked it all in and swallowed it and brought her head up, licking her lips.

“I was going to do that anyway,” she said, “But the extra $50 guaranteed it,” and she kissed me and got out. “They were going to cut our electricity off tomorrow, now they won’t,” and she blew me a kiss as she strode to her car. Ginger was the best of the two, but Nancy’s tight body wasn’t bad at all. I set my sights on Kim at Arby’s next, she was a dark haired beauty, with a tight, tight body and just the slightest of asses. Took me a week to get Kim to sit down with me, but she finally did.

I popped the question and she stared at me blankly as I ate, “Would sex happen?” she asked innocently, “yes, it would Kim,” I answered her back.

She dropped her head and thought deeply, “I’m still a virgin,” she said, not looking me in the eyes. My cock jumped, I’d never had a virgin before and I upped it to $200, considering her condition and she again thought for a long time. Meet me at the EXXON at 10, she told me and went back to work. I went back to the ATM and got the extra money and was at the EXXON a little before 10, she pulled up and said, “I’ll follow you,” and we headed off to my apartment.

I could see how nervous she was and I sat next to her on the sofa to try to relax her, “I need the money for a traffic ticket,” she said, “My dad can’t know I got a ticket, he’d take my car.” I pulled her face to mine and I kissed her, slowly circling her lips with my tongue until she let me in and her arms went around me and she kissed me back. I stroked her dark hair as I kissed her and she seemed to relax, and my hand drifted to her chest, where I stroked her tits through her shirt and bra. I heard her breathing get heavy, as her nipple got hard against my hand and she kissed me harder, wanting more.

I unbuttoned her shirt and rubbed her tops of her tits and slipped my hand under her bra cups and lifted them off of her tits and my cock jumped as I touched her bare tits. She was having trouble breathing now as her breaths got shorter and I pushed her shirt off her shoulders and to the floor and unhooked her bra and it joined it, her tits were gorgeous! I sucked on her firm tits as she jumped and then thrust it back at my mouth, as my hands worked to unbutton her pants and push them off her hips and my hands covered her panty covered crotch.

She moved her body against my hands as I probed her and then pushed her panties down and rubbed her virgin slit, pausing at her erect clit, and stroking it. She gasped at the feeling of someone else’s hands touching her there and I dropped to my knees and breathed in her sexual odor and flicked her pussy with my tongue. Her hands rested on my head, urging me deeper and I sank my tongue into her wet slit. She rocked her hips and pushed her pussy against my tongue as she moaned so sweetly. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and lay her on the bed, while I stripped my clothes off. I lay two pillows out and moved her ass on top of them, as her legs slowly spread and her virgin slit invited me.

I licked the length of her slit and fingered her clit as I did and she bucked and screamed and had her first sexual ankara demetevler escort orgasm, her scream was like the sweetest music. I pushed my tongue into her and she thrust her pelvis towards it as she tried to suck it inside with her hot, virgin pussy. Her hands clawed at my hair, she was incapable of controlling her body as a second orgasm caught her and she writhed in pleasure. I ate her for a good half hour, delighting in her movements and screams and moans.

I moved up between her legs and teased her clit with the head of my cock, as she cooed and wanted more. I had awakened the sexual desire in her and she wanted to be filled and I slowly pushed my cock inside of her. I pushed until I met resistance, and then stopped and looked into her sweet face, “This will hurt, baby,” I said as she gave me a look of trust. I thrust all at once and broke her hymen and she screamed as I did, a tear rolling down her cheek.

I began to fuck her slow, letting her virgin pussy adjust to my cock and then she began to push back, wanting it faster and I obliged. Her breathing became very ragged as she let out with a scream and her virgin pussy clamped down on my cock and I came too, filling her virgin womb with my cum. She thrashed about and I kept up my thrusts to satisfy her, leaning forward to suck on her nipples as I did. My cock slowly deflated and withdrew itself from this wonderful cavity, as I continued to suck on her nipples. I pulled her up on the bed and she almost fell over from the weakness she was experiencing and I wrapped my arms around her to steady her and she pressed her lips to mine and we kissed. Her hand moved to my crotch and she stroked my slippery cock, and stared at it as if she was amazed at what it had done to her.

I held her, trying to show her comfort and support, knowing that she had just given up something very important to her and wanted her to know how much I appreciated this honor. We talked and she told me how great she felt, having made this decision and how gentle I had been and she appreciated my kindness.

We kissed and she pushed her tongue into my mouth and stroked my cock and it began to grow again, and I stroked her firm, young tits and played with her nipples and then she lowered her head and took me into her mouth. I could tell she had some experience at this, but she was still fairly awkward and gagged herself a couple of times with it. I fingered her pussy as she sucked me and this seemed to spur her on as she sucked more intensely, wanting to please me as much as my taking her virginity had pleased her. Her mouth soon felt very talented as she sucked me and rubbed my balls.

I rubbed her clit as I finger fucked her and she seemed to explode as she accidentally deep throated me and my cock exploded, gushing hot cum into her mouth. As my cock finished, she ripped her pussy and her mouth from me and ran to the bathroom and spit my cum into the toilet. “I didn’t know you were going to cum in my mouth,” she said as she washed her face. “I’m sorry, ” I said, “I thought you wanted me too.” She smiled at me, “It’s ok, just don’t really like the taste of it,” she said as she walked back with the washcloth and rinsed my cock before planting it back in her mouth.

She sucked on my cock and rubbed my balls and then ever so often she would pause and lick up and down the shaft, wrapping her tongue around it. She moved up next to me and I kissed her again as she stroked my cock, “Fuck me once more and then I have to go,” she asked. I placed her on all fours and pushed her head down as I poised at her almost virgin cunt.

For a split second, I considered trying her ass, but one virgin hole was enough for her first night and I slid into her and grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my cock fully. She let out a large moan as I did and I began to feel her pussy milking my cock, as she exercised her new found vaginal muscles. Her pussy felt so good as I fucked her and it didn’t take long before we both came at once and I jerked and shot my load into her, relishing the feel of her tender ass against my hands.

I didn’t want it to end, as I left my cock in her, feeling the sensations of her hot pussy milking my cock for it’s last drops. She jumped in the shower to clean up and I slowly dressed, almost not wanting to, but I knew she had to go.

She was all smiles as she walked in, giving me a kiss before she dressed. I put the $200 in her hand and she almost didn’t take it, but I told her it was worth ten times that and she kissed me again and left. The next time I saw Kim, she ran up and gave me a big hug and joked to everyone that I was her boyfriend. She whispered that she had paid her ticket and had money left over and she kissed me and went back to work.

Of all the women I fucked or will fuck, Kim holds a special place in my heart. She has been my only virgin and I actually fell in love with her, but she was too young for me and I knew it, so I just relive the memory of that night. The other girls were good too, but Kim gave the best service of any of the fast food girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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