Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 05

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This fucking job at the adventure ranch sucks. I was only supposed to be a summer job to stop me getting bored. I am bored shitless. My marriage had been on the rocks for a while, and sex with my boss was a refreshing change from my hubby. Now I don’t want to be in this unproductive relationship with my boss. I have this feeling of nothingness since the loss of my favourite horse. Sex with my boss was too predictable, a five minute fuck over his desk, before everyone else arrived at work is not my idea of enjoyable sex. He can just fuck himself off from now on, I am going to get away from this place, I need to get my messed up head back together. I know exactly where I should go, A desert oasis in California, that someone recommended. A four day break away from the mess in my life.

Packing was easy, this is to fix my fucked up life, unwind, get a tan. I was told it was a private nude beach. The, hotel is a clothing optional resort, a fantastic pool, whatever else could a girl want in her life.

“You can’t be serious!” My boss yelled down the phone at me when I told him I quit my job. I gazed at the hurricane-worthy mess. My apartment had turned into and yelled back down the phone “You can take your job and go fuck yourself.” I tossed the stark white bikini small enough to be considered scraps of string. Held together by practically nothing at all, in my luggage and sighed, “Pearson airport, here I come.”

I was bumped up to first-class, I batted my eyelids at the hot guy at check in. I waited for the last passengers to finish boarding the plane, I snuck my phone out of my purse on the floor, hoping a flight attendant wouldn’t see me. I’d already been warned twice to shut the phone off. I had my last snort of coke in the airport washrooms, the last thing I needed was to be arrested for possession drugs. I was really anxious to see the ocean below me. As soon as we were airborne I quickly ordered a glass of vodka, I couldn’t help but snicker when the flight attendant handed me my drink Free drinks are included in the first class, I had only paid for economy.

When I looked up the flight attendant, looked down with his brown eyes, I let my gaze linger on his eyes for much longer than he felt comfortable with. I held his gaze by grasping the collar of his jacket, I brought his face down till our eyes were inches apart. I move my head to one side, as if I was going to whisper into his ear. Instead, I ran my tongue around his ear lobe. I can smell him now, and my sexual hunger was building, and I started to suck on his earlobe. He doesn’t try and pull away. His brown eyes met mine in a sexual gaze, I held onto his jacket and held my gaze, not caring who was watching me. “Keep me supplied with vodka. You, might like what you get as a tip,” I said to him, winking one eye.

The vodkas kept coming in what seemed like an endless stream, each time he handed me my drink, he ran his hand through my hair seductively. I had heard rumours about flight crew restrooms/pleasure rooms, I always had wounded if it was true or just a rumour. Guess I am about to find out pretty soon. They, started to hand out blankets and dimed the lights.

About 15 minutes passed most had crashed out for the night when I felt a presence behind me. It was my cute flight attendant standing behind me. ” If you would follow me Miss there is a place with a little bit more room to spread yourself,” He said quickly into my ear.

He led me the short walk through a curtain, then down some stairs to a room that was padded wall to wall, with a single bed. I squeezed passed him through the smallest door you could imagine, and sat on the end of the bed. There wasn’t enough room for two to stand.

“I guess you want your tip now,” I said giggling

“Hey, slow down you,re going to have me orgasming too soon,” I said as he dropped his pants in a flash of an eye.

“As long as you don’t laugh and clench your ass around my cock and rip my cock off,”He said taking off his jacket and shirt in very short order.

He watched in amazement as I unzipped the back of my dress, and let it. Drop onto the bed, His eyes became dark, dilating pools before me. I pushed his hands away, and reached down and grasped his cock. He gasped as I leaned in and bit possessively on his cock, the feel of his warm fleshy cock between my teeth made me instantly wet.

“Fuck, you’re already so wet,” he said as he placed both hands on his naked hips.

I clenched my jaw and tightened my grip on his cock, when my tongue moved against the tip of his cock, he let out a soft sigh,

“Mmm, so good,” I murmured between long licks. “I’m going to lick up every last drop of that pre-cum from your cock.”

“Ah…ah, yes.” Was some of the audible noises that came from between his clenched teeth?.

My tongue continued its lapping on the tip of his cock, “Look me in my eyes,” I demanded softly. He, opened his eyes.

“I want you to watch me sucking your cock .” I demanded, once again, lowering escort bayan my brows, and giving him a piercing gaze.

“Oh…Fuck” he breathy. I continued licking down the length of his cock, one inch stroke at a time. His knees buckled beneath him. I grabbed his ass, trying to steady him.

“Lie down,” I instructed him, I easing him back on the bed while sucking his cock back into my mouth. The taste of his cock in my mouth, was sweeter than anything I could have imagined. I could see it was taking his all of his strength to be patient, when what he really wanted to do was to fuck me quick and aggressively.

I had this incredible appetite to devour his cock, the taste had awakened my hunger. Feeling his cock twitch and jerk, while I was toying with his cock, I am teasing him some more by blowing on the tip of his cock. “You want more than head sex don’t you?” I breathed upon his cock.

“Please, God. Yes,” he said.

I grinned up at him. Then eased my mouth off his cock, then I run my tongue over my lips, lapping off his pre-cum.

Without warning, he stuck his hard cock into me, slowly the first inch or so. Then he pushed more and more of his big cock into me, I let out a soft whimper as his balls slapped on my wet vagina.

“Ha ha ha fuck me! Fuck me hard,” I screamed at him, as he began to pound his cock into me. My screams got louder and louder, the harder he pounded his cock in me. I wrapped my legs around his waist when my orgasm burst, he barely stopped a beat pounding his cock into me.

“Oh, fuck, I am cumming,” he yelled when his cock erupted inside me. Then he lifted himself up on the bed, tucking his dripping cock back into his pants, and pulling me to me to my knees. Then he gave me a devious grin as he helped me back in my dress.

“Have to get back to work now, were 20 minutes out of LAX,” he said leading me back to my seat.

My four day long weekend. A desert oasis in California, I needed to loosen up and unwind, maybe work on my tan in the nude by the fantastic pool, and whatever else could walk into my life.

The weather in California is great, hot sun perfect for my all over tan, a perfect king sized bed, a view of the huge pool, teaming up with some of the hottest guys. I am filled with anticipation and excitement;, finally I was taking the retreat that I’d dreamt of for years, a four days to myself in an eye candy wonderland, with a zillion hot guys and my imagination to keep me company. Paradise. Well, that was my dream. The reality always unfolds a little differently.

“Hummmm perfect,” I thought to myself, I have all weekend to relax and recharge myself here.

The afternoon turned into evening, and I went down to the gym., It was very quiet and not many people the rush of the weekend was yet to start., There were only two other people in the gym when I arrive, two guys wearing just gym shorts, I have no idea why I get so incurably horny, Maybe he puts you in mind of an elegant piece of art.. He has slanted gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury that seems to Pierce right through me. Was it his thick, straight, coffee-coloured hair, medium-length worn in an uncomplicated style. Was it his businesslike wardrobe?. Nope, it was because he was wearing just shorts and the bulge of his cock caught my eye. No wonder my mind turns to the thought of sex whenever I work out in the gym.

I was hard work keeping my eyes away from his bulging cock, So I made it a brief workout, then I had a nice refreshing cold shower. A small pool of water filled the space between my breasts. I was content for the moment to let the shower do its magic. After what seemed to be an hour showing, I was still feeling really horny, My mind kept drifting about the two guys in the gym, I laid on the bed, I slowly started to massage my breasts, Oh, it felt good, my nipples began to harden, My breath’s were becoming quicker and shallower. I orgasm-ed very quickly as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up startled, hearing banging on my door. It was just my imagination playing tricks on me, I felt wetness on my finger and realized it was buried deep inside my pussy. That was such an erotic dream, probably the most erotic of all the dreams I had.

I Climbing out of bed, I drew back the curtains and stepped out onto the balcony of my room. The sight that greeted me was breathtaking. The sea filled the horizon, laced with a golden sandy beach of large dunes mixed with wild grass.

A banging on the door again, “fuck it wasn’t my imagination.”

“Your breakfast madam.”

“Come in, leave it on the table, please,” I was naked, I never have shied away from displaying my sexuality.

“Oh, sorry madam, I didn’t realize you wasn’t dressed.”

He covered his eyes, so I quickly wrapped myself in a towel, ” that’s quite alright, I wasn’t offended, quite the contrary, I kissed his blushing cheek as he left, OK I was turned on by a blushing 18 year old kid.

I took a quick shower after I eat bursa vip escort my breakfast and changed into my light cotton shorts and sandals, before heading out in search of some peace and quiet, armed with a beach towel and the novel I had started reading on the plane. The beach itself was already getting busy with screaming kids, so I decided that the sand dunes offered the best chance of finding seclusion, I needed this break so much.

Finding a suitable resting place, I spread out my towel and lay down, opening my book at the start of chapter two. I paused for a moment, trying to recall what had happened in chapter one.

” Your gonna get wet,” I smiled to myself. Just my luck, I thought. Trust me to set up camp next to Mr. Horny, so my sex free vacation was going to get blown out of the water, I turned back to my book and tried to concentrate ” you will get wet if you lay there,” He said as he reached out a hand towards me.

“Um, yeah, I know…” I said as I took his hand. He pulled me up in one strong, graceful movement.

As I came to my feet, I face came within inches of a straining hard-on beneath his shorts The stranger walked me higher up the beach to where he left his belongings. I sat down to put my shoes on as he stood silently in front of me. I couldn’t help but keep looking at the hard-on, dying to break out of his pants

“Here, let me help you.” The stranger said.

He knelt down and gently brushed the sand from my feet. He was looking directly into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. Moving his hands slowly up my legs. Without a word, his eyes were daring me to stop him, which I wasn’t going to. I bite on my bottom lip hard not stopping his hand that inched their way up the inside of my leg. I was here on this beach for solitude, yet I was getting wet from his touch. I am not going to stop him, or am I going to ravish him. I am here for me so I shall let him play his game and see how it pans out. His hand inched inside my shorts to my gushing labia, his hands slide further inside my shorts and began exploring my wetness, gently stroking my labia lips.

He knew for sure I wasn’t going to stop him by now, so he started to unbutton my shorts with his free hand. He lowered his head, and he started to kiss my naked, exposed pelvic bone. I was so excited by his lips attention. The removal of my shorts went almost unnoticed, I could feel the tension in his body and he was quite obviously aroused.

He lowered himself on-top of me, a soft, tender kiss on my lips with his hands caressing my cheeks. His kissing began to get passionate he was sensing my excitement beneath him.s Slowly I ran my fingers through his hair to make sure he held the kiss.

I wasn’t here looking for sex, It was to be a relaxing few day away from it all. Yet I wasn’t going to pass up this fuck “NO WAY!” His hands had now wandered down between us and inside my top. I bit his tongue from excitement as he loosened each button until my breasts burst free.

My biting only made his kisses more passionate, he was now nibbling at my lips and his tongue started to intertwine with mine. I was lost in his passionate kisses. His hands caressing on my breasts coursed me to let out a huge sigh, I was twitching with excitement. I was wanting him to fuck me so bad, what he had done so far was no where enough to satisfy my desires.

” Fuck me, don’t be gentle!!” I demanded as I squirmed around underneath him.

There was a void moment as his lips left mine, he quickly stood up and began unbuttoning his pants. I yanked them quickly from his torso reviling his massive cock 12″+ inches at perfect attention, with a small drop of pre-cum dripping from its tip. I was naked laying before him. He bent his knees, lowering himself back onto me. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth waiting for his 12 inch cock to be thrust into my mouth, he teased and let a drop of his pre-cum drip into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm yummy” as I twirled my tongue around tasting his pre-cum.

He stretched my arms out wide and held my hands tightly. “DO IT WITH YOUR TONGUE ONLY!” he demanded. Before I could say anything he thrust his cock was inside my mouth, the surprise of 12 inches being forced into my mouth made me gag. He started to fuck my mouth slowly, allowing time between thrusts to suck him back in. He began to quicken his pace. He’s about to cum I thought to myself. Then he withdrew his cock from my mouth to my amazement and squirted his load over my face

What’s this guy doing to me, he keeps exciting me, then leaving me on the verge of orgasms, He just wants to get himself off. Oh well, I was hoping he would get me to orgasm, When he’s shot his load, he’ll leave me wanting.

“Thanks for the head sex,” he said as he picked up his shorts.

” Fuck off and leave me the hell alone, Bastard,”

I lay naked in the dunes alone watching the bastard walk away, he’d had his fun at my expense. I was thinking how I let this bursa elit escort happen to me. I was silently fuming, I tossed my hair over my shoulder to shake myself out of these sad thoughts.

When the beauty of a girl wearing just bikini bottoms stood proudly looking down at me, her breasts were small perky and well tanned.

“Hi you had some fun, I saw the guy walking away from where you’re laying steeping into his shorts.”

” He was a bastard, He stripped me forced me to suck his cock the left me hear naked.”

“You mean he raped you!”

“Well, not exactly, I wanted to have sex with him. It started off great passionate kissing then grabbed my hair and fuck my mouth, down my throat as hard as he could, then he left me, covered in his cum.”

“You poor thing, my name is Lola, by the way,” she said as she keeled down beside me and began wiping his cum off my breasts. I was in awe of her beauty, and what composed girl she is large brown eyes, skin is wonderfully tanned, her breasts stood proud crowned with firmed coral pink nipples, so pointed they could almost pierce the skin.

Her slim waist widened by the swell of her hips. The slightly raised mound of her pubis wisps of hair peeking out of her bikini bottoms.

” Carla,” I raised myself on the sand as she started to remove her bikini bottoms. I saw between the slightly parted legs, her bare sex slit, openly displaying the furled petals of her labia and fleshy little flap of her clitty sheath.

It was obvious I liked what I saw, “Would you like to have sex with me,” she asked.

” Sure, I am aching for some good sex.”

” I wasn’t sure if you was a lesbian, till I saw the look of lust in your eyes.”

” I’ve had a few lesbian relationships, sure your up for this I am as horny as hell.”

” Yep, go for it.”

I pulled her down beside me and took a nipple between mine, and as I suckled it gently. I reached down and covered her mound and labia with my fingers. She groaned in approval as she parted her legs, I had no hesitation in slipped my index finger between her lips, I found a channel moist and warm fluid. I stroked my fingers over her little pink flange, of her prepuce, I slid it back, exposing it. I brushed my fingertip over her clit, it was a hard bud of a clitoris.

“Oh yes.” Lola moaned. I started to run my tongue between the skin of her prepuce, her hard bud of a clit, was too inviting not to suck between my lips.

I cupped my hands on her butt, my tongue was going mad sucking and probing her. Soon had her body twitching with pleasure, her whole area was beginning to get wet. I finally decided it was time to let her have her orgasm. I moved down to lay between her legs and watched her orgasm erupt from her. The aroma of her arousal was beautiful. I closed my mouth on her oozing pussy. Four separate copious pulses of warm honey filled my mouth.She wrapped her thighs round my face, as her flows eased. I licked, sucked and searched, with my tongue for the remaining dribbles. When she was finally sated, she lay still, panting heavily. I slowly slid up her body, kissed her, a passionate kiss tongue’s intertwined.

“That!! …Was!! … Amazing!” Lola said between breaths,” She grinned at me and nodded. I licked her lips. She looked down, as if to say, “Your turn.”

I totally exposed myself to her, she kissed my soft mound before opening my prepuce with her tongue Then slowly she slid her tongue down its furrow, right down onto my anus. She paused for a moment, then with the tip of her tongue, she toyed with my aperture. She then moved quickly back up to my slit. Again she pierced it open with her tongue. I was already having little drop of juice seeping out of me.

She drew up, sucked on her own tongue and swallowed. “It’s as sweet as honey” she said. I grasped her head, pressed, her mouth on my slit.

Her spearing tongue probed my soft flesh, it entered my wanting opening. At the same time, I rubbed my upper lip against her clitty hood, which easily slid back. I felt the hard little nub of her clitoris. Gently I moved my head from side to side, so my lip rubbed its tip. At the same time, my buried tongue moved inside her hot little passage.

I gripped her, tightly with little cries of pleasure, I began moving my hips to afford firmer contact with her mouth. It was then my body began to spasm, but I wanted to make her orgasm at the same time. Quickly and fully I continued the side to side motion with my head, giving special attention to the pressure on her clitty with my upper lip. In a short time she began to jerk her little body, signalling a pending orgasm, Our bodies spamming in perfect sync, orgasmic pleasure, together.

We both lay sexually exorcised on the beach. Up on top of the dunes was the bastard who got himself off in my mouth, and left me naked. He was masturbating, he must have been watching us, I was fuming, I tousled my hair and stared right at him.

“Wanna have some fun with him Lola.”

“What sorta fun, Carla.”

“Oh, I am sure we can do to him, like he did to me.”

“OK, I am in.”

I stood up started at him, “Here, let me help you with that,” I said, watching him masturbate his cock.

“Come down here with us, show us how you jack yourself off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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