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Byron grumbled “fucking great, it’s all she drinks,” as he dug through the kitchen cabinet looking for coffee.

Katie, his little sister had used the last of it and it would be a while before he could go get some more. He stood forlorn in the kitchen wondering what to do. Ordering coffee was too expensive, but he really felt he needed the fix.

At 21, Byron stood just over 6 feet. He was slim, but had well defined arms, chest and legs from running and swimming. His years as a runner and swimmer in high school had done him good. Despite only being on the track team in college, he still swam regularly before being stuck in quarantine and even now he found himself running longer and longer every day.

His pushed back his dirty blond hair out of frustration and sighed. Then he grabbed his phone to order a coffee.

Byron and Katie’s parents had lived in the Midwest, far away from the West Coast campus their children attended. Before the pandemic hit they got both their kids into a small 2-bedroom apartment, not wanting to risk bringing them home.

Katie woke up around an hour later. She missed being in the dorms, where there was always energy, noise, entertainment. All her asshole brother did was mope around, thanks to his recent break up. The idiot dated a whore and got what he deserved, she thought.

Katie was still 18. Moving to the West Coast was the best decision she had made, leaving a dumpy old farm town for the ocean and so many hot guys.

She had breezed through high school with straight A’s, and was doing the same with college. This left plenty of time for drinking, weed and boys, and she loved all three with abundance. Too young and wild to seriously date anyone, she moved from boy toy to boy toy with ease.

Her slim figure, perky b-cup tits and round ass helped with that. She had dirty blonde hair, like her brother. Hers ran past her shoulders.

She pulled herself out of bed and checked her phone. Disappointed with the lack of notifications, she walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a bagel for breakfast.

On her way to the living room, she heard the running water coming from the bathroom before she saw the door was open. She peaked in, holding her peanut butter covered bagel like a sandwich. Her eyes went wide as she saw her brother through the clear shower curtain. Water dripped over his chest and abs. He grabbed his thick, 8 inch cock, his eyes were closed.

She watched him play with himself. His hand memorized her as it moved up and down, his fingers tightly gripping his cock. His moan of “Tiffany,” pulled her from her daze. It’d been a while since she’d seen a cock. She felt aroused, despite herself.

She stood for a while, watching her brother, before pulling herself to her senses.

It was time to antagonise him.

“Shut the fucking door and forget about your favorite cheating slut,” Katie said as she slammed the bathroom door shut.

Byron left the shower 15 minutes later and confronted his sister in the living room.

“What the fuck was that for,” he snapped angrily.

You were jacking off in front of me, dude,” Katie said dryly, “I had to protect myself.”

“You could have just shut the door,” her brother hissed back.

“You could not be obsessing over Tiffany right now,” Katie said laughing and stepping closer to him.

She stared deeply into his eyes, smirking, knowing she hit his weak spot. Their faces inches from each other.

“How yalova escort long where you there,” Byron muttered, infuriated.

“Long enough,” Katie said walking to her room, laughing.

Byron shook off the shock and grabbed his laptop, preferring to do his classes and schoolwork in a space separated from his room. After wrapping up a study guide for his latest test, he decided it was time for a break.

He walked outside and down the hall to the kitchen, he passed his sisters room, noticing the door was ajar. He looked in to see his sister topless in front of the mirror. She was smiling with her phone in hand, ready to send a picture to some guy or another.

She was beatiful. Athletic, but still slightly cuvey. Confident and intelligent, she knew his every weekness.

He stood and stared at her perky breasts for as long as he dared, but left when she winked. Must of been for some guy she’s toying with, he thought.

He sat down and turned on the TV before hearing the familiar ding of his phone. He grabbed it from his pocket.

To it was surprise, Katie had sent him the topless pic she just took. It took a moment for the color to return from to his face.

He heard his phone ding again and looked down expecting to see an explanation from his sister.

“These are better than Tiffany’s, if you need help in the shower,” she had texted. His dick rose in his sweatpants. He searched through his phone until he found he old picture of Tiffany’s tits.

Afterwards, he sat in disbelief. Tiffany had broken up with him 4 month ago, and he hadn’t had sex since, but Katie was his sister. He once again brought up the photo of his sister, his erect penis slowly getting the better of him as he look at her perk breast, toned stomach and curvy waist.

“Fuck, can’t believe about I’m about to try this,” he thought out lout as he headed toward his sister room.

Katie stood waiting after she sent the picture to Byron. Still in disbelief she had texted a nude photo to her brother. Her mind raced thinking about him in the shower. It had been so long.

His abdominal muscles, arms and erect dick forced itself into her thoughts. He always acted like the boss of the house, but could he prove he was. That thought interrupted by the constant reminder he was her brother. He did try to be the big man, but never had the confidence to do so.

Not since that skank took broke his poor heart, she though with anger. Tiffany never deserved Byron.

She stood, half naked in from of the mirror, for what felt like years. Then “ding,” went her phone. She smiled as her brother sent her a picture, but to her surprise it was his ex’s tits. They were really nice. She turned around to check out what her ass looked like in the leggings she was wearing.

Once she was satisfied with her appearance, Katie put on a tank top and went out to face her brother, only to find him right outside her room.

Too her surprise, Byron grabbed her by the waist and shoved her up against the wall by her door. Katie laughed and blushed, but was aroused despite herself.

“I’m sick of being stuck with my slut of a little sister all day,” he said holding her tightly against the wall. Despite her shock, Katie got wet immediately. Byron was hot as hell when he was mad.

“You love sluts, they’re the only girls who will date you,” Katie shot back, somehow able to shake off the shock of being accosted by her own brother.

Now yalova escort bayan she wanted to see how mad he’d get. What he’d do to her next?

“Too bad you’re my baby sister, cause you’d be the perfect next girl for me then,” Byron said as he pushed his waist into hers. He couldn’t believe he was doing his, but he felt his dick rub on Katie’s tight, aroused vulva as he did.

“I’m perfect for everyone,” Katie said, biting her lip, “But maybe my big bro needs to take better care of me.”

Her lips hovered inches from his face, she felt his hard cock press into her.

“You should try being a man for once,” Katie whispered.

Byron was pushed over the edge. He grabbed his sisters face by the chin and kissed her forcefully and deeply, pressing his tongue against hers.

Katie reacted, pushing her body harder against her brother’s and kissing him back.

Byron was harder than he had been in a while, with his sister’s lips against his. He pull her waist off the wall, so he plunge his hand down the back of her yoga pants.

Byron was surprised at his own aggressiveness, especially at his own sister. He fondled her round, firm ass, enjoying how it felt in his hands. When he was done making out with Katie, he lifted his sister up and carried her to their living room. She squealed as he through her down on the couch.

Byron pulled off his little sister’s top up to reveal her now familiar, perky breasts. He took one nipple in her mouth, sucking on it as she gasped. He twisted the other nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

Katie moaned and squealed until her brother stopped playing with her breasts. He pulled down his sweatpants to revel his thick, hard cock. He grunted as she put her fingers around it, tugging aggressively.

Byron stood up, standing over his sister with his cock hanging right in front of his face. He grasped the back of his sisters head and pushed the tip of his cock into her mouth. Katie looked up at him wide eyed as her tongue circled his cock.

He held her head in place as Katie tried her best to suppresses her gag reflex as she slid it into the back of her mouth. The musty smell of it drove her insane, he must have been thinking about her for some time.

Byron grunted as his Katie’s head bobbed up and down his shaft, slurping as she did. With one hand she grasped his firm ass to keep balance, the other working his lower shaft.

Byron watched her eyes push him closer and closer to the edge, holding her hair as she did, until he couldn’t take it anymore. With one last grunt he held Katie’s head in place and let out a long, heavy stream of cum into her mouth. Katie swallowed in surprise, but did have time to react.

Her brother pulled her to her feet, before picking her up again and carrying her over his shoulder into her bedroom. She let out a playful squeal as he tossed her onto her bed, but again she had no time to react as yanked off her leggings, before plunged two fingers into her. Katie let out a gasp as Byron pushed his fingers deeper into her, rubbing against her g-spot. His mouth found her clit, which he began sucking on forcefully.

Katie moaned and put her hand on the back of her brothers head, which only increased his intensity. As he ate her out, she took mental note of what was happen.

“Okay fuck, Tiffany is missing out,” she gasped between moans, “Why I am cursed to be related to you.”

This earned her a third finger. She grabbed escort yalova her pillow and shook as she orgasmed, but her brother still didn’t give her time to think.

Byron stood as soon as she came, his cock hard again, aching with anticipation. He grabbed his recovering sister by the legs, pulled them open and as he slip his cock into her.

“Fuck, daddy,” she gasped, wide eyed, making them both laugh from the irony.

Byron increased his pace as he starred into his sister’s eyes. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her legs down further so he could hold her hands above her head as he fucked her.

“Am I your daddy now?” He asked in a firm, demanding voice.

“Yes,” Katie moaned louder and louder as her brother slammed cock into her, the joy of being pinned only increasing her pleasure. Byron thrusted at a steady pace, but forcefully enough to make even her skinny body jiggle within the confines of his grasp.

Once again, Katie felt an orgasm coming over her. biting her lip and screaming “fuuuuck” loud enough to warrant a possible knock from the neighbors.

It wasn’t enough for Byron though, he had cum too soon to have a second orgasm.

He pulled out of his sister and pushed her into belly as she was still in the thrall of her second orgasm.

“Get your ass up for me,” he commanded with a deep voice

She obediently raised her still shaky legs to give him an entrance to her pussy once again.

Byron took it without hesitation, unceremoniously pushing himself back inside Katie. He fucked her harder this time, struggling a bit to breath despite his love for cardo.

He held her thin waist with both hands and he rammed into her again and again. Katie came again, despite how tired she was. Byron didn’t stop.

“Whose runs this apartment,” he said with a smack on her ass.

“You do,” moaned Katie, “Just don’t stop Byron.”

Byron stopped immediately and pulled out.

“Beg me,” he said.

“Please big brother, you can’t stop fucking me,” Katie said, remaining on her hands and knees, but tilting her head to pout.

“You have to make me cum again, you promised to take care of me,” she continued, still pouting.

Byron smiled, satisficed with her response, he shoved himself into his sister again. She moaned, sore, but still ready for another orgasm.

With one hand he grabbed his sister’s hair and pulled her head back.

“Yes, fucking put me in my places,” Katie moaned as her did.

The other landed a firm smack on her tight ass, which earned him another gasp from his sister. He followed it up with another on her other cheek.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuck me,” Katie squealed as her brother had full control over her.

“Ahhhh” she screeched as she felt another hard smack on both ass cheeks, “make me cum again, you promised!”

Byron was too focused to respond, only groaning as he felt his own orgasm coming on. He increased his pace, thrusting as hard as he could, no longer caring if his sister came again. She did, this time squirting and gushing all over his throbbing cock and balls.

With that, Byron growled deeply as he gushed out a volcano of hot, sticky cum deep into his sister, not caring of the consequences.

They both laid on Katie’s bed, panting while looking awkwardly at each other.

“I’m on the pill,” Katie finally said, panting. Than quietly said, “thank you for taking care of me.”

She smiled at her brother, both nervous and affectionately.

Byron pulled his sister into him, resting her head on his chest.

“I love you,” he said simply, stroking her hair

She smiled and closed her eyes, falling asleep as they laid together, content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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