Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 02

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Chapter 02- Tongue Twisting


Mike was still in shock over the twist his sex life had taken after finally meeting Connie. As a matter of fact, with each risqué and sexually charged task she had set before him, not only had he been given an opportunity to learn more and more about this amazing woman, but with the completion of each task, he had also discovered new and juicy ways to tantalize, excite and pleasure her. With each new morsel of knowledge that he discovered about her… the more he wanted her. She was as gorgeous and as sexy as she was insatiable, his very own IT Goddess made flesh, and looking to be pleasured.

Upon the completion of her final task, they met in a nearby hotel room, where he put all of his knowledge to the task in order to bring her to a long deserved, and soul shaking orgasm.

Their discrete and carnal rendezvous included an exotic mix of foreplay, positions, as well as a variety of finger, lips and tongue combinations, with varying levels of massaging, licking, sucking and insertion into all of Connie’s sweet and tender spots, each technique bringing a different gasp, breathy exhale, or moan from her wet lips.

Each position built upon the one before it, and brought Connie closer and closer to her to ecstasy. Mike had started to see the signs as well, her body bucking more and more with each lick of her sweet clit, or her perfect legs squeezing his head as his fingers entered her wet pussy. He felt her entire body almost explode with excitement as he slowly inserted a pair of his fingers. Her moans and breathy cries turned louder and louder, the closer she got. The lips of her pussy engorging as his thick tongue lapped at them repeatedly. Her wet juices had long since soaked the sheets of the bed, and her pussy still gushed forth in her excitement.

Connie had gotten so excited now, that whenever she was in reach, she would grab hold of Mike’s thick cock, and stroke it in rhythm with his licking or fingering. They had been going nonstop for a while, and thick, wet, trails of pre-cum glistened along it. When close enough, she would lick the length of his cock, sometimes engulfing it for a moment, with long, slow strokes of her mouth, and then pulling away slowly, staring into Mike’s eyes as long tendrils of cum and saliva stretched from her mouth to his penis. The sight of his cum on her wet and juicy lips served to drive Mike’s efforts even further, as he added new tricks to the oral barrage on her pussy, which in turn drove her closer even closer to the edge.

Suddenly, Connie’s eyes opened wide, and her ample breasts began to heave as her breathing became deeper, almost desperate. At which point, she sat up, pulling her pussy away abruptly from Mike’s focused tongue and fingers, and told him “turn over now” in a breathy and commanding ankara escort way. Mike immediately rolled onto his back and looking longingly up at her sweet pussy as she placed her knees on either side of his head. Connie’s gaze was hungrily fixed on his cock standing rigid and upright, pre-cum glistening. She knew what she wanted, and she was going to swallow it all.

Connie leaned forward onto all four, and gripped his bulging penis with one hand as she supported herself with her other. She looked upon it like a prize, and smiled as she filled her mouth with it, lowering her pussy onto Mike’s face at the same time.

Mike body trembled with jolts of ecstasy. Connie was no longer teasing, or playing, she was determined… and her warm, wet mouth felt like heaven wrapped around his hard cock. Spurred on by her passion, skilled lips and tongue, Mike brought his own mouth to task on the beautiful pussy sitting on him. Given how skilled she was, and how long he had been going down on her so far, and that he had been built up so much, he knew that he may not last long, and was determined to ensure that she came before he did. Luckily, Mike had been saving a couple of tricks in reserve for just an occasion such as this, and he knew he would have to do something quickly, as he could feel his cock already excessively drooling due to her talented mouth and sucking power.

Raising his mouth to her pussy, he began to swirl his thick tongue around in slow, lazy circles around her sensitive clit. Her already wet pussy began to almost gush with the sensation. As he continued his tongue’s work, he brought his hand up and rubbed the lips of her pussy, moistening them, causing her to rotate her hips in rhythm. Conniean then arches her back as those two fingers are slid deep into her pussy, held for a moment, and then thrust back in, again and again. With each action, Mike could feel her body getting closer and closer. Her hot breath was in time to the pulsing in his cock, as he could feel himself getting closer as well.

Mike knew that it was time to taste her cum. He reached up with his other hand, moistening a finger, and then slowly slid it into her tight asshole. Her scream of excitement and pleasure was barely contained his thick cock in her mouth, her body bucked again and again. Her ass responded by tightening around his digit, taking it all in (leaving Mike with a mental note and a desire to slide his cock into her sexy asshole as well sometime). He could feel the huge increase of build up form in her body, as she began to push back against his fingers and mouth almost desperately, all while completely engulfing his hard cock with her mouth and using her tongue to swirl around the head while inside.

At the same time, he could feel the pressure in his balls increase and he began to lift his hips elvankent escort in time with her downward strokes, fucking her face as she sucked on his cock. Her pussy was wet to the point of almost gushing, and his fingers slammed wetly into both of her orifices repeatedly as she pushed back against them.

Connie seemed to be trying to yell something, but could not be heard clearly as she continued to fill her mouth with Mike’s hard member, so all that was heard were a series of breathy moans and cock filled squeaks. Suddenly, Connie’s body tensed as she lifted her mouth up from his engorged cock and inhaled sharply and held her breath, Mike felt her pussy and ass clench around his fingers suddenly. She held her breath for what seemed like an eternity, but Mike knew better than to let up and repeatedly filled her holes with his fingers and licked her clit like there were no tomorrow. “Oh…. My……. GOD!!!!” Connie screamed out as her waves of ecstasy washed over her, and she pushed down on Mike’s face and fingers, grinding her pussy all over his face, as she gushed all over his face.

Her body shook, over and over again as she continued to grind on him, but before her orgasm had even finished, her eyes opened from her euphoric state, and she gripped Mike’s cock. “I…….. want…… to see … cum!” she gasped, and began to stroke Mike’s cock with deep and hard strokes. Pre-cum immediately welled up on the tip of his cock, as he was already near, and each drop was almost immediately licked away as Connie swirled her eager tongue over the head. Several strokes later, Mike could feel his body clench up, and felt a familiar wave form in his stomach and quickly make its way to his crotch as his hips began to buck.

Connie could feel it as well, pulled back and stared hungrily in anticipation of the impending eruption. The first couple of spurts shot upwards, splattering across her pleasantly surprised face, leaving her with lines of sticky cum on her beautiful visage. Her surprise quickly turned to satisfaction as she immediately engulfed Mike’s pulsing cock, taking the cum that erupted from it, into her eager mouth. As Mike came, Connie applied suction with her mouth, drawing every drop from him.

As she was sucking on him, Mike had renewed his licking on her as well, both of their bodies slowly subsiding from their immense orgasms. As soon as she was certain that she had drained him, Connie pulled her mouth away from his cock, giving it one last, long stroke, and then slowly turned around, switching positions so that she was sitting on his chest, wet pussy still in view and they could see each other’s face. Her eyes were slightly closed as she relished the feeling as shockwaves still resonated through both of their bodies, and a huge smile was on her lips. otele gelen escort As their eyes lock in shared ecstasy, Connie slowly lowers one of her fingers along her wet pussy lips, thoroughly moistening them and then longingly rubs them along Mike’s lips as she arches her head back slightly as she swallowed his thick load. Her eyes watered momentarily at how much she swallowed, but when she opens them again, they were hungry for more.

Connie sat on his chest as they’re bodies continued to come down from their orgasms, and leaned back slightly as Mike used his hands to slowly go over the curves on her amazing body, relishing the feeling. Connie then opened her eyes, looking down with a mischievous and sensual gaze, and a sexy smile forms on her lips. “this… is going to be fun” Connie says as her smile widened even further. Suddenly she drapes herself across his body and gave Mike a deep, tongue filled kiss. He can taste the mix of her sweet saliva and his cum, and he pulls her close to him, feeling her amazing breasts touching him, and wondering what it would feel like to slide his cock between them. A few moments later, they slowly pull away, and Mike can feel some of the cum that had been on Connie’s face had fallen onto his during their passionate kiss. Connie stopped as she noticed it as well, then quickly leaned in to slowly lick it from his face. “mmmm.” Connie says as she gives him a wink and pulls away, using her finger to wipe the rest of it from her face, and sliding the finger into her mouth with that same mischievous grin.

Mike stares longingly at her curves as he sat at the edge of the bed, watching as Connie got dressed and made ready to head out. Connie sees the look, and gives him a quick flash and wink. “Oh don’t you worry” she said playfully and lustily. “I’m sure we’ll be meeting again soon”. As she is walking by the bed, she stops for a second to hungrily stare at Mike’s cock, which is still standing strong and hard. “Mmmph. You better nail this next challenge.”. Connie turns around slightly, lifting her skirt up, and sliding her panties off to the side. “I’m going to want this big guy deep inside of me next time” she says as she slowly slides the lips of her pussy along the length of Mike’s cock, leaving a wet and sticky trail. “Mmm mmm mmmm” says as she closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation.

Connie stands back up, getting her clothes back in order, and reaching into her bag to produce a letter with a ribbon on it. “I think we’re both going to really enjoy this one.” She turns and looks down at his cock again, then lowers the letter onto it, tying a bow with the ribbon around the middle of it, and then giving the head one last kiss before heading out. As she opened the door to leave, she turned and gave him a sweet and playful look, blew him a kiss, then turned and headed out “I’ll see you at work.”

Mike took a moment to recover, Connie’s amazing scent still lingering in the air. Then reaches down to retrieve her letter and see what’s in store for them both next, anxiously looking forward to their next meeting.

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