Rachel Ch. 01

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I have always loved a woman’s smooth soft bum. The curve, the shape, the way it feels in your hand. I love grinding up against a big curvy ass. I enjoy sliding my hand or a finger between its soft cheeks or sleeping next to someone with my cock nestled along her smooth crack.

When I first met my wife I loved her ass before I loved any other part of her. And the rest of her was awesome, she was wild and cheeky and as perverted as I was. She can’t get enough doggy style. Sometimes she will bend over, show off her gorgeous ass and beg me to give it to her from behind. She will shout and moan and scream as I make her cream, shoving my cock deep in her pussy while pulling on her hips. Then I’ll pull out and shoot my cum all over her beautiful ass.

But one thing that my wife, Laura, will not do – is have anal sex. She is not like most girls who are afraid to try it; she has done it with other guys and has decided that she really doesn’t like it. I have done it before and I love it. I was with a girl, years ago who was anally fixated. If I was giving it to her in her pussy, she had to stick a dildo or a vibrator up her ass. She taught me how to gently prepare and ass, how to carefully enter it and how to make a women love it. Good God it was awesome! Tight and smooth and delicious.

I have never had anal sex with any one else.

I have asked Laura if she would have anal sex with me and even warmed her up with a few anal plugs and beads – she said that it was not enjoyable and quite unpleasant. Laura feels strongly that something that gives me pleasure, but is uncomfortable for her doesn’t balance out – and I tend to agree. Because I love my wife and I would never want to do anything to hurt her, physically or emotionally. But that doesn’t stop me from watching anal porn, jerking off with a tight hand, and dreaming.

We have been married for five years.

Yesterday I was at the gym. Most gyms I have come across are filled with tight-bodied women in fitting Lycra clothes – it is just par for the course. They are not trying to show off – just be comfortable. So I have learned to turn a blind eye to their asses pounding while they jog of the treadmills or their tits sticking out while they work of the machines. I don’t perv, I don’t get kicked out, and everybody stays happy. I thought that I had become pretty good at ignoring beautiful women working out around me when this one girl struck me. You never know what will catch your eye and I can’t say why this woman stuck out of the crowd, but I was stunned from the first moment I saw her. She was a petite blonde with her hair tied back in a loose ponytail. She was wearing a black sleeveless top with white seams, black Lycra pants to her knees and little short shorts over them. All in black, lightly tanned Caucasian skin, golden hair and silver earrings. She looked beautiful.

She was very lean, and had a tiny little bum, but she was fascinating anyway. She was doing some arm curls in the corner while I warmed up on the treadmill. She was good at what she was doing. She had a friend with her who she was swapping being on the machines with. When they had finished with the arm curls they both went over to the hip flexor machine.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I was still jogging on the treadmill, but I could see what they were doing clearly from across the room. Mystery girl stepped up first. She lifted her leg, slid her calf, then her thigh over the padded bar. She stood there for a moment, and then started pushing. She swung the bar down and past her other knee, then slowly returned. This motion was repeated over and over until she stopped, caught her breath and stepped down. Her friend went and did her round, but I was watching mystery erotik film izle girl. She padded her forehead with a towel and drank from her water bottle. In a few moments it was her turn again. I watched carefully as she mounted the machine again and imagined her thigh sliding over my hip instead of that cold machine. She powered away for her second round – it was beautiful.

Her friend stepped up to the machine now. After a few moments she called out for help, she was finding the weight hard to push. Did she call out a name?? I was eager to know but couldn’t hear from across the room. The girl in black dropped her towel and water bottle and stepped up behind her friend. She put her hands on the friend’s hips and pep-talked her through the exercise. God – watching her hold her friend like that was too much. I got off the treadmill and went for the showers. My mental imagery was going wild. I could see the two girls helping each other on the machines, stroking each other’s thighs, pressing their soft tits into the other one’s back as they pushed and strained.

As I stepped into the shower my cock was throbbing and soaked in pre-cum. I turned the water cold and tried to think of something else – but that night Laura got a wild hard fuck. With her lying on her back, I knelt under her bum and sat upright. I powered into her wet pussy giving her two orgasms before I pulled out and shot cum in streams from her hip to her shoulder. I roared as a came. Fuck yeah!! That was good.

The next night we were invited to Johnny’s place for a little gathering. We only went to be with our friends Adrian and Christine, who knew Johnny through Adrian’s work. Johnny was a rude fucker and liked to throw parties which were actually covers for his swinger friends – who were getting busy in the back rooms. They would come out, have some food and drink every now and then – but most of the time, about a third of the guests were absent. No one said anything, but everyone knew. Adrian and Christine wanted to go to not be rude to Johnny, who they genuinely liked, but they wanted us to come along so they had some normal people to talk with. The food was always good and we always had a good time.

A few hours into the party I couldn’t find Laura. I asked Adrian and Christine – they had seen her up until about ten minutes ago, but not since. I checked the rest room, the garage where the smokers were hanging out, the kitchen, the lounge, the patio. Laura was nowhere. I came back to Adrian and Christine and told them I couldn’t find her. Some drunk guy next to us leaned over and said, “Are you looking for the cute chick with the sweet ass?”


“Red shirt, jeans, fuck-me boots.”

“Yeah. Do you know where she is?”

“I think you need to check the back, Dude.” he said with a chuckle.

I looked at Adrian and Christine stunned. They were equally shocked.

I got up slowly and went to the door to the hallway. My heart was pounding in my ears, I couldn’t look away from the door, and my throat went dry. I touched the door handle and waited, took a breath and turned it. It was dark inside. I stepped in and closed the door. There was music playing softly somewhere in the distance. There were lights on, but they were coloured – red, green, blue, UV. It looked like a cheep nightclub. I got to the first room and saw naked bodies writhing on the floor, glistening with sweat and lube in the weak light. People were moaning and thrashing. Across the hall way two chicks were slowly jerking a guy off. Their tits swung back and forth as they squeezed and stroked his engorged cock. As I watched he cried out and pushed his hips out – white cum shot from cock towards me! I jumped out of the way and leant against film izle the wall. I hadn’t seen Laura – but I was terrified about what she might be doing here. Was she being hurt by someone, why didn’t she tell me she was coming here, why didn’t she asked me to come too? I was jealous and angry and scared and confused – and exhilarated. The smell and the sounds were so raw and sensual. This was sex and passion for the sake of enjoyment. No love was allowed to confuse things here.

I walked down the hall and came to the next pair of rooms. I looked inside and saw three big muscle-bound guys sucking each other’s cocks and sticking their fingers in each other’s asses. No Laura there.

In the last room there were three couples kissing and playing with each other in various states of undress. In the far corner I saw Laura, still wearing her jeans and boots, sitting next to a naked girl who had her back to me. They were kissing and fondling each other’s boobs. I called out to her in a harsh whisper. She disengaged her lips from the girl, saw me and smiled. I wasn’t expecting that – though she would be ashamed at being caught doing this. She waved at me to come over to her. I walked over slowly, trying to not disturb the other two couples who were getting more intimate.

“Laura, what are you doing?”

“Vince, this is Rachel.”

The girl she had been kissing turned around. My jaw fell open – it was the mystery girl in black from the gym. She smiled at me – she was wearing the same silver earrings. I couldn’t say anything for a while. Laura shuffled over to me.

“I know how much you want to fuck my ass, and you have been so good not pushing me to do something I don’t want to do. But Rachel here, she loves anal sex, and she thinks you’re hot. So I want you to fuck her, here, with me.”

I took Laura in my arms and held her. I told her that I loved her.

Laura went over and whispered something in Rachel’s ear. Rachel giggles and smiles back at me. She gets some cushions and kneels on one. She slowly leaned forward until she was on all fours with her smooth ass sticking up at me.

I leaned forward and kissed her ass cheek. I moved over to her crack and smelt it – beautiful. I kissed the top of her crack and then slowly kissed my way down it. I looked over at Laura. Her eyes were popping out of her head – she was obviously enjoying watching her husband with his lips on another woman’s ass. I turned back and gave Rachel’s bum a long juicy lick from bottom to top. She quivered.

I stood up and Laura helped me undress. She pushed my pants down and my cock sprang forth, dripping with pre-cum. Laura kissed the underside of my cock head gently and a shudder ran up my spine. I knelt back down to face Rachel’s ass; she was watching me and urged me on. I spread her cheeks to expose her little button asshole. I licked it gently, then kissed it. I ran up tongue around her ass, tickling it. Slowly her ass relaxed and I started to probe it softly with the tip of my tongue. Oh, my God it was wonderful.

When she felt nice and wet I removed my tongue and sat up. I licked my first two fingers and then laid the pad of my first finger against her waiting ass. I spat more saliva on her ass and is dribbled down her crack, over her ass and my fingers, then dripped off her pussy lips. I slowly circled her ass with my wet fingers and then gently inserted my index finger. I moved it slowly in and out or her ass and wriggled it around to stretch her. I then inserted both fingers and gently inserted them all the way in.

While I had been doing that Laura had been applying lube to my cock. She poured it over my hardened member and softly stroked it all over my length. Soon my cock was dripping with seks filmi izle lube.

Rachel turned back and purred at me. “Oh your fingers feel so good up my ass. Oh Vince. I need your cock in me, give me your cock in me ass. Ohhh”

I knelt on the other cushion right next to her shapely claves. My engorged cock came closer and closer to her open dripping ass. I stroked lube soaked cock head over her pussy lips, up her crack and rested it against her rose bud. I brought one leg up, so I was kneeling on one knee to steady myself, and asked Rachel to back onto me. She pressed back and I held my hard cock level with her ass. My cock head slipped into her ass and my head swam – I love this feeling. Rachel stopped for a moment breathing hard and then slowly pushed back more and more. Laura stared open mouthed at my cock disappearing inside this woman’s ass. She held onto Rachel’s thigh as my cock continued to slowly be engulfed. Laura’s hand slipped up Rachel’s thigh until she found her wet pussy lips; they were dripping with pussy juice, saliva and lube. Laura’s finger brushed over her lips and then inside her warm folds. My cock finally slipped all the way home into Rachel’s wonderful ass. I felt ecstatic, my cock felt totally at home, warm and tight and enveloped. I could sit like this forever. Laura leant up and kissed me on my lips, her finger still probing the depths of Rachel’s pussy.

Laura whispered in my ear “Now fuck her!”

I gently withdrew my cock tow inches, then slid it back in. I repeated this a little longer, then again longer still, until my cock head was just inside Rachel’s ass. I started to pump her ass and Rachel growled and purred.

Laura pulled her fingers out of Rachel’s pussy and started whispering in her ear. They giggled and then Laura started to lick Rachel’s ear lobe. She ran her tongue along the outside of her ear and then took her soft lobe with its silver earring into her mouth and sucked on it. When she released it, Rachel turned to her and they kissed. Deep and hard they kissed, their tongues slipping into each other’s mouths. I couldn’t believe it – I was pumping my cock in a foxy stranger’s ass while my wife was making out with her. It was awesome. There were two other couples now in the throws of wild lovemaking right next to us.

Laura started to crawl under Rachel’s writhing body. She kissed and sucked on Rachel’s pert nipples and then moving further down licked her navel. Soon Laura was licking at Rachel’s pussy lips, my balls slapping her chin as I pounded into Rachel’s sweet ass. Laura spread Rachel’s delicate lips and found her engorged clit. She flicked it a few times with her tongue and then sucked it right into her mouth. Rachel stared screaming in delight. She panted and groaned, and then raised her head and shouted loudly as her orgasm rolled over her body. I kept pumping into her ass and the sounds of her orgasm brought me over the edge.

I grunted deeply as my first shot fired from my cock deep in Rachel’s ass. I pressed my hips tight against her bum, pulling on her hips as I was racked by my orgasm. I pulled out and immediately fired another stream of hot cum over her ass. I cried out a deep loud shout as another shot burst over Rachel’s back.

“God that’s beautiful.” Laura said.

My cum dribbled over Rachel’s bum and trickled down her leg.

I sat down exhausted, panting. Rachel collapsed on the floor, tingling in the after glow of her enormous orgasm.

Laura leant into me and kissed me wildly and passionately, her lips firm and excited.

“That was the most wonderful thing to watch, honey.”

“Thank you, my love. That was such an amazing thing for you to do for me. I love you.”

Rachel sat up and came over to us and we all kissed each other together, holding each other tight as we reveled in this intense erotic moment. Three tongues sliding over each other. Hands roamed over breasts and my still firm cock as we slowly recovered.

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