Ramses II

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Bright sunshine burned into Prince Ramses II’s eyes interrupting his deep sleep. “What’s going on?” he asked testily.

“Prince Ramses, it is time for you to get up. The Nile is flooding. Your eighteenth cycle has begun. This is an important day,” his personal assistant Anen replied as he pushed aside the tapestries covering the windows. “The vizier Paser will be here soon to begin the next round of your education.”

“What?” Ramses’s mind was still clouded from sleep. He wasn’t quite sure what else Paser could teach him. Since his father, the Great Pharaoh Seti I had appointed him as Prince Regent five cycles ago, he had been trained on all the things a Pharaoh needed to know. How to handle the religious ceremonies, how to read and write hieroglyphics, how to act towards his servants and subjects, and even the slaves, how to handle diplomacy with other kingdoms, how to fight with the sword and drive a chariot in battle, how to come up with strategy to win those battles. What else was there? He voiced his confusion to Anen, “Really? More training. What else do I need to know? Haven’t I learned everything yet?”

Anen responded with a grin, “Oh, my Prince. There is so much more to life than what you have been taught so far. You will see. Trust me.”

Ramses grinned. He trusted Anen. He trusted him with his life. So he would have to trust him this time too. “Very well. I’ll get ready and see what Paser has for me today.”

“Cleanse yourself in the bath I’ve prepared my Prince. It is waiting for you in the bath room.”

That was strange. Ramses usually took his bath after training with Paser, not before. “Won’t I be all dirty after the training? Won’t I need another bath afterwards?”

“Perhaps. But it is important for today’s lesson that you are clean beforehand.”

“Very well,” Ramses relented though he was still confused.

So Ramses did as Anen had suggested and headed to the bath room. As promised, a fragrant steaming bath of warm clean water awaited him and Ramses gratefully lowered his body into the water. “Ah…, he moaned as he felt the water surround him. Anen snapped his fingers and two slaves quickly entered the room with cloths and began washing his body. He relaxed back and let them do their duties.

His mind wandered. He let thoughts of Paser and his training sessions drop from his mind. Instead he thought about a young maiden he had noticed tending the gardens the last few weeks. Her long dark hair shone in the sun as she moved around. Her movements had afforded him brief glimpses of her youthful breasts moving freely around under her linen dress. He had tried not to stare but she mesmerized him. He was sure that as he had looked closely he had also been able to see the darkness of her nipples. They had pushed against her light dress and seemed to beg for his touch. Her long dress had covered her legs but as she did her duties moving around and bending down, he was able to make out the strong muscles of her calves. He remembered the feeling of arousal that had come over him and he could feel it overtake him again as he relaxed in the bath.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by Anen’s quiet whisper, “My Prince. Your bath is complete. Let us dry and dress you now.”

He shook free of his daydream and nodded. As he stood to rise out of the bath, the water ran down his young muscular body. The hard training that Paser had put him through had tanned and hardened his muscles. He felt that he was no longer the young boy that had started training. His penis rose into the air as if it wanted his attention. Thoughts of that gardener had caused him to get excited. Though he had often masturbated to relieve those tensions, he had only done so in private and did not feel comfortable doing that deed with Anen and the slaves in attendance.

Of course no one dared mention anything about his condition as they proceeded to dress him. Skillfully they worked their way around his penis and by the time they were done, it had dropped back down to its normal state. Ramses made a note to himself that he needed to find some time after training to daydream some more and relieve the tension.

“Have your nourishment now,” Anen now told him gesturing towards the other room where his morning meal was now laid out for him.

As Ramses entered the room, he saw that Paser was already there and waiting. Quickly Paser rose and bowed before him, “Prince Ramses, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?” he asked.

“Not bad Paser. Not bad.” Truthfully though, the thoughts of that gardener had made sleep difficult to come by. That is, until he had relieved the stress by masturbating in the middle of the night.

“Good, my Prince. That is good. Today is a big day. You have many things to do today.”

“Yes, Anen mentioned that my eighteenth cycle begins today. What is so special about it?”

“All in good time, my Prince. All in good time. First, let’s go over the latest information from our frontiers.” Ramses nodded his agreement Şerifali Escort and as he ate his meal, Paser brought him up to date on the goings on throughout the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. It had taken a few years to understand all the nuances that Paser brought him in these briefings but finally Ramses felt that he was starting to understand. Paser nodded in approval as Ramses asked the right questions at the right time.

“Very good, my Prince. You will make a great Pharaoh when your time comes.”

That brought thoughts of his father to his mind. “How is my father doing?” Ramses asked. Though Seti I was not an old man, he had always been frail and was not feeling that well lately.”

Paser hesitated before responding. “Pharaoh Seti is, I’m afraid, not doing too well these days. He continues to have that shortness of breath that has come over him the last few years.”

Ramses nodded. He had noticed that as well in his father and was glad that Paser felt comfortable enough to share this information with him. “I’m aware of that. Thank you for sharing with me. I worry about his health.”

“Pharaoh Seti chose well when he picked you as his successor, Prince Ramses. Though I pray that Osiris does not come for our Pharaoh for a time yet.”

“Yes.” Ramses agreed and finished his meal in silence. He loved his father and worried about him. He knew that if he died, that he would become Pharaoh immediately. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that just yet.

“So, Paser, what do you have in mind for me today?” Ramses asked as he sat back after satisfying his hunger. “More chariot work. Perhaps some sword play.”

Paser smiled and shook his head. “No, my Prince, nothing like that. I really think you’ll enjoy what’s planned for you today though.”

He raised his eyebrows. “But I enjoy chariots and the sword.”

“Ah, but you didn’t when we started. I remember a young boy complaining about all the sword repetitions I put you through. And today, we’re going to start something new again. This time I think you’ll be ok with it though.”

Ramses was interested now. “Oh really? And what would that be?”

“And ruin the surprise? No, just follow me and you’ll find out.”

“Ok. Lead the way I suppose,” he relented.

As Paser led the way from the room, Ramses followed. As they made their way down the corridors, he tried a couple more times to pry information from Paser, but to no avail. As they passed by the inhabitants and workers at the palace, they all bowed deeply as they saw their future Pharaoh pass them by. Ramses, remembering what Paser had taught him, greeted each person by name – where he could. And when he couldn’t, he made sure to get that person’s name from Paser and commit it to memory. “Remember my Prince,” Paser reminded him, “to always greet your subjects by name. You are a God in their eyes and to be recognized by a God will bring them all great joy.”

After some more twists and turns down the hallways, Ramses now realized that their travels were bringing them towards the women’s harem on the other side of the palace. “Why are we going to visit the women?” he asked.

Paser smiled. “Soon, my Prince. You will know soon enough.”

As they approached the entrance to the harem, the eunuch guards stationed there nodded at Paser and parted to allow him entry. Ramses followed, not quite sure what was going on.

Upon entering the large room, Ramses looked around. The large windows were covered in billowing cloth as a light wind moved them around like sails on the feluccas on the great river Nile. Scattered throughout the room were a collection of soft feather cushions covering chairs and sofas. And reclining on these cushions were a large number of women of all ages. When they noticed who had entered their room, they all immediately stood and bowed to their prince. Ramses nodded back in response. He was still feeling a little confused as to why they were here.

One of the older women approached Paser and bent her head in his direction. “Vizier Paser. Welcome. How can we be of assistance today?”

“Hello Merit-Amun. Today is Prince Ramses eighteenth cycle.” Merit-Amun’s mouth broke into a wide smile as she glanced quickly towards Ramses. “I think you know what that means.” She nodded. “Is Priestess Ahset around today?”

Merit-Amun continued to smile. “Of course. I will go find her immediately.”

As she turned and headed down a side corridor, Paser turned to Ramses. “For your first lesson, you are to watch. Later you can participate. Understand?”

But Ramses didn’t. “Watch? What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You really don’t know?” Paser asked in surprise. Ramses shook his head. “I would have thought that one of your older friends would have told you by now, or even Anen.” Ramses’s eyes shot open. He and his friends had discussed many things. One thing in particular though. Was what they had said true? He looked around the room at the expectant faces before Göztepe Escort him. Was this what he had heard? Was he about to have sex? Today? Now?

“You mean …,” he started haltingly.

Paser smiled at his protege. “Now I think you’re starting to understand. Today your lessons on sex begin. First you will watch Ahset and myself have sex. Then, if you’re up to it, perhaps there is someone you can find to have sex with.” Ramses’s mind immediately flew to the gardener. Was she staying here? Of course she was. All the unattached women at the palace lived in this area. At least he hoped she was unattached.

As this played out over Ramses face, Paser put his hand on Ramses’s arm. “No worries my Prince. Remember you’re a God.”

Oh great. Ramses face showed his thoughts. These women all thought he was a God. How was he supposed to keep up to that standard on something he knew nothing about?

“Bad choice of words my Prince,” Paser admitted as he saw the panic cover his face. “Do not worry about it. It will all come naturally, and anyone here will never forget their time with you – whether you were a God, the Pharaoh, or just a lowly Prince,” he finished with a grin.

At that moment, Merit-Amun returned leading, what Ramses could only assume was, a goddess. She was beautiful. Obviously somewhat older than he, probably close to Paser’s age. The long dark shining hair of a true Egyptian. Dark penetrating eyes. A beautiful wide smile showing her perfect white teeth. Tall. Not as tall as he but only slightly shorter. She was wearing only a long light white linen dress and Ramses could easily see her body moving beneath it. As the light shone through different areas Ramses could see her silhouette. Breasts moved freely as she moved. Long legs peeked at him, teasing his eyes.

“Ah, Paser, so nice to see you,” she said to Paser as they leaned together in a short kiss. “And My Prince,” she continued as she turned to Ramses and gave him a bow. “I am so glad you came today.”

“Priestess Ahset, all pales before your beauty,” Ramses responded.

“Thank you, Prince Ramses. That is very kind.” She turned to Paser. “You have taught him well.”

Paser bowed his head in acknowledgement. “Thank you my lady. I have done my best. But now it’s time for his next lesson. I’m hoping we can help the Prince learn the art.”

“Of course, I would be delighted. Shall we?” she suggested holding her arm out to Paser. As he grabbed hold, she held out her other arm to Ramses. “My Prince?”

Though stunned at the thought of what was about to happen, Ramses remembered his manners and took hold of the arm extended his way. “Lead the way Priestess,” he told her.

The three of them walked through the again-reclining women towards the corridor that Merit-Amun had gone done earlier. Ramses looked around and noticed that many, if not most, of the women were looking at him with interest. He nodded politely to them as he passed. As they entered into the hallway, Ramses noticed doorways down both sides, covered in heavier cloths so they would not move too easily. Occasionally he could hear talking, laughing and even what sounded like moaning as they passed the different doorways. His imagination filled in the pictures of what that moaning represented.

Towards the end of the corridor they approached another doorway and Ahset held the cloth to the side and motioned for the two men to enter. “Welcome to my home,” she told them. Ramses followed Paser in and looked around. It was not a large room. In the corner a bed took up most of the room. It was covered in smooth sheets. On the other wall from the bed was a large mirror over a small cabinet where Ramses could only assume that Ahset kept her clothes. He imagined that she had need for very few of those. At the foot of the bed, two chairs sat by a small table. Candles were lit on the table and cabinet throwing a flickering light around the room. There was no window but the candles provided enough light to illuminate the room.

Ahset motioned towards the chairs, “My Prince. Please have a seat. Watch Paser and I make love. We have known each other for many years now and I feel that what we do is make love. You are still a little young for love – though I’m sure it will happen soon. For you, at least the first few times, it will only be lust and sex. But that’s OK. One learns through doing and love will come when it comes. We all start out having sex before making love.”

Ramses was entranced by this woman. Without hesitation he sat down on the chair offered him so he could listen and observe.

Ahset continued, “Watch us Ramses. Watch how Paser pays attention to my body, to my needs.”

Paser chimed in. “It is always most important that the woman is prepared for penetration Ramses. And to prepare her, one must touch, kiss, and most of all listen. Listen to what she is saying – with her mouth and with her body.”

Ramses watched as the two moved closer together. Their eyes were locked on Ümraniye Escort each other and slowly closed as their faces and mouths moved together. Ramses could see their lips touching and as they occasionally pulled back, he could see their tongues sticking out and battling each other like small swords. Paser had run his hand down Ahset’s back and was massaging the cheeks of her ass. Slowly he pulled her dress upwards until her bare ass was revealed. Ramses couldn’t help but let out a little moan as he saw the perfection revealed there. Paser now massaged the bare globes of her ass and pulled her body tight against his own. Ramses knew that Paser had to be getting excited. After all, he knew he was getting excited from just watching.

Ahset pulled herself away from Paser and after a quick glance at Paser, her gaze shifted to Ramses. She smiled at him and again he was amazed at her beauty. In one quick motion, she pulled the dress up and over her head, again looked at him, and then bent to the side to place the dress on the cabinet. Ramses watched every movement. Her now uncovered breasts moved enticingly as she moved around the room. Between her legs, Ramses could make out a covering of dark black hair which seemed to be pointing its way down to her vagina. Ramses had never seen a naked woman. A woman in all her glory. A beautiful naked woman. He felt his penis start rising, pushing against his clothing, wanting to see for itself.

Meanwhile, Paser had also removed his clothing. Ramses had seen him naked many times, in the baths and in the training sessions but this was the first time he had seen him aroused. Surprisingly though Ramses noticed that Paser’s penis looked much smaller than his own. Not as long and nowhere near as big around. It was an interesting observation but was quickly tossed aside as he watched Ahset drop to her knees before Paser with her face right close to his penis.

What was she going to do? He wondered.

His question was answered as Ahset moved her mouth to Paser’s penis. To himself, Ramses started to use the more vulgar term that he had heard. To his cock. She grabbed hold of it and started licking on it. She was licking his cock. Then Ramses watched as she took it into her mouth. All of it until her lips were against Paser’s dark pubic hair. Ramses watched in amazement as her head bobbed up and down his length, covering it in her saliva.

Ahset pulled away and stroked Paser’s cock as she knelt before him. Turning to Ramses, she commented, “Men love this. You’ll love this. A woman’s job is to please her man and this is one of the things that men love. But women love it too. We may not admit it, but the feel of a man’s penis, of his cock, in one’s mouth is indescribable. It makes us wet between our own legs thinking of the power we have over the man. And getting a woman wet and well lubricated is very important to love making, to sex.”

Ramses could feel his own cock throbbing against his clothing. He shifted around uncomfortably. Ahset noticed his predicament. “Why don’t you undress Ramses? You look very uncomfortable – and overdressed as well,” she added with a smile.

Fine with him. Quickly he stood and shed his clothing. His cock freed itself from its confines and popped out towards the couple before him.

“Oh my!” Ahset exclaimed as she looked over at the site before her.

“What?” Ramses asked in shock as he looked down to see what she was talking about. “What’s wrong?”

“In the name of Amun, my Prince, absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. You are truly a God to be blessed with a cock like that,” she explained. “I have been with many men but have never beheld anything so magnificent. You are going to make many many women very very happy … if you learn how to use your gift. I feel privileged to be the one to help teach you.”

Ramses looked down at himself. Magnificent? A gift? Usually his penis had gotten in the way when it got hard. He wasn’t sure he believed her. “Really?”

“Believe me, my Prince. Once you learn how to use that penis, women will be begging to spend some time with you. Actually even with your inexperience, some would be begging just to see it. But remember the lessons here today. You will enjoy the experience even more if you can excite your women to a high level first.”

Paser reached down and pulled Ahset to her feet. “So let’s continue those lessons shall we? There’s something else that will get a woman wet,” he said to Ramses. Ramses watched as his hand travelled down between Ahset’s legs. “Women, like men, like when their genitals, their pussy, their cunt, is rubbed gently. Like this.” Ramses watched as his fingers rubbed Ahset’s pussy. He could see that yes indeed there was some lubrication there. The area seemed quite wet and Ahset’s moans seemed to show that she was enjoying the motions of Paser’s fingers.

“And this is her vagina Ramses,” Paser continued as he pushed a finger into her. Again she moaned in response and seemed to be holding onto Paser for support. “Though it may not look like much right now, it will easily expand to accept my cock. It could even maybe accept you – if it’s lubricated enough.” Ramses watched as Paser moved his finger in and out of Ahset’s pussy. His finger seemed to be now completely covered in her wetness.

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