Raven Robinson Ep. 01

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Raven Robinson was eighteen and ready for a new life. Still she never expected things to happen the way they did. She hadn’t expected her mom to die tragically in a car wreck last November. She hadn’t expected her dad to get married to her PE teacher Miss Malone by the following May either. She wasn’t exactly shocked he would want to, it was the answer that really surprised her. Her dad was once a handsome man to be sure. But now Bob Robinson was a 50 year old man with two bad knees, an ulcer; plus beer gut that only became more pronounced as he aged. Bob was on the road constantly and was very fond of joking about being a modern day character from an Arthur Miller story. He hadn’t joked nearly as much since Raven’s mother Elizabeth died. Raven hoped it wasn’t due to a him feeling guilty about a secret family somewhere in Montana or Utah. She never pegged him for the cheating type before but she was having serious doubts lately. Raven reasoned that it was all in her head, anyway no mysterious lover had shown up after mom’s death laying claim to the family home so she dismissed the thought.

The second shocking aspect to the whole marriage was the anomaly herself Miss Malone. Miss Malone was drop dead gorgeous. She was 6’1 with blonde hair and brown eyes. Being a sex izle PE teacher she was obviously fit but without seeming at all too muscular. Nothing at all like Raven, who was all of 5’6, rail thin, with long black hair (which she was named for) with green eyes. To top it off Miss Malone was young, just twenty-six, barely half her new husband’s age. Why she would settle down with an over the hill insurance salesman was a complete mystery. Whenever she was asked she would flip her hair, laugh and say, ” Well it isn’t the money honey”. And for sure it wasn’t. Bob made a nice salary and even pulled in some decent commission from time to time but he was far from rich. Raven knew her dad was head over heels and so as a daughter Raven couldn’t help but be happy for him.

Initially Raven had wanted to hate her new step-mom. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. She hated how easy it all seemed to them. She hated that her dad called Miss Malone ‘Lizzy’ even though it was in fact her name. This was an understandable trigger because Raven’s real mother Elizabeth had once been called Lizzy too. The thing she hated the most however was her dad’s insistence that the two girls should be best of friends. It seemed at the time like the ultimate betrayal to her mother. alt yazılı porno If she were entirely honest though, she did like Miss Malone, once.

**** This begins a short flashback

A year before when Raven was in her gym class Miss Malone had been very nice. She wasn’t manly like the other PE teachers she’d had – still girlish, but strong too. She was patient with her students and never berated them for being slow or un-coordinated. Most important was that Miss Malone was understanding. You see Raven wasn’t like all the others in the class. Raven liked girls. This made gym class both heaven and hell. It was great seeing all those soft, smooth bodies in the locker room, especially when sweaty after a good run or game of soccer. Yet there was always the fear of discovery – the day when her gaze lingered just a little to long and someone caught her staring. Fortunately it never happened quite like that. There was however a very close call.

One day while doing warm-up stretches Raven looked longingly at Anna Sumner. Bent over and touching her toes Anna’s incredible ass so close Raven could have touched it. She was able to fight the urge to do so, but when she stood up her nipples were rock hard and showing clearly thorough altyazılı sex izle her shirt. Janey Johnson noticed. Raven was stunned when she heard the shriek of laughter. “Oh my look at those nipples! God she’s practically drooling. Look, look everyone she’s so turned on. The little bird’s a full on dyke. Better watch out girls we can’t let our guard down with her she’ll probably try to make a move on us” Redfaced and close to tears Raven froze. The worst had happened and she was done for.

Miss Malone interjected and saved her ass. ” Stop making a fuss Janey, this is nonsense. It’s only cold in the gym. If hard nipples mean that much than half of the girls in this room are lesbians too. Including me.” it was true, Miss Malone’s nipples were suddenly very visible as well. “We just need to get out in the sun and work up a good sweat is all” She then led the girls out onto the soccer field. Janey Johnson was sullen for the rest of the class period and hardly spoke above a mumble.


Raven lay in her bed the night of the wedding thinking of Anna Sumner’s perfect ass and wondered if she’d ever get half as close to it as she had that day just over a year before. Chances were slim. School was over now and Anna had never once even spoken to her. A girl can dream she thought, running her fingers down between her legs, feeling both sets of her lips moisten with excitement. Raven Robinson fell asleep with with a delicate sigh of satisfaction – Just before dreams took her the image of Miss Malone’s erect nipples came to her.

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