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You follow the instructions on the anonymous not you received, arriving promptly at 9pm. You knock on the hotel door before you hesitantly, noting the room number, “69”, as you do… although, not for the first time.

The door begins to open, and you gaze uncertainly into the room before you. The room is dark, except for yhe light shining through the doorway and slanting across the floor. By this small illumination, you can see that the room is a suite, this being only the main sitting room. You take a step ito the room, squinting into the darkness, searching for the one who brought you here.

The door closes behind you with a “click”, loud in the obscurity and complete silence that enshrouds you. A figure moves from the door and comes up behind you. I mold myself against your back and wrap my arms around your waist pressing my palms against your chest, and pressing my breasts into your back. I rub my cheek against the back of your neck, then pull away, catching your hand and leading you through the darkness into another room.

This room, like that main one is completely dark. I lead you forward slowly, then turn you around and push. You fall heavily onto the end of a large king sized bed, your body sliding on the satin sheets. Catching yourself with your hands, you are unprepared for me to land on top of you. I press myself against you, nipping your neck, then trailing kisses to your mouth, where I catch your lower lip between my teeth and tug lightly, before sliding my tongue past your lips and rubbing it against yours. You respond, arching up against me and closing your eyes, as I run my hands up and down your chest, and caress your face. I tease your tongue with mine coaxing you into my mouth while deftly rising your hands above your head and into cuffs secured to the headboard. I grin at your start of surprise before kissing you again, while prying your shoes off with my feet. I deftly unfasten your jeans, and pull them along with your boxers, and your sox (musn’t forget the sox!) off your legs. You are intrigued now, bahis siteleri not knowing what to expect from me. Your knowledge in my identity is secure, and you are bemused at my use of darkness. You can feel the smooth fabric of my satin pants against your now bare skin, and the tails of my blouse trail against your stomach.

I grin as I feel the velvet of your blue shirt, then quickly unbutton it, pulling the sleeves up onto the chain connecting the two cuffs together, then run my hands up your chest before cupping your face and kissing you yet again. I slide off to your side, then lift your side and push, communicating to roll over without words. Once you are on your stomach, I rise from the bed and walk over to a table, you can hear the faint rustle of my pants, as I move about. A march flares, and for a moment, the room is illuminated, and you smell a musky burning scent, incense you realize. I light several candles as well, strategically placed around the bed and room to cast a golden glow across the bed.

I return, and you feel me slide onto the bed. I straddle your buttocks, resting lghtly on my legs. You hear a soft “pop” sound, then shortly feel smooth oil spreading across your back. The scent of Vanilla invades your senses and you groan as I stroke my hands along your sore muscles, kneading, relaxing. I rub your neck loosening the tension, and strain before moving to your shoulders. I move to the side of you and rub one arm until it is slack and loose within it’s bonds, befor emoving to the other side and repeating the process. Straddling you again, I place my hands at the base of your spine, then leane my weight into you, crackign your back, them moving up to crack it again. I grin as you moan in pleasure, then turn around. I rub your feet, tenderly massaging them, then move slowly up your legs, stroking your calves and “chopping” them until they relax. Reaching your thighs I knead them, “accidentally” brushing against your balls between your legs, causing you to jerk in response.

Your body languid, I turn you over, canlı bahis siteleri grinning into your hooded eyes. Slowly I remove my shirt, unbuttoning it slowly, as I run my hands up and down my own body, cupping my breasts and brushing the nipples with my thumbs before moving to the next button. I straddle your leg and press my wet pussy against it, rubbing my clit against the fabric of my pants, as I strip the shirt off and toss it to the floor beside the bed. You watch me lazily, as I rise and remove the pants, standing before you naked. I raise my hands to my hair, and it falls around my shoulders and partway down my back as I tilt my head back, arching and stretching as I run my hands down my sides to my hips, then back across my breasts. You wonder what I am about, but remain “patient”, your cock hardening as you contemplate what I could be planning to do with you.

I drop my head back foreward meeting your eyes from beneath my lashes with a predatory look as I run my tongue along my teeth and lick my lips. I move back to the bed and creep across the foot to you on all fours, my eyes locked to yours the whole way. As I reach you, I run my tongue up your cock, from your balls to the tip, taking the head into my mouth and sucking lightly. At your indrawn breath, I smile and graze my teeth gently against you. Not enough to hurt, but just enough to heighten sensation before running my tongue around the tip again and releasing you from my mouth. You groan as I slide up your body, resting my dripping pussy against your hard cock. You arch your back, pressing to take me, but I pull back. I grind my clit against your cock, then kiss you, my tongue entangling with yours as I scrape my nails across your chest.

Pulling away, I roll to your side, and turn, taking your cock into my mouth and sucking. Cupping your balls, I take you deep into my throat and you moan pulling at your bonds, and growling at me. I pull back and grin, pumping your cock with ym hand before taking you in my mouth again. You jerk against your bonds, and I suck canlı bahis harder, rubbing my tongue against the base of you. When you are about to cum, I tighten my hold on you, causing you to jerk again. I press lightly on the base of your penis, and you groan, as I suck harder on the head. I grin, knowing you are frustrated and want to let go, but are unable to as long as I hold you. When I am sure you are no longer “cumming”, I let go, and sweep you with my tongue once more. I turn back and laugh at the stunned expression on your face before straddling you.

“Will you be good if I let you go?” I tease.

In answer you growl at me, a feral look in your eye. I laugh and press my pussy against your cock again, teasing, while I reach above your head to free you. As soon as you are loose, you grab my hips and slam me down onto your cock, thrusting as deep as you can go before rolling me over onto my back. I wrap my arms around your back and hold onto you, my nails digging into your flesh. You continue to thrust, a deep even rhythm, as you lean over to take my nipple into your mouth. You suck lightly, then harder as you twist the other one between your thumb and forefinger, then graze your teeth along the nipple before bitting down slightly. I jerk and moan and you laugh before moving to the other breast. I arch my back to bring you deeper, pressing your face into my breasts and wrapping my legs around your hips. You increase your thrusts, nearing the edge, and kiss me wildly. I kiss you back, then pull you tighter running my tongue against your neck before biting down and sucking, just as my body tightens, and I flood you with my juices, my pussy clenching you tight. You groan and thrust one last time, pulling away from my teeth and slamming my hips into yours as you cum.

You lean foreward and kiss me, still panting before pulling out and collapsing on the bed beside me. I open my mouth, then shut it, then look confused. You laugh at me, stretching your body before sitting up. I arch my back like a cat, then roll onto my stomach. You turn to look at me before heading to the bathroom and the shower. We clean up, then return to the bedroom, where we dress and lay back down onto the bed. I roll over and straddle you, my leg sliding on the sheet. “Hungry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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