Rebecca Loves Variety Ch. 01

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This story is a continuation of the characters and plots developed in the story “Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl,” Chapters 1 through 7 (under username edisonCaroline). Reading those stories first is helpful, but not necessary.


I. Rebecca Helps Betty with Her Presentation

Rebecca had always been very impressed with Betty and her business sense. She had built up a consulting firm to support victims of natural disasters. Recently she had asked Rebecca to serve as a mock audience member so she could practice a presentation she was going to give to the Howser Foundation, an organization that provided funds to growing businesses. ‘Helping those in need,” was their slogan. Rebecca was happy to help, too

After several practice presentations, the day finally arrived and Betty asked Rebecca to tagalong for moral support. Rebecca dressed smartly in a nice dark maroon dress, with the length just below her knees and the neckline showing just a modicum of cleavage. She followed Betty into the Howser Foundation building and up to the fifth floor.

“Wish me luck,” said Betty.

“You’re going to do great,” said Rebecca, as she watched Betty being escorted into the conference room.

Rebecca found herself a fairly comfortable chair across the hall from the conference room, where another woman was already waiting. She sat down and picked up a magazine from the small table next to her. Betty had said that the presentation was an hour, followed by a discussion, and that she should be finished in less than two hours. Rebecca settled in for the wait.

“Are you waiting for someone as well?” said Rebecca.

“Yes,” said the other woman, looking up from her magazine. “She’s giving some sort of presentation. I’m just here to keep here company.”

“Me too.”

The woman seemed nice, thought Rebecca, even perky. Rebecca began to look through her magazine, just to pass the time. The hallway didn’t have a lot of traffic, so there wasn’t much in the way of distraction or entertainment.

“Hello,” said the well-dressed gentleman who emerged from around the corner of the hallway. “You two are both waiting while friends of yours are giving presentations, yes?”

“Yes,” said Rebecca.

“I believe those presentations are scheduled for at least an hour and a half, maybe longer” said the man in the blue suit. “Come with me, we can make you more comfortable. I’m Mitch, by the way.”

“I’m Rebecca. Thanks, but I’m fine here.”

“No, really, we can make you more comfortable. Follow me.”

Before Rebecca could object, she found Mitch moving away down the hallway. She didn’t want to be rude and didn’t want to do anything that might negatively impact Betty’s prospects, so she put down the magazine and followed Mitch and the other woman. A few doors down they entered into a lounge area that was filled with several tables and chairs, a couple of couches, what appeared to be a computer workstation, and a small banquet of food and coffee. Not a large room, but a friendly room.

“I think you’ll find this much more comfortable,” said Mitch. “Help yourself to coffee and food and I’ll let those in the conference rooms know where you are.”

“Thank you,” said the other woman.

Rebecca nodded in agreement. As Mitch left, Rebecca poured herself a small glass of water and wished she had brought the magazine from the hallway along with her.

“I’m Natalie,” said the other woman.

Rebecca noticed that Natalie was dressed in a nice dark skirt suit. She was younger, with short hair.

Rebecca shook her hand. “I’m Rebecca. I guess there’s not a lot to do while we wait.”

After a few minutes, Rebecca watched the door to the lounge open and in walked Mitch and two other men. They were all wearing similar dark suits and Rebecca assumed they worked for the company as well.

“Rebecca and Natalie,” said Mitch. “This is Ted and Calvin. They’re the money guys for the programs your friends are applying for.”

Rebecca smiled as Natalie stood up and shook both their hands. Natalie was quick to shake people’s hands, thought Rebecca. Rebecca stood up and shook their hands, as well. Ted and Calvin, like Mitch, seemed just a bit older than Rebecca.

“So, you’re here with Betty?” said Ted. “And, you’re here with Marsha?”

“Yes,” said Rebecca. “We’re here for moral support.”

“That’s great,” said Ted. “It’s good to have friends willing to help.”

“I am not sure I really help,” said Rebecca. “I mostly just listen.”

“Same here,” said Natalie. “A friendly face.”

“That’s definitely helping,” said Calvin. “We all need people who make us feel better.”

Rebecca stood next to Natalie while the three men poured themselves some coffee. When they returned, the five of them formed a makeshift circle in the middle of the lounge, no one yet sitting. Rebecca felt that being the first one to sit might be impolite.

“Betty and Marsha both have nice proposals,” said Calvin. “We’ve all looked them over and they have promise.”

“They do,” said Ted. “But they could really use gaziantep lezbiyen escort something to push them over the hump in order to get funded. The groups they’re presenting to now make recommendations to us, then we decide on the funding.”

Rebecca was happy to hear that they thought Betty’s proposal had worth, but she was concerned that they weren’t yet sold on the idea. She knew how important this funding would be for Betty.

“Is there anything we could tell her to help them?” said Rebecca. “Like we said, we’re here for support.”

“I think there might be,” said Calvin. “You’re both beautiful women.”

“And, beautiful women can be quite convincing,” said Ted.

Rebecca could feel her sixth sense humming in the background.

“I can see where this is going,” said Natalie, “and I want no part of it. No, thank you. I’ll wait in the hallway.”

Rebecca, along with the three men, watched Natalie move quickly out of the room. Her leaving was assertive, but respectful. Rebecca was impressed, but still somewhat confused. It was clear that Natalie understood the men’s intent more than she did.

“We’re glad that you decided to stay,” said Ted. “We think you can really help Betty’s chances of getting funded.”

Rebecca could feel Mitch’s hand on her back, sliding down to her ass. She jumped a bit at the touch. Ted and Calvin continued to stand in front of her.

“Perhaps you could show us something,” said Calvin, in a tone Rebecca recognized from men. “Something we can’t yet see.”

Rebecca’s understanding of the situation was becoming clearer. She wanted to help Betty as best she could, they were good friends, and these men made the funding decisions. She knew what they were asking for was quite inappropriate, but asking they were, and she did want to help Betty.

“You can help fund Betty’s proposal?” said Rebecca.

“We can,” said Calvin. “We can’t promise anything at this point, but you can certainly put Betty in a better position. We are the decision makers and you did say you wanted to help, yes?”

Rebecca knew that she had asked these men if there was anything she could do to help Betty. She also knew that she told Betty she was willing to help. Could she refuse to help Betty, when she knew there was something she could do? What would a good friend do? What would she do?

Looking from man to man to man, she slowly, tentatively, slid the left strap of her dress off of her shoulder, pulling her dress down a bit. She saw the men smile as her bra-covered left breast came into view. Her sixth sense had moved from humming to howling. She had heard stories about this, but never experienced it herself.

“Very nice,” said Calvin. “Now, how about the other. There’s a wonderful symmetry to a woman’s breasts. Wouldn’t you say, Ted?”

“I would say,” said Ted. “A beautiful symmetry.”

Rebecca, with a knot in her stomach, pulled down her right strap to expose her full bra and cleavage. She was nervous, anxious, and uneasy, but also, somehow, aroused. Her mind, body, and mores were in conflict.

“Rebecca,” said Mitch, “you are even more beautiful than I imagined.”

“Thank you,” said Rebecca. “I just want to help. Are you sure this will help?”

Rebecca was feeling self-conscious about standing in front of the strange men, when she felt Mitch begin to move the zipper on her dress downward. The further down the zipper was pulled, the looser her dress became; first, falling forward off of her chest, and then downward onto the floor.

Rebecca felt the need to cover up, but she didn’t. She wanted to help Betty and these men, who could help, wanted to see her body. So, she let them look at her in her matching Black bra and thong.

“Wow,” said Ted. “You have the best curves I’ve ever seen, Rebecca. What a body.”

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” said Calvin.

Rebecca was both appreciative and embarrassed by the men’s comments. She enjoyed the pleasure the men we’re taking in her body, but she knew she was standing almost naked in the middle of the lounge. Would seeing her in her underwear satisfy them? Could she get dressed now?

“Thank you,” said Rebecca. “You’re embarrassing me, but thank you.”

“Well,” said Ted. “We hope to embarrass you even more.”

She watched the men laugh at Ted’s comment. She knew they weren’t through with her yet. What was next? How were they going to embarrass her more? Maybe she should have left with Natalie. Natalie was probably sitting in the hallway reading a boring magazine article, while she was standing in front of these men. But maybe this would help Betty.

“Do you want to help Betty?” said Mitch.

Rebecca nodded.

“The better we feel,” said Calvin, “the better we’ll feel about Betty’s proposal.”

“Are you ready to make us feel good?” said Ted.

Rebecca felt backed into a corner, maybe a corner of her own making. She had agreed to help Betty in any way that she could. She even asked the men if there was anything she escort gaziantep lezbiyen could do to help. And now, she was standing in her underwear in front of the men, who were requesting that she make him feel good. She couldn’t walk away now. It would be disrespectful. She would be leading them on, being a tease. She never wanted to be disrespectful or a tease.

“Show us,” send Calvin.

Rebecca reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. In slow motion, more out of fear than seduction, she let her bra fall away from her body.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” said Mitch. “Look at those tits.”

Rebecca found herself blushing.

“Perfect,” said Ted as he reached out and started stroking Rebecca’s nipples. “Your nipples are nice and hard.”

Rebecca felt embarrassed that her nipples were hard. Her mind was full of anxiety, but her body was giving off completely different signals.

“Are you ready to make us feel good, Rebecca” said Ted again, speaking softly into her ear. “We know that you can. Think of Betty.”

Rebecca slowly dropped to her knees in front of the men, acknowledging her submission, her willingness to make them feel good. She knew she would have to let them use her to help Betty. This wasn’t what she had intended when she came with Betty today, but it was what she agreed to, in a fashion, and she wasn’t willing to go back on her word.

She watched as Calvin moved to stand in front of her. She could see through his pants that he was already getting hard. She unzipped his pants, reached in, and pulled out his semi-hard cock.

“Like what you see?” said Calvin.

Rebecca couldn’t lie.

“Yes,” said Rebecca stroking his cock.

“Are you going to suck my dick, Rebecca?” said Calvin.

Rebecca nodded.

“Tell me,” said Calvin.

“Yes, sir, I… I’m going to suck your cock,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca moved toward Calvin, passing the head of his cock into her mouth. There was no going back. She liked the moment a new cock entered her mouth. It was the moment of naughtiness, she thought. She began to work Calvin’s cock into her mouth and she saw the men high-fiving each other. She knew she was now another of their conquests, a sexual coup. Calvin’s cock wasn’t exceptionally long, but she liked that it was thick. It was a bit of a challenge to fit in her mouth, but she liked the way it filled her mouth and throat completely.

“Good God,” said Calvin. “You’re good.”

As Rebecca continued to suck on Calvin’s cock, she could feel Mitch playing with her tits. She knew that man like to watch her tits bounce around as they had sex with her.

She alternated between licking Calvin’s head and shaft, and taking him all the way into her mouth. She loved to hear him moan.

“Time to share, Calvin,” said Ted.

“She can suck dick with the best of them,” said Calvin. “She reminds me of Alice. You know, the secretary on the third floor who gave kissing under the mistletoe a whole new meaning last year.”

Rebecca noticed that Ted had already taken off his pants, and his cock was at full attention. Apparently, he liked watching her suck Calvin. She knew what she was doing was wrong, giving Betty an advantage, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it.

“Is that true, Rebecca?” said Ted. “Do you like to suck dick?”

Rebecca began to run her hands up and down Ted’s big cock. He was longer than Calvin, but not as thick. She kissed the head of his cock while looking up at Ted.

“I won’t lie,” said Rebecca, pausing. “I love sucking men’s cocks. I appreciate you letting me suck your cocks.”

“We appreciate you sucking our dicks,” said Ted. “You’re very good at it, apparently. You must get a lot of practice.”

“I do, but never enough,” said Rebecca. “I can always use more practice.”

The words slipped out of her mouth. She knew they were true, but she also knew the men didn’t need to know that. She knew she loved having men’s cocks in her mouth as much as the men did. For some women, it was a chore, but for her, it was a pleasure, a duty, and a bit of an obsession.

“Maybe we could help you with that,” said Ted. “We happen to know a lot of men with cocks in the company.”

Rebecca heard the men laugh. She couldn’t help laughing as well. She often found that men were surprised by how much she loved cock.

“You heard us talk about Alice,” said Ted. “She’s one of the company’s blowjob Queens. She loves to give blowjobs to just about anyone. I think we currently have three Queens in the company. Isn’t that right, Mitch?”

“I think so,” said Mitch. “Alice on the third floor, Jennifer the consultant, and Margaret the VP of Sales, although she is more discreet about it. Would Destiny count?”

“I think maybe she’s a queen in training. She is easy, but I’m not sure if she’s free, yet.”

“Rebecca,” said Ted. “Would you like to be a company Queen? The perks are pretty good, as much dick as you can handle and free lunches.”

She had a mouthful of Ted’s cock and was enjoying gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar it. Because she loves cock so much, she was already a Central Slut, giving it up to all of the man in Central Louisiana, would she like to add the title of company Queen as well? It seems the current Queens — Alice, Jennifer, and Margaret — were well known in the company. Would she like to be well known for sucking cock as well?

“Maybe,” said Rebecca. “Let me think about it.”

Rebecca took Ted’s cock deep while the men howled at her answer. More high fives. She didn’t care that they thought she was an easy, cock sucking slut. She was, and she knew it. She loved men using her with their cocks, even when she didn’t plan it, and even when she didn’t really agree with it. Once their cocks were out and hard, she knew she was easy. She couldn’t resist a good, hard cock.

“Mitch,” said Ted. “You deserve a raise for providing such a hot woman to suck our dick’s. Nothing like watching a bombshell suck your dick. She could get any guy she wants, and here she is, on her knees with my dick in her mouth.”

She thought back to the lesson her mom has taught her when she was growing up. If a boy has the courage to ask you out, you should say ‘yes’. She now believed in an adult version of that adage: If a man has the courage to pull out his cock, you should suck it. She also had a corollary: If she sucks a man’s cock, she should let him fuck her. This adult version had served her well, although it had also gotten her into a bit of trouble in the past. Trouble she liked.

“My turn with the slut,” said Mitch.

Rebecca eyed Mitch’s big cock as he stood in front of her. He was the largest of the group. She watched his cock moving about as he swung it left and right in front of her face. She knew he was making fun of her, teasing and taunting her with his big cock. He was a man with a big cock who knew that women like big cocks. They have swagger about them. He seemed to have the most sense of her sluttiness and submissiveness. Some men picked up on that quickly, other not so much.

“You like acting demure,” said Mitch, “but you’re really a slut, aren’t you, Rebecca? You wanted to suck our dick’s the moment we walked in this room, didn’t you?”

Rebecca knew that Mitch was challenging her. Ted and Calvin just thought they were getting lucky, but Rebecca could see in Mitch’s eyes that he better understood Rebecca’s dedication to being a slut. She knew he would use her in ways that she liked. She could feel her pussy moisten.

“Yes, I’m a slut,” said Rebecca grabbing a hold of Mitch’s cock. “I hope I can convince you to look more favorably on Betty’s proposal.”

“No hands,” said Mitch, “and Betty’s proposal is looking better by the minute.”

As Rebecca moved her hands behind her back, Mitch began to slap the sides of her face with his big cock. She liked it. She almost wished she didn’t, but she did. She liked that he was humiliating her with his big cock, showing the other man what she was willing to endure.

She liked when Mitch aimed his cock at her mouth. She licked her lips and opened her mouth as he slid his cock in. She began to work herself up and down his cock, engulfing more and more. His cock quickly reached the back of her throat and she relaxed in order to take more of him. She’d had a lot of practice with big cocks lately, so she was getting better at throating them.

“She’s better than Alice,” said Mitch. “I’m hoping we see more of you, Rebecca.”

Rebecca was thinking she would like that too. She wouldn’t mind regularly scheduled cock sucking during the week. The thought of that excited her.

Rebecca continued to work Mitch into her mouth, finally getting all of him down her throat. That made her proud. She always liked being able to go deep with all of her men. She still gags on occasion, but not very often. She was disappointed when Mitch finally withdrew from her mouth.

“Stand up, Rebecca,” said Mitch.

She could feel that her body was energized from sucking each of the men’s cocks and listening to them talk about her sexually. Her tits bounced as she stood upright. She was still self-conscious and nervous, standing in front of three naked man in only her thong. But she was glad she was helping Betty.

“I think it’s safe to say that you suck dick better than any woman we know,” said Mitch, “and we would certainly like you to consider being a company Queen. You would make us and the other man at the company very happy.”

“Thank you,” said Rebecca. “You have really nice cocks and I’m glad you liked me sucking you. I’ll definitely consider your offer.”

Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed sucking their hard cocks. She thought she was going to have to spend her time reading magazines while waiting for Betty, but this was a much nicer way to spend her time — some serendipitous cock.

“Now, we’re going to watch you play with yourself,” said Mitch.

“What?” said Rebecca.

“We’re going to sit down and stroke our dick’s while you parade around and play with your pussy for us. You’re the entertainment.”

Rebecca stared at Mitch. She could feel her levels of nervousness and excitement jump. They wanted her to move around and play with her pussy, in front of them. She’d be too self-conscious, she thought. As she watched the men sit in their chairs in front of her, she could feel her pussy dampen considerable. She was a bit panicked.

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