Red Light Special

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‘Glad you decided to do this… 8:00 p.m. Don’t forget your wallet. 🙂 Love, Miss Samantha’

I closed the email quickly and scanned the vicinity. I was still at the office. There weren’t many people still around, it was 6:30 already, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Personal emails just weren’t professional, and this one was way too personal. I could just see my jackass of a boss chuckling over my shoulder “Hmm….Got plans tonight? He He He.”

I was already feeling nervous. I’d never done anything like this. It always seemed so un-classy to me, dirty even. But deep down every guy had a curiosity about it and I was no exception, despite my resistance up until now. I’d been fantasizing all day about what she would look like, purposely avoiding the ominous walk down the hall from my cubicle to the restroom; lest the office buffoons notice the brazen bulge I sported all day with few breaks. My mind drifted again… Blonde or brunette? Maybe red-headed?Yes, that would be nice. What would she be wearing, and for how long? My brain was now swimming with images of lace and latex and leather. My ever-hardening cock twitched with anticipation.

It was almost 7:00, time to shut down and pack up. I noticed my palms were moist as I logged out and closed my laptop. The email had included the address to the motel, which I had scribbled barely legibly onto a post-it, so there was no need to look it up. I could just plug it into the GPS, easy as pie. I checked my phone before leaving my desk…no messages. Good. I typed in a quick text: “Got a late meeting tonight 2-nite. Love you.” Do you want to send message? Yes. I turned the ringer off. I couldn’t have any interruptions now.

The drive to the motel was easy enough, although I found it hard to concentrate on the road imagining the grand fuck I was about to get. There would be no limits or boundaries, not like at home anyway. I truly adored my wife. She was amazing with our daughter, the cooking, treated me like a king. But in the bedroom, let’s face it. There was always something in the way. She seemed…distant, in another world really. I needed this.

There it was, coming up on the right, the sign glowing in tacky, dirty red neon. I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot right in front of the lobby. The clerk had a key already waiting for me along with a small sealed envelope. I thanked him and walked outside to find room 312. I opened the envelope with shaky hands as I journeyed the concrete perimeter of the motel.

‘I’ll be waiting in the room for you. I hope you brought my money.’

She had left a red lipstick print as a salutation. I chuckled as I checked my wallet just to double check I had an ample amount of cash. She hadn’t given me an exact price yet, but I had cashed $500 just to be sure. Maybe a bit naive on my part, but she was high-class. No need to worry. I checked my back pocket for the condom I’d tucked in there this morning; still there. Good. Although I had a feeling she’d be fully stocked.

Room 312 was just around the first corner. I hesitated a moment before slipping my card key into the slot. I felt jittery as hell. My stomach seemed to turn itself inside out. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, but I was so fucking horny. I composed myself with a deep breath and inserted the card. Green light.

I was greeted mostly by darkness when I stepped in, except for the tiny flickering light of the television and the dim glow of a lamp fitted with a red light bulb beside the bed. Nice touch. She had been sitting on the bed but stood gracefully as she noticed me entering from the foyer. I studied the environment before anyone spoke a word. No candles, no champagne, no rose petals; just the heavy expectation of unrestrained, anything-goes sex hanging in the air. It was a nice change.

She was sporting a long charcoal grey trench coat; surely to cover what I hoped was the lewd ensemble that waited beneath. Her youthful face was thick with makeup, shadowy eyes, fuck me eyes; and pouting lips that bore the same fire-engine color that had ended her note. She had a, short, bobbed hair style that the red bulb’s dim illumination gave a scarlet tinge. A wig obviously, but hot nonetheless. I couldn’t wait to see what was waiting for me under the coat.

She walked toward me with a demure smile and stretched up on her tip-toes to kiss me on the cheek.

“I’m glad you came. Come sit down. Relax with me,” she cooed as she led me by the hand toward the bed, drinking me up with her come-hither stare.

I sat on the edge of the full-size polyester-dressed mattress while she climbed up behind me and massaged my shoulders. I kept my eyes forward on the porn film flashing on the practically antique television set. I watched as the camera zoomed in on a pussy getting pummeled by a massive cock. Mmmm…Looks promising. I guessed she needed to get herself psyched up for this. Her hands felt divine. I really, really needed this.

She whispered in my ear as she continued her deep kaçak iddaa massage down my spine. “So, sweetie, what can I do for you tonight?”

“Uh…Well, what do you do exactly?” I answered holding my breath, still unsure about what this kind of thing really entailed.

“Well, for $200, you can have my hands or mouth. For $250, you get pussy. Anything else will cost you a little extra.” She prattled it off with zero emotion, like she was reading a menu. I found my eyebrows lifting involuntarily at her indifference.

“And what if I give you $350…does that give me unlimited access?” I asked, rubbing my chin suggestively. I was starting to enjoy our little business exchange, though I was sweating bullets.

She turned my face to hers and smiled sinfully, “For $350, you can have anything you want baby.”

The room got much hotter all of a sudden, as I thought about her hidden meaning. I smiled back and leaned in to kiss her red mouth. She turned away.

“Except that,” she warned me, her expression deadly serious. Of course- I had forgotten. She was a “professional”.

I ogled her hungrily, mouth watering, as she stood up and walked toward the vanity on the side of the television stand. With her back to me she untied the front of her coat and let it slide down her body, flashing me a sexy over the shoulder grin as she did. The simple yet sultry striptease revealed her slender, attractive body covered only by a satin corset, thong panties, fishnet stockings and the cherry-red glow that permeated the room. She could have been a lingerie model, if not for her petite height. She bent over to adjust the strap on her high heel, and to tease me mercilessly in the process.

My cock was pressing hard against my slacks now, threatening to rip right through the imprisoning fabric. It wanted to fuck something, now. But remembering my gentlemanly manners, I waited patiently for her to finish her feminine preparations. When she finally turned and skulked toward me, I was well and truly on the verge of pouncing.

“If we’re going to do this, I need to get paid first.” Her face expressed a combination of apology and seriousness I dared not question.

“Right,” I blurted, distracting myself from the maddening display of her supple body. I reached into my back pocket and retrieved my wallet. Attempting not to reveal its total content, I pulled out three $100 bills and a $50. She snatched it playfully and slipped it into her scarlet bra cup.

“So, what do you want first?” she demanded, her eyes locked straight into mine. She was completely uninhibited. It was driving me wild.

“Can you suck me?” I asked, almost sheepishly. This was getting ridiculous. Had I left my balls in the glove compartment?

She smiled as if she’d read my mind. “You don’t have to ask.”

Tracing her dainty finger from my bottom lip, down my aching chest toward my groin, she arrived at her final destination and removed my belt like a pro, one-handed and determined. Next, my pants and boxers were wrenched off and placed on the bed calmly, while my frantic cock sprang up like a boot camp recruit at Reveille.

“Shall I get on my knees?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

I nodded, my masculinity returning suddenly in full force. I wanted my cock boiling in her hot, wet mouth and I let her know just that with stone-cold hardness in my expression. She kneeled at the bed where I sat and opened my legs. She ran her crimson painted nails up my thighs stopping to caress my balls. She tickled them first, lightly stroking the hairs and then took them into her mouth and moaned softly, communicating her delight at the taste and fullness of me in her mouth. The vibration was equally delicious for me. I barely remembered to blink as her other hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock and squeezed tightly.

“Oooh…you’re on fire, baby,” she teased in a hot whisper, taking my balls out of her mouth to flick them lightly with the tip of her tongue.

“Ahhhhh,” I moaned in agony. Enough stalling already; I wanted her to suck me like a Dyson.

She took her time though, teasing the throbbing tip with little delicate circles. Then, without warning she plunged my entire cock into her mouth, making sure to stroke the tip hard against the back of her throat.

“Ohhhhhh….yesssss!” I moaned gratefully, deafeningly.

It was glorious, the inferno of her mouth. I grabbed handfuls of her fake hair in my fists, watching her face for reaction. I still wasn’t sure where the line was drawn here. She let me know it was okay with a wink, and I rocked her head back and forth firmly as she sucked, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into the moist depths of her throat. After a few minutes, she was starting to gag, tiny drops of moisture now escaping her squeezed lids, and I fucking relished every second of it.

“Oh yeah, suck it you bitch,” came a gruff whisper from my throat, dry since I had forgotten to swallow all this time. Surprisingly there was no apology in my tone anymore. Apparently kaçak bahis my cock was going to milk this for all it was worth. She could handle it I was sure. I pumped her mouth furiously, taking incalculable pleasure in the steadily increasing fire in my cock until I finally exploded, shooting an impressive load of cum down her throat. She swallowed it down greedily down like warm milk, looking up at me and enjoying the delirium in my dazed post-climactic visage.

“How was that baby?”‘ she asked smirking, wiping a dribble of cum from the side of her mouth.

I was too winded too answer just yet. I glanced with half-closed eyes down at my glistening cock, recovering but still hard as marble. I wasn’t done with her yet. I’d paid a shit ton for this.

“Come here.” I ordered. I yanked her up by one of her lithe arms and tossed her face down on the bed. She was light; easy to throw around. It made me want to pound my chest. I found the condom in my strewn pants and rolled it slowly onto my throbbing appendage.

The panties were easy enough to remove. I slid them off effortlessly. I wasn’t sure about the fishnets though. Pondering my next move, I ran my hand up her leg. The texture tickled my palms.

“Rip them,” she pleaded, anticipation aching in her voice.

I took her suggestion. They ripped like paper, revealing her ready and waiting crotch, juices sprinkling onto the cheap, off-white motel sheets…I was starting to feel like Tarzan now. I slipped a finger into her steamy little jungle cunt. Oh Sweet Jesus. She was so moist; so ready for me. I stabbed my dick greedily into her sweltering pussy, forcing a shrill scream from her lips.

“Yeah? You like that cock?” I implored, as I pumped her smoldering cunt without mercy.

“Yeah, I like it,” she panted, rocking her pelvis enthusiastically against my fast-probing dick.

“You like what whore?” I growled, instinct taking over as I buried myself to the balls.

“I like your big-ass- cock!” she yelled, the need for release saturating her tone. She would have it soon. She would cum hard; I’d make sure of that; within an inch of her life.

I spotted my belt on the side, just within reach. I leaned to the side to grab it, having to leave her cunt empty and wanting. As I returned, I wrapped it around her neck. She didn’t object but I knew caution was necessary. Carefully, I positioned it around her throat, tightening gently with just my hand so I could release it easily if needed. Her vulnerable body squirmed in excitement as I slammed my cock into her again with one furious motion, letting her know who was really holding the reins now.

“You’re gonna cum for me now bitch” I whispered coldly, gripping the belt more tightly now against her delicate throat as I pumped. She simply moaned in agreement, the lack of oxygen in her brain clearly making it difficult for her to answer. Yet I could unmistakably hear the exquisite symphony of choked moans as I pounded her pussy, nearly forcing me to shoot my second load.

“Cum! Now!” I bellowed in perfect rhythm with two robust thrusts, not long after enjoying the feel of her spasming cunt tighten around my cock in short, powerful contractions. She hummed piercingly, pushing her shapely ass into my abdomen to brace herself for the earthquake of her climax.

“Yeahhh. That’s it bitch. Cum on my cock,” I moaned as she rode down softly from the height of the seismic activity.

It was hard to hold my own release back with her pussy clutching my dick so tightly, but I managed, wanting to take full advantage of the situation. I released the belt from her neck, letting it flop onto the mattress. Her body was still churning from the impact of her orgasm. She moved to lie down and I pulled her heartlessly back onto all fours.

“Oh, you think you’re done now?” I grunted, my voice increasingly heartless. “Uh uh…I’m gonna get my money’s worth”.

I flipped her onto her back violently. I wanted to see that face now, her slut makeup smudged and melting from the heat. I opened her legs wide, enjoying the sight of her vulnerable, still quivering pussy, and rubbed the tip of my impatient cock against her swollen clit. She groaned softly.

“You want my cock in your cunt again bitch?” I sneered as I cruelly teased her slippery slit from top to bottom.

“Yes. Please,” she whispered as she nodded, face contorted with sincerity. She deserved an Oscar for this performance.

“What’s that?”

“I want your cock in my cunt,” she pleaded, almost sounding as if she would cry.

I deliberated for a moment, but I wouldn’t give her what she wanted. This was supposed to be about me after all.

“No. Hold your ankles by your head.”

She obeyed with a whimper and proved her flexibility with a girlish pout on her lips, unable and unwilling to conceal her disappointment. I licked my finger and poked it into her exposed asshole. The taut muscle clenched hesitantly in response. Her expression was much different now.

“That’s right bitch. illegal bahis I’m getting some of that ass,” I whispered. She nodded in agreement. I had paid for it after all.

My cock had already been amply lubricated by her pussy, but I poked it in again quickly to give the tip a good coat, enjoying the pained look of deprivation on her face when I removed it. Lowering it, tracing a tiny trail downward, I pushed the head hard against the tight entrance of her ass. After a few excruciating pokes, it finally gave, deliciously squeezing the spongy top-flesh of my eager dick. She whimpered in pain.

“Ohhh God…your ass is so tight,” I moaned.

She said nothing but cried out louder than before as I pushed a little further in, her eyes trickling rain.

“Come on, no tears. You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” I smirked wickedly. I was tempted to be sympathetic, but this new brutal side of me was too much fun. I wasn’t ready to relinquish it just yet. I slid the rest of my cock into her ass slowly, savoring the new-found tightness. Oh, God – This was so forbidden at home. Every proposition had been turned down so adamantly.

I pumped slowly at first, wanting it to last. Not to mention I didn’t want to rip her open in my excitement. I’d never felt my cock conquered like this before; such enormous pressure building. Vesuvius was stirring. My goddess kept her eyes closed, mascara-stained tears streaming, humble in the wake of the inevitable volcanic upsurge. I dug three of my fingers into the cave of her pussy. It was still soaked and even tighter now that my cock was sliding against it. I used my thumb and her wetness to tease her clit. Eventually her cries turned to moans.

“You liking that now whore?” I asked under my breath.

A forceful groan escaped her lips and I smiled wide at her unintended enthusiasm.

I ravaged her pussy brutally with my hand while I enjoyed her ass, wishing I could park my dick in there indefinitely. Molten rock surged through my loins; ready to spew.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass now…you ready?” I muttered shakily, barely able to pronounce the words. She nodded, tightening the grip on her ankles.

“Ohhhh….ohhh…ohhhh…awwww…o God…fuck!” I bellowed, as fire and brimstone erupted into her tight crevice.

Soon she was joining me, squirting her own scorching liquid onto my probing fingers, writing and moaning like pea soup would project toward me any moment. I laughed out loud at the force of her cunt’s stranglehold on my fingers, wondering if I’d get them back in one piece. As she finally settled in the wake of it all, I timbered down on top of her, exhausted and reveling in the majesty of nature I had just witnessed.

“Jesus,” I whispered, catching my breath.

I turned my head to look at her. Her eyes were still closed, her lips parted and panting in all their ruby-hued glory. I was so tempted to kiss them now. But then I remembered her rule…

She squirmed a little underneath me after a few moments, prying herself out from beneath my weight, though it seemed a little too soon for that. She strolled into the bathroom wordlessly, her eyes everywhere but on me.

Wait…you mean I don’t have to hold her?

My face buried itself in sheets again. I couldn’t move, or think for that matter. I lay there breathing, patiently waiting for the blood to journey back to the rest of my body and brain. Then something warm and wet smacked onto my back, spinning me around startled. It was a washcloth.

“There you go, sweetie”. She smiled and winked at me. I was surprised to see her already back into her coat and halfway across the room, sex-flushed body poised toward the door. Meanwhile, I was still a little dizzy.

“Thanks,” I managed. “Are you leaving already, then?”

She walked back toward me and bent down, clearly amused by my melancholy tone.

“Hey, you were great. Thanks for the business.”

She pecked me on the cheek again, turned and walked quickly toward the door, never looking back once. I watched it open and shut and listened to the click clack of her heels as she walked down the sidewalk. I lie there a few more moments replaying the whole scene in my head, the smell of sex still burning in my nostrils. I was beat; how badly I wanted to pass out right there, but I had to get home. I moved the hot wash cloth over my body briskly and dressed myself. I checked my phone. It was 10:30 already. My stomach growled angrily.

The drive home was something like a dream. My head kept spinning. I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife. The details of what had just happened were blurring together, becoming something else entirely. I had discovered something new about myself, my life. This was just the beginning…

When I walked through the door, she was cleaning the kitchen. A hot plate was waiting for me on the table, steaming and beckoning to me like it always had. She looked up and smiled welcomingly.

“Hey honey. How was your day?” She pecked me on the lips, smiling widely with pride.

“It was… amazing,” I replied shrugging and beaming at her. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. My heart swelled at the sight of her. What had I done to deserve such a goddess?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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