Remember This Moment Forever

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Though the characters in this story are high school seniors, all those depicted are at least eighteen years of age.


Dani leaned against the wall in the hallway outside the ballroom. She wept as silently as possible with her face in her hands. This prom night should have been the most magical of the high school senior’s young life, but it had been completely ruined. Dani spent the entire day making herself look perfect. She picked out her luscious dark blue dress weeks ago after trying on dozens of outfits. Her make up had been painstakingly applied throughout the day to bring out the dazzling blue of her eyes, better define the structure of her high cheekbones, and enhance the natural pinkish-red hue of her lips. Dani spent hours styling her hair into a tight bun without a single strand of hair loose or out of place. Dani convinced her boyfriend Trevor to take her to La Tulipe Noire for dinner, one of the fanciest and most romantic restaurants in the city. The night should have been perfect.

Dani and Trevor had dated since they sat next to each other in Biology as freshmen. Dani once harbored secret hopes that they would someday marry if they could survive the long distance relationship while they were separated from attending different colleges. But Trevor had selfishly broken up with her on the car ride to the dance. He had thrown away almost four years of love and devotion all because Dani told him she wasn’t ready to lose her virginity that night.

Maybe I shouldn’t have led him on so much, Dani thought with a sob. After three years of doing little more than holding hands and kissing, Dani finally allowed Trevor to finger her whenever they made out in parked cars or houses devoid of parents. Dani jerked him off on a few occasions and though she didn’t like the mess it left behind she was glad she could make Trevor feel good. She had even sucked his dick for the first and only time a week ago. Trevor had been begging for sex for weeks and Dani thought maybe a blowjob would placate him though she didn’t feel entirely comfortable with it. Maybe she should have let him finish in her mouth like he wanted instead of stopping him before he came. Dani did all these things for him but she had clearly set the boundaries of what she was comfortable with and let him know in no uncertain terms that she was not ready for vaginal sex. So he dumped her as if she meant nothing to him.

The prom dance was being held at a ballroom on the campus of the local university. The theme was a retro-style candlelit atmosphere that Dani now found tacky instead of romantic. It’s not like she could complain about it though, she had been on the planning committee. She even came up with the name, “Remember This Moment Forever.” Dani laughed sardonically. Unfortunately for her, she certainly would.

The sponsors had just called the names for the members of prom royalty, and even though Dani was nominated she didn’t return to the ballroom. With her good looks and pleasant nature Dani was one of the most popular girls at school but she never abused her privilege or treated anyone less because of her popularity. Dani graduated in less than three weeks and this was going to be one of the last chances to hang out with her group of friends. They could all be happy and together before everyone moved on with their lives. Now Dani couldn’t get through this night quickly enough.

Dani wiped the tears away from her cheeks, hoping she hadn’t smeared her mascara everywhere. She didn’t know if she could face going back in there. She would have to endure watching Trevor dance with someone else and furthermore her friends had treated her cooly the entire evening since word of the breakup had spread. They apparently did not want to become involved with the drama of Dani and Trevor’s split and instead focus on their fun for the evening. Some friends.

Dani sighed as she dried her eyes using a paper towel she grabbed from the nearest restroom. She couldn’t hide away forever. There was still a few more weeks of the school year remaining and she would have to face him and the rest of the school eventually. Who knew, maybe she could find another boy as quickly as Trevor had certainly found another girl? Surely someone would feel pity for her. Dani was woefully out of practice from dating since she and Trevor had starting going together in October of their freshmen year. Well, she would have to relearn at some point. Dani tried to look at this as an opportunity rather than a disaster. She strode back into the ballroom with a purpose.

Almost immediately Dani realized that returning was a mistake. A slow song was playing. “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. All the dancers paired off with their partners to slow dance in swaying circles around the dance floor. Dani looked back and forth to see if Trevor was dancing with anyone else, but she couldn’t spot him. Dani looked at all the happy, smiling expressions on the dancer’s faces and knew she didn’t belong escort bayan here any more. The jaded Dani already disliked this song, but now she decided that dislike would henceforth turn to burning hatred every time she heard the stupid song again. It didn’t even sound original, Dani thought, though she couldn’t think of where she recognized the melody from.

When the song mercifully concluded, a raunchy rap song blasted through the speakers. Dani recognized it from the radio, but didn’t know the name of the song or the artist. Most of the dancers didn’t even try dancing in rhythm to the music, they just used the beat as an excuse to freak dance. It looked pathetic as Dani watched her classmates essentially dry-humping each other in their fancy suits and dresses.

Dani’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach when she finally spotted Trevor. He was grinding his crotch up against Kylie Northton, the sluttiest girl at their school. Dani recalled Kylie bragging to her that she had already had sex when they were still in eighth grade. Kylie wore an extremely short strapless dress that didn’t even entirely cover her underwear and her top was cut so low that her breasts threatened to spill out of her dress every time she moved. Dani couldn’t believe the administrators and chaperones had allowed Kylie into the dance dressed like that. Dani felt disgust forming the expression on her face but couldn’t help staring at Kylie’s huge bouncing bosom. She did have a very nice body and Trevor was certainly enjoying it right now. Kylie stuck her bottom out and ground it against the front of Trevor’s pants while Trevor held her hips and smacked her on the ass. If they had been naked, they would literally be having sex on the dance floor. It appeared Trevor had wasted no time after dumping Dani to find the easiest girl in school he could make it with. If he stayed with Kylie the rest of the night he was practically guaranteed to get a fuck in the back of one of their cars.

Coming back here was a mistake. There was no one Dani could find that would replace Trevor or remedy the pain of his rejection. Her damn principles. Dani knew they were to blame for this, but she couldn’t help feeling envious of Kylie and how easy it was for her to degrade herself to give Trevor what he desired. Dani stifled a sob and turned to leave the ballroom and go home. She would likely spend her senior prom sobbing on her pillow before going to bed early. As she walked toward the exit Dani heard someone call to her, “Hey girly!”

Dani turned to find the source of the catcall and noticed Sam and Ashley dancing nearby. Though they were not popular girls, everyone at school knew who they were. Dani’s fellow seniors were already unique because they were the only two members of the goth clique they had created. But Dani also lived in a very conservative school district and if any students at her high school were homosexuals they kept that fact hidden deep in the closet. Against the grain, Sam and Ashley overcompensated for being the only out lesbians at school by behaving as brazenly about their sexuality as possible. They held each other close and made out next to their lockers every day regardless of any students, teachers, or principals who were watching. Granted, heterosexual couples did that all the time too. But boy and girl couples never had to endure jeers of “dyke” or “faggot” any time they kissed or held hands. Instead of feeling insulted, Sam and Ashley seemed to be spurred on by the slurs and squeezed their hands tighter or kissed more passionately instead of feeling ashamed. Sam and Ashley often walked down the hallways with arms around each other’s shoulders while their far hand groped the nearest breast. The boys at school didn’t seem to mind, they found their lesbian antics strangely arousing even if they would never associate with such weirdos. But all the girls shunned Sam and Ashley and the twosome had no friends except for each other.

Sam and Ashley danced together in time to the beat. Their dancing looked sensual, with hips swaying and hands resting on each other’s thighs and buttocks.

“Come dance with us, sweetie,” Ashley invited.

Ashley had short, spiky blonde hair with purple highlights. She was small with a heavier-set body, especially compared to some of Dani’s borderline anorexic friends. She did have a friendly face and a warm smile which is all Dani really cared about right now. Ashley wore a white blouse with a hot pink mini-skirt for her prom attire. Heavy mascara and eyeshadow surrounded her eyes and she possessed several ear piercings as well as a prominent nose ring. Dani knew Ashley as far back as kindergarten. They had even been friends in elementary school but Ashley began acting “weird” in middle school and Dani made new friends instead. Dani recalled some vague incident from a few years ago that made Ashley a pariah at their school but she couldn’t remember the details.

“Yeah, you will have much more altıparmak escort bayan fun with us than with your lame-ass boyfriend,” said Sam. She beckoned with her finger to Dani.

Sam’s hair was naturally blonde but she dyed it pitch black and usually only wore clothes the color of night. Her hair was tightly pulled back into a ponytail and it didn’t appear she had spent any more time on her hair than usual. In contrast to Ashley, Sam’s body was rail-thin. Sam wore dark eye makeup similar to Ashley’s and also wore black lipstick. She had less piercings than Ashley, with only holes for two earrings on each ear and a stud jutting out of the left side of her nose. Tonight, Sam wore a red corset with a long flowing black skirt that spilled out underneath it.

Dani thought Sam looked like sex personified, but classy instead of slutty like Kylie. Dani didn’t know Sam that well, she had only moved here their sophomore year. Dani thought Ashley would never have a single friend at school, but as soon as Sam enrolled the two were inseparable. Dani had always considered Sam a waste; she had a very pretty face but squandered any social status she could obtain by being best friends with an undesirable like Ashley.

Ashley and Sam waved their arms seductively, beckoning Dani to come dance with them. Dani stood frozen and unresponsive to their invitations. To mingle with these two would basically be social suicide, but Dani found she no longer cared for her status. The popularity contests and hierarchies of high school felt so childish and immature now. Ashley and Sam had always been nice to her, though they had little cause to be. Dani had never given them the time of day since they weren’t in the popular cliques. Well, at least I know they won’t fuck me over and abandon me like my “real” friends, Dani thought. Dani walked over to the lesbians and said hello.

Sam and Ashley cheered as Dani came closer to greet them. Dani shyly gave greetings and asked how their prom night was going. It was very unusual for a popular girl like Dani to interact with Sam and Ashley in a way that wasn’t insulting. Sam asked how Dani’s evening was going though she and Ashley were already aware of the circumstances of it. Even as far removed as they were from the complex social order of high school, gossip had spread widely concerning Dani and Trevor’s breakup and Sam and Ashley already knew the details. Unfortunate rumours had already spread that Dani promised her virginity to Trevor this night but reneged at the last moment after teasing him all night long.

“It’s not been my greatest night,” Dani admitted.

“Fucking men, right?” Sam said consolingly.

“I guess,” Dani replied sadly.

“Forget about that douchebag,” Ashley said. “Just try to have some fun tonight. That’s all we came here to do.”

“Would you like to dance with us?” Sam asked.

“Sure…” Dani murmured. She held her hands up and swayed awkwardly, trying to move her feet to the beat but her heart wasn’t in it. Ashley and Sam had to stifle their laughter over Dani’s feeble attempts to dance. Dani ceased her movements and scowled at the girls. “This is why I’m on the flag squad instead of a cheerleader.” Dani was about to turn around and walk away when Ashley grabbed her shoulder.

Ashley said, “We’re not trying to make fun of you. You are just doing a way too painful and obvious white girl dance.”

Dani’s eyes narrowed as she observed, “You are both white too. What’s your point?”

Sam interjected, “The point is, we own our whiteness and admit we can’t dance for shit. It’s all about not being self-conscious and letting the music guide your movements. See, do what I do.” Sam swayed her hips provocatively and used her open palms and locked elbows to bounce along to the beat of the song. Dani tried to mimic Sam’s movements to no avail.

“Here,” Ashley suggested. “Hold your elbows out like this and move your legs like I do.” Ashley stood behind Dani and put her hands on Dani’s hips. It felt bizarre to have another woman’s hands on her that way, but Dani just went with it. Dani felt strangely warm due to the familiar way Ashley held her. Trevor had been the only person to touch her so intimately, but his hands always drifted to her private areas instead of caressing her romantically. Ashley held her much more kindly as she guided Dani back and forth in rhythm with the swinging of her hips. Dani could feel Ashley’s legs moving in unison behind her. After a few seconds, Dani was able to sway back and forth without Ashley’s help though Ashley still rested her hands on the bones of Dani’s hips.

“Much better,” Sam observed. “You are a natural.”

Sam did a slow twirl with one of her hands held high in the air. Dani looked at Sam’s dress and realized how unbelievably hot she looked in it. Dani would never be able to pull off the raw sexuality that Sam seemed to exhibit naturally. Now where had that nilüfer eskort thought come from, Dani thought with embarrassment. She was suddenly glad that the room was so dark that no one could see her blushing.

The song ended and a slower song came on next. A song for couples. Dani immediately recognized it as “If I Were Your Man” by Bruno Mars. “I love this song,” Dani said quietly. It reminded her of tender moments she once shared with Trevor, back when he actually seemed to have consideration for her feelings.

“Really?” Sam asked. “I like most of Bruno Mars’ songs, but can’t exactly agree with the sentiment of this one.”

Ashley laid a hand on Dani’s shoulder and asked, “May I have this dance?”

Dani looked around uncomfortably to see if anyone was watching. She said, “I’m not sure. You are both very kind but I’m not attracted to girls that way.”

“Suit yourself,” Ashley said with a shrug. “It won’t mean we are lovers or anything just to dance together. Just friends. If you would rather leave or find someone else willing to dance with you, go ahead. Sam and I will still have a good time even if you don’t. But if I were you, tonight I would try to have as much fun as possible and not have a care in the world.”

Dani knew Ashley was right. These were the first people tonight who treated her with any kindness, and she shouldn’t squander the chance at a new and rekindled friendship simply because she didn’t agree with Ashley and Sam’s life choices. If nothing else, it would be something new and different in Dani’s comfortable and complacent life. “Alright, I’ll dance,” Dani said. “But I’ve never slow danced with a girl before. Can you show me what to do?”

“Definitely!” Ashley exclaimed. “Here, I’ll put my arms around your neck and you put your arms on my waist. Yep, just like that.” Ashley twined her fingers around the back of Dani’s neck as Dani set her hands on Ashley’s plump sides. The former friends held each other as they swayed into slowly revolved circles. Sam stood off to the side, listening to the music while she watched them with a finger to her lips and a contemplative look on her face.

They had danced for a minute when Ashley asked, “Why don’t you put your arms around my back if you are feeling more comfortable?” Dani moved her hands from Ashley’s sides to behind her waist. Dani held her hands together on Ashley’s lower back. Dani rubbed the silky material of Ashley’s blouse between her fingers and felt a bare dampness of sweat forming underneath Ashley’s clothes. Ashley’s body felt warm, pillowy, and cozy between Dani’s arms.

“I’m going to get a little bit closer if that’s okay,” Ashley said. Dani nodded her assent and Ashley squeezed closer to Dani so the front of their bodies touched. Her arms wrapped more tightly around Dani’s neck. It felt nice to be held so closely, especially with the girls’ breasts pressed together. Dani gave Ashley an affectionate squeeze to which Ashley said, “There we go. That’s nice, isn’t it?”

Dani nodded again and laid her head down on Ashley’s shoulder. Ashley petted Dani’s head and consoled, “There there. There there…”

Dani felt a presence behind her and realized it was Sam wrapping her arms around the front of Dani’s waist and squeezing in tight. It felt very pleasant to be pressed between the two girls with their bodies all touching, but Dani felt a bit awkward when Sam kissed her on the back of her neck. Dani raised her head off Ashley’s shoulder and noticed she had become the prom’s center of attention. Some of Dani’s closest friends were pointing at her and whispering amongst themselves.

Dani became self-conscious under her classmates withering stares and started to doubt herself. Ashley grabbed Dani by the chin and forced her to look into Ashley’s eyes. “Hey, don’t even think about them,” Ashley told Dani. “Do what you want and don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks.”

Dani nodded with resolve. She looked up as the blue mood lighting changed to signal the end of the song. The lights changed to a hallucinogenic rainbow as a faster EDM track that Dani didn’t recognize blasted from the loudspeakers. Sam turned Dani around and asked, “Will you dance with me now?”

“Sure,” Dani said. No one had shown this much interest in Dani for years and her curiosity got the better of her. She wanted to see where this was going. She could feel attractive and desirable for a bit and then pull back before things got too involved with the lesbians.

Sam took Dani by both hands and they danced wildly together. Finally relaxed and free of her self-imposed constraints, Dani danced with abandon and had fun for the first time tonight. Sam drifted ever closer to Dani and gripped Dani’s hands tighter as they swing each other’s bodies back and forth. Dani glanced down at Sam’s pale cleavage, accentuated by the corset that mashed Sam’s smaller breasts to her chest. Dani couldn’t understand why when she saw another girl her eyes always drifted inevitably to their body. It had always been this way Dani averted her eyes before Sam noticed her staring and looked upward to Sam’s face. Dani couldn’t fathom why Sam would wear such dark make up that made her look so pale. Sam was quite beautiful without any embellishment.

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