Remodeling Carla Ch. 03

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George awoke from his nap with Carla nestled beside him, her arm across his chest, their legs intertwined. They had fallen asleep after Carla had given George the blow-job of his life. And to top it off, it was supposedly her first.

He really did begin to question her innocence and naiveté. In the years past, when he worked for her from time to time, he figured she was just another of those rather carefree, dingy, California girls. Always dressed provocatively, she seemed unaware of the effect she had on others.

Recently, she began to question her relationship with her husband, finding he may have sexual interests that she was unaware of. No, Frank wasn’t a closet gay; all the websites she found hidden on his computer were heterosexual in nature. They just caught Carla off-guard because it hinted at interests he may have had that he never let come to light and certainly never shared with her. Like the swimsuit site that she and George had taken photos for. Frank never showed an interest in that type of thing. Even though they lived in S. California, they never went to the beach. And when Carla pranced around the home and home office in her little short shorts and tiny tops, he really didn’t seem to notice.

They were each other’s first love. Carla was satisfied with her life, and her love-life. It was only when their home business began to require more traveling for Frank and her nosing around his computer led her to question her own life and sexuality. Frank and their business was her life. They didn’t really have any friends to speak of. She had no real hobbies or outside interests, a real homebody.

But she now had a friend, and she woke up beside him. In the last two days, her friend, now lover had given her a new life. George had awakened part of Carla that had forever been dormant, and she was determined to make up for lost time.

Stretching her naked form against his, she slid up and kissed George, unthinking. “Oop’s sorry, dick breath,” she giggled.

Pulling her onto him, he drove his tongue into her mouth. After a minute of tongue dueling, he let her up. “No worse than pussy breath,” he said. “Now where is that lunch you promised me?”

Rolling off him, his dick in hand, she said, “Shower first, and then lunch.” Again leading him by her new favorite appendage, they headed to the shower this time. Unlike the party tub that George had installed for them a couple years ago, the shower was the original, and not sized for entertaining. Non-the-less, in the name of water conservation and her new-found horniness, Carla insisted that they shower together.

Carla leaned into the shower to set the temperature and playfully, George leaned into her from behind, looking over her shoulder to make sure she was doing it right. His hands on her boobs, twisting them like he was trying to change the temperature, She gyrated her ass against him as he crowded her. “Two can play this game”, she thought to herself. “C’mon big guy,” she said, addressing George’s penis, “Lets get you cleaned up.”

Backing into the shower, she pulled George in and it was all he could do to pull the door shut. No dropping the soap in this shower, they both had ass cheeks pressed against a wall, with no space between them. “See, we don’t need a bigger shower,” she said, “now see if you can reach around me and get that bottle of body wash.” Handing her the bottle, Carla squirted a good amount on his chest and hers and handed him back the bottle. Putting it back on the shelf, Carla reached around George and hugging him, using him like the world’s biggest loofa. “I don’t need a washcloth with you around,” she said.

“No you don’t,” he said. Grabbing her by the ass he lifted her up and down against him, his fingers deep in her ass crack and his stiffening prick passing up and down along her pussy. Carla screamed and giggled at same time, dodging the shower head with each upstroke.

Regaining control, she turned them around, back to back and said, “Okay, wise guy, lets see you do it this way.” Try as he might, George couldn’t find a way to grab the slippery vixen. They laughed as he tried to reach back and grab her around the waist. She quickly nixed his idea of reaching between her legs and trying to lift her with one hand. Figuring that all the rubbing up against one another was probably sufficient, they found their way out of the shower.

They took turns drying each other. George stood behind Carla, toweling her long brunette hair. Looking up at her, looking at him in the mirror, he said, “Hand me your brush.”

“I can do it'” she said

“I’m already here,” he said “and I’m enjoying the view.”

Smiling, bahis şirketleri she handed him a comb and said,” Start with this.”

Gently, he drew the comb through her hair, careful not to pull too hard. George had always loved long hair on a woman. Combine it with the perfect ass and you have a view better than any sunset.

Carla watched him in the mirror. His gentle touch with her hair and his obvious admiration for her backside made her heart pick up it’s pace a bit. The dampness returned between her legs.

Glancing up, their eyes made contact in the mirror. Blowing air kisses at each other, he handed her the comb, turned and said, “Okay, your turn.” Two passes through his short hair, she swatted him on the butt and said, “Alright, lunch time.”

George found his shorts and slipped them back on and Carla grabbed an over-sized tee shirt that hit her about mid-thigh. Lunch was a large salad with crab and a baguette; white wine for her and a beer for him. Sitting outside in the sun in her courtyard patio, they talked as old friends, never bringing up the events of the last two days.

After a satisfying lunch, they pushed back from the table and leaned back, basking in the sun. Eyes closed, George felt Carla place her feet in his lap. Opening his eyes slightly, he glanced down at her feet. She wiggled her toes, an invitation to massage her feet. Tilting his head back to look at her, she smiled at him and mouthed, “Please?”

Now, next to butts, tits, pussies, and long hair, feet ran a close, well….fifth. Of course they have to be pretty feet, preferably smaller than his and no hair on the toes. Cute little feet, pedicured, always got his attention. Put them in some 4″ strappy heels, and his dick even began to pay attention.

Sitting up a little straighter, he took one foot at a time and began to massage them, along the inside of the arch, along the outside from the heel to the little toe, then the whole foot, from toes to ankle. Next each toe got personalized attention, pulling and rubbing, running his fingers between each one. As a final touch, he ran his tongue between each toe and took each one between his lips, tickling it with the tip of his tongue. She shivered each time he kissed one of her delicate little piggies. During the massage, she had slumped back in her chair causing her shirt to rise up her thighs. As he administered his last kiss on the little toe of her left foot, he glanced up and saw a glistening on her inner lips, slightly protruding. He smiled to himself.

Setting her foot down, she stirred as though she had fallen asleep and stretched, pushing her hard nipples into her shirt. “Lunch time is over,” she stated, “Let’s see if we can get some photos downloaded onto that site.

Gathering up the dishes, they wandered back into the kitchen. “I’ll wash these if you’ll go in and see what it takes to post to that website,” she said.

“Alright, but first I need to wash my hands,” he said. He leaned into her from behind and reached around her to get to the faucet and soap. Penned in between the sink and him, he let her know how much he enjoyed the foot massage. She ran her ass across his crotch in acknowledgement. Kissing her on the neck below her right ear, he turned for a towel and exited to her office. She stood for a moment, holding onto the counter, trying to regain her composure.

George settled into Carla’s office chair and began searching for the bikini site. As he waited for the site to load, he looked around her office. On the credenza in a silver frame, was a picture of Carla and Frank’s wedding day. Guilt began to settle in as he thought of how he would feel if he was in Frank’s shoes and the exploits of his bride came to light. If Frank had feelings for his wife even close to the same level that George had experienced the last couple days; well George had reason to fear for his life.

His quiet reflection was interrupted as a whirling dervish wearing a short tee shirt burst into the room and leaped in his lap. Carla turned, grabbed him by both ears and began her oral cavity search with her tongue. Thank God he could breathe through his nose, as her kiss was unwavering. Minutes passed as she assaulted him, grinding him like a crazed stripper looking for the big tip. Finally coming up for air, she asked kidding,” Haven’t you got you got those photos loaded yet?” Evidently a good lunch and a foot message will revitalize a young woman.

Turning back to the desk, he plopped her sweet butt onto the desk and brought the website back up. Trying to calm things down a bit, he ran through the registration stuff and began to set up her log-in info so that she bahis firmaları could load her shots and monitor any responses. Sensing that something was amiss, she slipped her bare foot into George’s crotch and began tickling him with her toes, trying to break his concentration. George grabbed her ankle and moved her foot off the chair. Playing like she was sneaky, she would gently move her foot back between his thighs, and he would remove her foot again. After about the fourth round, he grabbed her ankle once more and looked her in the eyes.

The look told her she was screwed and the tickle attack began, but she was now the victim. Holding on tight, he drug his finger nail up the sole of her foot and she screamed with laughter, struggling to pull it away. Trying to pull her leg free, she began to kick with the other. Standing and capturing her kicking leg under his right arm, up in his armpit, he nearly drug her off the desk. She flopped down onto her back, squirming as he pushed her back. One leg safely tucked under one arm, and his left hand now holding her right leg under her knee, his free right hand began its advance. Her legs were now spread wide and her short shirt, even shorter. Her glistening lips betrayed her arousal as his fingers began dancing from inside thigh to inside thigh.

Thoroughly enjoying himself, he growled as he continued and she laughed so hard, tears came to her eyes and her pussy juices began to puddle on the desk. Finally at the brink, she shouted, like a pursuing police officer,” Stop, or I’ll pee! As the weapon was aimed right at him, he dutifully raised his hands in surrender and dropped her legs to the desk.

“I surrender” he said as he sat back into his chair, exhausted. Reaching forward, he grasped her hands and pulled her upright, sliding her into his lap, her sweet cheeks now slick and wet with her juices. They kissed each other tenderly; he ran his fingers through her hair, briefly lingering on her neck. Holding him tight, her chin resting on his shoulder, she chanced to glance at the photo on the credenza.

Needing time to think, she sat back up in his lap and said with a flourish, “Now quit fooling around and let’s get these pictures on the net, my public awaits!”

Turning back to the keyboard, they begin to select their favorite photos. Now one might think that two people inputting info on the same computer would be somewhat like when two people play the same piano. Wrong. Carla assumed control of the keyboard, while George was given mouse duties. George would scroll through the pics and click on the one he liked. On occasion, she would disagree and wrestle for control of the mouse. Carla’s job was to title the pictures as they were posted and enter any pertinent info relative to the picture. There was also a spot for personal comments or queries like,” Does this shot make my ass look big?”

George took great delight in answering her questions, reaching around her with his left hand and typing, while she scrolled with his mouse. “Yes” he typed, to her last inquiry. Sensing his hand movement at the same time the answer popped up on the screen, she squealed at him and the tickling resumed. Recognizing that they would never get done at this rate, they vowed to each other to behave and get on with it.

Finally finishing the uploading, they logged back on and admired their handiwork. Clicking over to other girls pictures, Carla began to assess her competition. “Do you like her?” she would ask, or “Do you think she’s cute?” Loaded questions to be sure, but George tried to answer in an honest, constructive manner.

Just to get her going, he would occasionally say,” Wow, look at the tits on that one!” or “Boy, there’s an ass you could get lost in.” He did offer some comments that Carla banked for future reference. He liked those that posed in high heels, he said it made there legs look better and tightened their butts. He also seemed to spend more time checking out those women that had pronounced tan lines.

The skies began to darken and they realized that they had spent the entire day together and neither one was ready for it to end. They shut down the computer and handing George back his memory card, they retired to the couch in the living room, with a glass of wine each. Looking into each others eyes, the room, lit only by the sun setting over the Pacific, they began the conversation that both were hoping wouldn’t have to occur.

“Frank flies back into town tomorrow afternoon,” she said. Hearing no response she continued, eyes down, looking at her glass,” I can’t tell you what the last two days have meant to me.” “It’s what a religious awakening must be kaçak bahis siteleri like for some people,” She continued. “My mind is trying to go in so many directions right now. I’m so confused; I love my husband, I mean I have no reason that I can think of that tells me I shouldn’t love him. But God George, I love you too, so much right now that I feel like I could explode.” Pausing,” No one has every treated me like you do, done things to me like you do. God the things you did, I’ve never felt so loved and wanted.”

Taking her glass, George pulled her into him and let her cry. Rubbing her back, stroking her hair, he was heartbroken. What had they done? Had he led her to stray from her marriage? What had begun as one friend trying to help another had become a relationship that he was unsure he could walk away from.

After a time, the crying stopped, followed by sniffling and her wiping her eyes on his shoulder. Saying nothing, she pushed herself up and padded to the bathroom to wash her face. Returning to a darkened room, she turned on a small table lamp. She turned to George, rearranging him so his back nestled into the corner of the back and the armrest of the couch. One leg up and the other on the floor, she leaned back into him. It was easier to talk if they didn’t have to see each other.

They spoke in generalities, analyzing the meaning of friendship, marriage and life in general. They touched on how the past two days had to have been inevitable. Something so wondrous and life changing had to happen for a reason. Neither could imagine not having experienced the other.

In the end, fate is what would lead them forward. They knew that this path they were both on would somehow lead them to happiness. Faith in themselves and each other was the key. Their friendship would never waiver. They would always be there for each other. Only time would tell the future.

Conversation over, she snuggled in deeper, pulling his arms tighter. She wished that this moment could last forever.

Knowing it was late and that he would have to leave soon, she glanced down to the other end of the couch and focused on George’s camera. Stretching and reaching for it with her toe, she regained his attention. Watching her stretch and point with her foot, she asked,” Will you use them?”

Unsure of her question, he responded as a guy,”Huh?”

“You know,” she gestured, moving her hand in an up and down motion, her hand closed in a loose fist.

Sensing her smile and her butt burrowing deeper into his crotch, he answered,” Well yeah, I suppose, if that’s okay?”

Hopping up and handing him his camera, she sat in the opposing corner, facing him. “Let’s me see,” she said.

Dutifully, he turned on his camera and setting it on the back of the couch, he advanced through the shots, his left hand working up his erection through his shorts.

“Off, “she said.

Again obeying, he pulled his shorts down his legs, his erection pointing toward the ceiling. Slowly stroking, he fumbled with the camera, trying to advance to the nude shots.

Sensing his frustration and her own arousal, she said, “Here,” and pulled her tee shirt over her head.

Eyes locked, they began their duel. Shifting and grabbing on with his right hand, George developed a rhythm. Carla, answering his move, lowered her right hand, spreading her lips for her lover. Her middle finger slid from bottom to top.

Eyes never wavering, peripherally, never losing sight of the other’s motions, they battled on. Who could outlast the other?

Carla’s ardor forced her to use a two-handed method. Three fingers moving in and out, forcing her juices to the surface. Her pussy glistened in the low light. Her other hand alternated between her nipples and clit, trying to delay the inescapable.

George was mesmerized by the beauty in front of him, so lustful, yet giving. His pre-cum was leaking profusely now. Stroking faster, seeking release, he watched his love reaching for her climax. Her body stiffened and arched as her hands became a blur. “Cum now,” she commanded, “Cum on me, come on my tits. Let me see you cum!”

Rolling onto his knees between her legs, he stroked as he never had before. With a purpose, he exploded onto her chest, causing her to reach her own plateau. His was lightheaded, struggling to stay upright. She watched through wanton eyes as he spurted three, four, five times; giving himself to her.

Spent and weak, George rolled onto the carpeted floor. On his back, he tried to catch his breath. Carla, needing to feel him, rolled over on top of him, her cum cover breasts pressing into his hairy chest. They remained there, snuggling, and kissing, lost in the moment. Despite George’s hands constantly moving over her back and bottom, a chill sent shivers through Carla.

Pushing herself up and smiling at George, she said,” I think another bath may be in order.”

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