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I am the manager of a small hotel owned a franchisee of a mid level hotel chain. The hotel is close enough to a regional airport that we have a fair amount of transient traffic. And with almost 140 rooms, I have a good size staff working underneath me.

I am a fairly good looking 32 year old man who has worked my entire life in the hotel business, and have a degree from one of the most established hotel schools in the country. I am certain that my looks as well as schooling are how I got this job. My employers are two brothers and their wives, and I had to interview with all four of them before I got hired.

Part of my deal is that I am fully responsible for the hiring and training, and if need be, firing of the entire hotel staff. Because of the business and the size of the property, I have a good size staff in each department. And because of the location of the office to the front desk, I have a special relationship to the women who work the front desk. And I only hiring women for the front desk. I am certain that men love seeing the young women I hire, and most female travelers feel more comfortable dealing with another woman

About six months ago, I hired a young woman for the front desk to work the “swing” shift, a shift that runs from two until ten. There are nights when I am still working at ten, so the swing shift girls and I always get to know each other, as there are plenty of nights when we end up leaving around the same time. And that is exactly what happened with Renee.

The first night that I walked her out to her car, I was still behind on my work, and knew that I was going to be in the office until nearly midnight. I had my head down, and barely glanced up at the open door when she knocked (I should have known it was a new employee, my staff knows that they never need to knock if the door is open).

“Hey, Steve,” Renee nearly whispered, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, kiddo, you can ask me anything” I answered.

“It’s late, and kind of dark, would you mind walking me out to my car? I really don’t like to walk alone”

Well, since I am a gentleman, I was more than happy to oblige. The fact that Renee is 5’3″ with curly blonde hair, sexily wide hips, perfect ass, and the most amazing blue eyes of anyone I have ever seen, made the decision to drop my work all the more easy. The girls wear a form fitting skirt, white blouse and tight vest, and Renee’s figure was perfect for the uniform, her breasts all but exploding the buttons on her vest, and her white shirt so thin that I could make out the freckles that ran along her breast line.

We chatted as I walked her to the car that night, and nearly every night that she worked over the next few months. There were nights where I had to find busy work just to be available Avcılar Escort to walk her out to her car. And with these casual chats, I came to learn that my cute little front desk honey had a mom who had her at fifteen. And because she was born to a teen mom, her mother really sheltered Renee. She never dated anyone seriously, she never knew real love, she had been kissed, but never had a lover.

And we talked for weeks after I learned that Renee was a virgin. i could not believe that this angelic 22 year old blonde was pure. She was definitely hot enough that she must have driven all the boys in high school and college crazy, especially when she was basically a prude. I would put my arm around her as we walked, and she would shiver, almost as if she was scared to be even touched.

Finally, about a week ago, I was finishing up some real work, as the hotel had been busy for a holiday weekend, with the rooms booked from Thursday through Monday nights, which is about as crazy as we get. And, unbeknownst to me, my four to midnight staffer had called out sick on this Tuesday night. Which meant that Renee had to stay til midnight instead of leaving at ten. So I was finishing up my work about eleven, surprised that Renee hadn’t come to get an escort to her car. I shut and locked my office door, and saw her at the desk.

“Stan, I’m supposed to leave in an hour, but Erik is coming in early.” Erik being the night auditor who usual shift is midnight til eight am.

“Well, I’ll stick around until Erik shows up and then I’ll give you a walk to your car.”

And shortly thereafter, Erik walked in the front door. As I stood at the front desk, watching as Renee and Erik went over the notes that she needed to give him, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her gorgeous ass as she leaned over the back desk. I could feel my arousal and was getting worried that I would not be able to walk Renee out to her car. After finishing the mini meeting, Renee came out from behind the desk. And that is when she surprised me.

Instead of going out to her car, Renee grabbed me by my hand. She led me to the bank of elevators that are out of sight of our main desk. Though Erik would have been in the back portion of the front desk area, and therefore out of sight, Renee obviously did not want him to accidentally see where we were going. We got into the elevator, and got off on the third floor (which is the top floor of our little hotel). As we left the elevator, Renee pulled out one of our magnetic key cards out of her tightly stretched vest.

“I got us a room, hope you don’t mind” she said suggestively, and rubbing her hand along my lap, she smiled big and said, “I can tell that you don’t mind a bit.”

With that, we went down the hall and entered one of Avcılar Escort bayan the rooms. We had just barely entered the room before she was driving her tongue deep into my mouth and halfway down my throat. It did not take me long to respond. We barely reached the bed before we were tearing off the clothes off each other.

I slid my hand along her vest, and then the white blouse, and her now exposed pink bra. I reached behind her and unzipped her form fitting skirt, exposing bra matching panties along with her amazing hips and bubble behind.

I slid down her body, leaving her undergarments on, and began to kiss her on the knees, on her calves, and then her upper legs. Finally, I put my mouth on her panties, and ran my tongue along her clothed vagina. Above me, I heard a gasp followed by her moan.

Slowly, I removed her panties, and with her permission, no, make that her begging, I began to lick her tight, virgin nether regions. Though a virgin, Renee kept her pubic hair nicely groomed. That was a surprise, I was not expecting to find only a little landing strip of beautiful blonde hair underneath her dainty pink panties.

As I was down there, enjoying her womanhood, her scent, and the motions of her body as she responded to each lick I gave her. I reached up, and began to fondle her breasts, one at a time, with my right hand, and I rubbed her ass, her legs, her belly with my left hand.

“Oh God, Steve, your hand feels soooooo great on my tits,” she moaned, and grasped my hand with her own tiny hands as I continued to devour her.

I stayed down below, savoring the aroma and the flavor that was Renee. I stayed down there until she begged me to come up to her. I had, until this point, not removed her bra. I came up for air, and running one hand through her curls, used the other hand to unclasp her bra. Her amazing breasts came out of the bra, but rather than succumb to gravity, they rose up as if to beg for the same attention from my tongue that her vagina had gotten. And being a gentleman, I had no choice but to oblige those incredible tits. As my tongue and hands explored her curves, Renee finished undressing me, undoing my belt, lowering my pants and boxers. She placed one of her tiny hands snugly around my very happy member.

I ran my teeth and tongue all over her upper body, stopping every few minutes to spend a few minutes french kissing her, with her tongue being even more aggressive in my mouth than my tongue was in hers. I was so aroused at this point that I probably could have balanced my entire body on my penis. And that is when I finally heard the words I was dying to hear.

“”Stan, it’s time. Oh god, Steve, I really need to feel you inside me, not your tongue, but the real YOU.”

With that, Escort avcılar I slowly arranged my body so that I was perfectly in line with her tight, virgin opening. With her tiny hand, Renee guided me into her. I slid in, feeling the resistance give way, inch by majestic inch, until I could feel my balls touch that magnificent ass.

Fully inside of her, I stopped. I did not move. I was still, we were still, she held me tightly against her body. We held ourselves tightly together, getting used to the feeling of each other. Her pussy was holding me, her eyes were wide open staring into mine. And we stayed like that for what felt like an hour, but was probably only a couple of minutes. I starting to move, started to slide slowly in and out of her. At first, she just laid there, letting me do the work. But with time, she began to move, to thrust against me, to move her hips, at times in rhythm to my movements, and at times counter to my movements, as she started to learn what she liked about me, about my member, about sex.

She eventually came, and when she did, it was with a little shudder, almost a shiver. She moaned for a second, and I could feel her juices roll down my legs.

“Oh god, I think I may have come,” she moaned.

I giggled, it was funny, she wasn’t sure if she came. I doubled my efforts, and pounded into her for a minute, and then I came, and there was no doubt that I came. I never released so much come before, and I filled her to the point of overflowing.

We laid together in the wetness that was our night together. And we continued to caress and to kiss, and slowly we drifted to sleep, Renee first, but I was not too far behind her.

I woke up the following morning to feel her hand around my member, which was standing at attention to the attention it was receiving. I ran my hand through her hair, and slowly pressed her head downwards.

“One last lesson for a first timer,” I announced, with a smile.

“I think I know what you mean,” she smiled back, “You want to put that beautiful cock into my mouth.”

My body reflexively responded to that, and my entire lower half twitched at the thought, and I did not even have to say anything, she knew the answer. And while she was not the best at giving blow jobs that I have ever been with, she was the most enthusiastic. Her head bobbed up and down, and I don’t know how she did not gag, as I am bigger than her head, she should have gagged on me. But she did not, she bobbed up and down until I released my manhood down her throat, which she more than half swallowed before the rest dribbled down her chin.

I went down on her again, and licked until she came again, and this time, even though she only moaned for a moment, she knew she had come. Her body convulsed, and her whispered moan was so erotic, I nearly came again just hearing her.

Since that night a week ago or so, we have yet to get together again, but I am not lonely. She has introduced me to her mother, and I have learned that she is not the only member of her family who is quiet when she comes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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