Restroom Antics

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We sat down at the table; the restaurant was crowded with eager lunch goers. I was chatting with my three companions while deciding what to eat when he caught my eye. He was sitting in a corner with 2 friends, reading his menu. “Hmmm, nice.” I thought admiring him from over my menu. He glanced up, caught me looking at him and gave me a slow wink. I quickly looked away, blushing and feeling guilty at having been caught. Peeking up I saw him silently laughing at me and smiling. I smiled back putting all on my charm into it.

We exchanged looks and smiles for a while until the waitress showed up to take our order. I was ordering when I saw him nod his head towards the restroom. I raised an eyebrow but found myself getting up from the table and mumbling some excuse about washing my hands or something. I went into the ladies room and turned on the water, a couple seconds later I heard the door open and I looked up as he walked in. He watched me in the mirror, slowly locking sincan escort the door behind him. Walking towards me I felt my breath quicken.

I turned away from the mirror to face him. He reached a hand up and put it behind my neck pulling me in for a kiss. The moment our lips touched I felt a fire begin to spread through my body. I brought my hands up placing them on his chest and feeling him muscles move under his shirt. He brought his other hand up placing it on my breast and playing with my nipple through the thin fabric of my shirt. The kiss deepened becoming more passionate and frantic. I started moaning into his mouth digging my nails into the skin on his arms.

His hands trailed down my back and grabbed my ass. He pulled me tight to him and I felt his erection through his jeans. I reached down to rub him through the stiff fabric, “Mmmm. Keep that up.” He urged. Bringing my other hand down I quickly unfastened his pants and pushed them down, freeing ankara escort his stiff cock. I dropped down to my knees and placed my lips on him, taking it all deep into my throat. “Oh, yeah.” He said placing his hands on my head. “Just like that.” I eagerly sucked and caressed his cock, wrapping my hand around the base and moving it time with my mouth.

He grabbed my arms and hauled me upright. He turned me around, bent me over the countertop, and flipped up my skirt. Pulling my panties to the side he guided his cock to my very wet pussy. Rubbing just the head against my lips he teased me, holding me so I couldn’t push back into him. “Hmmm…Just right,” he said fingering my wetness. In one swift movement he grabbed my hips and drove deep into me causing me to gasp at the suddenness of it. He pounded into me, his balls slapping my clit with each thrust. There was nothing gentle about this fucking, and I loved every minute of it.

Abruptly, he pulled out of me. Spinning etimegut escort me around he slams me against the cold tile wall. I brought my leg up to wrap it around his waist. He grabbed my thigh, holding my leg in place and guided his cock back into my eager pussy. Fucking me vigorously he brought a hand up placing it around my throat and holding me against the wall. He kissed me hard and deep making my head spin.

I ran my hands all over his chest and back, raking my nails across his skin and burying my fingers in his hair. I felt the first waves of orgasm hit and my muscles tighten. “I’m cumming,” I gasped. Trying to be quite was driving me crazy.

“Mmmmm. Me too.” He replied and I felt him tense as he shot his load deep into me.

Leaning against me against the wall we struggled to regain our breath. We chatted for a minute as we adjusted our clothing and hair. He unlocked the door and quietly slipped out and into the men’s room, I walked back out to the restaurant and re-joined my friends. Our food had just arrived. “Perfect timing,” one says, “What did you fall in or something?” We all share a laugh but they have no idea…..

He gives me a wink from across the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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