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Authors note:

Thanks to blackstallion21 and Nick_Caesar11 for editing and critiquing this piece for me. I hope you enjoy…

Chris stood lost in the throng of people milling around him. It was early June and Miami International Airport was jumping. Families ran here and there, some late for their flights, others desperately trying to locate their belongings amongst the jumbled heaps of luggage on the conveyor belts. The cacophony from overhead speakers spewing flight announcements over the crowd was nearly deafening. He hated the airport, but he didn’t want his niece taking a taxi either.

His mind wandered back a few weeks as he waited. His older sister Michelle had called him wanting to know if her daughter Jessica could stay with him for the summer. She was studying Oceanography at UCLA and it seemed that she would be spending the summer in Florida on some kind of internship and needed a place to crash.

Chris had objected immediately; he hadn’t left California on a high note, and he hadn’t seen or spoken to Jessica since moving to south Florida six years ago. The thought of having to face his niece, and undoubtedly her questions, after all these years terrified him. But ultimately after some cajoling from Michelle, mixed with her threatening him with dismemberment, he had agreed to let her stay.

Growing up, Chris and Jessica had always had a close relationship due to how close in age they were. His two sisters, Michelle and Diana, were both much older than he was. Diana’s two girls were older, and had lived further away in San Francisco. Jessica, however, had been born exactly three years and five days after Chris and grew up only a few blocks away, so they developed a natural bond. Most people mistook them for cousins, and for quite a while that was what they told people. They spent every waking moment together, and when Michelle had gone through her second divorce in three years Jessica had stayed with Chris and his parents for eighteen months.

Through everything, good times and bad, there had always been Chris and Jessica, until Chris had a run in with some lowlife gang bangers. They put him in the hospital, and threatened to kill him if they ever saw his face again. So, as soon as he turned eighteen Chris had moved to Florida for college. Jessica was still a sophomore in high school at the time and they hadn’t seen each other since.

He could still remember riding around their old neighborhood on bicycles, getting into all kinds of innocent trouble. She had always been just ‘one of the guys’.

Now he stood there, scanning the crowd for her familiar face. He didn’t really know what to look for. When he left she had been a shy teenager, visibly uncomfortable in her own skin. She dressed like a tomboy; long brown hair in a perpetual pony tail and thick glasses perched on her nose. She was a girl that put her school life before her social life. Her mother had told him that Jess had been the valedictorian of her class; no surprise there.

A light tap on his shoulder startled him, and as he turned a petite raven haired young woman leapt into his arms, nearly knocking him over.

“Chris!” she squealed with delight.

“Whoa, take it easy,” he said laughing, “You almost bowled me over, girl.”

She planted a kiss directly on his mouth “Thank you soooo much for letting me stay with you!”

“Hey, you know, it’s nothing,” he told his niece as he sat her down.

Chris held her at arms length and took in the view. She looked nothing like the teenager he had last seen four years ago. Jessica had matured more than he could have imagined. She stood about 5’3″, with a very compact, toned body sporting an almost flawless tan. Her hair, dyed black without a ponytail in sight, framed her face, dropping just below her jaw line in a sexy wedge cut. Her green eyes sparkled as she smiled up at her uncle. The nerdy little fifteen year-old tomboy he had last seen had been replaced by a beautiful, energetic young woman. The change was startling, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. He felt a pang of regret as he looked her over. The missed years weighed on his shoulders heavily.

“Wow, you look incredible. Are all the girls at UCLA as hot as my little niece?”

“Oh please. I can’t compete with the girls in the Land of Silicone,” she gestured at her small perky chest. Chris couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well you look damn good to me.,” her uncle complimented. “I’m going to have to beat my friends off of you with a stick. Come on, let’s get your bags and fight our way out of this madhouse.” He grabbed her hand and led her through the crown to baggage claim.


As Chris merged his car onto the highway heading north, he stole another quick glance at his niece. He still couldn’t get over how much she had grown up. She sat against the passenger door, turned slightly toward him with her legs crossed. His eyes wandered over the tanned expanse of her thighs before flicking forward to watch the road again. Jessica was wearing very short, white Onwin giriş shorts that hugged her hips and showed lots of leg, and a black top that tied around her neck and had a chrome ring right over her cleavage. That, he noticed, had also grown well, despite her earlier protestations. In high school, she had been flat as a board, but it seemed that she was just a late bloomer. Now she sported a full round B-cup. He kept finding himself glancing back at her as he drove, and forcibly had to tear his eyes away. Meanwhile, Jessica rambled on and on about her flight and her internship. Thankfully she didn’t seem to notice her uncle checking her out.

When they finally arrived at his house, Chris carried Jessica’s luggage up to her room, and left her to unpack and get settled in while he threw some dinner together. Thirty minutes later he was just setting the table when Jessica came down the stairs. She had showered and changed into a pair of tight gym shorts and a white tee that clearly showed she was not wearing a bra.

“You didn’t have to do all this for me,” she said looking at the table. There was steak, baked potatoes, salad and a bottle of red wine spread out for dinner.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Chris assured her as they sat down to eat, “I don’t get to cook for two very often.”

The table looked out a large bay window onto a spacious deck and a white expanse of sand. It was dusk and the waters of the Atlantic were a dark gray, broken only by the white caps of the waves rolling in to the shore. They sat talking and looking out at the beach while they enjoyed their first meal together in six years.

“You have a great view from here,” Jessica complimented, forking the last piece of steak into her mouth.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice being right on the beach. There are some lounge chairs out on the deck if you want to sunbathe or something and the hot tub is always ready to go. Just make yourself at home. The beach is private, so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of people crowding you.”

“Thanks, I might do that.”

“Want to watch a movie or something?”

“No, I’m beat,” Jessica said. “I’m gonna call mom and let her know I’m all settled in and then hit the hay. I have to be up early to catch a bus to the research center I’ll be working at.” She gathered the few dishes from the table and began rinsing and loading them in the dishwasher.

“You don’t need to ride the bus Jess, you can use my car for the summer,” Chris told his niece.

She looked at him questioningly. “I can? Don’t you need to drive?”

“Yeah, but I still have my truck I had in high school. I’ll drive it.”

She laughed out loud and almost dropped a plate. “That old piece of shit?” she managed to spit out between gales, “It still runs?”

“Hey, yes it still runs, and it’s not a piece of shit anymore,” he said a little defensively.

He must have sounded madder than he thought, because Jessica immediately stopped laughing. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound mad.” He stood up and stepped to her, hugging her tightly. “Forgive me?”

She smiled up at him before returning Chris’ hug. “Sure.”

“Now,” he said, taking the forgotten plate from her hands, “I’ll finish this, you go call your mom and get some sleep. I’ll see you bright and early.” He kissed her quickly on the forehead and released her.

“Ok, g’night,” she said, heading for the stairs. She looked back as she mounted the first riser. “Thanks again for everything.”

Chris watched her climb the stairs until she was out of sight, mesmerized by the soft sway of her hips. He still couldn’t get over how much she had changed.


The next morning Jessica was up before the sun like always. Wrapping her robe around her, she stepped out of her room and headed down the hall to the bathroom to begin her morning routine. Halfway there, she stopped dead in her tracks. Chris was walking sleepily toward the stairs from the other end of the hall, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Chris was a little over six feet tall with a chiseled, muscular body. His chest and abdomen were littered with tattoos, and she saw that his nipples were pierced. What held her attention, though, was further south on his anatomy. Dangling limp and heavy between his legs was the biggest cock and she had ever seen. She stared at him in disbelief, shocked by the sight of her naked uncle and by the heat she felt bloom between her thighs. Her sweet goofy uncle, always kind of shy and a flop with girls in high school, was huge.

Oh my god! she thought. He could kill somebody with that club.

A giggle slipped from her lips before she could stifle it, and Chris jerked his head up. He saw her standing there staring and his face turned a deep, fuming red. He quickly covered himself and dashed down the hall to his room, calling out “Shit! Sorry Jess,” over his shoulder as he went. Jessica was still laughing when she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. She leaned back against the door and laughed until she was almost crying.

When she thought she had herself under control she stepped into the shower. The hot water was refreshing and helped clear her head. What it didn’t help was the dull ache between her legs. She was a little taken aback by what she was feeling, but not surprised. It had been two years since she broke up with her last steady boyfriend. She tried to think of him at the beginning of their relationship as her right hand slipped down her body and found a burning wetness. A soft moan escaped her throat when her fingers slipped inside. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Her nipples were like shards of glass rising from her breasts. With her free hand she pinched one and a shiver raced down her spine. She stood under the steady spray of water, rubbing her clit in slow deliberate circles and trying without success to push the image of her uncle’s enormous cock out of her mind. Each revolution around the swollen little nub coaxed a weak whimper from her throat. Despite her best efforts, her mind kept returning to Chris. Finally she gave in, vigorously fingering her aching pussy and as she came she was picturing that large piece of meat stretching her pussy over and over again.

When she went downstairs fifteen minutes later, Chris was no where to be found. There was a note on the table, along with a set of keys.


Sorry about this morning. Not used to having company. Here’s a key to the car, and a house key. The car has navigation in case you get lost. You have my number, call if you need anything.

Love C.

Her uncle had always ended letters and notes like that. Love C. Smiling she picked up the keys, and headed out to begin her day.


Their first week together as roommates was a little awkward as Chris and Jessica felt each other out. Jessica was spending long hours at the lab, and sometimes came home and went straight to bed. As the weekend neared, Chris made it his mission to get his niece out of the house.

“Hey Jess,” he said cheerily as she trudged through the door on Thursday night, looking tired anda little disheveled, “everything okay?”

She discarded her white lab coat and kicked of her shoes.

“Huh? Oh yeah, sorry, everything’s good — just tired.” She yawned as she plopped down on the opposite end of the couch where Chris was sitting. She slipped off her shoes and stretched out on the sofa, already looking sleepy.

“We’ve been logging the movements of Loggerhead turtles all week. Sitting at the computer for ten hours a day and plotting coordinate graphs is just so glamorous. The lab director is an arrogant ass. I corrected one of his correlation equations and he didn’t like it too much.”

“Wow. Do you get the weekends off?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I thought maybe we could go do something Saturday if you wanted. Get you out of this house for a while.” He slid over and began absently massaging Jessica’s feet as he spoke. “If you want.”

“That’d be great.” She smiled at him. “That feels good. My feet are soooo sore.”

He continued rubbing the soles of her feet, venturing up to her toned calves and slender knees. The simple grey skirt she wore, which ended just above her knees when standing, had ridden up, revealing a delightful expanse of tanned thighs. Jessica closed her eyes and laid her head back on the arm of the couch. Before long she was snoring lightly. Chris looked down at the feet he was rubbing, small and slender, with pretty pink painted toenails. The second toe of her right foot was adorned with a familiar metal band.

When she was thirteen, Jessica had wanted one thing for her birthday: a gold heart shaped locket that she bugged her mother for incessantly. When her birthday came and went without the locket appearing, she had been crushed. Chris, hating to see her upset, took every dime he had saved to the department store, intent on buying it for her. He was roughly a hundedhundred and fifty dollars short of the price though. Instead, he bought her the small silver band he was looking at. He spun it around to read the inscription written on it. It read simply:

We will always have each other — Love C

He was amazed that she still had it, and even more amazed to find her still wearing it after all these years.

Jessica stirred. Chris looked up and saw her gazing at him sleepily.

“You still have this.” He nudged the band.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I? It was the best present anyone ever gave me as a kid.” She sat up and wrapped her arms around her uncle. “Whenever I feel sad, or lonely, all I have to do is look at that ring and I start to feel better.”

“Jessica, about…”

“Don’t,” she said interrupting him. She could tell by the look on his face where his mind was heading. “Maybe another time. Maybe never. Right now, I’m tired and going to go to bed. G’night.” She kissed him on the cheek and vanished to her room.

Chris sat there for most of the night thinking about the past; the mistakes he had made, the people he had hurt.


Saturday afternoon found them walking down the sidewalk in South Beach, arm in arm, laughing and having a good time, as the south Florida sun baked down on them.

Chris was spouting a hilarious narrative of the people around them, an old game they used to play as kids, when Jessica interrupted him.

“Let’s go in here,” she said, pulling him though an open door. Inside, the buzzing of tattoo machines filled the air. A young woman of maybe twenty was manning a reception desk just inside the door. She was covered in body art and piercings, and looked incredibly hot to Chris. She gave him a dismissive look and turned to Jessica.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Do you do piercings here too?”

“Of course, what are you looking for?”

“I want to get my nipples pierced.”

Chris stared slack jawed at his niece “No,” he said flatly.

She shot him a cold, piercing look. “Uh, I’m an adult, remember? Besides how can you tell me no when yours are pierced too?” She motioned to his bare chest. She looked hurt, and a little pissed off.

“It’s not that Jess,” he cautioned, “I think it’s sexy, but you know your mom would kill me for letting you do it while you were staying with me.”

“I’ll tell her I got it while you were at work. Look,” she leveled her gorgeous green eyes at him, “either we do it now, or I go by myself some day after work.”

The receptionist had been watching this exchange with a bored expression. “You can be in there with her if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh he’s definitely coming, right Chris?”

He sighed, finally giving in as he thought of those perky little tits emerging from the confines of her bikini top.

Fifteen minutes later Jessica was topless, lying on a bed in a back room. Chris sat on a stool beside her, holding her hand and stealing sideways glances at her while they waited for the piercer. Jessica’s tits were amazing. The round, firm globes were a crisp brown without a trace of a tan line, topped with small pink nipples. Each looked to be a nice hand full. He wondered absently what they would feel like in his hands, how they would taste under his tongue. Those thoughts led to other thoughts; how her petite body would look as he pulled her skirt off of it, whether she shaved or not.

“Chris?” she said startling him out of his reverie.


“They’re not going anywhere.” She was smiling at him, eyes sparkling. “And you might want to do something about that.” She motioned to the tented fabric of his shorts.

“Oh! Uh-“

Thankfully the piercer came in at that moment and introduced himself. Chris did his best to hide his erection. With practiced efficiency he had Jessica’s nipples sterilized, marked and clamped in a matter of minutes.

She gripped Chris’ hand tightly as the piercer placed the cannula (This is coming up as being misspelled. Not sure what the word is to change it if I should.) against her skin. Chris was mesmerized by the sight, and the blood was flowing to his groin again as he watched first one then the other nipple get penetrated and adorned with a small stainless ring and bead. In just minutes the ordeal was over, and Jessica was admiring her new jewelry in the full length mirror on the door.

“What do you think?” She turned to Chris and pushed her chest out toward him. “Sexy?”

“Wow, uh, yeah Jess they look hot as hell.”

“Thank you.” She beamed at him. When she leaned over to get her bikini top her freshly accessorized breasts were just inches from his face. Chris was intently studying his feet when she looked again.

“Down boy.” She patted his lap playfully. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

As they were walking out a few minutes later, the receptionist stopped them.

“Can I see?” She asked. She was eyeing Jessica up and down, clearly admiring her in her bikini top and very short denim skirt.

“Sure.” She quickly pulled her top to the side, flashing her fresh additions to the woman.

“Very hot,” she said turning to Chris and dropping a sly wink. “But remember, hands and mouth off for at least two weeks.”

Out on the sidewalk Chris and Jessica looked at each other and burst out laughing.


As the next few weeks passed, Chris and Jessica fell into a routine. Chris was always gone by the time she came downstairs in the mornings, and Jessica was always the first home in the afternoon as she got settled in to her research position. She made it a point to have dinner ready every night when he came home. They were quickly picking up the same, easy relationship they had shared as kids, and it made both of them happy.

One Friday about a month after encountering her nude and sleepy uncle in the hall, ‘That Morning’ as Jessica had come to think of it, she met Chris at the door when he came home.

He stopped just inside the door, a dumbfounded look on his face. Jessica was wearing a very short, very tight black mini-dress and heels that laced up her shapely calves almost to her knees. Chris was shocked at how incredibly sexy and grown up she looked.

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