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I stepped out of the dark prison gateway and, blinking, stepped into the late evening sunlight. The sun was just going down behind the mountains and a crowd had gathered around me. It was 1964, ten years since the coup that overthrew the British and put the military into control. It was three months since I had been thrown in prison for leading a general strike demanding better conditions and wages for the workers of our nation. And it had been exactly one year since I met the woman who walked toward me as I regained my freedom, my darling Nicoletta.

Even in the growing darkness, she threw off light like a beacon. A radiant beauty, she walked toward me wearing a man’s work shirt, most likely given to her by the workers at the factory she had been struggling to organize while I languished as a political prisoner. Even in such drab clothing, it was impossible to hide the lush curves and intoxicating femininity that drew me to her nine months before. I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately, forgetting the crowd around us, the soldiers from the prison with their guns trained on us, the struggle of the working classes that we championed and focused solely on the decadent feel of her tongue swirling around mine as I pulled her close and felt her body shudder against me. And just as our hunger grew to the point where we could no longer resist it, we were pulled apart by the crowd as they hurried us away from the prison, a couple of bigger workers acting as guards as we got into a couple of beat up Mercuries.

The car bounced along the road as I looked over at Nicoletta, the hunger that we felt outside the prison rushed back. I moved closer and put my hand on her thigh, her flesh warm and supple under my hand. I looked toward the driver and I saw him smile in the rear view mirror and turn the mirror toward the ceiling to give us some privacy. “My God I’ve missed you Nikki,” I whispered, barely audible over the roaring engine. With that, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply and allowed my hands to roam. I cupped her firm, soft breasts and felt her nipples grow hard under my fingers. She nibbled and bit on my ear as her hands slipped down into my lap and grasped my rapidly hardening cock in her hand. She stroked me through my pants as my kissing and groping grew hungrier and more insistent. sincan escort I kissed and sucked on her neck as we made out like a couple of horny teenagers, our time apart more than we could bear. I ached to feel myself inside her, but just as I was about to start unbuttoning her shirt to reveal the tiny low cut tank top I knew she wore underneath, the car came to a jolting stop. We were at the palace, and a crowd had already gathered, bigger than the one at the prison.

I stepped out and made my way to the makeshift stage that had been set up, the crowd standing between me and the palace, my words echoing off of the marble walls. I raged against the powers within those walls, channeling the sexual energies that had just been frustrated into righteous indignation and anger. The crowd cheered, swaying on my every word. I looked behind me every so often and saw Nikki, her eyes flashing, knowing that she could feel what was happening. The crowd was different tonight. Louder, angrier, at the breaking point. Then, suddenly, I looked out into the crowd and saw AK-47s being held over heads, being pointed at the palace. I had pushed the crowd further than I had planned. We were moving from a protest to a revolt. And then, as one, the crowd surged toward the palace and the two makeshift guards hurried Nikki and I to a safe place away from the fighting. I became keenly aware that I had just gone from protest leader to de facto head of a revolutionary government.

The smell of smoke and the sound of gunfire broke the night open and I could hear cheers as the gate to the palace was torn from its hinges. I could see nothing from my vantage point, and even if my guards had allowed me to look, the smoke would have obscured my vision. But I knew what the end result would be. There were more of us than them. And they had little more than AK-47s themselves. The military junta would be defeated. I only hoped that the loss of life was minimal. It turns out that it would be even better than I expected.

As the gunfire subsided, I was brought to the palace, the former president already being led away in handcuffs pilfered from one of his guards. Few of his men had fought back. They had already lost all respect for him and had surrendered in the face of overwhelming odds. I was whisked into the presidential office ankara escort and hurriedly proclaimed the new leader. I had no idea how this had all happened. Not more than an hour ago I was in a beat up Mercury aching to feel the touch of Nikki’s seductive flesh against mine.

Nikki. All at once the urges of before came back with a vengeance. The excitement and adrenaline of the previous events only made my longing for her even greater. I looked into her eyes and knew she felt the same thing. I looked through an open door and saw the bedroom where the former president had enjoyed his many mistresses. I quickly turned to the guards and told them we did not want to be disturbed and I would address the nation over the radio in a couple of hours. He smiled and posted a watch as we went into the bedroom and locked the door.

The room was opulent. A thick mattress on an old oak bed was covered with satin sheets. A humidor filled with Cohibas sat on a nightstand by the bed. After taking in the beauty of the bed, I turned around and couldn’t find Nikki. Then suddenly, she reappeared in a doorway that led to a walk in closet. “Looks like the old President had the same taste as the new one,” she said from the doorway. She had quickly changed into a delicious negligee, black lace that barely covered her intoxicating curves. She had chosen not to bother with any panties, and her pussy glistened in the flickering candlelight. I couldn’t wait any longer and quickly slipped off the prison work shirt and practically tore off my pants and underwear, leaving me nude in front of her, my cock swollen and ready.

She practically ran to me and pulled me against her as we kissed ravenously. We fell to the bed and rolled around as we kissed and fondled, exploring each other’s bodies as if it had been three years and not three months. I looked deeply into her eyes, our passion and desire burning in each other, our ache no longer willing to be ignored. I pushed the negligee up and off of her body and quickly leaned down to kiss and suck on her breasts, her nipples hard and erect as I rolled my tongue over them again and again. She moaned softly, clutching at me, begging me to enter her. Finally, I got to my knees and slowly slid my cock into her sopping wet pussy. I could feel her muscles clench around my cock as I felt etimegut escort her legs slip over my thighs and pull me against her. Within moments I was buried inside her, my shaft pulsing and throbbing as I flexed inside her.

I thrust slowly at first, luxuriating in the feel of her body, in the decadence of our surroundings. My eyes were locked on hers as we felt what we had been longing for. My precum poured into her, mixing with her juices, my cock slick with lust and desire. She flexed and I felt her pussy clutch at me, urging me on, begging me to thrust harder and faster. I followed her lead and began to move in a faster rhythm, moving my hand down to her pussy and dragging my fingers over her clit again and again. She began to writhe underneath me, an orgasm beginning to build within her. As for myself, I could feel my balls beginning to tighten, my cock spasming and pulsing inside her. This first time in three months I would not last long. From the look in her eyes, she didn’t want me to.

She began to buck underneath me, flexing harder and faster, almost willing the cum out of me. She moaned and screamed out my name. I fucked her harder and faster, my cock pounding into her over and over, her beautiful tits bouncing with every thrust. “Nikki! Nikki! Fuck me, Nikki!” It was all the encouragement she needed. Her thighs squeezed tighter, pushing me deeper. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, moaning loudly, losing control of myself. She screamed and I could feel her entire body tense then release, her pussy spasming around me over and over again. At that very moment, my cock exploded, wave after wave of hot sticky cum shooting into her. My entire body shuddered as every last moment of tension left my body, the past three months coming together into a mind blowing orgasm. I shook uncontrollably as the last drops of cum left me. I looked down at Nikki, her body shaking and covered with sweat. I knew I looked the same. Unable to stay upright, I rolled off of her and collapsed next to her on the bed.

I turned my head and looked into her eyes. “Nicoletta. Thank you. For everything. None of this would have been possible without you.” She positively glowed as she looked back at me. “And the same can be said of you lover. Together, we will enjoy many nights like this, and many days of success and progress.” With that, her eyes closed and she began to drift off to sleep. I, too, could no longer stay awake and fell asleep. And when I was awoken for my address, I knew that an entirely new life had begun for us both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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