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We are out at a pub drinking. I decide I’ve had enough of the crowd and want to be alone with you. I kiss you softly on your neck where your jaw begins. I move my mouth to your ear and lick it lightly. My tongue likes moving up along the curve of your lobes.

I ask you in a whisper, “Can we go now?”

“Of course babe,” you reply.

So we get up and leave. I move to walk in front of you. As we get to the door, I stop and move myself backwards. My ass lightly bumps into your crotch and I can feel someone waking up.

I open the door; I slide my hips to rub against you. I look back over my shoulder and smile. You seem surprised by my actions, but smile back. You move your hand to touch me, but like water I slip away and exit the pub. I like to tease, because its so easy to frustrate you.

We walk outside and the air is cool enough to allow me to see my breath. I’m not wearing a bra and I feel my nipples harden. Or is just my excitement for the car ride making them react?

We make our way to the car and get in. You move to turn the engine on, but I move over to you and kiss your neck again. I feel you freeze in pleasure and your breath quickens. I wet my tongue and move from where your jaw meets your neck down to where it meets your collar bone. My hands caress the other side of your face. I slide it down your chest, down your stomach. I begin pulling your shirt up to get to the warmth of your body. My hands want to trace along the smoothness of your skin.

You turn your face to mine and I let my lips touch yours like a ghost. You move forward to kiss me harder, but I move back just out of reach. I feel you getting impatient and lick your lips lightly to show I mean you no malice. My hands are still tracing along your stomach, playing with your waistline. My tongue is hungry to taste your mouth.

“I want to kiss you, babe.” You whisper to me.

I allow our lips to connect and my body burns to life. My taste buds enjoy the flavor of your mouth. Your hand is going around my smooth body. It is sliding into my jeans.

“That’s tight.” I hear you say.

“Maybe you should loosen them up.” I reply.

“Yeah?” You unbutton my jeans to slip your hand inside, and you’re surprised.

“You did not wear any panties.” You tell me in that husky voice of yours and slide your hand to my smooth ass.

I giggle, “No lover I didn’t.”

“I love your ass.” You whisper in my mouth.

“Mmm,” I purr back to you and kiss you deeply.

You press my ass tightly. The force of your grip excites me and I sigh in pleasure into your mouth. I move away from you ataşehir escort bayan and decide we need to start driving before the police come by and spot us. Your hand slides further down to me and I force you back. I giggle and say to you, “Start the car and drive…it’s going to get better.”

With a frown on your face you turn the key in the ignition. You are quiet as you drive. I am smiling, enjoying your frustration. So I turn on the radio and tune into a rock station. Nine Inch Nails Head like A Hole is playing. I decide I’ve teased you enough and like this song.

As quietly as I can, I begin pulling off my shoes with my feet. I move them to the side and make as if I am stretching so I can slide my jeans off. You are too busy driving and don’t seem to notice. My smile is getting bigger at the thought of what I have planned. You turn your head away from me and I move to you. I kiss your ear and reach down to your belt buckle.

“I’m driving babe, be careful.” You tell me. You try to resist me, but you know I want to play and you like it when I am aggressive. With a quick and practiced jerk I tug the buckle open and giggle at your response.

“There isn’t a lot of traffic at this time, baby, but keep driving around where the traffic stays light.”

I move my head to your lap and with my teeth tug on the button of your jeans to snap it open. I grip the zipper and begin unzipping your jeans.

“I’m very hungry and want something yummy in my mouth,” I say to you.

“I’m sure you’ll like what I have in my jeans for you.”

“Maybe you should give your jeans some slack, so I can get to it? I can hold the wheel while you do it.”

“Anything for you babe.”

I kiss you lightly on the cheek. I ask, “Ready to take the wheel back?”


I look at you and see you smiling and tell you, “Believe me, you’re going to like this ride.”

“I hope so.”

I take off my shirt and am completely nude. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet. I begin to lick your head and move up and down your shaft.

“Take it all in your mouth babe.” I hear you beg me from above.

I take you all the way back. I swallow to take you even further in. I want to feel my lips at the base of your cock. I pull back all the way up to your head only to swallow you again. You grip my head with one hand and try to fuck my face. My tongue is moving up and down your shaft as I take you in and out of my mouth. You begin moving a little faster and harder.

“Mmmm. I like it when you fuck my face, baby,” I purr to you.

“Oh.” you groan back to me.

But escort kadıköy you’re too big for me to handle at this pace. I grip you and move my hand and head in a twist in opposite directions while moving up and down.

“Now I want to stop the car,” you tell me.

“Don’t or I’ll stop.”

You pull me up to a sitting position when you reach the stop light.

“Mmm. Oh now you want to tease,” I whine to you. I pout my lips and give you a sad look.

You chuckle, “Oh. Ok. I’ll start driving again. Keep going babe.”

“I can’t. Have to wait for the light to turn green and there’s a car behind us now.”

You chuckle again and start driving once the signals change.

“Would you like me to continue?” I ask you.


My head goes back to your lap again. You are driving with one hand and your other hand is sliding on my body again. You caress my hair and move along down my back. You move towards my ass and pussy.

“Ohhhh, I feel something wet there. What is that?” you playfully ask me.

I move into an all fours position to give you better access.

“I don’t know.” I joke back with you.

Your fingers are playing with my moist folds and my mouth is on your hard on once more. I decide I want something better and sit up while moving your hand away. Before you realize what I’m about to do and can begin to protest, I jump onto your lap and take you deep inside of me. I love being short, because maneuvers like these are easier for me. I press my body against yours so you can see where you’re going.

“How deep can you take it babe?” You ask me.

“All the way,” I reply, “Make this quick, love; we’re on the road and almost to your place.”

I move my body up and down to the beat of Deftones My Own Summer. You have both hands on the wheel and want me to quit, but I keep pounding myself on you.

You stop the car and pull me up off of you. You turn me over doggy style. My hands are on the seat and I am facing the passenger window. I look to see where we are and realize we are in your drive way, thou I can’t see if anyone is outside in the neighborhood. You slide your cock inside my wet opening. You begin to move faster after each time you plunge into me.

“Mmm. Fuck me hard, daddy,” I scream to you.

“Come on babe,” you tell me.

“Yes give me more,” I pant back to you.

I am trying to push my ass back hard to get your full cock inside of me.

“Go faster,” I beg you.

“Ummm I love that,” you groan back and spread my legs further apart; opening my pussy a bit more. I beg for more but then you bostancı escort pull your cock out and lick my pussy.

“Oh you tease!” I exclaim and laugh.

“Now it’s my turn,” I hear you say while your face is buried in my crotch. You start fucking me with your tongue and I am in agony, wanting you to give me your cock. But you chuckle and I can feel you smiling as you keep pushing your tongue in and out of me. Once you feel you have tortured me enough you move your face away and whisper in my ear, “I am going to fuck you really hard.”

“Please, baby, I want to cum,” I whine like a sad puppy.

“But your ass is looking so tight. Please babe, let me fuck your ass,” I hear you breathe in my ear.

You rub the head of your cock near my tight hole. It teases my ass and I can’t help but want to feel you open me wide.

I brace myself and say “Yes.”

You push a little harder and I feel that familiar sting growing. I try to relax and breathe in as you slide into my ass, stretching me beyond my usual limits. My muscles tense up, but I bite back my urge to cry out in pain. I know once you’re in it will go away. You keep pushing your hard shaft inch by inch until you finally rest inside me. The tension in my muscles subsides and I begin to move my body back and forth against you slowly. I whimper in pleasure. Your hands are on my waist; your mouth is at my neck.

“Please, go a little faster, lover.” I beg you.

You bite my neck as you grip my hips tighter and begin increasing the tempo. My ass sends a chilling sensation up my spine. It warms my shoulders and blurs my brain. I can’t focus on anything else except the feel of you plunging into me over and over again. I begin to pant as you begin to plow me. I hear your ragged breath behind me. I know you are enjoying this.

“Mmmm, babe your ass feels so good.” You groan.

“Harder please. Oh god I want to cum,” I scream out to you.

The car is shaking and I feel my orgasm building up inside me. My moans grow louder and wilder. I can’t take it anymore. I want you to cum inside of me.

“Please cum with me, baby. Please, please. Oh god, I’m coming!”

I feel my muscles clench and tighten around you as the euphoria consumes me. I hear you grunt and your hands tighten on my hips. You thrust harder and I feel you shoot your load deep inside my hot ass. You thrust again and again. I hear your sighs of pleasure as you fill me with your cum and you lay over my body. I am too tired to move and lay on the seat of the car exhausted. But we need to get dressed and go inside to clean ourselves up. You slowly pull out of me and I put my cloths on quickly before your juices can leak out of me. I kiss you lightly on the cheek again, before we exit the car.

“How was that for a ride home?” I giggle to you. You don’t say a word, but the smile on your face says it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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