Rights and Wrongs Ch. 03

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I promised to tell you all about what I referred to as the ‘dim, distant future’, didn’t I? Well that future is now part of my past and I’m thinking that it was a good promise to make. I need to tell you what happened after Ben and I got home, and maybe to try a bit more to explain where that right versus wrong balance was heading.

I didn’t regret what had happened in that dark alleyway, even though it had all gone to a far more extreme place than I had been expecting. I didn’t regret the actions Ben and I had taken – either in the alley or before and afterwards in bed. Or the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the hallway… well, you get the drift.

But there was one tiny thing that was bugging me on the hurried trip back from the hotel – a ‘wrong’ that I was already beginning to regret promising my son. Before that wild night in the alleyway I had somehow agreed to play out a fantasy for Ben in return for his play-acting on my behalf. I’d agreed that his good friend Tim would get to see me topless. That wasn’t too much of a price to pay for my own fantasy fulfilment even if it was so out of character for me (no, really), and I was almost certain that I could make everything seem like an accident. But then… somehow I’d used the repayment offer to take things further with Ben and my dream – and extended the offer. I’d agreed to let his friend see everything.

After all that had happened with my son (especially in the alleyway) I guess it sounds odd that something like exposure to his friend would begin to trouble me so much, but I swear on all I hold dear that I have always been naturally shy. The fantasy play-out was a long way from home and very much in the dark. No one who had witnessed anything would have ever been able to pick me out of a line-up but Tim knew me, had known me for years. I started to fret seriously even as Ben and I made our way home from the hotel. Once we were safely back at our house, I just had to raise the worry.

“Ben, angel, are you… well, are you sure you want me to… well, you know, kind of bare things for Tim?”

My son, who had been reading something on his phone, looked up at me with a smile that I can only describe as something close to a leer. “Ma, I’m totally sure. You’re not trying to back out are you? I mean you’re the one who’s always told me a deal is a deal.”

“Well, yes…” Trust my Ben to use my own words against me, “But what if he tells someone or something?”

“Don’t worry about that sort of thing. For a start we can make it look like a pure accident and in any case I’ll tell him never to breathe a word.”

“You trust him that much, Ben?”

“Totally, ma. So stop fretting and start planning, okay?”

I looked levelly at my son, “This is a really big deal for me, you understand?”

“So was what I did for you, ma. I just want what’s fair and it’s not like anything much is going to happen, is it?” He paused and gave me his trademark grin, “Other than the fact that I will be even more eager to make love to you.”

I snorted a laugh despite my worries, “Like you need any encouragement to get inside your very own mother.”

“Like you ever refuse me.”

“You think you’ll really get an extra buzz from Tim seeing me like that?”

“Ma,” Ben sighed, standing and crossing to me, “Just the thought of you baring these,” he squeezed my breasts through my top, “and this beautifully styled pussy,” his hand slid easily up my skirt to its target, “make my cock so hard.”

“I don’t believe you,” I managed. “Show me.”

Let me tell you – Ben might have next stripped and made love to me, but for me it was a fuck, pure and simple. Or rather, pure and complex.

It still felt so wild and so wrong and yet so right. Even when my son was sated, asleep on my bare shoulder, even with a pussy full of his juices, I couldn’t help but think that the sex was just a distraction for me. Oh, I could let my very own son have access to every part of me in the most intimate of ways, but baring my flesh to his friend? That was beginning to scare me rigid.

Two days and somewhere around ten fucks/love-making sessions later, Ben had to return to his temporary job and I was left to catch up on some much-needed rest in a quiet, empty house. Which also meant that I was alone to fret and worry.

I knew I had made the promise and I was no welcher, but exposure to Tim? I’d known him as a toddler all the way through his tormented teens until he shared eighteenth birthday celebrations with my own son – and held his long hair out of his face when he threw up as a result of their sneaked beers. Letting him see me topless, let alone fully naked, just seemed so terribly wrong to me.

The scales in the ‘rights and wrongs’ debate were tilting alarmingly for what was, I knew, such a relatively (no pun intended) little thing, and yet… What if this was a sign of where things might escalate to? What if by letting my son have his way with me – okay, letting us give in to our mutual passions İstanbul Escort – was just a starting point on a road to real depravity?

Strangers seeing me – touching me, even – was one thing, one fantasy I had now lived out, but Tim was known so well to me. What if Ben began to want more of me? Sure, there were only just about five months before he had to move away but things were already happening so fast… Perhaps I should simply call a halt to everything right now?

But I knew even as the thought clattered through my messy mind, that I simply couldn’t stop things just yet. The sudden wetness I felt when I thought of how Ben felt inside me told me more than I even needed to know. The balance still tilted to ‘right’, no matter what anyone might think.

All I had to do was fulfil Ben’s pretty harmless fantasy. I just needed a good plan.

“I’m going to do it,” I told my son as soon as he returned home that night.

“Er, good? What are you talking about exactly? Letting me through the front door maybe?”

“Sorry,” I stood back to let him inside, “I mean I have a plan for that Tim thing.”

Ben paused as he shrugged his jacket off, “Oh, right. I knew you’d think of something pretty quickly. After all, I know you’re as good as your promise.”

I told him all about my scheme and I was suddenly very sure that my boy liked the idea. I could tell because he shrugged off a lot more than his jacket. And a lot more than my dress.

That was the first time he’d ever fucked me while I was bent over the back of the sofa, and I didn’t even object when he took a photo of my butt for his phone’s screen-saver. No one would ever recognise that view of me, and given the look of pure, satisfied ecstasy I had on my face by then, they probably wouldn’t have even recognised my face. The ‘rights’ were back in the ascendency.

Tim wasn’t due to visit until the following weekend, and I found that just a tiny flash of bare flesh was increasingly all it took to get my son as hard as a rock – no matter where we were or even what we had been doing. Ben’s highly aroused reactions were almost making me look forward to the actual act – almost.

My nerves returned in force on the Saturday morning despite needing to ‘calm’ my Ben three times before we had even managed to finish breakfast. It was half an hour before Tim’s scheduled arrival when those feelings bubbled over.

“Ben? I really don’t think is such a great idea…”

“You’ll be fine, ma. And besides, you owe me, remember?”

My son’s certainty – and sense of very fair justice – were almost complacent and that didn’t help me much, “That’s easy for you to say. Wouldn’t you prefer something else? Couldn’t I… oh, I don’t know… maybe just give Tim a quick flash of me in my undies and then I could maybe go away with you somewhere remote and really flash someone we don’t know?”

“You sound like a real chicken, ma. And you did promise-”

“I know!” The minutes were ticking by and my nerves were jangling. I realised I was close to panic – and panic is not a great background for clear judgement, “Ben, listen – I know this was your fantasy to match mine, but angel, isn’t there something else? Anything else? I really want you to be happy, get a buzz from something I do. And I will – do something, anything you want – just let me tone it down with Tim. Please?” I was babbling. And maybe not thinking at all clearly.

I could see the disappointment on my son’s face, but he was looking straight into my panicked eyes.

“Ben? Please?”

The silence echoed around the room before his shoulders finally sagged and he gave a tiny nod, “I really don’t want to upset you, ma… maybe we can do a deal then.”

My heart soared with renewed hope, “Seriously?”

Ben nodded, “Just as long as you keep this new promise.”

“Oh, I will, I swear. Undies this morning and then we’ll go away again where no one knows us, yes?” My mind was totally oblivious to what I was saying now, such was the relief I was feeling right at that moment, “Then anything goes, okay?”

“One condition about today though, ma,” Ben was showing all the signs of a very disappointed young man, and if there was a slightly devious look behind his eyes I didn’t notice it.

“Tell me and as long as it’s no more than I’ve already offered, then fine!”

“Will you make the bra and knickers really sexy ones?”

I shrugged, suddenly – stupidly – devil-may-care, “As long as they stay on and as long as it’s just for a few seconds that he sees them, that’s fine.” From stupid to totally dumb, “I’ll even let you choose them. Deal?”

Ben paused long enough to make sure I meant what I was saying (I think) then slowly nodded. “Deal.”

Believe it or not I was even telling my Ben that I wouldn’t object to anything he chose for me to wear that Saturday, or to anything he chose for me to do when we went away, even as we were making our way up to my bedroom with just ten minutes to go before Bayan Escort Tim was due to arrive. Believe it or not as well, I was feeling relieved and more than happy with the new deal.

Other than telling Ben that the house phone would ring not long after Tim arrived, and that it was supposedly a call for me – who would be in the bathroom – I didn’t let on what my original (and now much less panic-inducing) plan was. I just told him that he was to answer it and say something like ‘I’ll get her straight away’, then call out to me.

I could, I knew, carry this plan out more than happily, and even when Ben picked out a matching set of skimpy, lacy underwear, I wasn’t too perturbed. That Tim would be able to see my nipples through the gauzy, white material was no more than a mild concern for me then – the view wouldn’t be on show for more than a few seconds and, I told myself, at least Ben would get something of a thrill from my muted exposure.

Even so, when the doorbell rang a few minutes later, my heart-rate shot into three-figure territory. Or possibly the four-figure range. To mask my sudden nerves I stopped Ben at my bedroom door and gave him a quick kiss, even that gentle naughtiness making me feel so bad-good.

Grinning and already clearly aroused, Ben trotted off down the stairs and I was left to grab the flimsy undies, a specific long bath-towel and, most importantly, my iPhone. I took three long, deep breaths then crossed the hall to the bathroom, closing its door behind me and then spinning the shower taps.

With shaking fingers I stripped off as quickly as I could and dived under the warm stream of the shower. As nervous as I was, I still took the time to shower properly giving Ben time to get Tim chatting in the living room and my blood pressure time to calm down a little.

After a few minutes it became clear even to me that I was prevaricating. I tried to focus on the new, improved deal, and reasoned with myself that the sooner I got this part of the deal out of the way, the sooner I could stop fretting and start enjoying my naughty new habit. I got out of the shower and quickly towelled my hair and dried myself as best I could. I prevaricated just a little longer and chose to pull a brush through my damp tresses before finally confronting the suddenly even skimpier-looking underwear Ben had chosen.

I had to grudgingly admit that he had chosen very well. The bra and panties were new and bought specifically to please my son’s eyes – although I had, of course, no idea that they would be seen in this manner when I’d purchased them just the previous week. They fitted perfectly, if even more skimpily than I remembered them from the changing room, and when I looked in the bathroom’s full-length mirror I was a little shocked by how clearly my nipples and, I have to say it, my neatly shaved pussy area could be seen.

My pulse quickened once more and I needed a few more deep breaths before I could even consider going through with my suddenly Baldrick-esque seeming cunning plan.

But I had to, I knew. And focusing on just how much my Ben would enjoy the show was a newfound help. I fixed a memory of his eager eyes in my head and carefully – and loosely – wrapped a particular towel I had chosen around my barely-covered flesh.

My fingers were trembling badly enough that I was grateful I had the home number on speed dial and I clicked the relevant button before I could do so much as think about changing my mind. With a hand that felt numb I held the phone to my ear and cursed Ben for taking an age to answer, even though I knew he was just trying to make things look natural for his friend.

“Ready?” I squeaked as soon as he said ‘hello’.

“Absolutely, I’ll call her,” he managed in a far more controlled way than I could possibly have managed.

Then I heard his voice call up the stairs, “Ma, that important call you were expecting? The guy’s on the phone now!”

I didn’t let myself think – didn’t dare. I switched off the iPhone and walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs at a trot, heading into the living room before my nerves got the better of me. Somehow I even managed to offer Tim, sitting in one of our armchairs, a brief wave by way of greeting before I took the receiver from Ben and said a strained ‘hello’ to the dial tone.

I’ve no idea how well I acted out the supposed telephone conversation or whether it was even remotely believable, but I managed to have a two minute ‘conversation’ before I knew the time had come and I said goodbye to the gentle buzzing in my ear.

In what seems like slow motion, I bent over to replace the handset in its cradle before taking a deep breath and starting to stand upright, at the same moment turning to face the boys, Tim in an armchair and Ben standing to my left, trying hard to seem casual. As I’d bent forward to replace the phone my left foot had found the corner of the towel and I leant my weight on it as I straightened.

Even if I had changed Eskort my mind just at that moment, I was too late. The towel fell away from me far faster than I had feared. It was no more than two seconds before I stood there, naked but for the tiny bra and panties.

I froze, no acting required. I watched as Tim’s jaw quite literally opened wide. I could see Ben gawping in delight.

And still I was standing there, frozen in the moment. My nipples hardened even more than they already were as I saw Tim’s eyes devouring them. I felt my groin moisten, a heat pouring up through my belly. For a moment I had an image of myself standing there naked, just as Ben and I had originally planned.

Tim was loving it. He was loving the sight of my hard, dark nipples straining at the stupidly thin bra that barely contained them. He was seeing the sexual me. He might even feel the heat pouring off me as my excitement rose and rose. He might even realise I was getting so turned on by his eager gaze…

I squealed and brought my hands up to cover my nearly-exposed breasts, trying to ignore the hardness of my nipples as they pressed into my palms. Then I realised that my panties were no more opaque that my bra and even as I stared, shocked in a weird way, at Tim’s eager eyes, I dropped both hands to my almost-exposed pussy.

Then I realised my breasts were now on show once more.

I shuffled my hands until the worst – or best – of my near-nakedness was covered, finally realising that turning my back was all that was needed. So I spun around. And then realised my butt was now pretty much completely on view.

I pirouetted, hands moving quickly to cover whatever was now on show. And realised I was prolonging the moment, getting hotter and – I admit it – wetter by the second.

And then Tim rose unsteadily and bent before me, his eyes just a few inches from the source of my heat and moisture. My heart was almost pushing one breast free from its flimsy covering, calming not one iota when I finally realised that he was holding my towel, offering me a chance to cover my body and my blushes.

I snatched at it, already stammering apologies and excuses, even as the naughty mother part of me made sure that I fumbled the towel into position very slowly.

One tiny glance at the front of both my son’s and Tim’s jeans let me know that I had achieved all that I was supposed to achieve under the terms of the new deal. It also flashed a warning across my frazzled brain. I was at a crossroads, and to this day I’m not sure whether I should be relieved that I chose that moment to dash from the room and up to my own bed.

I know I should have been brave and gone downstairs that night and offered some sort of apology or (fictional) explanation, but I just wasn’t that bold, that assured of myself back then. But there again, I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t realise just what I’d done, and just what effect it had brought to my boy and his friend.

The friend who had now seen me in such skimpy little ‘clothes’. Tim, who had a very good view of my actual nipples through the gauze of that silly little bra. Ben’s pal who had seen the shadow of my pussy and then the bare cheeks of my butt. That friend who had said, quite clearly as I dashed up the stairs ‘wow, I know she’s your mum Ben, but she is fucking hot!’

And Ben’s rather shaky reply. ‘Don’t worry, man. I can hardly deny you. What a bod!’

I lay on my bed, just a few feet above them, listening to my son’s pal, cautiously at first but then more freely, discuss how ‘fit’ I was, how lucky Ben was to have such a ‘fucking gorgeous’ mother, how he would be ‘hard as a rock’ around me all the time if I were his mother.

I was already rubbing at my swollen, wet pussy – the one Tim had really seen through my panties – when I heard my Ben, my son, admit to his friend that he found me ‘so sexy’, and I was remembering just how sexy Ben found me when he thrust his gorgeously smooth cock deep into me, how hard he would be later now that I had done what he wanted, when I started to climax.

My door was still half-open but I couldn’t keep too quiet as my hips bucked. I was beyond caring and maybe, just maybe, wondering, hoping that my muffled moans might even attract the boys’ attention. I even wished for a few seconds that I had followed the original plan and let Tim see my bare flesh, my tits exposed, my pussy bare and glistening with my juices as my excitement grew…

I climaxed so very hard, but even through the creeping embarrassment that followed, I was still willing Tim to leave quickly so Ben would come and find me, come and fill me.

I was still in the skimpy bra and panties an hour later when the front door finally signalled Tim’s departure and I was standing in my doorway when Ben took the stairs three at a time a few seconds later.

“Well? Did I do it like you wanted, angel?”

Ben’s hands fumbled at the waistband of my tiny panties, “Oh fuck, ma! Oh fuck yes!”

With tremulous hands Ben exposed first my womanhood and then my breasts and I found myself moving backwards rapidly. As my shoulder blades thumped into the bed I managed a laugh, “I take it you both enjoyed the show?”

“Ma, that was so hot I can’t tell you.”

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