Rio, Ex-Pornstar Pt. 12

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They slept. Rio’s arms encompassed Jay until his morning alarm sounded. Wearily, Jay rose, got dressed, and prepared to head to work. He’d have been quite content to sleep blissfully in Rio’s heavy, tattooed arms until mid-afternoon. After Jay left, Rio drifted back to sleep.

The last few days of the week passed quietly, and Jay managed to find himself on the receiving end of Britney’s hungry mouth once more before the week ended. Some of their colleagues noticed how close Jay and Britney were becoming, sneaking off for their breaks together. They wondered if they were falling for each other, and that it’d be so sweet if a cute library romance began to bloom.

How little his colleagues knew about Jay’s life.

As work wound down on Friday afternoon, Jay told Britney he was on vacation next week. His final piece of advice was ‘don’t lose your keys’. They hugged. She didn’t ask any questions about what he was doing, where he was going, or who he’d be with.

On Friday night, Rio and Jay prepared to travel to the south Pacific. Jay opened his case and rested it on the couch, ready to be filled. He packed some summer clothes, including a tacky Hawai’ian shirt that was bound to attract local ridicule, enough socks and underwear to last a week, and a pair of flipflops. Once his clothes were packed, he grabbed a few books and rested them on top. He also packed his laptop, his mp3 player and his headphones, and a charger for his devices. He’d been to Fiji twice before, so he packed some socket and voltage converters he already owned. He looked across at Rio who was concentrating on packing his own bag.

“I’ve never been on a plane for this long,” Rio said.

“Have you ever been out of the country?”

Rio sought clarification. “Does Hawai’i count?”


“Then … no. This is my first overseas trip.”

Jay felt honoured to think he’d be standing next to Rio when he lost his passport virginity. “Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, bro, you’ll need ’em,” Jay reminded him. “And your swimmers.”

Rio raised an eyebrow. “My ‘swimmers’?”

“Yeah.” Jay wasn’t quite sure how to describe what he meant. He’d never been swimming with Rio before. “Don’t forget to pack the … umm … clothes you go swimming in.”

“When you said my ‘swimmers’, I thought you meant my sperm. My little dudes are already packed. I take ’em with me wherever I go.”

Jay coughed nervously. He approached Rio and gently squeezed his huge testicles through his pants. He looked up at Rio’s firm, masculine jaw. “I know you’ve got plenty of swimmers in there, and I’m hopin’ to get a few thick mouthfuls of them on our vacation, but that wasn’t what I meant.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean now,” Rio said, feeling Jay’s grip loosen. “By the way, I call ’em bathers.”

“OK, whatever. So, like I said. Don’t forget to bring your bathers. Your swimming shorts. Your togs. Your trunks. Your boardies. It’s OK if you forget them, you can always buy a new pair at Nadi airport after we land.”

“Just out of interest, how expensive would they be if I forgot to bring my own?”

Jay didn’t answer Rio’s question. Instead, his mind drifted. He imagined Rio was buying a new pair of swimming trunks at the mall. But Rio wasn’t sure whether he was trying on the right size, so he invited Jay into the fitting room to seek his expert opinion.

Rio stopped packing for a second. He silently padded to the bedroom, but Jay wasn’t sure why.

After a minute or two, Rio emerged, ready to swim. He was completely naked, save for a pair of tight red Speedos. His cock was rubbery soft, and it still didn’t fit inside them. “Should I wear these?”

Jay’s jaw dropped. “Oh my god. Fuck, dude, no. You can’t wear those. Your balls are hanging out one side of the Speedos, and the head of your dick is poking out the other. Like, I can see half of your cock. There ain’t no Speedos ever made to fit someone built like you.” Jay wasn’t even sure why a man as anatomically gifted as Rio would own a pair of Speedos in the first place.

“Hey, I’m just tryin’ to fit in.”

“You ain’t ever gonna fit into Speedos, bruh,” Jay said. “But I totally appreciate the show. If we weren’t on the clock for tomorrow, I’d crawl over and suck a fat load of your ‘swimmers’ (yeah, he did the airquotes) out of your beautiful cock right now, but we need to be ready for tomorrow.”

They finished packing and lay in bed, ready for sleep. Tomorrow was gonna be a big day, but Jay was still thinking about Rio wearing his Speedos — he knew he’d be thinking about that for a very long time. He surreptitiously touched one of his nipples and his cock began to stand up, poking a smallish tent under the bedsheet.

Rio noticed. “Hey, dude, what’s up? Did you just pop a boner?”

Jay rolled over to face him. “I can’t sleep. And it’s your fault.”

Rio was surprised. “Fuck, man, what the hell did *I* do?”

“You tried on those tight fuckin’ Speedos and now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

In the darkness, Rio smiled. “Wait here.” He disappeared for a moment or two before altyazılı porno returning to bed.

Jay reached down and found exactly what he expected — Rio was wearing his Speedos. In the darkness, his hands groped around Rio’s hot cock. “Fuck, bruh, you drive me so fucking wild,” he breathed.

Slowly, Jay peeled Rio’s tight Speedos off and flicked them to the side of the bed like an elastic band. He wrapped both hands around the thickening shaft of Rio’s meat, sucking the head into his mouth. “I can’t get enough of your cock, dude.”

Jay thought he’d try something new. With one hand pistoning up and down Rio’s wet shaft, he lightly tickled Rio’s anus with the fingers of the other. Jay noticed Rio’s breathing change speed and shape, which he took as encouragement. Jay inserted a digit and Rio’s inexperienced hole relaxed enough to accept it. Jay curled his finger forward, eventually locating a small gland just inside Rio’s rectum.

Jay had never swallowed so much pre-cum in his life, but he knew this was just the prelude.

“You gonna give me some of your swimmers?” asked Jay, pressing his finger lightly against Rio’s prostate.

Rio’s nut was huge. Jay couldn’t swallow it all. Not even close. Thick, creamy chunks of sperm spilled out of his mouth, across his tongue, onto the still spurting tip of Rio’s cock and down the shaft, pooling at the base. Jay pressed again, and a thick rope of cum plastered itself across Jay’s cheek.

Jay slowly removed his finger and hungrily devoured the rest of Rio’s warm semen. “You like that?” he asked.

Rio felt Jay’s mouth and tongue lapping at the base of his dick. He was temporarily lost for words, but in the semi-darkness, Jay saw him nod.

Jay got up for a second, and quickly washed his hands and brushed his teeth before returning to bed. Just as he was about to drift away, a thought struck him. “Hey, Rio?”

Rio was nearly asleep. “What?”

“You got your passport?”

“Fuck.” Rio had never used it before, and he couldn’t remember where he’d put it. He threw the covers off and turned their apartment upside down before eventually finding the crucial document. “Thanks for reminding me.” He left it next to his wallet and phone so he wouldn’t forget it in the morning.

“No problem, Rio. Sounds like we’re ready to go now. Sweet dreams, bruh. This time tomorrow, we’re gonna be in paradise for a week.”

Rio began to snore.


They rose next morning and prepared to say goodbye to America for a week. Their flight left around lunchtime, so they were in no specific hurry. But by the same token, they didn’t want to be late — they both knew traffic is unpredictable. They arrived at the airport, checked their bags, and cleared security with their carry-on luggage.

Rio was seriously dressed. Ball cap, expensive jacket, high dollar sneakers, and a ton of bling around his neck and on his fingers. He wasn’t happy about having to remove his bling at the security check.

Jay felt like he was already on vacation, even though they hadn’t gone anywhere yet. He strolled through some of the many airport bookshops, but he didn’t buy anything. He was merely window shopping to pass the time; he’d packed enough books for the week. They sat at their gate, waiting for the plane to take them as far as Honolulu. Jay opened one of the books he’d brought and began reading.

Rio wasn’t feeling quite so relaxed. He sat forward in his chair. “You up for a drink? We’re on vacation time. Join me?”

Jay looked up from his book. He noticed Rio was sweating a little, which was strange, because the air-conditioning in the airport was set to infinity. He didn’t need a bookmark for his book, he even yet finished the first page. He checked the gate information. Still another 45 minutes before boarding. “Yeah, sure. We’ve got time.”

They picked up their carry-on luggage and walked to the nearest bar. “Long island iced tea,” Rio ordered. The bartender didn’t bat an eyelid.

Jay’s jaw dropped. “Rio, that’s a serious drink for 11am,” he whispered.

“Uhh … yeah … I … I should’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t really like flying very much,” Rio confessed.

Jay had no idea. “Fuck, bro,” he empathised. “We really don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” He knew they’d already spent thousands of dollars on flights and accommodation on this trip, but if Rio really didn’t want to go, Jay would’ve accepted it. They could’ve caught a bus or a train somewhere else, and spent a week lazing by the pool somewhere nearer to home …

Rio steeled himself. “No. I’ve been to Hawai’i once before, and I didn’t row a fuckin’ boat there, so I’m sure I can do this.” He paused. “It’s just … it’s just I looked at Fiji on a map this morning, and it’s a long way away from home … fuck, it’s nearly as far away as Australia.”

Jay wanted to wrap his arms around Rio’s waist and assure him that everything would be fine, that air travel is the safest form of transport there is, and that it’d all be worth it once we they reached their destination. He knew he could mobil porno say the words, but a public hug was out of the question. He wondered how he could express his feelings of empathy in a different way.

Jay looked at the bartender. “Make it two,” he said.

Rio raised his eyebrows. “You sure?” he asked Jay.

“Yeah.” He paused. “Like you said, we’re on vacation.”

Two long island iced teas landed on the bar in front of them at 11.05am. Rio took a heavy slug. He finished his drink inside ten minutes and ordered another one.

By the time their flight was called, Jay already felt quite drunk. He’d only had one drink, but Rio was finishing his second.

“Need to go to the bathroom,” Rio said.

“OK, dude, but be quick. Our plane is boarding.”

Rio was gone for a long time. Jay knew they’d be one of the last passengers to board. Jay hoped everything was OK, but Rio’s extended absence was making him feel nervous.

Rio arrived back at the bar just as the final call was being announced. “Fuck, man, we gotta get moving,” Jay said. He bustled towards the gate as Rio loped behind him. Rio tried to look as cool as possible, but anxiety ate him up from inside.

They scanned their boarding passes, walked down the airbridge, and boarded the plane. They found their seats, put their bags in the overhead lockers, and tried to settle in.

Jay buckled his seat belt and prepared for the pre-flight safety briefing. He’d put his book into the seat pocket in front of him.

Rio looked anxiously out the window.

The aircraft pushed back and began to taxi out.

Rio sweated, and for a brief moment, he wondered what it would feel like to plummet to the earth like a stone from six miles high.

The seat next to Rio and Jay was empty. They had the row to themselves.

“Give me your hand, Rio,” Jay whispered.

Rio grasped Jay’s hand. Jay felt the tension and anxiety Rio was feeling.

The aircraft lined up, hurtled down the runway, and threw itself into the air. Rio gripped Jay’s hand so hard that Jay worried he might break it. Rio began to relax as the plane rose, but every time the aircraft temporarily lost altitude as it passed through air pockets, Rio’s grip intensified.

Rio held Jay’s hand until the plane reached cruising altitude and the captain turned off the seatbelt light.

“Fuck, Jay,” Rio said. Jay looked across at him. Rio was lathered in sweat. He could’ve used a towel. “I fucking hate that so much.”

“I know, bruh, I feel you,” Jay whispered. “You OK now?”

Rio nodded. “Yeah. I think I am.” He knew it’d be about six hours until he was on the ground in Honolulu, and then, after a brief sojourn at ground level, he’d be in the air for another six and a half hours to get to Fiji. Mentally speaking, this was gonna be a long day for Rio. Jay considered factoring in some recovery time for Rio once they hit Fijian soil.

“I wish we could catch a train to the south Pacific,” Rio joked meekly.

Jay tried to smile. He knew Rio wasn’t feeling too comfortable right now.

The cabin attendants began serving a meal and drinks. Rio tucked into a chicken dish with roast vegies, and he asked for a mai tai.

The attendant thought she knew him from somewhere, but she couldn’t quite remember where from.

Rio’s mai tai landed on his tray. He ate his meal and consumed his beverage.

“Fuck, dude, I think I need to sleep,” Rio confessed.

Jay looked across from his book. “Good meal?”

Rio shrugged. “Airline food.” He burped.

Jay squeezed Rio’s hand. As he returned to his book, he lightly stroked Rio’s thick, tattooed arm.

The flight was uneventful, and Rio slept through landing. Jay woke him as they pulled up on the tarmac at Honolulu.

Rio stretched. “Are we there?”

“We’re halfway,” Jay replied. “We need to change planes here for our international flight.”

It was approaching midnight in Hawai’i.

They disembarked and made their way to the international terminal. They presented their passports and headed to the gate.

“I’m officially outside ‘Murica for the first time,” Rio said.

Jay scanned the screens. Good timing — only half an hour until boarding. Their plane was due to depart on time.

They each grabbed a small bite to eat and went to the bathroom. They sat at the gate, preparing to board. Rio was sweating again.

“You OK, dude?” Jay asked.

Rio gritted his teeth. “Not really.”

Jay felt sorry for Rio, but he wasn’t sure what to say. Whether they continued on to Fiji or whether they turned around and went back home, it wasn’t possible to do either without spending six or seven hours in the air.

Rio stood and headed to the bar. Jay remained at the gate. He watched Rio sit on a stool, and within moments, a tall glass was placed on the bar in front of him. Jay assumed it was a long island iced tea.

Jay had been looking forward to this vacation for such a long time, but until today, he had no idea that Rio hated air travel quite this much. He worried that he was mentally dragging sex izle Rio through hoops of fire.

Their flight was called, and Rio returned from the bar. “OK, let’s go,” he said to Jay.

As the plane hurtled down the runway in preparation for take-off, the thought that ran through Rio’s semi-drunk mind was ‘there’s no turning back now’. The plane left the ground and he gripped both armrests. Rio was a human ball of sweat from pushback until the moment the captain turned off the seatbelt light.

The cabin crew came through to offer a light snack and a drink. Rio asked for a vodka lime and soda.

The cabin lights were extinguished half an hour later, and Jay tried to sleep. He found sleep difficult: Rio needed to spread his thighs wide to accommodate his fat dick, which meant Jay’s legs were squashed tightly together. He wished they’d flown business class.

Rio snored, and Jay eventually found a few hours of light shuteye.

The cabin lights turned back on as the plane approached its destination. Rio checked their location on the real-time flight map — about an hour to go. A light breakfast was served, a choice of cereal or muffins. For Rio, the ordeal was almost over.

The plane skidded to a halt at Nadi airport. They disembarked and walked across the tarmac to the terminal. They passed through immigration, and Rio gazed at the stamp in his passport. “Fuck, Jay, I’m in another country for the first time ever. Take a pic?” He held his passport up against his exhausted face, and Jay unlocked his phone to take a photo.

They withdrew some local cash from an ATM while they waited for their checked baggage to appear at the carousel. Once their bags arrived, they headed outside to find a taxi. Rio snoozed on the back seat. Jay woke him up about half an hour later.

Rio opened his eyes as they drove across a bridge that led them onto an island made of reclaimed land, specifically built for sucking cash out of the pockets of international tourists. They drove past a manicured golf course and a brace of grass tennis courts, then into the area of the island specifically reserved for five-star international hotels.

They alighted from their taxi. Rio paid the driver in banknotes he was unfamiliar with. The driver probably ripped him off.

A hotel attendant helped them with their luggage and directed them towards the check-in counter. The man behind the counter received them with a broad smile, but was surprised to learn that two gentlemen were checking into the same room. He assumed they were trying to save money by reserving one room instead of two, but nonetheless, he was a little reluctant to give two men keys to the same room.

Rio and Jay found their room and dropped their bags. They went for a short stroll around the hotel before returning to their room. They counted three cafes, four bars, five restaurants, and six swimming pools.

“Am I dead?” Rio asked. “The plane fell out of the sky, I died, and I’m in heaven right now. Right?”

In the privacy of their room, Jay wrapped his arms around Rio’s waist. “Everything you saw is real. Think of it as a week in paradise.”

“Yeah … but … I’m completely fucking exhausted,” Rio said. “I feel like I’ve been catapulted to the other side of the world. I need a nap. I’m in the southern hemisphere and I don’t quite understand why I’m not falling off the planet and floating out into space.”

Jay laughed. “I could do with a snooze too.”

Rio switched the air-conditioner on and closed the blinds. They collapsed into a bed wide enough to have its own microclimate, and they snatched some sleep.


Ninety minutes later, Rio bounced out of bed, feeling refreshed. The sun had just set. Rio’s bodyclock told him it was time for breakfast, but the world outside told him it was evening. This sensation was completely new to him, but he was getting used to it.

He opened the glass sliding door that led to their balcony, and he watched the reflection of the bright, full moon bounce across ripples of the ocean. The breeze was perfect, and he turned the aircon off to save energy. There were no sirens to be heard anywhere.

Jay was still sleeping, but not for long.

“Fuck, bro, wake up,” Rio exclaimed. “Look at this.”

Jay was dreaming, and he yawned as he was jolted awake. “Look at *what*, Rio?”

The door to the balcony was wide open, and Jay realised that Rio was drinking in his first view of the south Pacific. He rose, stretched, and joined Rio on their balcony.

“Thanks for bringing me here,” said Rio.

Jay wasn’t sure what to say in response, given Rio’s mental anguish along the way. “I hope you like it.”

Rio grinned. “No doubt.”

Jay looked up at Rio’s beautiful face and his fat, kissable lips. He tilted his face upward, and they kissed in the moonlight.

“You hungry, Jay?”


They made their way downstairs and approached one of the hotel’s restaurants that specialised in Indo-Fijian food. They were ushered to a table, but Rio wasn’t sure why the waiter was leading them towards the water. Eventually, he realised their table was on the beach. They put their shoes inside lockers upon the shore before taking their seats. Ripples of cool, clear water bathed their feet and ankles as a waitress brought them menus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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