Rodeo Riders

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He was walking through the stalls of the cattle for the rodeo when he saw her… and he was definitely not the only one to see her! That girl was turning heads as she walked along, and she didn’t even seem to notice the effect that she was having on the horny rodeo men… her long tanned legs ended in short cowboy boots, and you could travel back up them to the Daisy Dukes that were barely covering anything. Tan, smooth midriff and… oh dear god his favorite! The undersides of her large breasts were falling out of the bikini top that she was wearing, those two clothe triangles were never meant to support anything as large as those beauties, perky as they were! Hell, he didn’t know if those could support ANYONE’s tits, no matter what size they were.

There was nothing better than a peek at the underside of a girl’s boobs though, he loved it when they flashed ’em in public. Although he knew that some people thought it was trashy-looking, he just thought it was hot to see a part of a girl that you didn’t usually get to see. All the girls showed off their cleavage and the tops of their boobs, whoop-de-doo… he’d rather get a look at the underside. There was something much more vulnerable and erotic about that.

Before any of the other guys in the place could get themselves together to step forward, he was walking towards her with his charismatic grin on his face. The other guys saw him and shook their heads, knowing that they didn’t even want to bother trying to compete with him… if there was ever a man to love the ladies it was Cowboy Dan.

“Howdy darlin’,” he said, his southern accent drawling as he looked her over, “You need some help?”

“Well Howdy cowboy,” she didn’t have the southern accent, which was too bad, but he liked the looks of her anyway, “I was just lookin’.”

“Well then Miss,” he said, pausing to give her to chance to protest that she was a “Mrs.”, just in case, “My name’s Dan and I’d be happy to show you around.”

“Hello Dan,” she held out one hand, “My name’s Daisy.”

Of course it is, he thought, there wasn’t another name that could Yalova Escort fit her better.

He spent the rest of the afternoon showing her around the corral, introducing her to people but making sure that she didn’t get to talk to any of the guys long enough to really get to know them. It didn’t take him much longer than a dinner where he kept her entertained and laughing to know that he was definitely liked this gal. So he offered to take her around the stables, hoping that she might be as interested in him as he was in her.

Up in the hayloft there was a saddle waiting, just at the right height for bending a girl over it and taking her from behind. The cowboys always had something like it set up at every stop they made, just in case someone got a chance to use it. Fortunately no one else was using it at the moment, and Daisy’s eyes lit up the moment she saw it.

“Well yee-haw cowboy,” she drawled as he pulled her into his arms. She was soft and fresh smelling, just the way a country gal should be, her big boobs flattened against his hard chest and he caressed the soft flesh of her back with callused fingers. Sliding them up to her bikini, he untied the thin strands that were all that was holding the little triangles up, pulling it to the side and tossing them away. Pushing her back against the saddle so that she was leaning against it, he began to squeeze and suck on her breasts as nimble fingers undid the buttons going down his shirt. Her fingers slid it off of him as he reluctantly let go of her breasts to get his arms out of his shirt. Immediately he was back though, squeezing the large mounds of flesh and sucking on her nipples as she sighed with pleasure.

As he pulled down her shorts he realized that she had an all over body tan… little minx was sunning herself naked outside! Hot damn he wished he’d been able to see that… his dick was rock hard and pulsing inside his tight jeans. Fortunately she was already loosening the waistband and pulling them down. Both of them were just down to their cowboy boots, which was just the way Dan liked it. Although she obviously Yalova Escort Bayan wanted to get her mouth around his swollen dick, he lifted her up onto the saddle and buried his face in that gorgeous tan pussy, completely shaved and hairless.

Daisy moaned and leaned back, one hand in his hair as he expertly ate her out. Her legs went over his shoulders as she pushed her pussy forward on the saddle, allowing him even better access as he licked up and down her sweet slit. His hands slid up her waist to her boobs, caressing them and pinching her rosy nipples. She shuddered against his mouth as his fingers closed on her nipples, little waves of pleasure traveling from her breasts down to where he was licking at her pussy. Dan nibbled along her pussy lips, gently toying with her pink insides, sliding his tongue into her hole and wiggling it.

Humping his face, Daisy put both hands on his head, riding him on the saddle as he lashed at her pussy with his tongue, sliding it upwards to flick her clit and making her moan loudly. Damn but he liked it when a girl was vocal, and Daisy was moaning at every single thing he did to her. Getting a firmer grasp on her nipples he tugged on them like he was milking a cow, and she responded with a shudder and a louder moan.

Dan couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled her forward while she shrieked at the sudden movement, turning her over the saddle so that her ass was right at the right height, positioning his dick at her pussy and shoving in with one thrust. Daisy was so wet and ready for him that she took it, humping back and squealing energetically as he began to ride her like he would one of the bulls. Up and down, pushing her hard against the saddle, his hands in her hair like it was reins, pulling her back against his thrusting dick.

Her large breasts rubbed against the smooth leather of the saddle, the smell of leather, sweat and hay filling her nose as the well endowed cowboy plowed her field. Dan pushed and heaved behind her, filling her tight pussy with his dick, pulling out almost to the tip and then shoving back in. She was Escort Yalova so tight and wet, her body both accepting and pleasuring as they moved, her hips moving back up against him as much as the saddle allowed.

Leaving one hand wound up in her hair, pulling her head back, he put the other on her delicious ass, squeezing the firm flesh and caressing her thighs. Daisy moaned and wiggled back against him, her flesh jiggling as she moved. Reaching forward he found her clit with his fingers and started rubbing the sensitive nubbin, grinning as she pushed back towards him even harder, her soft ass cheeks pressing against his groin.

“That’s right cowboy… Ride me… OOOoooo that’s good…” she moaned as he thrust back and forth, his fingers busy against her swollen pussy, his dick filling her up inside. Dan was rather interested in her little pink winking rosebud, but he wasn’t sure she’d go for anything there. Still… might as well try a little something. This was one hell of a cowgirl.

Abandoning her clit, which was already afire she was so close to orgasm, he pulled his hand back to her ass and began pressing one wet finger against her crinkled rosebud. Daisy howled ecstatically as the thick digit pressed into her ass, both holes tightening over him and Dan grunted with lust as he realized just what a dirty cowgirl Daisy was. As his dick swelled up inside her Daisy started cumming, her clit starting the fire that spread through her full pussy and into her invaded ass. Bucking back against him, she squealed as his hand in her hair pulled her back roughly, slamming her full of dick and finger as he started to cum, pulsing inside of her pussy as the white froth filled her up.

They collapsed onto the saddle, Dan on top of her with his dick firmly lodged in her pussy even as it shrank.

Daisy looked over her shoulder at him, “So cowboy, you got anywhere you’re spending the night?”

“Well I can think of a place…” he said as he gave her his best cowboy grin.

That night Daisy sat front and center, cheering him on as he won the Rodeo. Whooping and hollerin’ he ran over to her at the end.

“Sweetheart, you are some good luck for me!” he crowed, “You better be stickin’ around for awhile!”

“Why that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me in weeks!” she laughed, “I’d love to!”

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